Questions Remain about Effects of Stopping Depo-Provera

Depo provera Depo Provera injection / Photo: Ciell (cc)

By Rachel Walden — March 29, 2012

8.24.16: Check out our latest blog post by Laura Wershler of the Center for Menstrual Cycle Research: I Wouldn’t Recommend It to Anyone: What We Can Learn from Women who have had Bad Experiences with Depo-Provera.

6.21.13 update: Our colleagues at the Center for Menstrual Cycle Research recently posted Stopping Depo-Provera: Why and What To Do About Adverse Experiences, an excellent interview with endocrinologist and OBOS contributor Dr. Jerilynn Prior, who shares her advice for managing symptoms after stopping Depo.

Our 2009 post on side effects of stopping the injectable birth control Depo-Provera (depot medroxyprogesterone acetate, or DMPA) continues to generate important discussion — more than 100 women have shared their stories of adverse effects after stopping the drug.

Although a quick internet search finds many women complaining of or asking about post-Depo symptoms, there isn’t much published scientific evidence on the topic. Frustratingly, there is really not much new on the topic in the 2 1/2 years since we first posted on this. There don’t appear to be ongoing or upcoming studies on the concerns we’ve heard, either. A few studies here and there report some effects, like how long it took for menstruation to return, how long periods lasted, and how long it took to become pregnant after stopping.

Most of the existing research on women who stop using Depo-Provera seems to focus on bone mineral density. The drug comes with a “black box” warning that it may cause significant bone density losses, although research suggests that it’s possible that these losses may be made up after women stop taking the drug. The Society for Adolescent Medicine has said that “The data from all of these studies [of bone density in adolescent users] are encouraging, although it is unknown whether girls ultimately achieved the same peak bone mass as they would have in the absence of DMPA.” They also suggest that the advantages of preventing pregnancy may outweigh the risk for bone loss, but that patients should be informed of the potential for bone loss. Because of this concern, though, research on what happens when women stop using this birth control method tends to focus on understanding changes in their bone density.

Studies of “discontinuation” of birth control methods also tend to focus on the side effects of taking a drug and the reasons women stop using them, rather than what happens – aside from pregnancies – after they make that decision. It is thought that about half of women who quit Depo in order to get pregnant are able to do so by 10 months later, but that some women have longer waits before they are fertile. According to the drug label, “it is expected that 68% of women who do become pregnant may conceive within 12 months, 83% may conceive within 15 months, and 93% may conceive within 18 months from the last injection.” It also notes, though, that almost 40% of who discontinued the drug to become pregnant could not be followed up on, so they are not represented in those percentages.

What would you like to know about stopping Depo-Provera? What should researchers be examining? If you would like to share your own story of stopping Depo, please add them to the previous post.

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  1. Rachel, thanks for writing a follow-up post to your November 2009 post about the challenges women are facing coming off Depo-Provera. It was brought to my attention on re: Cycling, the blog of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research in a post last weekend :

    I write monthly for re: Cycling and am working on a series about coming off hormonal contraception and the many issues involved. Women’s comments at your original post inspired my most recent post:

    I support your call for more research into women’s experiences coming off not just Depo-Provera, but all hormonal contraceptives. We also need to do more to help women who stop using hormonal methods transition to healthy ovulatory cycles and effective, confident use of non-hormonal birth control methods.

    Laura Wershler

    • I strongly dislike depo.
      I started it in 2003 and had my period for 6 months straight (with maybe a day or two in between without bleeding). I stayed on it for 2 years and my periods were never regular, they came and went as they pleased. I stopped. I recently tried again this year because oof the ‘new formula’. 10 x worse. I had mood swing, hot flashes, dizziness , light hesdedness and my period issue was still the same. Bled for 3 months and then it stopped as soon as it was time to get the 2nd shot. I never went and got it and so far the mood swings and hot flashes have stopped, yet my period has still not regualted. I bled for another two weeks, stopped for about 45 days, bled for a week, stopped and it came back two weeks later. I am so frustrated !

      • Mines does the same thing, ill bleed for months straight , if i have sex , it will start right back up, i got on it to regulate my cycle and to not get pregnant. But my cycle is all over the place.

      • This should be banned.I took 4 mo ago have not stopped bleeding since. This is ridic and it just will not stop. Better off risking pregnancy than taking this stuff…shot wore off 1 no ago haven’t stopped bleeding in 124 days. What do I do?

        • I am 21 years and am a mother of 1 year 4 months .
          I stopped preventing last year on October
          Since January a got in period twice and on 2nd of February I had period ful months and stopped on di 10th of March and on the 15 March I had set but used protection on the 16th of March I had period again til 21st then on the 23rd I had set again protected one and I never receive and period then on the 28 of March came strong pain under my stomach and they were very strong then after came period what can it be the cause?

          • I’m 24, I started depo June 2022and had my last shot in sept 2023, my periods almost immediately stopped when I was on the shot but I did have horrible weight gain (which no amount of exercise would help) hot flashes and mood swings. Once I quit I had a period that lasted about 4 days in April and currently have been bleeding heavily and cramping constantly for 3. I’m not sure if it’s trying to regulate or what . I went on the shot because my periods were so bad and now it’s worse.

        • My last shot was around July last year , haven’t had or seen my periods since but now I started bleeding last month for 4 days or so even this month I still bled .. could this mean it’s now out of my system?? # I hate this depo thingy guys.

      • i couldnt agree more ive been on depo on and off since 2010 and the first two shots were ok then i dec that in jan 2015 to try it one more time and i just got off it a week ago and its been a nightmare headaches bloating naushied dizzness breast tenderness and some moodswings that come and go and always weak I feel like icant do anything i herd in some other countrys its banned they should bann it in the us bc i swear its posion !

      • hi we’re on the same boat. i just have nasty abdominal cramps! this so annoying! like u said i bled for 2 weeks and then stop 45 days and then the cycle goes on!

      • I realize how unfortunate it may be for those who have had horrible side effects bc of depo. But everyone is different and will react differently. I was on depo in high school and agian now. Depo saved my life.I have severve endometriosis and anemia. Depo is thing that has worked. The pill did nothing but give me bad side effects. With depo i loss my period right away.

        As for bone loss, which my docter was very concerned about, has me take supplements eat healthy and be active.

        I do feel for those who have had a bad reaction. But that doesn’t mean it should be banned. For everyone that depo doesnt work there are many that it does.

        • I had my last depo injection a year ago. Still no period. I read it can take two years but I was only on it less than a year. Last time I was on it way longer and my period came back quickly.

        • I agree. I didn’t have issue with the Depo. I stopped having my period after the 3rd month and haven’t bleed since until I got off of the Depo shot. I started my period like a year later. Not going to lie tho. I’m having really bad cramps right now and no blood. But I have been off the dpi for about a year and a half and my periods are like monsters!! They hurt really bad and I feel like I’m going to throw up sometimes. I’ve been cramping all this week so horribly!! But no blood. Don’t understand it. But periods are not regular and come when they want really. But I know they come every month. But I just don’t know when? Also eat like crazy. Sometimes. I feel really hungry and some days I don’t feel hungry at all. It’s weird.

      • Being on Depo has really been made me miserable. I have been on it since March 2015 and I have been bleeding non stop since then I went back for my second shot June 2015 and I thought that maybe my cycle would have stopped by now but it surely hasn’t but that was my finally shot I will not get another Depo needs to be taken off the market seriously.

      • I just want to say I have had a great experience with the deep shot I got put on it 4 years ago and I have nut had a period one since I have started. The only thing I noticed was weight gain but I was 16 when I got put on it so how much of that is me just getting my “woman body” I have never had any bad side effects with mine aide of being emotional the day after the shot. I like the shot because it works with my body. I completely understand that some women it just doesn’t work well with me and a girl I know got put on it the same time and she had to so hers right away

      • I considered this to be a miracle drug for myself. After I had my son, I bled consistently for 3 1/2 years. There may have been 5 days total where it wasn’t as heavy but still had it. I went to every hospital and Dr I could think of that may be able to tell me what was causing the bleeding. It was so heavy I was changing super plus tampons every 1/2 hour and still needed to wear a pad in case of leaks. I started the depo and it was the only thing that stopped it. I took one shot every 16-18 weeks for about a year, then the bleeding started coming back, so they up’d me to 2 shots every 8 weeks. I did that for almost 14 years. It was not until this past Jan. that I stopped the DEPO in order to have a total hysterectomy. The only thing I am dealing with now is very sore breasts which comes from the lack of “fake” hormone and my body trying to establish a new normal level by itself. The Dr who performed the surgery told me that my bleeding was caused by an issue called “Abnormal Uterine Bleeding caused by Anovulation”. Basically my menstralcycle was never considered normal. Normal for me was 6hours to 2 days tops and very light about once every two months or so. He said the fact that I even got pregnant was a miracle. I would check with a specialist if your womens Dr isn’t doing anything.

      • Me too and it sucks! Ihad my first and only depot shot In sept 2015 and I bled for 6 almost 7 months !! It stopped for abt two weeks and now its back again!! I wish thee doctors that give these shots would tell ppl abt this constant bleeding . Right before I got my shot I asked if it would stop the bleeding she told me yes and I got thee complete opposite!! Does anyone know how to make thee bleeding stop?

      • Like most of what i have read about.i have been on depo shot for 7years .i stop getting it about 8 mounths ago .the first 2mounths i did not bleed .only spoting . Now i have been bleeding 6months .my tired weak .just dont feel like doing anything help …..when is it going to stop .i got on the shot to help with periods it helped when on it .

      • I got the depo in end of July in 2015 because my doctor recommended it because I’m a college runner and to not deal with your period is a great thing… Before I was on it I didn’t really have period problems lasted only 4-5 days . Then I got the shot, two weeks later I started bleeding. Non FRICKING stop. I went to a specialist, and she told me the more I got the shot the less bleeding will accord. She also said she can out me on a different birth control ( the pill) to stop the bleeding. But I don’t want anymore birth control in my system till this one is gone.So when I got my 4th shot, it didn’t slow down, it didn’t stop. And now it’s July, almost a year later, and wow I’m still bleeding. I’ve done a lot f research and blogs have said to drink tons of water to get it out of the system faster. So I drink like a gallon a day. I just recently called the doctor again but I haven’t gotten a call back. I need to know how to get this out of my system ASAP. I’m sick of bleeding. A year of it basically! You don’t know how stressed I am.

      • I took it for a year and a half and then got of about 6 months ago and have never had a period or anything even close since i started. Its now been two years ive been able to live cramp free and stopped having to spend money on period stuff and feeling sick and ruining my clothes. 2 years of bliss. Best thing thats ever happened to me.

      • I was on the depo for 9moths and then I got off of it like in November and it’s August now and l I have had is a couple dad I was spotting I’m just trying to figure out if my body is okay

        • Birth control isn’t just for pregnancy issues, please be less ignorant. I used depo because my periods would last months and btw, condoms aren’t 100% effective either so you should use both.

      • I had no problems while being on depo my period was always the same. But now that i decided to get off of it after a year of using it i have crazy side effects. I have been on and off bleeding for two weeks. I dont mean crazy bleeding but it will suddenly be a lot of blood almost like the start of my period but it only lasts a few hours and then starts up again the following day.

      • I wouldn’t work recommend this birth-control to anyone it’s horrible it made me very sick all the time made me have major mood swings I am very emotional on it and now I have been bleeding nonstop since I’ve got off of it I feel terrible and I absolutely hate this

      • I’ve been on depo for 3 years strait and it made my period go away with maybe only 2 weeks in a whole year. Now I am trying to get off of it for personal reasons and I can’t stop bleeding it has been over a month by far the heaviest flow I’ve ever had and I am in bad pain way worse than normal cramps. Went to the doctor and they just put me on the pill? I can’t find any information on people having trouble bleeding coming off of this it’s quite scary

      • I got put on depo when I was 12 to help with bleeding and it stopped my periods I only had about 5 periods from the age 12-18 I stopped it when I turned 18 because then it became my choice and since I stopped it I’ve been bleeding almost every day since and it’s been 8 months I wouldn’t suggest depo to anyone it made my moods a nonstop roller coaster the whole time

      • I started using depo in august of 2023, I bled up to December of that year straight through, minor spotting in January but the excessive bleeding came back in Feb 2024 it’s now the end of may going into June and I haven’t stop bleeding as yet, it’s Been six weeks since I stopped the injection and I’ve had three

    • I was on Depo for two years. During those two years I had consistent spotting for about 6 months after the first dose and then finally no periods. That part was great no more period no more painful cramping just nothing aside from the 60 pounds of excess weight that I gained. I was informed that some weight gain might occur usually around 10-20 pounds. Yeah I had 3 times that even with diet and exercise. I came off of the shot after the second year. One full year after I stopped taking Depo I finally got some resemblance of a period. At first it was a month of light spotting then one day it turned into the heaviest, longest, most painful cycle I have ever had. It lasted about 10 days then I had 2 days off then it started right up again. So far I have been 10 days on this “hell period” with 2 days off for the past 45 days. How much longer before or if this will ever turn back into something more manageable?

      • i just came off the Depo because of the massive weight gain and now with seeing all the comments i am terrified to come off it I’m 14 and had the period and bleeding of a 45 year old women my periods were 5 weeks long no matter what and cramps that made me pass out i just thought they were stomach cramps or something because i get chronic stomach pain from my illness i have but later found out it was not so we went to my doctor and he said try depo Ive never had a period since then except when i spotted and he said it was normal it saved my life except when the weight gain came that was not fun i used to be 199 and losing the weight and was happy about now I’m 245 pounds and pissed about it i hate my weight and i just went off Depo and hope that it will help with my weight but i dont want the hell periods he said give it a month then we will put you on the pill Im scared about my period coming now because all I’ve seen is one bad review after another

      • I was on depo for 20 years I loved it, before I had heavy periods & cramps so bad I was going to be in kidney failure cuz I needed to take so much meds to function and i hate medicine. I was always throwing up missing school and work. Regular birth control didnt help. I recently got off depo & it’s been the worse. My breast so tender I don’t want to wear a bra I’ve been on my cycle for the past 3 months with maybe 7 days off. I had bad cramps at first now nothing which I’m glad but the periods I’m tired of. I had to increase my iron I was getting so tired unable to exercise or stay awake. I’m trying to wait it out I really don’t want to be on any birth control but I might have to just to regulate it.

      • Tiffany are you still having an issue with your cycle. I just recently stopped taking the depo shot and have had my period for about 4 weeks

      • that sounds weird, just like mine.I’m getting very worried as I have’nt had a period for 6 weeks.It took 10 months for my periods to come back but I had light periods and very heavy periods which lasted 10 days and had to take some tablets to calm it down. I trying for a baby but I cant work out when the best time is.

      • I’ve been on the shot for 14months and I just missed my appointment to get it this time. I never got a period the whole time that I’ve been on it but I would get bad cramps and be very moody all the time I lost a whole lot of my hair it would fall out in chunks and I’ve gained a lot of weight I get back pains and muscle and bone aching but more I would feel like I would get a lot of back spasms it was scary. Now I am just wondering how my menstrual cycle will be like now that I stop the shot. I would get headaches. Once in awhile I would feel nausea and I’ve notice I would get very tired I would have to take a nap at least once a day. My boobs would be tender and sore.

      • I forgot to mention that the shot also took away my sex drive I never wanted to have sex and was never in the mood at all. Cramping would come and go off and on sometimes it would be more painful then other times.

      • I took depo for 6 months(2shots) .got it in January didn’t have a period in February but started bleeding the 1st of March which lasted for 21 day I had to visit the clinic where I got the shot and told them about 5he bleeding they gave me pill to stop it. I took another shot in April, didn’t take the shot in July still bleeding. I wonder how long will it take me to get back my regular period

      • I came off the depo 11 months ago (had been on the depo for 20years with no periods whatsoever) I had no period until 6 weeks ago and now i have been bleeding heavily non stop for 6 weeks. I have seen my gp who said this is to be expected and could carry on a while. I am going out of my wits feeling dizzy, sick and really groggy.

      • I didn’t have a period the whole time I was on the depo about 2 yrs. I’ve been off it about a year and a half. Six months it took me to starts spotting and 2 months after that it’s so heavy. Most ladies say they have a period once a month. Well I only have a week a month I’m not on my period. I thought for sure it would be normal by now. I hope u have better luck than me. Where i live the gynocalogist is only in one day a month. I’m a yr passed due getting a pap because that one day I’m always on my period 😭

      • Seeing all these comments has made me feel so much better im currently suffering with anxiety and have been constantly panicking that its not normal, I came off the depo a few months ago and for a month I had nothing now I’ve been bleeding non stop for two months,

    • I was on the depo for one shot short of two years. Started in March when I was went in my for last shot when I was 17, December, had I gotten another shot, it’d have been in March, making it two consecutive years. Anyways. I am now 19. It’s July 2015. Rewind back to my last shot. I never had periods with the depo. Gained horrible weight even with dieting and excersise. I got my first period in two years, April 2014. It was like three days. Then I got another period in June. Which lasted three weeks, into July. I then started recording my periods, starting the 27th of August. They seemed to regulate. Except for one small detail. I get two periods a month. Full fledge cramping and everything. One on the 6th and one around the 25th of each month. Some months I’ll have just the one in the last week of the month. But most times, I have two periods a month. I’ve discussed this with my mom, and its quite possible I’m not even ovulating. I was told by a doctor that since its been almost two years since I’ve stopped the shots, it should regulate out now. I spoke to another doctor, and without running tests, she looked at me and told me I’m just overweight and with weight loss will come a normal period and that was that. Now, I’m overweight. But I’m not like morbidly obese. I know people that are close to 300 pounds and get normal periods and pregnant. So what makes me different. What should I do? I want kids. Will I have have motherhood? Or even a normal cycle?

      • Hi, I’ve just read your post and saw it wasn’t that long ago..I couldn’t tell if anyone’s replied but i wondered if you’ve gotten any resolution to your problem? Doctors failing to help you short of blaming this on your weight is wrong. Not to mention ignorant. My best suggestion to regulate your cycle after the hormonal blow your body has clearly been through from the depo shot would be to try birth control pills for a few months.. Probably low dose (something like ortho tri cyclen- I may have misspelled) really you shouldn’t have to troubleshoot your own medical problems but sadly doctors are useless much more often than they ever should be. Maybe before attempting your own solution, try seeing another dr or two but this is what I would try if I hit a wall at solving my problem.

