Language: Arabic, for Palestinian women living in Israel
Publication: Al Mara wa Kayanha
Translation: Women and Their Bodies
Available online: 11 chapters in PDF format

Language: Armenian
Publication: ՄԵՆՔ ՈՒ ՄԵՐ ՄԱՐՄԻՆԸ Մենք ու մեր մարմինը
Translation: We and Our Body
Available online: entire book in PDF format

Language: Bangla
Publication: Aamaar Shastha, Aamaar Satta
Translation: My Body, My Self
Available online: The full book is available as a PDF file; you can also read each of the 18 chapters individually.

Language: Farsi
Publication: بدن ما وجود ما
Translation: Our Body Is Ours
Available online: The first chapter to be adapted, Body Image, is available online.

Language: French
Publication: Notre Corps, Nous-Mêmes
Translation: Our Bodies, Ourselves
Available online: 3 excerpts, in PDF format

Language: French, for French-speaking Africa
Publication: Notre Corps, Notre Santé: La Sante Et La Sexualite Des Femmes En Afrique Subsaharienne
Translation: Our Body, Our Health: Sub-Saharan Women’s Health and Sexuality
Available online: 13 chapters in PDF format, plus preface in English

Publication: Corps Accord: Guide de Sexualité Positive
Translation: Body Consent: Positive Sexuality Guide
Available online: the first 20 pages of the book.

Language: Hebrew
Publication: Nashim LeGufan
Translation: Women and Their Bodies
Available online: 3 chapters in PDF format, plus the full Hebrew adaptation is available online at the Women and Their Bodies website.

Language: Kiswahili
Publication: Booklet 1: Afya Ya Uzazi
Translation: Reproductive Health
Booklet 2: Mahusiano Na Magonjwa Ya Ngono
Translation: Relationships and Sexual Transmitted Diseases
Available online: 11 chapters from the two booklets in PDF format

Language: Luganda
Publication: Omubiri Gwaffe Bwe Bulamu Bwaffe
Translation: Our Bodies, Ourselves
Available online: the entire booklet in PDF format

Language: Nepali
Publication: Hamro Sharir, Hamro Ho
Translation: Our Body, Ourselves
Available online: 10 chapters in PDF format, and the preface in English

Language: Polish
Publication: Nasze ciała, nasze życie
Translation: Our Bodies, Our Lives
Available online: 13 chapters in PDF format and the preface in English

Publication: Naša Tela, Mi
Translation: Our Bodies, Ourselves
Available online: the entire book

Language: Vietnamese
Publication: Three-volume series:
Volume 1: Cơ thể & Đời sống Tình dục của Phụ nữ (2015)
Translation: Women’s Body and Sexuality
Volume 2: Mang thai, Sinh đẻ và Sức Khoẻ Sinh sản (2015)
Translation: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Reproductive Health
Volume 3: Những yếu tố tác động đến Sức khoẻ và Cuộc sống của Phụ nữ (2015)
Translation: Factors Affecting Women’s Health and Life
Available online: all three booklets are available in PDF format

Language: English
The OBOS global partners who translate and adapt Our Bodies, Ourselves into different languages often encounter enormous obstacles and unique experiences. You can read their stories in the individual prefaces to their books, which have been translated into English, or in “Our Bodies, Ourselves Transformed Worldwide,” a booklet with many of the prefaces.

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