      • My email is
        I am reading about this shot because just over one month after going on for the second time in my life, I’ve started my period. Two years ago I was on for six months and had no period with it at all..I’m thinking right now living with three other women cycles are syncing up and maybe that’s why but these stories honestly have me concerned..

      • Hello, Did you ever get a resolution? weight is not our problem I was on depo for 3 years. and now been off for 3 years since my last shot, the past year I been getting my periods twice a month around the same time as yours! around the 6th of month then the end around the 25-28th. Your story is the first I read so close to mine and I thought I was infertile, but now I know its the depo I had my daughter perfectly fine before depo I got on depo after my daughter to prevent another pregnancy now off its forsure preventing my preg. ive been trying for baby #2 for 2 years and doctors give me a general answer like they given you.

      • Hi I’ve been having the Depp for about 3 years all the times I had the Depo I never had a single spot and I had my last shot in February 2020 and I’ve still not had a period, is this normal?

    • Ok, so I have been on the depo shot now on and off for 13 years. I have had several health issues that has not been addressed by doctors because they have not known the underline issue. So here it goes. I was placed on depo when i was 11 years old. I was placed on it due to having irregular periods at a younge age and at the time this was a better option for me as to the pill. Because well a 11 year old doesnt remember to do their homework let alone take a pill. Everything was great. No periods at all. When I became 16 I started having issues with low iron and having a uti atleast once a month. Doctors said it was my eating habits. I did everything that i could think of to stop having a monthly uti, but even bumping up my vitiamin c has not worked. I stopped taking the depo shot when I was 19, I kinda fell in love and wanted kids). Within 6 months I was preggers with twins. Doctors said that I had a high hormonal inbalance that they never saw but due to being on the depo shot for so long my kids where considered high risk the whole time. Thankfully I gave birth to two healthy girls. At my 6 week check up I decided to go back on the shot. Worst idea ever. I thought it would be the same as before, but it wasnt. I bled for 7 months straight. I started to have a uti twice a month and the antibiotics stopped working. I have become depressed and suffer from anxiety attacks. After reading some of the comments I am relizing that I have a lot of the side effects in reference to the shot. I wake up everyday feeling like a 60 year old constantly stating that my bones hurt and people laugh because im still young. I have had dental issues (teeth breaking while simply talking). Im tired alot. I have here recently been passing blood clots (while not being on my period) I have long periods heavy periods (going through a whole bag of pads in a days timeframe…tampons are not longer an option.) I have had hair loss which i didnt think was affiliated because i dye my hair alot. I have cramps that come and go the type where you just want to lay in a fetal position on a heating pad all day. No sex life at all because its too painful. I feel hollow inside and i have gone to doctors for help but it seems like we have been looking in the wrong place. After reading all these comments my eyes are open. I have an appointment with a new obgyn as of oct 26th my shot comes due the following day. I am going to address all of this with him to see if there is a better way around it. After reading all this it has me wondering if i was misdiagnosed last year with ovarian cancer. I mean I gave birth to two healthy kids if I had cancer they would have seen the begining stages than wouldnt they have?? To the lady with the lawsuit please include me. I do admit at first things was great so with that being said depo is ok for some just not for all. I think doctors need to be fully aware of the sideeffects before offering it to people. And i think the two year rule with it should be voiced more, because i have never been informed of that let alone told even after all of this. I think there is more sideeffects that are out there for this shot than the benefits of it. I plan on discontinuing my shot at my appointment and am looking into having my tubes tide. I hope winging my body off of this wont be the death of me but it truely is a drug that is addicting. And it does ruing lives.

      • I was on depo after having a baby for two yes, horrible night seats, it’s been 15 yrs since my last child and even though I was only on depo shots for a year .. I’ve never stopped having night sweats. So I also decided to get tubes tied because I couldn’t take birth control… Worst thing I could have done.. I ended up with premenstrual dyspioric syndrome… They don’t tell you that when you have your tubes tied. Along with the depo shots came night seats, brown coloring above my top lip, and these horrible painful cyst in my breat that will never go away ?

      • I got depo shot in sept. Had no period until nov. Bleed 3wks straight. I was suppose to get shot dec. 27, 2016. Now i wont start bleeding until 6pm to midnight then stop until the next day. I been doing this for 3days now. I can say i will never get that shot again. My doctor said get the shot and it will make you have a monthly cycle its been nightmare. Any suggestions. What have you been doing.

      • I was on the depo for 6 years. My last injection was about 10 months ago.
        My period stopped on it.
        8 weeks ago I got my first spotting period that lasted a week.
        I had 1 week off
        Then a heavy 2 week period
        6 days off
        And then another heavy period…I’m 4 days into that now.

        The idea of years or this is terrifying. I hope it regulates soon.

      • My only advice to pple is just to stay away from this drugs, since most of the countries banned may be capable causing medical/surgical problems to mankind. Any drugs has side effects but less.but this it was banned from developed countries stay away from it pls.

    • I need some help – I’ve been on depo for 21 years because I have (self diagnosed) pmdd. seriously disabling pms that swings my moods so badly that I’m unable to enjoy anything about life. thus, the depo which has successfully eliminated my periods for the majority of my adult life. now @ 40 if I go too long without a shot I swing back into my extremely unsavory, and severe pms. this last shot I lapsed for a month and in the last week of not getting my shot my breasts became so large they actually broke my underwire bra. yes, the underwires snapped, to my amazed embarrassment. if I go off the depo I am extremely depressed, to the point that my cheeks chap from so much crying, if I’m not crying I’m raging angry. 2 emotions only. I cry or yell for any reason, and any circumstance. I tried once to stop depo and it was the most miserable 7 months of my life, the thought of having to get my period sends me into terror. I’ve been told that getting a hormone imbalance test would require going off depo, but I simply can’t go through it. I called my mom to just confirm my pre-depo self and she reminded me of how bad I get. from period 1 I had extremely bad pms. anyone have any ideas?

      • ‘@ Erin, I would suggest going off of it and schedualing a hysterectomy. The longer you are on the shot the better chance you have of sever bone loss aka Osteoperosis. Especially at your age, I would highly recommend this. But be forewarned – your breasts will get extremely sore, tender, and swell for awhile after stopping it. Good luck, and may I also suggest a good Dr in this field.

      • CS I really need a dr in ATL I’m walking with a hump my bones ache and I’ve been on depro for 20 yrs I just stop 5 months ago and it’s killing me cramps and I really need to see a dr for my hump in my back any suggestion

      • Please message me debtstudio1@gmail. I am 45 pmdd (self diagnosed) depo 20 years now bleading. Want to get off depo. Same side effects as you.

      • I know how you feel. I, too, have PMDD and am on depression meds as well. I still get the PMS while on the shot though 🙁 when did yours start helping your PMDD? My doc recommended depo for it…

    • I came of the depo in March/April 2019 time and started back in August had no issues the first time I was on it and was on it for 6 years this time I’ve had 1 injection and didn’t bleed last month but have been bleeding for 14 days now I want it to go away it’s awful

    • I stop the depo in sept of 2019 after 5 years 3 months and i have my mentratation every month for 7 months after my last menstration i start to use condom to prevent pregnancy and ever since i start doing that i don’t see my period i went to doctor and they told me that i am pregnant because the pregnancy test is positive but 4 months pass and i don’t see any changes in my body or belly the only thing my breast ariola gets a little dark some days a d get back normal some days now after doing so many reasearch i am really worried about if i am pregnant or its some thing else

    • I had 4 injections of the depo (so for like a year), and had such irregular periods. I stopped about 6 months ago and had no periods after stopping, but lost a lot of hair. Now I think I’ve got my period back but it’s filled with large clots. I need to see a doctor about it ASAP, I believe it’s just the depo leaving my body but it sucks. Has this happened to anyone?

    • I’ve got one depo shot and then I stopped getting more shots but I got the rest of them from CVS minute clinic by dr julie and other lady. Bad side effects wore weight gain and mood swings and hot flashes also girls and women should never get depo shots ever. My last shot was in July 2020 I’m not allowed to get them again. Shots also made my breasts grow bigger than normal.

  2. I have noticed Quite a few women have been experiencing the side effects of depo such as bone loss and brittle teeth. I have too its time we all get together and start a class action law suite and get this product off the market it is very dangerous and you don’t suffer the side effects until after you stop the drug. Please contact me if you too have these problems I have already contacted a lawyer about a class action. If you can be a part of it please do!!

    • I have had so many problems after 10 years of taking depo provera. The doctors told me it would help with endrometrisosis! Well now I am having so much pain after stopping and heavy bleeding. And I am now 30 and haven’t been on it for 6 years! I am having to get a full hysterectomy because my body is over taken by the endrometreosis. I also am going to have to get a full top and bottom dentures because of sever bone loss in my teeth. Something needs to be done.

      • maybe Im the only one here… but Ive been on it for 10 years and its been wonderful. I never have my period. Iv only spotted a couple times, but for the most part, the ONLY time I get my period is when I am late getting my shot. sometimes I forget (Im not really sexually active). I also havent noticed any bone density loss or any other effects of brittle teeth or anything. In fact when I tried the nuvo ring, I was allergic, Im not good at remembering pills, and too many people I personally know have issues with IUD’s and getting pregnant while they are in.

        I gained about 10lbs in highschool when I got the shot but I haven’t gained any more weight since then… not from the depo anyway.

        everyone is different. some forms work wonders for some, and cause lots of issues for others. I don’t think a lawsuit is necessarily the answer. I would be helpless and stranded without options for birth control, if depo wasn’t available.

      • I play roller derby, I am active, and while I have other non related medical issues, I dont easily break bones, and my teeth are not brittle. Im trying to find forums that prove the drug is bad. my doctor wants me off of it because of the fear of bones loss and weight gain. but those two things are not an issue for me. Im pretty healthy and strong, and my weight issues were proven to be caused form being on steroids for so long because of my asthma. Im allergic to the ring, and Im nervous about IUD’s and the implanon. if depo is working for me, why should I have to stop?

      • Morgan,
        You’re a dumbass. Since when can they prove where fat came from? They biopsied the fat and the results said steroids?! Lmao. Idiot.

      • Seriously, Ritchie, name calling? Do you feel better about yourself now that you’ve called her a dumbass?

    • I feel the same way,I had only one dose in July,been bleeding ever since,I was to go back in October to get second dose,but didn’t cause of da bleeding,An I’m still bleeding just after one dose.

      • Nancy that has been my problem ! I got one dose after my 3rd was born in July didn’t get another dose and I bleed all the time this time I got a week break got it again the 10th of December its now the 30th…still bleeding .never had this problem in my life . How long does it take till my periods ate normal again ?!I can’t believe one shot of depo could do this….had I known I’d of never gotten it ! 🙁 its been out ofy system since October but why am I still a mess

      • I feel the same…they did not warn me abt the three week bleed….im frustrated and so is the hubby

      • I am the same i have been bleading for tree weeks now and i just got my second shot and the nurse and doc dont give me eany answer about my period .i hope some one can do something about dis because day dont tell us wat the resolts would be

      • i got the injection in October and was due for my next injection on the 5th but not sure if its a good idea because ive had my period since i got the injection and when having sex it makes the bleeding worse. Does anyone know how i can stop the bleeding? I thought maybe going on the pill might work ,any suggestions?

      • After 2 years, I haven’t had any problems either. Depo increases your appetite, so if you’re eating everything in sight (like I was) you can attribute the weight gain to that. Once I started working out and eating right, my weight is fine. Every woman’s body is different. If it works for you, great. I’m sorry for all of the women who have had bad experiences.

      • I had my third dose a few months ago and I have been bleeding non stop I only have a three day break then I start to bleed again so I quite on the 7th and I’m still bleeding. Is it normal to bleed that much ?

      • Oooh i am too… i hate it so much… why is there so much bleeding i wonder. I been bleeding since October 4 . ong i hate i ever got on the shot i got my first dosage in june 4 was due for my sec dosage August 26 but nvr gt it…. I gained over 20lbs and the weight is still shedding off slowly

      • I only got one dose in December and chose not to go back for my second shot because I’ve been bleeding since the day after I got injected and hasn’t stopped yet its going on April I’m tryito see how long this will last


      • Hello my experience with depo was no fun .. first off I only had it 1 time !! I started off by being very depressed and had mood swings all the time .. I would cry and felt angry !! After I stopped my jawline started to break out really bad and still is today it’s been 3 months since with bloating horrible

      • Me too smh: got one dose in June was due back in September I never went back. Still bleeding 6 months straight. I stop for a week just last week and bleeding started back 3 days ago

      • I got the dose cuz my doctor said cuz my age and I kept forgetting my pills I was on. Got my period 2 months after my first shot. I’m in so much pain and it hasnt stopped. My bf says it will be fine he doesnt know. It has caused me bad bone loss muscle loss and so much back pain I have never had before it’s hardto sleep with the pain and I’m going insane from the worst cramps should of just stayed on the pill least I would only have 3 days of period and no cramps. My bf and I are always fighting I was never like this before. This is hell I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

      • I also hav de same bleeding problem, I had my 1st shot in June 2014 n hav bled full 6months until December, I was never told about de side effects otherwise I wouldn’t hav taken it, on my 3rd shot in November I asked my nurse about it/bleeding n wen it shld stop n she said after this 3rd injection bt it did not. so I took yasmin(pill) for a week to stop de bleeding n it stopped right after I got my normal 2day period. bt nw I’m confused as to whether it stopped bcos it ws tym/ yasmin worked or if it stopped bcos I may b pregnant n yasmin messed up. could de active yasmin pills I took hav deactivated de depo? 🙁

      • Im sorry ladies to hear this. my one is awkward story, i got my first shot on 19th August last year and every since my period stopped until now, i decided no to get the second injection, i kind missed to see my period, i know it sound a bit weird but is good to know what is happening to our body that sitting down and wondering. this drug is very dangerous and it should be banned.

      • I received the depo shot in January and bled until July 10th after only one shot. I didn’t go back to get my second shot that was due in April. I gained weight and the doctors tried numerous meds to make the bleeding stop and nothing worked. I had consistent heavy bleeding. I am now bleeding again and I’m praying this is only my period. I wouldn’t recommend the depo for anyone. Worst mistake of my life…

      • I bled a lot when I first started depo (6months straight) my dr prescribed a BC pill to take with the depo-it stopped the bleeding. Depo was great for me( I took for over 6 years) the problem is getting off of it-i had severe symptoms for MONTHS after stopping the shot, pregnancy symptoms. I also had awful mood swings-I started taking vitex to regulate my hormones-it has been wonderful! 6 months later and still no cycle though:/

      • I’ve read a whole bunch of comments on how women are trying to get pregnant after stopping Depo. I am not trying to have another child. I am trying to not be a crazy chic. I’ve taken Depo for 6 years. It’s the only birth control that has prevented me getting pregnant. However, after not getting my last shot I feel like I have more control over my own brain. It’s only been a month but I have dropped 10 pounds and my emotional state is amazing! I love and hate Depo. It works. But at what cost?

      • I took birth control in school because they offered it I wanted to give it a shot because prior to me getting on the shot I would have excruciating pain when having my period and I wanted them to stop completely so I took the depo I ONLY HAD 1 DOSE and never went back my bleeding hasn’t stopped I don’t know what to do please DONT GET ON THE SHOT it’s not worth risking it jus to n out get pregnant it has more defects then positive effects

    • If you are still doing the law suit, let me know. I m interested in it. I have dental problems as well as constant bleeding. I have been bleeding for about a month straight now.

      • I only had one shot and ive been bleeding everyday for 7 months now, lots of pelvic pain and pain in my thighs, my abdomen is all swollen and night sweats are horrendous, im so angry the possible long term effects were never discussed before my shot, i have Endo so all these symptoms are normal for me one week out of the month but not everyday all month! I was better off with the Endomitriosis that i was told the depo shot would improve.

      • I have dental problems also…and I stopped taking it in September and its now April and I still have not gotten my period back.

      • Ok grown women. When you decided to get the Depo what exactly did you think you were doing? Hello! I was on Depo for 7 years and stopped then had my daughter and started Depo again. I just stopped after another 6 years. In almost 40. So as an educated woman I made sure I knew what I was being injected with. It is a hormone! It tells your body your already pregnant so you do not produce eggs. There for, no period and the weight gain. Duh!!! If and when you stop of course your body is going to have to figure out how to do what it was suppose to do in the first place. Stop bitching! We’re you held down and injected against your will? NO you weren’t. Educate yourselves women! Stop blaming someone else because you were to lazy to read the fine print! Duh!!!!!

      • Hi, I started on depo in August 2011 after my second son was born also at age 21. I have had problems with my teeth since (chipping brittle holes piping up everywhere considering I go to the dentist every six months for check ups) also the last two yrs I have been having issues with my back (t5/t6) I have bone lipping t11/t12 also showing signs of breaking down. Not good signs for a 25 yr old. I have stopped using depo as of November was my last shot. However my first period was on the 25 feb 15 and lasted 6 days. Nothing in March the on April 12 2015 again got my period it lasted 5 days then only to get it again on April 20 2015 and still going. Really not happy about Depo not enough reaseach has been done. Nore have the patients been told everything there is to know prior to getting the shot. I know I will never get the shot again. It has screwed my life you

      • I had the same experience and also made to only three shots before I had to stop. Its been almost a year since I had the last shot and I am still recovering. After my first shot, I gained about 20 pounds and had my period for three months straight. Since I stopped, I started breaking out with severe acne (thats never happened before). My joints always hurt, I have irregular periods (again, never happened before the shot). I still feel pain on the injection site randomly. I get dizzy and extremely moody when my expected period date yet approaches. Yet I don’t get my period until a week or two later.

        Honestly, the convenience of not having to worry about birth control for a couple of months is not worth the side effects and the recovery.

        Its a little comforting to hear other women went through / are going through similar things. I thought it was just me. My doctors kept saying I was stressed out and that my symptoms are normal.

      • Raya Cobb you need to shut the fu*k up no asked for your two cents go read a book with your well educated a#s

    • Are you still doing this lawsuit I am interested and willing to help. The depo ruined my healthy menstrual cycle and i bleed so much i have to change my tampon every 30min-1hour or else it will seep through my underwear too. Please help.

      • Did you guys figure anything out I started my depo the day after I had my baby in April been bleeding ever sense so I tried to stop taking it for a month I was still bleeding so I went back and got it and I’m still bleeding I really don’t like this

      • I know this thread is old, but I am desperate for some help or answers. I was given the depo shot in the hospital, the day after delivering my son (June 8th 2014) and I never stopped bleeding. I decided to quit the shot and HOPE my periods would return to some kind of normalcy, in March 2015 and I have not had a period. Still am spotting pretty much every day, and ever since about 2 weeks after my last shot was due and I didn’t get it, I have been dealing with night sweats, insomnia, BAD mood swings, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and HORRIBLE cramping and passing blood clots, and skin rashes. when I think it should be time for my regular period each month. I went back to see my OBGYN and she said this couldn’t be caused by quitting the depo shot…. but that is the ONLY thing I have changed. I have had 2 different doctors do blood work on me that came back normal, I even wore a heart monitor because the dizziness got so severe. And no answers!!! I just want my life back. I want to be able to take care of my 2 babies 🙁

      • I wish everyone would update their comments. Did anyone finally stop bleeding? I can’t find a single comment where anyone has said if and when they stopped bleeding. I started depo in April 2019. Second shot in July 2019. I will NOT be getting a 3rd shot. I have been constantly spotting since May. I have been constantly heavy bleeding from July 23rd, today is August 15th. This has been a nightmare. Please anyone, when did the bleeding finally stop for you?

    • hi i agree i ahve brittle teeth too and bone loss to the point where im on vitamin D that the ob gave me this stuff is horrible and it needs to be stoped given its so bad for you i feel liek im dying everyday icant do anything !

      • I was on depo for 15 years. 6 months ago I went for a bone density scan… my bones were at the normal, young adult stage. I’m 51. Everyone is different.

        I just stopped the shot 2 months ago due to my age and thinking I might be starting menopause. I’ve had stomach pain for the full 2 months. Hoping nothing more happens, this is bad enough.

    • hey! i am considering getting off the depo shot, because ive gained weight like crazy! im very unhappy. im suppose to get my short at the end of may but now im super scared about it!

    • I would like to take action so bad because my first shot I bleeded for 12 weeks landed in hospital the doctors said take the second shot it will calm down it never did then after all the drama I’ve stuffed pains e er since its been 2yrs now I’m about to come off it this week I’m worried so much not to mention I look 9mths pregnant but im not my tummy is so bloated in pain all the time no doctors can help or want to bother they just want to put me on pills like endep 50 and sleeping because i cant sleep Ect enough is enough Please help me

    • Please do I’ve been on it for bout 4 years n I’ve had almsot every side affect n this year I decide to stop taking it I’ve had stomach cramps mood swings no period massive headaches serve depression major loss in appetite n loss of weight and many other symptoms after coming off if depo I wish I new wat 2 do to control this :/

    • Did you ever move forward with this? I was always a big believer in Depo, was on for 5 years, and just came off in Feb 2015, I have recently started suffering from severe depression, and significant weight gain, fatigue, light headedness, etc. and my cycle has yet to return to anything resembling a 28 day pattern.

  3. I was on Depo in 1997-1999 and had no problems with it (I was 17 years old at the time of starting it). It did take almost a full year for my periods to return, and I was able to get pregnant in 2000…

    However, I went back on Depo in January 2013, not as a birth control but to help reduce (or eliminate) my periods because they were extremely heavy (and getting heavier by the month) and I was having horrible cramps. While the shot did eliminate the cramps and reduced the amount of blood I had during my periods, I have basically been on a continuous period since (it is now mid June). At first, they were 2 weeks long, with 2 weeks in between. However, in mid April I started and it was enough to wear regular tampons (the most I had since going back on the shot). That period lasted almost 5 weeks straight. I was barely off a week when I started again May 25th, and have been on it since (again today is June 18th). I was supposed to have had my 3rd injection yesterday but I am not going back on it. I am hoping that it is starting to leave my system as I have had some minor cramping the day before (I haven’t had cramps since being on the shot) and I seem to be getting heavier (not heavy, but more like a normal period). I don’t know what changed since I was 17, but I certainly didn’t get much relief going on the shot! I can see why it is such a good birth control method, because I can’t have sex (well I could, but not my cup of tea)…I don’t recommend this to anyone, all the websites I’ve read have said it can take 6-12 months for my body to go back to normal. It was never normal to begin with.

    • I got 2 doses of the shot one in August of 2013 one in November of 2013 it is now January of 2015 I am still having constant discharge… Idk when it will,ever stop.I just,wish my,doctor would have told me the side effects of this drug. She gave me 0 information about it. I regret it deeply. Anyone who is considering taking this shot please do not.

    • I can relate to this…I had the Depo back in 2002 – I had 3 shots of the injection. I then came off it and my periods were normal and regular, it took me a year and a half to conceive. I decided to try the Depo again – I had only one shot of the injection in March 2014 and ever since the summer of last year I have been having very heavy 2 week long periods. Very frustrating! I didn’t go back for a second shot of Depo. I don’t know wat has changed with the injection as it was very different from when I took it back in 2002. I’m now being tested for fibroids and PCS….I just want my periods to regulate. I wasn’t warned prior to having the Depo of any side effects, the doctors seem unsure of the long term effects themselves. I totally agreed, it should be banned. I’m in on the lawsuit!

      • Forgot to mention – that after having a two week period I get a about a week and few days break then my period starts again. Since coming off the Depo I do feel slightly depressed and don’t have much of a sex drive. My GP advised I try specific diets to help balance my hormone levels.

  4. I started Depo in March 2009, and this last August (2013) I was to to get my shot again; but decided not to go in and get it.

    At the end of July of 2013 I had a very bad depressive episode; it was just a week before I was to get my shot in August. For a while now I have wondered if the depo shot has played with these episodes as every time I am about a week to get the shot something similar would happen- just this last one was bad- and am now finally taking that step to take care of me to see if it is.

    A Poster on the earlier article (Ashley) mentioned how she had similar symptoms as Bi-polar symptoms- I too would agree that was me.

    I even had a psychologist say that I was Bipolar2 in 2011- this while still on the shot. I had went in due to severe depression episodes, which stated in 2009 when my first shot was due. I remember the first time I was due for a shot, I just did not want to believe it was the Depo- no one else seemed to have these issues on Depo.. so it just was me right? I start to question that as I get older.

    Every 3rd month, when I was to get the shot I would have horrible mood swings and just be a mess; Which on the out side does appear to be “cycling” in a Bi-polar mood.

    However- Due to my family history with persons in my family dx’ed with Bipolar; every time I mentioned that I thought the Depo had some play in my depression and irritability and mood swings I was shrugged off and was told it was me- not Depo by doctors. Before depo- I did not cycle every 3 months, but on Depo I did- So I have to wonder how much the Depo does play with my mood swings.

    My last visit in May 2013 with my general doctor, she told me that the Depo “couldn’t” be the cause for any mood swings. And then she insisted that I get a women exam due to she was giving me hormone injections and that I could be putting her in a grey area for malpractice.

    She also wanted to put me on anti-depressants as well (which if I am bipolar would be a big no-no and she should know that being a doctor). I have refused her treatment as I don’t see her fit for the proper care in psychology; seeing she is a general doctor.

    I also totally disagree that “it couldn’t be the Depo” doing anything as I have been told over and over again when I bring it up; due to it is a hormonal injection, and hormones can play a lot with emotions and mood. but that is just my opinion.

    I find it odd that prior to receiving the Depo shot- I did not do this 3 month cycle of mood swings and how I would get while on the depo and needing to get the shot again.

    Right now it is September 2013, and it is not quite 3 months later but as of right now- I can honestly say that I do feel better off the shot right now. My Significant Other and I are paying attention, to see if on the 3rd or 4th month if I get like I did when it was shot time.

    I have also lost about 8 lbs- with just doing nothing but being me- But off the depo!

    Also if I could mention one more thing- which I do believe Depo played a part in, but I am not certain- But In 2010 I fell on the ice- I severely herniated 2 discs in my back. I had to have surgery due to they were so severe and that physical therapy would not help with getting the herniated disc back from pressing on my spine.

    That Whole Time with that ordeal- the Orthopedic Doctor and his team- Continuously said- At 24 years old; My Discs should not have done this, and there were no other issues that the could find that would contribute to what they did; “it was a mystery” why it happened.

    I will always wonder if the Depo Shot helped with making my discs more prone to being damaged; and now I have chunks missing out of two of them that may give me issues when I am older. No doubt the falling on the Ice was an impact- but at the same time I just have to wonder.

    I would had been a year or so into the Depo when this all happened.

    I just have to wonder some times… How much does this Depo shot play with these certain things; and I wish I did know more about the Depo. My First shots were in a Family Clinic that was for Low-Funded individuals. Absolutely nothing was told to me about the side effects; which is even more of an upsetting after I read some of them after I had been taking the shot for a while.

    Deep down in my gut- I think the Depo has contributed to a lot of things for me; and Now I will see if it did or not.. But thanks for letting me share my story here.

    • My name is Lacey. I’ve been on the depo for about 10 months. Due back at end of February. I too have the exact same symtops. Every week before I am due back to get the shot I get severally depressed. To the point I can’t get out of bed it feels like it won’t go away. I have a family history of bi-polar disorder and depression. I’ve always had aneixty, but I have never felt like this. It is ALWAYS like clock work every week right before the three months is up and time for my shot I get the same way depressed. Like most I haven’t gained a crazy amount of weight, it does sit in the middle like everyone else has claimed to only gain it. Also a enumerous amount of hair loss, my hair has always been think and strong, since it falls out in hands fulls daily, in the shower, combing my hair, just playing with it hair will come out. Acne has become so embarrassing and so the norm its depressing. I have gotten very vivid nightmares nothing like ive ever gottwn in my life, i am on no other medication and haven’t changed my diet. Ive noticed that it has made me very fatigue, it takes a lot out of me to do simple tasks. None of these were present until I started depo. My husband and I have talked and decided come time for my next appointment for the shot I will not get it. It has literally changed me, and he is tired of seeing me in such a state. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. And would never recommend it. I also am disgusted by how many doctors are giving the shot!! I’ve seen so many people with similar and also some even with scaier symptoms, I am sure wen have came to their docs with this. How dare the not take it serious.

    • You totally not tripping sweetie,I’ve been on the shot for 9yrs immediately stopped my menstrals but I’ll say after a few years on it I noticed lots of headaches, pain in my legsjoints..I for sure believe that shot had me mad all the damn time,no sex drive.(None) smh. I recently got off Jun2014 and my menstral returned Dec2014.No more headaches,No more pain in ma joints,no more hot flashes,Sex Drive back.Thank God! Wheww I can honestly say I’m glad that I got off.Nightmare frfr

    • i understand I went to my family practice doc who said that none of sytoms had to due with my depo i told him he was nuts and said im finding a new doc bc i know for a fact it is im waiting a year i pray i get a normal period and feel normal period again bc i swear i hate feeling sick period 🙁 headaches are horrible

    • The depo gave me mood swings as well. I felt like I was happy one minute and depressed the next. I would cry at the drop of a dime and I’m not an overly emotional person. I’m friend informed me that she went thru the same thing as well.

  5. I have been on depo since may of 2013 and after my second shot in August I developed severe anxiety along with numerous other issues suh as hot flashes, depression, insomnia, no appetite, no sex drive, lost about 15lbs in 2 weeks from the constant nervous feing in my stomach. A whole host of GI issues, including upper abdominal pain after eating, diarrhea ( non stop for 3 weeks after injection) our bodies recognize as foreign andtries to get rid of it. More recent I have developed breast pain in my left breast that radiates to my shoulder an my neck. It’s just been miserable. I am hoping once the 3 months is up I will go back to normal.

    • Yes yes yes! I can so relate to all of this. I started depo June 2007, and I stopped this month August 2014. And boy my breasts have never been so tender and sore!! I get hot flushes and bad headaches and diarrhea!!! Soooo glad I am off it now, and get it out my system once and for all!! Terrible stuff!!!

      • I am going through those at present time on the depo. I sweat so bad at night and not much sleep or hard to go to sleep. Mood swings, little to no appatite, pains in abdomen and nonstop bleeding 07/21/2014 present 12/16/2014. This is crazy.

      • I got on the shot in March 2007 and recently got off January 2014..i have experienced really sore boobs, headaches,…worse decision every made… Never again…..

    • Same here depression anxiety hot flashes intense anger for no reason. endrometrial ablation and now hysterectomy plus full set of dentures. And hormone therapy for ten plus years because I am only 30! And possible fibromyalgia that I am being tested for?!? I have never felt worst in my whole life. I wake up through out the night in total body pain! Don’t ever start depo to many complications after

    • Hi, I know this is an older post, but did the anxiety finally go away? I’m dealing with horrible anxiety now due to the depo shot. I’m just hoping someone will tell me it won’t last forever.

  6. I feel the same exact way Samantha does. I felt that way on the shot and off it. I been off the depo ahot since May 3 2013. My last injection was Feb 2013. I did not go back in May to get it. It turned me into a complete different person. I’ve gotten the worst symptoms since being off: anxiety, I did get my period back which i got back at then end of july, nausea, headaches, dark brown discharge between my periods or before I’m fixing to start, insomnia when i do fall asleep I wake up so much throughout the night, bad pimple break outs before my period, constipation but when my period has started I use the bathroom pretty regularly, food craving or somedays i don’t even care to eat, sometimes I get backaches, my hair thinned on the side and in the back, and when I’m on my cycle I bleed pretty heavy. Mind you guys that I never had any of these symptoms until I got on the depo shot and stopped it.

    Since I’m off the depo now I feel my symptoms won’t ever stop. I just cope with them everyday. Somedays are better than others and how much I thank the lord for that. It’s been 5 months since being off that shot. I feel some improvement as far the night sweats and hot flashes stopping, but When will the other leave?

    • i feel the same way. Been on depo for 10 years.

      now i feel depressed, and even have strange thoughts running tur my mind. I just found this site.
      my hair in back is gone sides are gone .smh

  7. I got the depo shot in July 2013, did not go back in Oct when I was supposed too. I just had my period 2 1/2 weeks ago and about a week ago I started getting horrible cramps and my boobs are really sore. I have diarrhea almost every day (I did have my gallbladder removed a month ago, so maybe that’s why?) But, my depression has gotten a lot worse since stopping Depo. I have been going through a lot at home, but regardless my dr added Abilify to my anti-depressent. I did get my period today which is early? Anyway, just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced any of these symptoms after stopping the shot? I was on the shot about 10 years ago, but didn’t experience any of these. Thank you!

    • I was on the shot for 12 yrs I am 29 now I never had my periods while I was on the shot but would spot and sometimes get cramps but only when it was time for me to get my next shot, then it would stop, I never gained weight or any of the other symptoms.I got my last shot in September of last year (2014) and have been off of it for 4 months already almost 5, once this month (February 2015) ends and I am only and just barely getting the tender boobs but nothing else and never had them before.This is the first time my boobs have ever been hurting, but no headaches or anything else.I didn’t go back to get my shot because we are going to start trying for a baby.So hopefully the boob soreness ends soon because it hurts alot, my boyfriend can’t even grab or touch them anymore it hurts so bad

      • This story reminds me of my self. Iv been on the depo for 7 yrs I stopped in September as well iv gained a little over 10 pounds and iv had the tender painful boobs…I have not yet gotten my period back yet as I am also trying to have another baby

  8. I started the depo January 2013 I have had endless problems since starting it, it started off with irregular bleeding , heavy bleeding , abnormal cramps so bad that I could not stand just curl up and cry, docs then prescribed me menfamnic acid which my body reacted to badly (docs insisted it was nothing to do with the shot yet I’ve never had a reaction to any medication) the irregular bleeding seemed to calm down after the second shot then I spotted 2 weeks before the shot which was bearable , I had a shot in July which I spotted straight after being jabbed (lasted a day) then in the August out of the blue I had immense pain and large clots l immediately went to see the doc and his only explanation was miscarriage I left the docs surgery a different woman, I was mortified as I was putting my body through this to stop pregnancy occurring . Anyway they suggested giving me the next shot early I had the shot and I’ve not been myself since, my last shot was due in December but both me and my partner agreed its not for me, since stopping the shot my back is in constant agony, I’m not keeping food down I’m constantly running to the toilet I’m a emotional wreck every joint hurts all I want to do is sleep this is effecting my home life a nd my work life it’s unbearable I used to be so happy! I’ve ordered angus castus tablets that people claim help get their body’s back to normal so here’s hoping it will bring back normality =)

  9. I have been on the depo shot for about a year and a few months. I was supposed to return mid December for another shot but I decided not to return. After the stop use of the shot I have been feeling depressed, bad mood swings, I don’t care to eat at all, bad cramps, light brown discharge, and food cravings. I feel horrible I’ve done a lot of reading online and it seems a majority of women have experienced these side effects. On top of everything my bones always ache. I wonder how long will I experience these horrendous symptoms??

      • Ken, Did your leg/arm pain ever resolve? My legs have been in excruciating pain(muscle) since three days after being injected with this poison. Its been non-stop for almost nine months now. Only had the one shot.

      • I was due for my second shot in feb and didn’t go but since then I’ve noticed aches and pains in my legs, arms neck and feet and I know it’s from this shot plus the bleeding just started and it’s awful I hope this want last much longer! I was on the shot years ago and it didn’t do this to me, idk what changed in this shot!

    • you should use calcium. While I was following the shot treatment I took calcium gummies, just to make sure. But after I stopped on September, I am more stressed and emotional than before. I even have less academic pressure on me and it does not show (I took the shot for about 4 years).

    • I been on the depo almost 3 months , & I started bleeding for almost 3 weeks now . It’s spotting & sometimes it’s gets heavy . I regret taking it ITS THE WORST SHOT . The bleeding is really bothering me I just I knew how to spot my bleeding & go back to the way it was

    • I have been bleeding the whole time I’m on the depo shot. And a week before having to get the 2nd shot I have been bleeding heavy with large blood clot and vey bad cramping which had not stop. The only thing that help with pain is the narco pill. The doctor said that is normal to give it 2-3 months until my period comes back to normal. Also if the blood clot is the size of a peach then I need to come and see him. I don’t know if all this is normal but it sucks! Im planing on getting a second opinion.

      • Trust me Jane, it is not “all normal”. I was told the same thing by Depo doctors after getting my first injection. They said that normally after the second shot (which is 3 months later) that my period would either return to normal or lighten up with the possibility of going away altogether….. Neither of those happened. I waited it out up until the time for my fourth injection, which would have completed an entire year of me being on the Depo shot, and nothing changed. I was having an on going period that was almost 5 months in. That was when I knew that I had to stop taking it. Before starting on Depo I had a normal cycle. Now 14 months after I stopped taking Depo, I am still experiencing horrible side effects. My period still lasts at the minimum 4 months and I experience horrible cramping, extremely heavy flows (I change my tampon every other hour), severe depression and anxiety, and terrible blood clots. Upon stopping Depo injections, the Depo doctors advised me that my period would return to normal after 5 months of what should have been my fourth injection. My joints constantly ache, and the worst part? I was not informed of these symptoms before starting Depo. I was told that I may have irregularly light periods or no periods at all. I was given Depo by Planned Parenthood. At this point I don’t know what steps to take to get my body back on track and to get myself out of this immense pain. PLEASE DO NOT LET ANYONE YOU KNOW CONSIDER TAKING DEPO!

    • I stopped depo two months ago and I am still on my period. Has yours stopped? Im worried my body is never going to adjust and go back to normal

      • I haven’t took depo in 5 months now and my period still haven’t came on. Im very concerned. Im not pregnant. What should I do?

      • I was on Depo for about 3 years. I stopped and it took 1 year for my period to return at all, although it has not returned to normal yet. It came back as irregular minimal brown discharge and in the last month and a half has become a constant flow of brown discharge.

      • My last shot was October 2014 it’s nearly March and I haven’t had a period, I recently visited my dentist & he said I’m loosing bone density, Im 23 and currently have arthritis in my hands and knees 🙁 I wanted to have a baby before the year was over but idk if it’s possible depo has not been the best choice it’s ruined everything, heat flashes dizziness, nausea, bone loss, weigh gain, mood swings that cost a relationship …. I don’t recomend depo to anyone!!!!!!

      • Im the same way! Ive been off it for 2 months and im not pregnant and my period hasnt come either. I only got the 1 shot of it. It made me gain lots of weight. I was soo bloated it was awful

    • i have had my period for 2 weeks straight. my depo shot expired october 2014 and have just started to get it as well

  10. I have had alot of issues with depo. And like everyone here, I was unaware of the side effects after getting off of it. I started depo when I was 17. After seeing that being on it for longer than two years was not recommended, I went on the pill and that transition was fine.
    Until 2011 when visiting my doctor, knowing I have migraines with an aura, she recommended me going on either a really low dose of birth control or depo since I am at more of a risk for stroke. I decided on the depo because my period are pretty horrible and the low dose wouldn’t be enough to help that problem. I was warned to take calcium to make sure the bone density loss wasn’t an issue.
    My last shot was in August of 2013, because I know that within 2 years I would like to get pregnant. Unfortunately I still haven’t had my period yet. And it is June of 2014. I had horrible side effects for the first 6 months. I felt like I was losing my mind, being really mean and upset all the time. Super tired. I actually gained 30 pounds since being off of it. And that was just in the first 2 months.
    If I would have known more I would have NEVER gotten this shot. It was the worst mistake. I am due for my annual so hopefully we can find out why it is taking so long to get my periods back.
    The doctors don’t seem very knowledgeable on this and it just is really upsetting.

    • I have been off of the Depo Provera shot for exactly 9 months today which is June 8th 2014 I was on it for a whole year after the birth of my daughter home is to now I was wondering how long it would take for my. To come back and it came on yesterday full blown without any warning bright red this is not spotting this is a full-fledged. I do hope that it stops within its normal time and not go on forever as I’ve been reading with a lot of other women I have never experienced. This heavy since before I started the shot I am finally starting to get over my depression but it is very hard to realize that it took this long for me to even get my ministration back but I stop the shot because I wanted to become pregnant with my husband we are newly weds and we would like a second child so I’m hoping that this is the start of a regular period cycle so I can become pregnant soon it’s just hell I hate the waiting game and as far as the mood swings and sex drive and things of that sets depo prevera is the worst when it comes to it I had absolutely no sex drive for the entire year of being on the Depo Provera shot it almost made me feel repulsed when my husband but touch me so if you are sexually active in you like it do not get on the shot lol another thing I never gained any weight but I did receive horrible need cramps and joint pain and back pain and really really bad headache with sensitivity to light while on the depo shot ladies this shot is horrible I will never go on it again I just would like to become pregnant very soon and 9 months later I am just receiving my period so we will see how this goes best of luck to all the ladies here

  11. I got the shot back in February. I’ve always had a spot on cycle but since the shot I have been spotting continually. Now since I was due for a follow up in early May and decided against the shot my period has been bright and lasting for over 2weeks now I called my Dr he says its because I need another shot I’m confused what to do????

    • Dont get anouther shot im experiency bleeding every 2 weeks lastting 2 weeks at a time my advise dony get it if u do ul experience ssme thing posdibly worse I wish I never got thid shot ive been on 2 years and last monyh I quit

  12. i had my first and last shot of Depo Provera last year, weeks after I gave birth to my first child. I’m still studying and had a confused sched that’s why I didn’t get my next shot after it which was supposedly scheduled last August 2013. So, the nurse aid and health workers in the health center advised me to come back as soon as I have my menstruation back. My problem is, I haven’t had my period ever since I had it. I’m not scared that I will get pregnant because my husband and I have not had sex ever since I came off the Depo shot. My worry is, how could I have my fertility back? How can I have my period back?

  13. I am exsperiencing bleeding as well!! Last month I started bleeding a day befor I was suppose to get my depo shot buy I couldnt grt it becsude I was suppose to have a pap smrar done buy I bleed for 2 weeks strsight so I decided not to get do 17 days later its been over a week so far and im still bleeding again!! Ivr been on the depo gor 2 years now and finally quit!! Is this temporary??

  14. I’ve been on the shot since November of 2009. Since being on it I have gotten crazy anxiety migraines and body pains. Me and my husband decided we would like to try to have a baby. I was due for my shot June 30 2014 but did not go get it. The only symptom I’m having as of now is my breast are tender and swollen. I’m really nervous for what is to come for me. My Dr said it could take up to a year to be back to normal but she has never had anyone on it as long as me. So I’ve been reading alot on the depo with no real results and I have yet to find anything on how this shot effects you with prolong use. I’ve been on it for five years and am worried I won’t be able to get pregnant. Guess its a waiting game.

    • Your bones are effected by the depo, Loads of post on netmums as you been on depo for a long time ask your nurse/doctor to send you for a test on your bones.

      Your dr seems quite stupid (no offense) as it is clearly stated on the paperwork about bones being effected with prolong use.

    • Hi Rachel, I am in exactly the same position as you! I’ve been on the Depo since 2009 also, and was meant to have my last shot on Monday (15th December) but have decided to quit the Depo as I want to start thinking about having children. I’ve had bleeding ever since but it’s a very dark bloody discharge, not a normal heavy flow period where I can use tampons. I am now worried as I’ve read a lot of women’s comments on here about the side effects. I am yet to find out what my side effects are, however I have found I’ve been quite teary. I came off the Depo earlier this year to go on the pill so I could have a regular period, which did come back straight away, however I had a terrible migraine with the pill so my Dr wouldn’t allow me to continue taking it. So I decided to go back on the Depo. I didn’t realise so many people have had problems with this drug and wish now I had come off it a lot sooner. All I know is that with prolong use it can effect your bones, but obviously everyone is different. I guess it is a waiting game and I guess I will have to wait and see if I get any side effects. I will say one thing though, I’ve never really had any trouble whilst being on the Depo, I’ve found it did work for me, but am worried about how I’m going to feel now I’ve come off it.

  15. They should be focusing on people going dizzy, lightheaded and falling over.

    This was the side effect i had and it came on while in hospital for a referral for surgery. Now i am unsure if my surgery will take place at all. On top of this i was looking after my daughter in the day when having these spells and on 2 occasions about to fall over. I went to the park went down the slide with my daughter she got off, i stood up and fell straight forward. Currently i will not even go to the park or leave my property till i feel 100% as i know it can occur anywhere.

    Hope everybody gets together to get the research done as i making one hell of a serious complaint. GOOD LUCK!

    • I had this problem and I never knew why! I would become very light headed and have fainting spells, had extensive testing done and the doctors came up with nothing! They thought it could be a heart problem, but they never knew for sure what the cause was. I’ve never heard of this being a side effect of depo but I wouldn’t be surprised!

    • Did you get extreme headaches? Because I do get light headed and like a lost of balance but I also get the extreme headaches. The last depo shot I had was in april and I was supposed to go back in june I think and I’m having these symptoms and also my menstrual cycle doesn’t stop I have it everyday. What do you think?

  16. I’ve Been Using Depo For 23Years, The Only Side Effect Was Weight Gain! I Want To Stop Taking It And I Want To Know What Changes My Body Will Be Going Thru?

    • i’ve been on depo for almost 20 years, since it first came out, and i’m 40 now, hoping that i can quit and never see that red flow again. hard to find info to know for sure – but i am looking forward to the weight loss!!!

      • I am 51 years old and was on the shot for21 years. Never had any bleeding not ever a spot at all. I stopped my shots on Dec.30 2013 it was my last shot. Nothing happened unil last month. As of today I have had 4 different light days of bleeding. Lost a little weight. Have gained about 40 pounds being on the shot all those years but I also lost 100 on purpose being on the shot. I was hoping to go straight into menopause since I had no bleeding for over 20 years lol

      • I’ve been on Depo for over 10 years. I can no longer tolerate the side effects so I’m going to stop taking it. I’m really hoping I start to feel better after being off of it for awhile.

      • Don’t get too excited…I didn’t lose any weight when I quit. It took over a year for my period to return at all and when it did it was a continuous (still) flow of brown discharge for almost 2 months now.

  17. Although I did not stop the treatment in want /need to conceive a child I have indeed noted some abnormal changes. I do indeed have beat tenderness to the far sides ( outer armpit area) of my breasts and more discharge; but I have no way to be pregnant. And find it frustrating no website can tell me answers (although yours was the most helpful) if you could please e-mail when you know more. I would be very appreciative ~ Brooke age 20

    • I quit the depo about 6 months ago and I’m having the same problems, sore breasts and discharge, and I am positive that I’m not pregnant! I have a ob/gyn appt in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know if they tell me anything! By the way, I’m also 20 years olds

  18. Hi my name is julieth and I have been using depo for a year, but I decided to stop, I got my appointment for April for my next shot but I didn’t go, so in January was my last shot. My period stopped completely since I started but it’s been 8 months since my last shot and I don’t get my period back, (I’m not pregnant neither). I would like to know if I should wait more time that maybe is normal just for a couple more months or if I need to see a doctor. I will appreciated your answer

  19. I have been using drop provera since I was 18 years old. Off and on only when active conceived 2 kids in the process but since finding it helped me with my migraines I stayed on it for 5 years straight taking it on time my period stopped completely after a year no spotting thinking I had window time of not being able to conceive since they say “the longer on depo, the harder to conceive”which is crap since I got pregnant 6 months later after stopping should of notice a warning sign of a couple spots of blood meant my period after 4 months off! Wen’t back on depo after I gave birth and been on it again for another 3 years and now stopped since we decided we want side effects other than bad acne but only happens when I get off depo I break out but my face clears up when on depo, I have no side effects when on it all these years I’m now 27 and is dedicated to depo my doctors say there is no proven evidence of bone density crap they said if it was dangerous they would of taken it off the market..all other birth control sucked filled with side effects.depo is the best!

  20. Its about to be 3 months and i am allready planning on coming off the depo shot. Ive been bleeding the entire 3 months continuesly. Giving me a horrible smell . I went to the clinic they told me my body would take 6-12 months to get use to the shot.They gave me birth control pills to conteract with the bleeding. NEVER worked just made the bleeding lighter. And if i had sex it would come down brown or redish-brown not attractive. Im suppose to go back for my shot june 30th, But im not going. Im hoping for my body to go back to normal after Depo. Depo is not for everyone!!

    • Did your body go back to normal? So far I’m finding a lot of comments saying I hope my body sorts itself out but none saying if it ever did. I have a busy year next year if I come off now the side effects from stopping it will have gone by time I start work but cant find anything about when the bleeding will stop/go normal if I choose to give up with it.

  21. Hi, my second child was born in Oct 2013, I took birth control pills for about a month, then Dec 30 my clinic gave me the shot and scheduled me to come back March 30. The whole three months I was spotting, has extreme abdominal pain, basically just curled up in a ball a lot of times. Had no energy, felt like crap, horrible mood swings. I never got it again, from March 30 to July 4th 2014 I had no period whatsoever, I even went to get a pregnancy test just to be certain, but it was negative. On July fourth my period started, here and there throughout the days from then until now. Every time it stops I hope it’s done, but then I find myself bleeding again a few hours later. There were significant mood changes and my face has broken out also since being off of it. I make sure to tell everyone how horrible it is. I’ve told all of my friends to never get it. I sure hope my body returns to normal soon, my husband and I want to have another kid. If anyone wants to share your experience with me or talk

  22. I started Depo-Provera at approx 19 years of age for contraception purposes. I was silly not to read the side effects. I was on it for almost 10 years. I wanted to start a family. I had numerous months of no periods. I tried lymphatic drainage (4 weeks later my periods returned) as well as natural therapies. My periods came every 11 days or so. Finally after 2 years, a reproductive clinic said my reproductive system on the whole was dormant (including my pituitary gland) and a few doctors said it was I like I was heading towards menopause. I could only try IUI or IVF. The second IUI worked.
    However, since ceasing breast feeding from my second pregnancy, I have very irregular and much heavier periods with large blood clots. My bone density category is of moderate risk -1.2.
    I will be seeing a gynaecologist soon for an opinion with concerns of menopause. I am nearly 38 years of age.

    My wish for women considering any type of contraception would be for GPs to firstly make a referral to a women’s or community health clinic before prescribing and hear lectures on all options available including the good and the bad.
    If I had this information beforehand, I quite possibly would have ceased it a lot earlier and tried a different method. I am now a true believer that not much good can come from remaining one thing for too long.

  23. Well I was on the depo shot but I’ve stopped using it and right now I’m having my menstrual cycle but it never ends, When I was on the depo shot I didn’t have my period for the whole 3 months some times I would spot but I only had to use a panty line but now it doesn’t stop like I have it everyday some times in the morning I won’t have it but in the afternoon it comes down and I’m having extreme headaches…Is any one else having the same symptoms and do you guys think it’s normal?

    • I have been on the Depo since 2000 as of May 7, 2015 I were suppose to go and take another dose but I decided not to. Many years I suffered with headache, back pain, mood swings ,cause I didn’t want to get pregnant I continue to take the shot. I’m going through trouble stages of depression. I pray everything will get better soon. Never again will I take Depo-Provera

  24. When I first got the shot I had my period non stop for the first two doses, than when I got to the third my period completely stopped (which is what I wanted), after a few more doses I stopped taking it because I had a blood clot scare, I’ve not had my period non stop since getting off the shot, it’s been 3 months straight now. This shot should be banned, it’s ruining my life

      • I have been spotting everyday now since September 4th (it’s now the 28th and my breasts are very sore and I’m cramping like crazy and my back is sore as heck. I was on the shot since November 2006. I’ve been trying to get off it for some time now and every time I try, I don’t stop bleeding, so I go back on to stop it. I finally stopped getting it and decided to stay off and It won’t stop. Now I’m worried since you have had it non stop for three months, mine will last that long. I’m really freaking out. The only good thing that has happened is that I lost 10 lbs.

  25. My girlfriend has come of the depo. She hates condoms and insists she won’t get pregnent cos her body is messed up from the injection. And with the hormonal and mood swings. How are men ment to go about explaining there feelings towards protected sex. Is there a website for this. And also how are you ment to know when your fertile agian after stopping the depo injection

  26. I had my first injection June 3rd of this year. The first week i didn’t bleed. Then i started bleeding. I’m still bleeding. And i didn’t go to my next shot. I’m only 16. I don’t understand why i’m still bleeding when the depo is out of my body? Please help.

  27. I have been off the depo shot since September 2013 its now the end of August 2014 and haven’t seen the slightest sign of a period since March of 2013. My husband and I have since had sex without protection several times and I haven’t gotten pregnant. It is alarming now since we are wanting another baby and I’m not getting pregnant. my hormones have been completely out of wack ever since taking the depo and stopping it. menopause symptoms almost. my regular doctor cannot seem to tell me who I need to see to have my hormone levels tested to see if they are normal or if there is anything that can be done to get my periods back so I can move on naturally. its very frustrating and scary that I may not be able to conceive one more baby before my age window closes 🙁 has anyone had this happen to them and how did they get it corrected???


      I was on the Depo-Provera shot for 2 years. While I was using it, I loved it. I had bad menstrual cramps before taking it and hated having a period. When my doctor put me on Depo-Provera, I immediately stopped having periods and with that, didn’t have any more cramps. I didn’t have a period for 2 years but I gained over 60 pounds!! September of 2009 I quit taking the Depo-Provera shot and was waiting for that lovely period to come back. I didn’t have a period for 1 year after I stopped taking it and still to this day I do not have a regular period. I can go months with out having a period but sometimes only be a week or so late. September of 2015 will make 6 years I have been off the Depo-Provera shot. Me and my husband have been together for 4 years and have never used protection during sex. We are now wanting to start a family but me not having a regular period makes it very difficult to know when I’m ovulating. After stopping the Depo-Provera I have noticed that before every period I get symptoms of pregnancy like tender beast, frequent urination, nausea and bloating. This can last for weeks sometimes. My doctor tells me to get birth control pills to ovulate my period but honestly I don’t want to take birth control ever again! I am starting to think that I will never have a regular period again and maybe this has lessen my chance to get pregnant. I am so over whelmed over the whole situation and DON’T recommend anyone to take it!!

  28. i was on depo for only 3 months after that i stop because of terrible experience. i felt bones weakness and im always dizzy so i decided to stop and now im experiecing this worst feeling., its been 3 days up to now i feel nipple pain and dizzyness.. what should i do to overcome this nightmare?

  29. I started depo at the beginning of the month of August & I’ve been bleeding & spotting none stop , this is my first time & I’ve been wondering if I stopped with this being just the first shot if I change to the pill will my cycle go back to normal !? Just wondering .

  30. Okay so Ive been on Depo over 6 months and I always brush my teeth and eat a balanced diet along with taking multi vitamins but now my teeth are brittle and cause me discomfort and my bones are always acheing . Its bad enough I have to pay for this shot every couple weeks but on top of that now the dentist ! My boyfriends also noticed Im alot more emotional and moody im not sure if these horomones on top of me growing into a woman is a side effect also but ever since I started this shot ive been really emotional like never before .

  31. I have been on the depo injection for 26 years I am now 53 will the effects with stopping be the same for somebody of my age

    • I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been on Depo for about 23 years now and I’m scared of whats going to happen. I’m 42 now. I haven’t had a period in 23 years either and honestly don’t know if I could handle it after this long. Not sure what to do.

      • Hi I have been on it for approx 20yrs and came off 3 mths ago still no period but very sore boobs worst in the morning. No periods yet not looking forward to that now 43 yrs old not liking condoms and had an accident with one a few days ago no idea if should risk it as no idea of fertility or get morning after pill ? Addie and Lyn did you decide to come off it and what happened ?

  32. I had been on the depo for 12 years! I decided to stop due to age I turned 36 in July and decided no more! I have had severe migraines the last two years that have been seriously a horror! So I am going on 8 weeks since due for my last shot.
    A little history here I started taking it to eliminate my periods due to stage 4 endometriosis. I was taking the shot every 6 weeks vs the normal 3 months so twice as much as most.
    Now being off my face is clear as can be no headaches well light if so not horribly unbearable like before. I had been feeling fantastic until the last week I have lost 16 pounds already which is exciting! But! Now I am having the worst anxiety combined with panic chest pain scared feeling not sure how to handle this. I have had cramps here and there but no flo I am ready for that just curious when how long how heavy painful etc.
    If anyone can just lead me in the right direction how stop the anxiety I will be so grateful!

      • Got pregnant had an abortion now been on depo for two years now i want a child suppose to got my shot to got my shot in march its June can i get pregnant because I’ve been trying i have to kids already but with my third i had and abortion can anyone help me

  33. Hey guys…. im wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem. .. I started depo like six months ago and only took one shot. I had heavy spotting for like two months straight after stopping and haven’t had a period since… im sorta scared im pregnant but my check wont be available for me until friday so I cant buy a test yet… im starting to get the feeling that this is from the shot… i just today started to get some light spotting and feel kinda numby in my backlike im actually on my period… did anyone else have this happen to them? Is this normal? I have no symptoms of being preggo other than some slight hot flashes and no period…

    • Did everything work out for you? Same thing happened to me. No spotting though. Just had my period and now no more. Also been losing weight but that could just be from drinking less beer 🙂

  34. Hi Guys ,I got Depo shot on April 2014 ,since then I have not been having any periods but the resumed to normal mid of Sept 2014 .Will I conceive any time soon? Please help.

  35. I have taken depo for the past 5 or so years and recently haven’t been taking it since April of 2014. I believe iam almost 6months behind. I I haven’t been feeling right and I
    Want to know if it has to
    Do with me being off the shot. I have has extreme loss in appetite and my emotions have been all over the place. And I have been having a stomach ache lately. Could this be
    Because I have been off the shot and my body’s adjusting because I was on it for 5+years?

  36. I have been on the Depo shot since July of 2014 and am supposed to go back October 9th of next month to get my second shot but I am unsure as to if I want to. When I first went in they had me go in the first 1-3 days of my period and it stopped the first one. But a month later it started and I have been on it ever since. Although it is not a period, it is what I have seen in many of the other comments. It was a brown/blackish discharge. Sometimes when it is so light I think it is ending, I wear a panty liner but the blood comes back heavy. It has stopped for one day but then started up the day after. The whole thing is making me nervous. I was never a person to get stressed out about many things, but ever since I have been on Depo it has gotten worse. I didn’t eat the first two months, (the regular amount I used to) and now lately I have been eating MORE than I used to. I get extreme headaches and my body is aching all over some days. I read somewhere on a website that it causes brittle teeth and just a few days ago my dentist (which I go and see once a month) said I had some ‘chips’ in my teeth that he needed to smooth down. My teeth have never had chips and I have been going once a month to once every two months to see him. They say the shot is better than having to worry about taking a pill, but looking at all the side effects the shot comes with, I am beginning to think that remembering to take a pill would be worth it.

  37. I really want to thank everyone for their comments because I took the depo provera shot may 27th 2014 and was due to take the next one in august 14-26th and never went back, when I first got it I bled for a whole month then it stopped I’m not taking it again I’ve experienced the same things headaches, stomach pain,diarrhea, but sex was great, I would have mood swings body ached, joint pain chest pain but I smoke a lot of weed now and it numbs all my pain I want to conceive and is wondering is it possible to become pregnant right away?

  38. Im getting off depo right now and my body is doing so many weird things! help! does it make me for fertile because im getting off of it???

  39. I’ve had problem with my nails and toenails for years now the effects started about 6 months after I quit the depo and has become worst threw the years there is a women in my town that has the same problem and the only thing we have in common is we were on the depo for years the nails thickens uproots from the nail bed and goes ingrown it looks like fungus but can’t be cured I know I’ve almost killed myself 4 times with anti fungal drugs with no help to the nails it can become very painful at times so I’m just wondering if this has happened to other women

    • I have one toe nail that started doing that within the last 2 years and it was freaking me out because I had no idea what caused it.

  40. I was normal before I got on depo and only took one injection and my period was normal and wondering how long will it take after one injection for me to become pregnant.

    • I am taking each day a multivit. and vit b and drinking a ton of water and its helping with ridding the depo and balancing my hormones. Ladies, try this, will not help right away, took a couple of weeks and I have noticed the difference. Also eat a balance of fruits, veggies, and lots of protein. It has helped me.

      • Sorry I’m kinda late… u said the vitamins help get rid of the depo or just helps with the symptoms?kinda got confused of what u said

  41. Hi Ladies, wow I am so glad to have found this page! I was on Depo for about a year before stopping in July 2014 and I was not ready for the side effects! My period has only just recently gotten lighter and is slowing stopping. My breast are still very sensitive and very low sex drive. My mood was all over the place and I did gain a bit of weight (mostly on my hips). I was so scared something was wrong with me and I was the only one experiencing this. What exactly is this thing doing to our bodies to make such terrible side effects?? I was even considering going back on Depo just to ease these troubles. I am sooo glad I didnt! If you have just stopped, keep your head up and power through! it will stop eventually. Love and Light xx

  42. All what I’m reading about the depo is kinda scary and makes me want to get off it more. I had my first shot in May and I had my second shot in august but I don’t want to have it again. I’m putting on lots of weight, about 9 pounds and for other health concerns I don’t think it may be the best thing for me to use to manage my periods. Besides, its hard to have a sex life when you are bleeding randomly. I was just wondering, how do u get off it? Do u just not go for ur shot or contact your doctor first? I can’t afford to go to mine so I was thinking of telling the nurse that gives me the shot at the family planning agency that I don’t want it again.How did yall do it?

  43. I only had one depo shot. That was back in March 2014. For the first 3 months I didn’t have a period. Then in June 2014 I had 2 weeks where I was bleeding. Then it stopped again. Now it is October 2014 and I’ve been bleeding for about 3 weeks now. There would be days where I would bleed, but as the days go on the bleeding is getting heavier and heavier. I’m going through hot flashes and night sweats. I’ve been over anxious and dizzy at some points in the day. I am really getting sick from this stuff but i have no idea what to do. I went to the hospital twice for it and they told me to wait it out. Is there anything else that can be done. Please help.

    • I got the depo Aug 2014 was on my period after the shoot I stopped bleeding. Was due for my next shot Nov I never went back. Had a period Dec 26 2015 lasted like a normal period 6 days. Now I’m 2 days late could I be pregnant?

  44. Hi. I was on the depo shot for 2 years on and off. My last shot was in march and ended in may/june. Its been 5 months and i still havent gotten my period and i also have really bad headaches and my breasts hurt so much. My nipples are swollen. I cant be pregnant because i dot. have other symptoms. Please tell me if this is possibly because i stopped the injections. I need to know.

  45. Ow i start to use the depo provera last week monday,so i heard many people saying that if i use this injection i’ll not get a child so is that true? And another question is that,will i go for menstration this month?plz help me coz am now thinking to quik the depo provera

  46. Hi, I found this site and now I know it’s not the amoxicillin I was prescribed. I was on depo provera for the last 9 years after my last child and ended up with dvt in my calf 1st August, which they are saying was.caused by this bc. i was experiencing weird illnesses from January andnin April was sent for lots of tests and 3 injections later it happend, not once did the doctors or clinic say my illnesses could be related to this injection, if they had I might not have spent 9 weeks taking warfarin.My next injection was due 11th Sept and the last 3 weeks have been terrible, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, stomach and back pains, unable to function. I thought it was the antibiotics but I stopped taking them and it’s continued. When I wake up and feel like I’m panicking and within 5 minutes of getting up I feel like I need to go back to bed. I cantntake anymore time off work so how will I cope? I can’t bc anymore. How can I get my body back to normal, I’m drinking lots of water, ginger tea and antioxident berries.

  47. I started my deposit shot on February 2,2014 I had my period for 3weeks when I got my first shot my 2 shot was due on may 2,2014 I got my period as soon as I need my next shot I had my period for 2 days cuz I didn’t take the deposit shot until may 4,2014 as soon as I put the shot my period was gone… me n my husband want to have a baby so I didn’t take my next shot which was supposed to be on August 4,2014 I have been on the shot for like 2.months n 2 weeks I have been having no periods at all just a lot of discharge I have been having unprotected sex to get pregnant but I have taking test be there negative… I don’t understand ….I have discharge its qhit thick n creamy but no period I don’t have …..but when u discharge doesn’t that mean u r ovulating???.. Cuz I can’t get pregnant unless I ovulate…. am very confused with my body I want to have a baby…..please help me my question is am I ovulating or not????

  48. I started my deposit shot on February 2,2014 I had my period for 3weeks when I got my first shot my 2 shot was due on may 2,2014 I got my period as soon as I need my next shot I had my period for 2 days cuz I didn’t take the deposit shot until may 4,2014 as soon as I put the shot my period was gone… me n my husband want to have a baby so I didn’t take my next shot which was supposed to be on August 4,2014 I have been off the shot for like 2.months n 2 weeks I have been having no periods at all just a lot of discharge I have been having unprotected sex to get pregnant but I have taking the test n there negative… I don’t understand ….I have discharge its white thick n creamy but no period …..but when u discharge doesn’t that mean u r ovulating???.. Cuz I can’t get pregnant unless I ovulate…. am very confused with my body I want to have a baby I read on Google that when u can white thick creamy discharge u r either pregnant or ur ovulating…..please help me my question is am I ovulating or not????

  49. I was on the depo shot for about 4 months. And I got my period on September 28th for 3 days. It came back again a few days later. I am confused.

  50. Hi, I am 18 and I stoped using the depo shot a month ago. The due date for my next shot was September 16th-20th of 2014. As of today (October 22, 2014) I have not recieved my period. I dont have the symptoms like most of the womens problems like this have had. I also know for a fact that I am not pregnate. I plan to make a dr.’s appt. in the next few days, but I want other’s opinions. Is this normal or did the depo do somthing to my body because of me taking it for over a year?

  51. Hi there, I was on Depo for 2 years and got off due to lumps in my breasts (Doc said it was due to lots of hormones) in March. I haven’t had a period since a month after the first shot and it still hasn’t come, even 7 months after I stopped the injections. Am I able to get pregnant since I’m not having a period? And is it usual to go this long after stopping Depo for my period to return?

  52. I started the depo shot in june i only got it 1x and ive been bleeding since later on in june its now october have had unprotected sex 1x last week and 1 this week and yess i have been feeling nauseas have hot flashes and fatigue and just having gas and pain in my lower abdomen and ive stoped bleeding and now its a brown discharge could i be pregnant or my shot has just worn out

    • Hi. I was on the depo for 2 years. I bled for 3 months until I had my second shot then completely stopped. I came off November 2018 and since have had various pelvic problems and pains ( I don’t know if it’s all related to the depo) it’s now August and I haven’t had a period in 8 months: just waiting for the day. I’ve been to the doctors twice and they have said it’s normal to take this long to come back on but I am getting really bad headaches and I feel so sick all the time. Just praying for the day to come back on. Feel like the doctors aren’t aware of the side affects. I was told about the bone density but not how I might feel when I come off it.

  53. I had depo 1 time, the beginning of July.. I had a long period the end of September. I never went back to get my second dose. Is it possible for me to be pregnant now, my husband and have been trying to get pregnant, I feel like I am.. Someone answer please.

  54. Iwas on depo for nine months my last shot was in july 2013 whilst on depo i never had my period but and i gained weght like no mans business after stopping depo 2 months later my periods came back i have been having normal periods but iregular cycles which last upto 38 days, i have been trying to conceive and to no avail…

    • i think whoever came up with this depo should be sued, i dont understand it coz they must have known the effects of it after stopping they should have put an antidot for it or something to flush out the same meds out of the system quicker….i wish i can see you and tell you a piece of my mind get your researches right before you start experimenting in womens bodies…..

  55. Before I started the shot when I was 15, I had my period the same day every month and it lasted for exactly three days. I was young and hid it from my family. I went to planned parenthood with my boyfriend because I felt it was the smart thing to do. I only got the shot two times and that whole period I was on the shot (6 months I think) I never had a single period. I gained 30 pounds even though I was eating healthy, was extremely emotional all the time, and I stopped sleeping very well at night. 6 months after my 2nd shot I decided to go off of it because I was sick of not having periods and gaining weight. Im 19 now and I still haven’t had a normal period. I didnt even have my first period until being off for about 1 1/2 years and it lasted for 3 months. My blood was extremely clotty too. Now I have my period like every other month and it lasts for like 2 weeks extremely heavy to the point where I wouldn’t even go to school. I’m so scared I’m infertile and it has messed up my body. I will never get on any type of birth control ever again. I regret ever getting on it and because I was so young and naive, I feel like I’ve ruined my body and possibly my chance for a baby in the future.

    • Hey, I feel your pain. I’ve had about 5 shots total over the past 6 years…. that’s not many considering its supposed to be 4x a year! I’ve been married for 6 years now…and we cant conceive. This last time I went on it was because I couldn’t handle the depression from seeing my period come every month and no pregnancy in sight. 6 years with no baby, no hope of a baby and why?? Because 6 years ago I had 2 doses? Even the doctors can’t explain it. And if not being able to conceive isn’t hard enough on a woman, add the extreme cramping the “IBS” symptoms although with all the tests I’ve gone thru over the past 2 years the doctors STILL can’t diagnose me with IBS or chrone’s or whatever for the diarreah I have EVERY SINGLE DAY. Im due for another shot next month. I’m not going.

      • Hopefully you’ll have “better luck” with the baby you want. I hope it didn’t wreck you. The drs wont admit it has to be the needle that did me, but I know I’m wrecked. Thanks Depo-population control in it’s prime 🙁

  56. my last depo shot was may 2014 now 6 mths later I have yet to have a period.. im NOT trying to get pregnant at all but am concerned about early menopause anyone have this problem or advice??

  57. Same here depression anxiety hot flashes intense anger for no reason. endrometrial ablation and now hysterectomy plus full set of dentures. And hormone therapy for ten plus years because I am only 30! And possible fibromyalgia that I am being tested for?!? I have never felt worst in my whole life. I wake up through out the night in total body pain! Don’t ever start depo to many complications after

    • I am having the same problems exactly as you are…I have been off the shot for over a year and I had one period that seemed normal but that was 2 months ago and I am not pregnant…anything similar?…I also have terrible anxiety..did have hot flashes and this angry feeling a lot of times that I just didn’t understand where it came from…teeth problems…I have lost 3 teeth..I am so scared and I don’t have any kind of dental insurance…any advice?

    • I’ve been on and off depo for about 8 years I have most of these symptoms the migraines, sore breasts, brown discharge, on and off bleeding after and during sex(even though I wasn’t bleeding beforehand), sore joints, abdominal cramps, no sex drive, fatigue, dizziness, nauseatin at times, and some other pains and issues that might be related to this shot. I am now seeing an OB, I have gotten an ultrasound which everything looked normal so I wonder what is causing my problem? I also got many paps that look both normal and abnormal. If you have an answer to what caused your problems/symptoms please post I am very interested it is frustrating. BTW I am almost 30.

  58. i went on the depo shot in May this Year was on it just that one time didn’t go back in August to get another shot & ever since that May I haven’t gotten my period until now in November my blood is dark brown when I wipe it’s actually red blood. Haven’t been using condoms with my hubby either

  59. Hi!

    I used depo shots immediately after my marriage for an year i.e. 4 shots. I stopped it in july 2013 since we were planning for family. Now my menstruation has become regular but still iam not conceiving. I doubt if the side effects are still there of it. I searched in the internet but couldnt find an answer to it. Approximately how much time is required after the discontinuation of last shot of depoprovera to conceive?

  60. 2 shots and did not get third on 10-20-2014. Living hell started during the first shot and I did not recognize it was related . Anxiety weight gain.. Second shot I made the connection after researching online. I am now suffering withdraw symptoms. If anyone can tell me when this will stop that would be great. I did depo because pills gave me high blood pressure.So peri menopausal symptoms started and I tested and confirmed I am not. Night sweats and cold chills, DEPRESSION, not wanting sex after finding the man of my dreams almost two years ago. Depression related.. not caring and really struggling to keep life in motion. Tears with no reason. I wanted to know who took my half full glass.I wish someone would have told me this could happen to me. Today is a good day and I hope tomorrow when I wake up I am one day closer to the happy go lucky girl I used to be. I can only advise that you say NO to DEPO.

    • Same here. My third shot was due Oct 13. I’m experiencing the same thing. Extreme depression and anxiety, no sex drive. I used to be an over the top, active, happy person. Now every day is a struggle. Please let me know if you find a way to make life a little easier after stopping Depo. I’m beginning to think this nightmare will never end.

      • After going back to the doctor Monday. She said six months after the last shot it is out of your system. I am feeling better knowing it was the shot and knowing it will be better everyday. I have found that staying busy helps. Sad I do not think more women recognize or report how bad this drug can be. Try to smile and know that it is short term and you are not alone.

  61. hi ladies.,i had depo when i was younger at 16 took me months to get a period back and for a week it only came back at lunch and lasted only a few hours.
    i have had one more shot since then and never botherd to go back and get another.four months after i was due to get my next shot i finaly got my period i have had it for six days so far and doesnt seem to be slowing down.(before the depo period would last five days).doesn’t sound like much but its weird for me aswell as a weird aching not quiet like a normal period pain.
    i was getting light headed alot and i wasn’t sure why makes sence all the prego symtoms took two tests with the nausea and rediculously sore breasts and nipples.ive asked my partner to slapme if i ever think o getting it again just not worth it

  62. I got off of the depo shot about 6 months ago and my cycle have been on for 3 weeks non stop.I’m so moody,miserable,sad,happy, etc.I been to the ER multiple times only to hear there’s nothing they can do.I was put on Provera to stop it but that made it worse.I’m so irritated with this I need help…

  63. I had my first depo shot in july i was suppose to get it again October 10th but i chose not to because i wanted to try and get pregnant i have yet to spot or even have my period since then my breasts arent sore or anything but i was wondering how first time mothers could tell they were pregnant and if you always get sore breasts if your pregnant

    • Thank God for all the above support from all ladies suffering from this monster so-called Depo-Provera. Cursed is the person who invented this dreadful shot! I was very naïve to agree to be getting the shot from my husband who is a medical doctor every three months. He probably had no idea of how harmful it would be after stopping. I have been on it for 9 years after getting enough kids. I did not get a period for 9 years but hell broke loose when I stopped. It is 1 year 5 months since I stopped and I have not had a period. My hormones were checked and I was told to be postmenopausal. I feel so abnormal with joint aches, especially stiff neck hip joint pains, hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, nausea…name it!!
      To my surprise my doctor husband does not relate the discomfort to the depo shots that he faithfully gave me. My life has changed so so much that I hate him to an extent that I wish he… I wish he was a lay man!
      However, like I have read from other posts, it seems like no research was ever done before releasing the drug to be used for FP. If so, why cant the WHO withdraw the Depo-Provera from the market if they really claim to be having the peoples’ health interest at heart???
      For our sisters who are traumatized like me, please try calcium supplements, vitamin B complex, fish oil and take lots of water on a daily basis. I have found this to work for me.

  64. I was on the depo since feb. It has been four months since my shot was due and I haven’t had a period in three months everything is off wack my hormones I’m gaining weight but am constantly throwing up and am depressed thought I was pregnant for three months and went to dr and was told I can’t have kids I just got married and am 17 my doctor said she was going to do the best to make sure I can have kids I start hormones on the 5th any advice I’m scared as he’ll. just wanted one baby right now y’all have expireced this I need advice please

  65. I was on the shot long enough to get 2 injections, and before it was time for me to get the 3rd I decided to discontinue using it. The first month I had a regular period, but the month after I got one that was really heavy. That’s been in June, and I’ve not stopped bleeding since. I was due getting the shot nov. 11th, and of course I did not take it. I am still bleeding, but it seems it isn’t nearly as heavy. I was curious as to if anyone knew how long this bleeding might continue since I’ve not taken the shot?

  66. I have just turned 18 years old. I was on the shot for almost 2 years. I was getting my shots from a Brooke clinic. The nurse refused me the shot since I had a low BMI and had apparently lost weight since going on the shot 2 years ago. (I am naturally very skinny, although eat a lot of food). The nurse was unsure about whether it was safe for me to be on the shot since it can do a lot of damage to the bones. She recommended that I have the coil instead but I am really unsure about getting it.

    Since coming off the depo my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex but haven’t had sex as often as whilst on the shot. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. Whilst on the shot I had a much higher sex drive. Since coming off the shot I have none at all and do not really enjoy him touching me at all.

    I got irregular bleeding during the shot. When I first came off the shot I had an extremely heavy period which is unusual for me. I have now been off the shot for a couple of months and my periods are irregular. For the past couple of weeks I have had a slight brown discharge which is ongoing. A while back whilst on the depo I had stomach cramps which resulted in a large blood clot lump.

    Another side effect of the depo that really affected me was mood swings. I would very often get very angry for no reason. I also got very depressed at times and suffered bad anxiety. Leaving the house and going out with my friends became a daunting task for me although I have always been quite a shy person.

    I was also very tired all the time. I would often get home from school about midday and sleep for hours. Since coming off the shot I am still quite tired but try not to sleep during the day and if I do, not for very long.

    I feel better since coming off the shot, however, have not been off for long enough to properly tell. One last thing…. since stopping the depo, I have been experiencing very bad migraines/headaches (usually in the evening before going to bed). Someone mentioned on here that the use of ‘Agnus Castus’ tablets can help. I will consider giving them a go since they supposedly help with mood swings and menstrual cramps.

  67. Been on depo since May 2010. It stopped my period completely, I lost serious weight real fast and I stopped crying about the stupidest things. I reacted very well to the drug and had no noticeable side effects until I couldn’t afford it anymore. I was supposed to get my next shot back in September, it’s the end of November now and the depression I find myself in is reminiscent of being a hormonal teenager. I spent many years as a suicidal manic depressive and tried so many drugs. Marijuana helps but it’s illegal and not so easy to afford anymore (inflation shouldn’t hit the black market…ugh) and I tried prozac and all those goodies, to no avail. Then I met the Depo shot. It changed my life. Changed who I was a human. I actually felt…happy. Today? I just want to curl up and die from how sad I am. I can’t stop crying and everything feels too overwhelming to keep going. My period came back pretty quick and is now BRUTAL with cramps and the emotions. Oh my god the emotions. I could care less about bone density compared to these horrific feelings.

  68. I’ve been off depo for about five weeks now and I have been bleeding for about three and a half weeks now . Is this normal or do I need to go to the doctor about it ?

  69. i been on depo provera since 2008 and i stop taking ot in may of 2014 and been having real bad cramps and bleeding kn the inside of my vagina dark red and been offf of it for 6 months now going on 7 in december 2014 i also been nauseated sick eyes blurry, dizzy, bout to fall out what could be wrong im only 21 now

  70. I stopped to use depo last year october, now i want a baba there is possibilty that i will fall me i realy want a baby

  71. Hello,

    I was on the depo for about 4 years- When i came off it everything was fine, my periods came back and i neve rput any weight on. Then i wen ton the Pill for a few months but remembered why i never took that option in the first place.. soo went on the Depo last year. In this year i have put a stone on. So i decided to coem off it and let my body do what it was supposed to do and have a period. Well it has been 3 months.. No period, my face looks like a dot dot page with the amoun tof spots and im always extreamly tired and very moody.

    My first 4 years of depo was a great experience. Nothing bad happend and i cam eon my period a week after coming of the depo.. But now i dont feel like me, im moody and snappy and my break outs are awful.

    I guess its a downfall for the depo 🙁

  72. I wish I had known all the side effects I would experience coming off of it, it has been hell ever since (last shot was Aug 2013, on it since nov 2010, had it every three months) we were hoping to start trying to conceive at this point but with so many side effects still happening I’m worried I won’t be able to. You name it I’ve had it. Migraines, tender breasts, hot flashes, cold sweats, missed periods, heavy periods, 2wk long periods, spotting all month…. It has yet to end. If you haven’t started it, don’t!

    • Did you notice any weight gain after stopping the shots? if so, were you conscience about what you were eating and watching calories? also any exercise if you did gain weight?
      im so afraid of gaining weight after i stop depo, but i live a pretty active lifestyle.

  73. its been 6 months since last took the depo shot and still no period at all I was on it 1 year is this normal?

  74. Hello, I am ow starting to worry, and thinking about going top see my doctor. I am a 23 year old female. And where do I start, I went on the injection when I was 15 I then came off it when I was 16 1/2, I them met my current partner and decided to go on the implant I was was not ready to become a mum, I had the implant in for the whole 3 years, then returned back to the injection, I came off the injection July last year as I was aware it may stay in my system for a while thinking me and my partner was ready for a family as a couple months passed we decided I should go on the pill you take everyday (you don’t stop for periods you carry on taking it) as I’m not able to have any other contraception. We then decided we really was ready and I stopped all contraception around September October 2013. And I still have not become pregnant? I have had regular 28 to 30 day cycles for the past 4 months but I don’t think I am overlating everytime, how can I help my body return? It is starting to worry and I don’t want to sound silly going to the doctors but if I haven’t seen any change etc by the end of February I think I need to go just to put my mind at rest as I am not starting to believe o can’t have children and me and my partner are desperate to have our own little family.

  75. (15yo) When I took the shot, I thought it was safe and a good way to get rid of the torment of my period every month ( First day id barf every single time and couldnt move.. Heavy and lasted a week and a half). Little did I know.. On Aug. 19th 2014 I skated down a steep hill with confidence and ended up practically roadkill. Except the car was parked….. I took the shot Sep. 13th 2014 thinking that all would go well. But the shot stopped my body from trying to heal itself. I has been almost 4 months (if im counting right) since I broke my collarbone and im still not fully healed. When i took the shot I thought I was period free, but when the week came for mother nature to give me the red light, I started. And ever since I havent stopped. Yes. A period for that long? That must be hell! Well believe it or not, you get used to it. The whole shabang. My parents took me to the doctor even though they were still hating on me for taking it. They ran a few tests and they confirmed im not anemic. The doctor told my parents I could take one of the forms of the pill to help regulate my periods, but my dad being the dad he is, refused. Almost 13 weeks now and im hoping its almost out of my system… Im 5’4′ and 106lbs… I know its different for everyone but how long will it take?!? I realise this isnt yahoo answers and that it’ll take a while for a response, but as you can see.. Im patient

  76. Hello woman I have been on depo/provera since may-Aug 2014 oct. Came on a 4 day period. But nov. I been on my period in still haven’t ended. Very bad back aches,headaches,anxiety,very moody,not sexually active don’t wanna be touched, craving still gained 20lbs so many different side effects I wouldn’t advise anybody to get this birth control

  77. I started taking depo at the age of 13 because my parents made me. My doc never told me or my parents about side effects. I just got off of it now that im 17, 4 years later. I have been off for 3 months now and have continous bleeding mood swings tender breast acne and bloating. I am sick of this no one informed me of any of this and I was to young to do research
    I do not want to take more pills or any sort to help the detox is there a natural way to over come this?

    • As far as I know, you just have to wait it out! Drink ALOT of water, that seems to help me… I only took it once and I haven’t stopped bleeding. When I went to the docs(not pp) they said that the pill helps to regualte it but thats up to you..

    • Did you notice any weight gain after stopping the shots? if so, were you conscience about what you were eating and watching calories? also any exercise if you did gain weight?
      im so afraid of gaining weight after i stop depo, but i live a pretty active lifestyle.

  78. I’ve been reading through just about every single comment and haven’t found one that matches my symptoms. I was on the shot for over a year and decided to stop back in October. During the time I had the shot, I had a non-stop period. For a year straight. It wasn’t even spotting, this was full on. Being anemic as it is, I decided to get off the shot because I started getting dizzy and extremely tired, which was common for me when I was low on iron. I took all my vitamins, even extra iron to help with the anemia but nothing helped. Ever since stopping the shot, the bleeding has stopped but worse symptoms came. I’ve had extreme stomach pains, especially during or right after eating. I’ve had chronic nausea, I’ve lost a lot of weight just because I simply can’t eat. I’m lucky if I can eat a piece of Odin toast without feeling like I want to puke. My depression has severely kicked in to the point I had to take a leave of absence from college to try and recollect myself. My period hasn’t returned either. I haven’t had any sex since July/August and I’ve never missed a shot, so there’s no way I’m pregnant. I’m beginning to think that constant period wasn’t so bad.. I’m starting to get really scared that something is really wrong and lacking in health insurance doesn’t help at all. I just want to be able to eat again. I haven’t been able to return to my normal life in months. If anyone has any advice, please, email me at

  79. Ok, I am 19 and I have been put on the depo shot maybe 3 or 4 times, and I haven’t had a period in over a year. The last depo shot I got was probably back in 2013, its really scarring me because idk what’s going on. And I really hope this doesn’t effect me from having kids in the future, so if there is anyway possible please comment back and tell me what you think. Thank you for your time and effort

  80. I am 44yrs old. I started the Depo shot July 16,2014. I started bleeding on 07/21/2014 and still have not stopped 12/16/2014 today. What can i do to stop the bleeding? Doctor said that this is normal. What part of this is normal. Certain test that was normal Albumin and kidney are abnormal. Urine keytones are abnormal. The depression is worse and i haven’t made love to my husband in almost five months. HELP ME.

  81. Hi, I am currently on the depo, and recently did some research and learned about the bone density issues to do with the depo. I also read that I shouldn’t be on the depo for more than two years. I have been on the depo for four years, and my drs have only mentioned stopping it when advising me to think about children. I have never been informed about the side effects and since I found out I have noticed other issues. I was on the contraceptive implant at 18, which is almost exactly when I began suffering from anxiety, which has continued and is getting worse. I have noticed breathing problems, especially when I am sleeping; and when I was training earlier in the year I had pains in my bones, and had no idea it was related to my birth control. I feel as though I cannot trust my doctors to give me accurate advice, but I want to stop all chemical contraception, and I just don’t know if I can simply stop the injection. Then there are the symptoms that follow. I am scared, and trying to find some educated advice.

  82. Hello, so I have been off depo for over 18 weeks and still no sign of my actual cycle. Just some spotting here and there. Without a cycle, Is there any chance that I can get pregnant?

  83. Im 19 now and was 18 when I got the shot. I was kinda pressured into getting it. Never did my doctor explain to me the side effects of the after. I’m afraid that my cycle will last forever. I never was sexually active and this will make my first year in college….me personally I never thought I needed the contraceptive …but my mom told me that I did and yes at 18 you make your own decisions. This I can say was the biggest mistake of my life and im afraid my body will never go back to my normal 3day cycle without cramps, headaches, and drowsiness. I swear thats all I feel since having taking the shot in February. I have bad mood swings and emotions poor out like water. I’ve always been sensitive. But now im more depressed than ever …all I do is cry…ABOUT EVERYTHING LITERALLY.

    • That’s normal between the first few months of stopping your hormones are going crazy making your menstral cycle worse and your mood change very easily these are temporary side effects

  84. I been on depo for 5 years recently stop taking it this june an ive been having a period every month but I did not have one in September. I want to get pregnant an im curious to how long ill have to wait since I been on for so long.

  85. I recently stopped depo provera about 4 12 months ago. I’m 16 years old and was on it for two years. While I was on depo I had no menstral cycle I just got my first menstral cycle in two years how long until my menstral cycle is over?

  86. I am 28 and decided to stop using the depo shot this year after using it continuously since I was 19. I loved the depo shot! As someone who forgets things, I thought it was a reliable, effective use of birth control.

    With that being said, I was horrified to read about the bone density issues, as well as the possibility for difficulties in becoming pregnant. I decided this year I would stop because my husband and I have been disgussing having a family. My last shot was in May, it is now December…not a single period.

    I think the most frustrating part about this process, is I feel so deceived. I feel frustrated that doctors never mentioned the possible horrors this drug could cause. As a 28 year old, I now know to be weary of birth control but how sad I had to research and discover for myself. I may not have listened at 19, 20, 21, but I feel disgusted a doctor never mentioned the potential problems of starting a family in the near decade I was on the depo shot. Thank you for educating women, I wish one of my many doctors had. I feel scared and nervous for future fertility.

    Also interestingly, I was diagnosed with bipolar2 within the first year starting the depo.

  87. I’ve been on the depo for about 2 – 2 and a half years. I feel like for most for the first year I was on it I was always spotting, don’t know why I stayed on it for so long..I decided to switch to the pills to get my period regular again. It worked but I gained weight so I thought id give the depo another try. Since I’ve been on it I get my period once sometimes twice in between shots. It comes unexpected and really heavy it just gushes out and stays for a week or 2. I hate it. I’m supposed to go back for my shot in a few days but don’t want to continue it. I’m planning to go to the pill just to regulate my period again. I wish I never started the depo…just not worth it 🙁

  88. I also hate the depo shot. I had baby number six in June of this year and intended on getting my tubes tied right away. However, I had to wait 90 days before that could be done. For safety measures the hospital recommended that I get the depo shot. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea since I didn’t have to worry about pregnancy for three months. I didn’t know about the side effects either. While on the shot I experienced achy bones, hot flashes, irregular bleeding for the first month, and weight gain. After the shot I started to bleed so much and heavily that I was prescribed some pills just to get it to slow down. Since I have yet to find out when will my next cycle will come.

  89. I got a depo shot in August n was supposed to get the other on November 14 but I didn’t go back 4 it but the side effects r horrible I keep waking up in the night night sweats I feel sick joint aches n I ‘ve been bleeding since November 10 wat can I do

  90. I got a depo shot in august n I was supposed to get another on Nov 14 but I didn’t go but I haven’t stopped bleeding lightly since Nov 10 n I feel sick joint pain I keep waking up at night n I am worried all the time…wat can I do

  91. I was on Depo for 6 years. The only downsides I found were weight gain and headaches towards the end of the three months. I had no period at all and had minor spotting every 6 months or so. I stopped due to my headaches getting worse and now it is awful. I’ve had my period over a month now, major mood swings, bad cramps, and tender breasts. Most people I’ve heard on it had these when they were starting it, but I’m having it now that I’m off it.

  92. oh my gosh. I thought maybe I was crazy until I did research about depo. I am 20 years old I first had the copper iud which worked perfectly. until it kept falling out. so of course planned parent hood suggested DEPO!! me knowing nothing about it just that its carefree an worry free I got it. I gained weight even when I worked hard to get my baby weight off from my daughter I gained that back. I started to feel disconnected as if I was high or something. I got hot flashes my period stopped and I became very moody. but that isn’t the end I decided I am done with this trash. depo would not let me go I took one dose just one an when I decided to stop I couldn’t sleep found my self up all night. then when I would get up i would be so tired with my one year old an so moody. next I started having maybe panic attacks I don’t know what u would call them. I would wake up through the night with my mind spinning an heart racing scared for my life didn’t know what was going on it was like I was high but was having a bad trip. my fiance would hold my hand an help me through it. at obgyn he found that since depo stopped my period I have a cyst in my ovariansbso he put me on a low dose of the pill to start my period an help the cyst go away. things have gotten worse i stopped the pill an I plan on detoxing this crap out of my system I rather have another baby then go through this seriously I’m scared if I don’t detox I’ll be put in a nut house because the panic attacks are getting worse through the nights. please if you are using this drug stop it now. women talk about they have periods lasting for long months stop whining after women on depo are going through much worse I am 20 years old and engaged and I have no sex drive I can’t get wet and sex is painful and I am moody I feel disconnected an I have weird panic attacks through the night

    • Hello, I am 20 years old and got my first shot of depo almost a month ago I have been spotting every single day since. The spotting has not been heavy and has not been red blood I am scared to have sex because of this shot I’m afraid since I’ve been bleeding for about a month straight that it’s not very reliable. And I am not using it for periods just as a birth control .. Any helper suggestions?

  93. after my last injection in a two weeks i felt the pain in my upper legs seems like i can’t stand on my own feet.i think my bones are broken

  94. Hi I have read all your posts about periods that last 4 months but I was wondering if any of you ladies have experienced no bleeding even after stopping my last injection?? Last shot was Feb 14 and still waiting on any sort of bleeding as this was the main reason I stopped the shots!! I have also very sore pain in my knees bones etc.. Xx

  95. ‘- I Decided To Take Depo Provera & It Made My Hair Start Falling Out Within Days Of The Injection . My Shot Has Worn Off But My Hair Still Falls Out . Why Is This Happening ?

  96. I was put on the depo shot when I was about 16 but only got the shot once and ever since my cycle has been irregular. There’s times where it wouldn’t come for months and I would go to the doctor and get these pills that I would have to take for a week so my cycle would come. So now that I’m 20 I haven’t had my cycle since September 17th of 2014 I would have stomach cramps every now and then and then on December 28th I got a heavy brown discharge out of no where is that normal?

  97. I had been on depo since I was 17 I bled on and off for the first three months. Then I completely stopped having periods. I recently stopped taking my shot in September and I started having a semi period today as of December 30th. Usually if I’m late on my shot I get it and the bleeding stops so I’ll find out today but so far it has worked for me I drink milk and work out so my bones are good

  98. Hi, I had just one shot. It was after a had an abortion. I didn’t take the second one, because I didn’t feel good. The symptoms was overwhelming. Now that I am off of it I still don’t feel well. I haven’t had my period yet. How long does it take after being off of the depo do we get our period back on track?

    • It can take up to 6 months after your next expected date of your next shot. So if your next shot is in February, then it can be 6 months after that date. My suggestion is to not take another shot because the side effects are too bad. Find another contraceptive.

  99. I can relate to a lot of the information here. I was on depo for about one year or less. It has been almost two years and my cycle is still erratic. I’ll have spotting for days which then goes away. Then a week later I start with a full blown period that ends quickly. Then a week or two later it happens all over again. The tenderness and pain in my breasts is often unbearable. Sometimes they feel swollen and hot, like abnormally hot, to the touch. I never had these problems when I was on the pill. Depo was awful and I cannot believe it is still affecting my life today.

  100. Hi im a lupus sufferer and would like to know if taking the depo injection stops you from having your period or not ?

  101. Got my shot on September 16th 2014 while on my period. Stopped it right away until October 5th 2014. It has not stopped bleeding since. It’s been 3 month straight with no signs of stopping. This was after only one shot and I’ve tried multiple ways to cease the breakthrough bleeding with no luck. I became anemic as well. Ladies, do NOT get this shot. (Hair thinning, bone density thinning, brittle teeth-and I’m only 22 at 5’1″ and 100lbs.) Still desperately trying to find a way to stop the bleeding but I’m keeping my chin up. That’s all I can do. Any suggestion to get rid of this bleeding would be greatly appreciated.

    • Don’t take anything just wait it out, cause I only try the depo for the 3 month cycle and I didn’t take it again and I’ve been bleeding heavy 1 month next month spotting and I went to the doctors but they want to put me on something else but refuse

  102. Back on November 6th I had unprotected sex. At first we were playing around and we had started dry humping and then He didn’t go in all the way, he had just put it in me once and after that I had told him to get off because I was scared and he did. I had asked him constantly if he pre cumed or cumed In me he said he didn’t he didn’t feel wet at all. I didn’t believe him so I had went to my healthcare provider on the 19th of Nov and we did a urine and blood test both came out negative. But when i took the urine test I had a pinkish brownish discharge? She said it could be from all my stress and that I was going to get my period. But I had never had that before. But my period only lasted for 3 days was kinda medium not to heavy. A week later I went back and got on the depo shot. And I’ve been having nausea, feeling really tired, my upper stomachs hurting and Lowe stomach. It just gives lots of discomfort, it’s getting bigger and my pelvic areas getting bigger too is this normal?? And I’ve taken 5 pregnancy tests in Dec all came out negative. And I started to spot on New Years eve it started really light brown and then now it’s going to a reddish brownish spotting. took another pregnancy test today and it came out negative. Im freaking out because I heard you can get a false negative an im afraid im one of those people. Could I be pregnant???:( or could the depo provera shot be making me feel this way??

  103. Hi does anyone have any info for me I have had the depo for the last 9 months no periods at all. I’m due to have it again in February but all of a sudden I have started my period again after. 9 months of not having one just had a smear which came back clear does anyone know why this has happened or if something is wrong thanks

  104. Same here I’ve been off from the depo since august I stil haven’t had a period since then.. Have no idea and I always have arm aches and legs since then… The first time I tuk the injection I had severe cramps and headaches I changed to the 3 months and I decided to quite. Now I’m waiting for my period to return to normal again…… They should hve told us about the side effects…

  105. I have been on the depo shot for a little over 4 years. And every time a month before im due to get it again i start bleeding. Usually it stops with the shot. But the last couple of months ive been having brown discharge after the shot. It wont go away! What can i do? Its very uncomfortable and annoying

    • So say your last injection was in January and your suppose to get your next injection in April. It can take up to 6 months from your next expected injection date (April). So your period might not come back til October.

  106. I am only 18 and came of depo the 14th December 2014 ,since then I haven’t stopped bleeding and it’s been really heavy, when do you think my period will go back to normal?

  107. This has been a nightmare. I got 2 cycles of the shot, the last was February of 2014, it’s been nearly a YEAR and my body is unresponsive to sex. I want to do it, im terribly attracted to my partner, but I have to use lube every time. I’m in my late 20s. The tingly urge is not there even though I’m emotionally into it. I’ve tried diet, exercise, quitting smoking, drinking tons of water. Nothing changed. This shot flipped a switch in my body and has taken a lot away from me.

    • Bri,
      I feel the same way but I haven’t took the shot for 5 years now. Sometimes it takes everything I have to have sex with my husband and I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m very attracted to my husband and during sex is amazing but getting started is the issue. I have had this issue for like 2 years now. I recently quit smoking, this Friday will make 5 weeks and I try to stay away from all the soda and drink more water. I am hoping to see a change soon.

  108. Alot people have to read on it first when it comes to depo shots its only suppose to be used for temporary until u find a more long term birth control. Depo is not suppose to be used for so many years thats why u will have bone loss and all those other symptoms and yes the longer u are on it will prevent u from being able to get pregnant or even have a period. My doctor informed of all this and if u look it up it does tell u this stuff, so if u trying to do a lawsuit its not going to go through not trying to be harsh but there is pamplets and information about it and your doctors should have informed u, if not u all need a new doctor!!

  109. I toom my depo shot in may it made me feel funny so i decided not to take the next shot which would’ve been due in August now mind i i bleed from june all the qay to October then it stopped now its january and i had no period since October i dont know what the problem is i took pregnancy tests they are negative i gained weight also

  110. This is my first time taking depo and i have been on my period for a month and i want to know how long will it take before i come off my period

  111. If you are 17 or 18 and have been on the depo shot for about two years and miss a shot for about two months and have been having unprotected sex regularly is their a chance of being pregnant if it’s been over one/two months since the last shot was due?

  112. I’ve been on depo for about 8 months now which means I’m about to get my second shot. I have been haveing / brow/ red discharge everyday for thoes 8 months. It’s not as heavy as a period. I want to know how much longer it will take for it to stop.

  113. Had one depo shot in september. Its january and still no period. It stopped my period right away. Side effects for me was extreme sleepiness, crying for no reason and like I said still no period… wondering if it will ever return. General history high estrogen, ovarian cysts.

  114. I got off of the depo shot December 17th. I have been on my period for eleven days now. I got on the shot because my cramps were so bad. Now, I am having bad cramps, &&’ my blood has been brown the whole time.

  115. I took only one shot n I didn’t go back for another n now it’s been 2 months my breasts r sore n am gaining weight…..could I be pregnant


    I was on the Depo-Provera shot for 2 years. While I was using it, I loved it. I had bad menstrual cramps before taking it and hated having a period. When my doctor put me on Depo-Provera, I immediately stopped having periods and with that, didn’t have any more cramps. I didn’t have a period for 2 years but I gained over 60 pounds!! September of 2009 I quit taking the Depo-Provera shot and was waiting for that lovely period to come back. I didn’t have a period for 1 year after I stopped taking it and still to this day I do not have a regular period. I can go months with out having a period but sometimes only be a week or so late. September of 2015 will make 6 years I have been off the Depo-Provera shot. Me and my husband have been together for 4 years and have never used protection during sex. We are now wanting to start a family but me not having a regular period makes it very difficult to know when I’m ovulating. After stopping the Depo-Provera I have noticed that before every period I get symptoms of pregnancy like tender beast, frequent urination, nausea and bloating. This can last for weeks sometimes. My doctor tells me to get birth control pills to ovulate my period but honestly I don’t want to take birth control ever again! I am starting to think that I will never have a regular period again and maybe this has lessen my chance to get pregnant. I am so over whelmed over the whole situation and DON’T recommend anyone to take it!!

    • I thought I was the only one that was dealing with this issue I thought it was all in my head because I didn’t hear of anymore stories from women but my own. Why don’t we all come together and do something that shot RUINED my life at the age of 19. I have never been the same and my medical records can prove that. Also all the side effects that they talk about now was nothing I read and signed to in 1997. If anybody wants to join me I’m going to do alot of research take notes and find SOMEONE who will listen. My email is please feel free to reach me.

  117. i had my last depo in july in August i was diagnosed with high blood pressure im 37 and have 3 kids im trying for another but how long will it take to fall pregnant and will the high blood have an impact on getting pregnant

  118. I got my first shot on September 25 &’ I’m still spotting what can I do to make it stop I hate this fuckin shot its the worst NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE will this be an option bullshit I can’t do anything ..smh

  119. i got my shot in aug. 2014 and bleed until dec. 22… i missed my appointment to take the next shot because i bleed for too long but i did have unprotected sex during that time frame of bleeding but it was more of spotting not heavy bleeding……since i chose not to get back on it i havent had a period and my back hurts along with abdominal pain that comes and goes…also my breast are tender ….i feel things at time moving but it could be gas as well as baby but you never know unless you test…

    • I have exact problem. My 1st shot in October, and my 2nd shot should be 01/15/15. I don’t think I will ever get it again. I still bleeding after almost 3 moths, and I don’t know how long it gonna last. I am sooooo tired and frustrated.

  120. I see a lot of people complaining about the depo shot. In my experience it was the best birth control ever. I used to have periods that lasted 7-9 days. The worst cramps that would bring me to tears. I was miserable. Then I got pregnant and had my son in may 2013. I had a c section but still had a period or bleeding for about a week. Afterwards I got my first depo shot. And that was it. No more periods, not even spotting. No cramps, mood swings, no weight gain. I loved it. I had absolutely no problem with it. I just stopped taking it a couple months ago and I started my period a few weeks after. Only since we’re trying for another baby. But I will definitely be getting back on it afterwards! I don’t know why people are wanting to get rid of this form of birth control. Birth control works different for everyone! We’re not all the same. If you don’t like it then try something else. But for me and a friend of mine and I’m sure a lot of other women actually like it.

  121. I haven’t ever felt as horrible in my life as I did on the depo shot. I had terrible weight gain in the two years that I took the shot, equaling almost 70 pounds, my hair fell out in chunks, my teeth were brittle and sensitive (still are almost a year later), my feet swelled up three times the size they are, my hands and fingers would swell up also. I had horrible mood swings and I almost think that the depo shot gave me hallucinations and odd thoughts that made me think that everyone was out to get me. My relationship suffered very badly too. He didn’t want to be around me because of the way that I acted, I constantly accused him of cheating and doing things he didn’t and wasn’t doing. I believe that this birth control ruined my life for two and a half years and I am SO glad I’m off of it. I lost 16 pounds in the first week I wasn’t on the depo shot, the water weight alone was insane! I hope that all of you will rethink taking this horrible birth control and stick to the methods that you know work, and are safer!

    If anyone wants to contact me my e-mail is 🙂

  122. If I have been on the depo for over 15 years how long will it be before I have a period and will they be painful and heavy!? I am not looking to get pregnant but want to know what to expect after such a long time!

  123. I took one depo shot October 2013. I started to get a very light period October 2014, but was not ovulating. I started to ovulate in December 2014, however, my period is still very light and not back to “normal”. I have been trying to conceive and am worried that I will not be able to until my period is back to “normal”. I have started to track my ovulation and have been unsuccessful in conceiving. My question is, is there anything I can do to speed up the process. I’ve tried “waiting”, but 16 months after one injection, I am becoming concerned.

  124. How do I lose this weight I’ve gained since taking the depo.. I’ve gained about 10 lbs and I’ve never eaten so healthy and excersied so much and I can not seem to get rid of this… Would switching to a different birth control change or do I just have to weight it out? Help!!!

  125. I think Depo is making me ill. I have been on the shot for around three years. I’ve had nothing but panic attacks, Anxiety, headaches everyday, sleep patterns have changed. Recently over the past six months I’ve got heartburn like when I was pregnant at 17. My stomach hurts like heck. It cramps and then spasms after I take Pepcid. I’ve been to the hospital 4x and they say sever acid reflux. My gastroenterologist says functional dyspepsia with nerve problems. My back kills me everyday. I have cramps and spasm head to toe. Don’t forget mood swings. My last shot was dec 5th 2014. How long until it all wears off if I stop the shot?

  126. I haven’t Seen my period in like 7 months after taken shot, I bleed something an that just started doing that 2 weeks ago. Help me I’m t trying to.have a family here

  127. I’m on depo right now my next shot is 2/5/15 to 2/19/15 but I don’t want to take the shot anymore I want to take the pills but can I start te pills now or when can I start them I’ve been bleeding for almost two weeks now

  128. Hi i had the depo jab over 8 months ago last n only had 3 shots. I was bleeding non stop on it n itching. I have had no cotroseption yet.. I had two periods last month having unptected sex with my babyfather/partner all the time. Have no period this month yet.. Taking hpt n all negative.. I just want to know if i can have more kids n want to soon as.

  129. I had my first Depo shot on 10/16/14,and I missed my period of October . Nightmare start in November when I start to it is jan 10,2015 and I am still bleeding. I have mood swing, my body have cramp, lower abdomen feel aching like when you have period. I am frustrated, so is my husband . One shot, and the bad effect take too long. I want my normal period back 🙁

  130. I am turning 43 in a couple of months and decided to stop getting depo shots last month. I have been on depo more on then off the last 15 years abouts and have chosen to stop to be able to see what my body is doing in regards to menopause.

    I would really love to see more information regarding the impact long term use and if it has any influence with menopause. Does it help it come faster as it does in some ways mimic menopause? Because of being on it so long was my body already put into it like if I had a hysterectomy? With my age and length of use is there still a risk of pregnancy?

    I have a lot of questions and there just arent answers, that I have found anyway. I must say though that I used depo for all these years because it worked without the horrible side effects I got from other methods.

    • Shannon – I am looking for the same thing! I have been on the shot for 18 years now; never had a period but am 51, almost 52, and want to get off of it to see if I am in/through menopause. I can’t find any information out there either. Every one has given their symptoms but I don’t know the things I experience are/were caused by the shot. Hope I find something because everything I have read, it could be H*** when I stop.


  132. My last injection was July 2012. I’m still not having a regular period or able to conceive. What to do to get periods regular again

  133. I totally regret taking the Depo shot. I was on it for about a year and a half. My treatment ended in March 2014 because I felt I was gaining too much weight and I began to break out on my cheeks. ( Which I have never broke out on my cheek area even in my teenage years). Since getting off the shot my acne on my cheeks have got significantly worse and worse. I have used every preventive otc product to help fight acne but nothing is working. My hormones are so unbalanced and the acne problems are bring down my self esteem. I wish I never went on this Depo shot.

  134. I got on depo in July of 2011 & decided to get off of it & not go in on May of 2013 to get it anymore. I have had bad headaches, nausea, still gaining weight no matter what i do, dizziness, white discharge that smells really bad and no matter what I do doesn’t go away, hot flashes, & pretty much all of the symptoms of pregnancy. I’ve had to pay much money to pay off doctor bills because of the effects. Before depo i had tells regular periods that lasted about 3 days and barely any cramping at all. Now I have had a period lasting the past 5 weeks and i have severe cramps leading to me missing college and work. I can’t afford to do this unfortunately. Would like to know if anyone else has this discharge & how to help the horrible smell? Also recently i have met a woman who makes essential oil blends and candles, etc. From home. She made me a blend that relieves me of all my cramps! Here is her Facebook page where she sells the blend!

  135. It’s weird because ween I was on the shot I would have spotting but I was on it for 3 months now since I’ve been off it I have not had no period no spotting no nothing

  136. I was on the Depo shot when i was 16 and i stopped it after my second dose i am 20 now and i only have spotting periods when ever they chose to come. I want to start a family now but no matter what still cant get pregnant and the last period I can recall was in November 8th of 2014 and havent had one since i have had 2 pregnancy test in November and December that came up negative. I dont know what to do but i feel like the depo shot might have something to do with this but not sure. If any one can tell me whats wrong with my body it would greatly be appreciated, Thank you.

  137. There wasn’t anything wrong with getting the shot every three months. Until I start to see changes and my body like I start to spot a month after my first shot. I thought something was wrong with me. My doctor did tell me the side effects at all . I was not to happy with the spotting every day for two months . So I decided to stop getting the shot . It been two months now and I am not spot or have a period and I am happy about it.I was cramping light cramps I thought I was pregnant until it took a taste and it come back negative.

  138. There wasn’t anything wrong with getting the shot every three months. Until I start to see changes and my body like I start to spot a month after my first shot. I thought something was wrong with me. My doctor did tell me the side effects at all . I was not to happy with the spotting every day for two months . So I decided to stop getting the shot . It been two months now and I am not spot or have a period and I am happy about it.I was cramping light cramps I thought I was pregnant until it took a taste and it come back negative.
    I was very upset that it was negative but then I was happy and I can wait until the time is right .

  139. I came off my depo 5 weeks and 1 day and I have not seen my period s yet and I have had sex y could it be y I have not had a period

  140. I haven’t took depo in 5 months now and my period still haven’t came on. Im very concerned. Im also not pregnant. Whatshould I do?

    • It’s normal to not get periods on the depo. Just take calcium supplements because it’s linked to decreases in bone mass. However, I loved it for years and now going through the worst time after stopping it. Sore breasts, headaches, dizziness, mood swings, horrible cramps, spotting, now a yeast infection because of the hormone changes. Hope this goes back to normal soon!

  141. Ive been on depo for almost 2 years now. I was on and off my period for 9 months, everyday but just spotting. After that it just stopped. Ive noticed everytime i have sex the spotting comes back for like 3 days. Not only that (this is very weird since i am 21but would really like to know if anyone else is experiencing this) my vagina is so dry and itchy, i cant even have sex cause it is dry and it hurts. Gotten tested for stds and everything so its not and ive noticed this happened when i got on the depo cause i couldnt have sex for the longest time due to all the spotting!!! Im so tired of it and my sex drive is just like gone! So annoying. On top of that i have the crazy fatigue to where its so hard for me to get out of bed! Back hurts, cant run without my knees and ankles feel like theyre rubbing against each bone. The inly thing this shot helped out with was helping me gain weight and stopping my crazy heavy periods!!! But now its like i just want my periods back id go through that than going through this horrible mess! My boyfriend even claims ive changed a lot mood wise with this period, i completely rage out and lose control over the smallest things. This thing is horrible and now that ive these comments ive came to realize all this ive been going through is all because of the shot!! I hate it! Someone please tell me their experiencing the itchyness and dryness? Am i the only one here?

  142. I have a question I got off the depo shot 3 months ago last month which is December 1 I had got my period and got off it the 4th which I believe o had to get it this month January 1 but I still haven’t gotten it till this day is it risky for me to be pregnant?

  143. I been off the depo for two years and I feel that I still have side effect problems from being on it! Does birth control pills help regulate it out your system at least? I been taking thyroid care and it seems to helping out!

  144. Hi i had my last shot march 2014 and i just started getting a regular flow the past two months but this month (January 2015) I’ve already got my period twice the first time was completely normal. Second time it has been really heavy changing a tampon every 20 mins to a hour for the past 6 days

  145. i got the injection in October and was due for my next injection on the 5th but not sure if its a good idea because ive had my period since i got the injection and when having sex it makes the bleeding worse. Does anyone know how i can stop the bleeding? I thought maybe going on the pill might work ,any suggestions?

  146. I started the depo in march of 2014 April and May I had no period then June I had it for 10 days I went for my second injection n my period started July 25th ended August 22nd almost a month so in September was my next one I decided not to do it September I had spotting for like an hr same thing happen in October now it’s January 2015 still no period I hope it comes down soon

  147. I was on the depo from 13-14, never had a period. Well when I got off it, my period never came back.i gained over 60 pounds even eating right and exercising. At 21 I got put on the pill and it came back one month. Now depo again shot is due the 26th, im really worried that my period won’t come back and that irs made it garder for me to get pregnant. Almost 26 and im ready to start a family

  148. Hi I’ve been on the depo injection for a year now I had spotting of blood for months until all of a sudden 3months it had stopped I had the injection again in December due my next one in March and I’ve started bleeding again is this normal … I’m not sure this is my first ever contriseptive I’ve been on could you help please

  149. Hi I had an appont the 5 of januarybbut I forgot n they told me to wait until I get my period but me and my husband had unprotected sex and he came is their a chance am pregnant.

  150. my life is now up side down.i have been on my periods for 5 months non-stop.i only took the depo injection 4 one month on june 2014 and i didn’t go back again.i have a terrible headache everyday,i always feel tired and i am always dizzy.please help me please tell me what to do

  151. I was on injection for 25 years with no break no periods I never had any problems and only just come of it due to the doctor saying I’m 44 need to stop

  152. I was on the depo shot for about a year. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that this isn’t a good method of birth control. There was constant irregular bleeding, a lot of spotting for many weeks. This was annoying because I have a partner and we weren’t able to have a healthy sex life. When I wasn’t spotting or on my period, I couldn’t become aroused (vaginal dryness). I say it’s because of all the synthetic hormones injected in my blood stream. My doctor never informed me on all of these side effects and kept saying the bleeding was normal, and she wasn’t helpful. I decided to switch to the patch, and I like it way more than the depo. I highly recommend switching to the patch.

  153. Being on the depo was great for 7 yrs. I didn’t have my period and everything was okay. However, getting off it is the opposite. I was supposed to get my next shot in Nov but decided I want to have a baby so I skipped it. Now I’m in limbo sometimes I feel that I’m pregnant with all the symptoms and other times I feel like I’m starting menopause. My emotions are up and down! Is there anything I can do, eat or take that can help me feel a little bit better?

  154. I have been on depo 3 times. I have reacted differently each time and won’t be using it again. The last time has been horrendous. Was due last shot 3 weeks ago but decided against due to bleeding which i never experienced with depo before. Never had adverse reaction when withdrawing before but this time i’m a mess. Other half even nade me do a pregnancy test as he was convinced i was pregnant. Sore, leaky boobs, cravings, weight gain, extreme exhaustion and the good old pregnancy scatter brain. I’m definitely not pregnant!

    • Same thing for me. I got my last shot in August 2014 after years of being on it fine…no period, no mood swings, I loved it. Now since I’ve gotten off, didn’t go in Nov to get it, Jan has been bad. Sore breasts, cramps, mood swings, cravings, weight gain, yeast infections because of the changing hormones. This is horrible.

  155. I am thinking about stopping my Depo shot. My next injection is suppose to be January 28th, so if you could get back to me before then that would be great!! I’m just wanting to know some of the side effects of stopping the birth control. I have endometriosis so that is part of the reason I started the depo in the first place, so I was kind of wondering how it would effect that as well. I am hoping to try and have a baby too, so I was wondering if there are any vitamins I should be taking or what kind of things I could do to help speed the process along or just help the process at all.

  156. I also hav de same bleeding problem, I had my 1st shot in June 2014 n hav bled full 6months until December, I was never told about de side effects otherwise I wouldn’t hav taken it, on my 3rd shot in November I asked my nurse about it/bleeding n wen it shld stop n she said after this 3rd injection bt it did not. so I took yasmin(pill) for a week to stop de bleeding n it stopped right after I got my normal 2day period. bt nw I’m confused as to whether it stopped bcos it ws tym/ yasmin worked or if it stopped bcos I may b pregnant n yasmin messed up. could de active yasmin pills I took hav deactivated de depo? 🙁

  157. I first started depo shot 2014 in October n bleed for two months straight n I was suppose take the other one which I think is a very bad idea.n I wanna know how long before should I wait to get pregnant…

  158. I have been on the depo for about a year and a half now. I started it because my periods were irregular and my cramps were extremely painful. I havn’t had a period the whole time except for this last month. 3 weeks ago I got one it lasted about a week and stoped it’s around 5 days later now and I got it again… should I be conserned?

  159. I stared using depo for the first time on December 5, 2014. During the first few weeks I started noticing a big change in my appetite. I was craving more and snacking a lot throughout the day. After a few weeks I began to gain weight. My period was supposed to being around dec 28 but it turned out to be a week late and when it did start all it was, was sporting and it has been like that ever since. I’ve been spotting ever day and it’s annoying. It’s a thick spotting too. Besides that I’ve also been very moody and others have noticed as well. I’ve decided I won’t be going back for the second shot. It’s been such a bad experience for me. I do not recommend this kind of birth control.

  160. Hi,
    I’m 19 years old & recently started to be sexually active & decided that I should start some birth control.. My doctor suggested the depo shot because she said it was every 3 months.. She never told me that there would be a possiblity that I would be on my period for so long… I got my shot on December the 5th & Ive been bleeding ever since… I just really need some help… I’m so frustrated with this.. I want it to stop & I don’t know what to do… I’m so tired of being on my period… I really just want someone to tell me if after the 3 months will it go away? I’m definetly not planning on continuing with this.. Pleas help?

    • Everyone is different. I spotted for the first three months after my first depo shot. Wasnt sure if I wanted to get it again myself but after the 2nd time around I never got my period again for years! I took a break after two years but after a few different birth controls I went back to the depo shot and again, no period. Unfortunately like I said everyone is different. I had a awesome experience with the depo shot. Hated the mirena! Had awful time with it and I can’t take the pill because of migraines. Hope this helps. Take one more cycle if your period doesn’t stop then switch.

  161. I have possibly had my last depo this morning. I am 53 and have been on depo for 15 years. During this time I have experienced weight gain, mood swings, terrible headaches, sore breasts, dry skin, zero libido, to name but a few, but I persevered. My nurse suggested I came off as the possibility at my age I have already gone through the menopause. I cannot give any family history as my Mother had a hysterectomy when I was about 8.
    So, how do I know if I have been through the menopause while on depo?
    What withdrawal side effects can I experience, if any?
    Is it possible to decrease the dose, and come off slowly?

    • Kay – I am wondering the same thing. I have had zero symptoms for the 28 years I was on it. No periods and some weight gain (but how can you tell if it is from the shot or just age?). I did figure out over the years that if they gave me the shot in the arm, I spotted; but if I got it in the hip, I did not. Just afraid of what may happen when I go off it. Due for the shot in late April but am seriously considering not to get it. Any information out there about an older woman who has been on it for 18 years and the effects when she stops??? I was wondering about decreasing the dose too or maybe the pill but not stopping for the cycle pills for a few months? There has to be something out there!

  162. I need help! I have been on depo shot since 10/28/14 approx.. and now today is 2/2/15. My family is not rich.. but can’t get on medicaid again 🙁 we can’t afford to bring me to the doc .. they charge too much. I have been having my period since Dec 19th.. constant brown.. now it is a heavy flow and many blood clots.. I have been experiencing headaches, the feeling of puking, and nausea quite often.. along with severe panic attacks that put me in pain after they end… i can’t plan when one happens or not but it is effecting my school! I am in highschool, senior year and am 18.. turning 19 this year.. i was told that apparently this should average symptoms for about 2 weeks.. I need help. I am missing my classes because i have severe anxiety randomly. I am never like this-ever .. but now that the shot is ”wearing off” i’m having so many problems!!!!!!! :'( I CAN’T GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!! I HAVE NO MONEY!! I NEED HELP! it won’t stop and it terrifies me!! I’ve had 4 panic attacks today and it is only 1:26pm! The panic attacks started about a week ago.. 🙁 Depo is an awful awful birth control shot! They should never have invented it. My hormones are so out of wack that i was balling instantly when my mom wanted to stick my finger to make sure that it wasn’t my blood sugar. It wasn’t that of course.. 🙁 I am sorely tempted to go to my doc and beg her to tell patients of the hidden side effects. This is not something to help women. This is a bad shot! I want it to stop and it won’t :'( People, never use Depo shots! NEVER!!!!!

  163. Ive had my depo for a year so i stopped i didn’t get my period at all i would always get mood swing i would get mad out of any little thing i was depress so i stopped and decided to go for the ortho evra patch and i still continued with same effects i completely got off the birth controls and its been like almost 6 months and i still have the moodswing! i regret getting on birth control!! it completely changed me! 🙁

  164. I have been on the depo for years off and on. My first time getting the shot a spotted for 3 mths till the next shot. After that I stayed on for two years never getting my period again till I stopped the shot to take a break. I then tried the mirena iud, had so many issues! After about 5 mths of pain I had the iud taken out., instant relief! I started the pill, now that I was older and more responsible. Unfortunately I get migraines and had to stop the pill and went back to the depo shot. After receiving the shot , I again have not had a period in over a year. I love the depo shot. Have I gained weight over the yrs? Yes but im also 32 now and I am not very active, nor do I exercise. So can I place all the blame on the depo? No! So for me I love the depo shot! Very reliable which is most important!!! I have also had many years of savings on girly products! Every birth control affects different women differently! Can’t just sue because its not right for you! Don’t like it keep shopping around for what works for you!

  165. I got one depot shot one time and the day I got it my heart felt weird my body felt weird after a couple days that got better and,it was great instill about a month heart started feeling weird chest pains the worse anxiety I got anxiety so bad I had to quit driving for a while now I still feel weird sometimes and it’s been a little over a year

  166. How long will the irregular bleeding last will I ever have a normal period again ? I only got on it because I have a heavy period and I wanted it lighter everysince I got on it my period wouldn’t go off .. Thats 5 months long .. Now they put me on the Nuva ring .. It’s still not regular and last long .. Idk what to do anymore

  167. Last depo July normal period up to Dec 18 no more period lower side back pain on right side MRI Came back Neg. Neg pregnancy test prior to MRI. I now have some slight cramping in abd area with the side low back pain. Sexual active up to 4 x mth whhich is goof for our age passionate sex lol my other half says he fix. Should I worry

  168. One day I just lost interested in sex at all, after 15 years of happy sex life with my belowed housband! It lasted for about 6 months, I tried so hard, he even harder, we were so frustrated! I had no idea why, there was no explanation for it, until I found somewhere … – this could be a side effect of depo! So I stoped talking it immediately, it all came back to normal, as it was before, WOW! My marriage survived ha ha!!!
    I also was loosing hair, lots and lots, aldough I have a very good diet, once stoped depo – no loosing hair, that’s it! Would not recommended to anybody, sorry…

    • I’m having the same issues with my sex life. It’s actually really frustrating. And I know it’s a side effect of depo, and so I’m stopping it. Hopefully it comes back soon enough.

    • Hi Kelly, this is exactly what I have, I was due for depo at the beginning of October last year, didn’t do, got 2 periods since, with 2 weeks break between them! Now expecting the next one, but my breast look and feel like I am breast feeding – very painful, much bigger. I did some research, looks like it’s normal. Some women have symptoms like they would be pregnant, hope it helps x

  169. I got my first depo when I was 16, after I had my daughter. I was never advised to not be on this for more than two years. I continued to get the shot till I was 29. I only got off the shot once n switched to pills for a short time so I could have a period and than I got back on. I never had any noticable problems and mostly never had a period. Ive had many teeth pulled and lots of fillings not sure if this was a result from shot or not. Ive been off the depo for 6 months now and haven’t had a regular period, it sucks waiting to get the suprise of it. I do believe this is a very effective form of birthcontrol but feel like people arent advised to only use short term.

  170. Hi. I was due for depo Dec12,2014, did not got it. Late Jan,2015 my breasts became really sore, and nipples super enlarged and sensitive.. Frequent urination as well as increased appitite.
    I’ve taken several HPT’s with negetive results… Is it too early to test… Could I be preg.?

    • My name is Emily, I started the shot because my periods were not regular, I would skip a month usually. I have been on the shot for about 2 years I believe. I didn’t really feel any symptoms other than weight gain and I was tired a lot. I quit getting the shot, my last one was about 9-10 months ago. My periods stopped completely once I recieved my first shot and since I have been off I still haven’t had a period. Its crazy to say I want my period back! I have read many comments but haven’t seen one really like mine just a lot of bleeding and Ive had none. I have read many reviews about the Depo shot making women infertile and not able to concieve, which is making me go crazy thinking about that. (Bad case of baby fever) Please help! Email me if you can give me some answers

  171. In January 2010 after i had my daughter i decided i would try and go onto the depro because i didnt want to risk the chance of having another baby i got it 2 days after i gave birth to my daughter and went faithfully every 3 months to get a shot but i always found that i was always in so much pain and when i finally had a period it was heavy and went through pads in October 2010 i couldnt take the pain anymore and decided that enough was enough with the constant kneeling to the floor in pain when i would get my period. My doctor gave me birth control pills but where they kept making me sick he told me stop them. Now 5 years later and my periods are so messed up i am lucky enough to get one every 90 days and has been very hard to conceive. i asked my doctor if it was because of stopping the depro the way that we did that caused this but he said no it shouldn’t be a problem to just track my ovulation which i cant because of them being so irregular. i was just wondering if anyone has been going through similar things and if it has caused problems conceiving like i have or if anyone has any suggestions on what to do.

  172. I missed my depo shot and I was bleeding for two weeks and I was still bleeding yesterday when I got the shot and then the bleeding stopped. My question is am I protected right away or do I have to wait?

  173. I am interested to know, how some of you ladies were able to receive the depo provera shot for more than 2 years. When I first went to my doctor in 2009 and inquired about birth control, while letting him know that I generally forget to take pills, he suggested depo provera. He also warned me about the side affects, recommended calcium (high potency), and told me not to stay on it for no longer then 2 years. I listened to him and I had no problems. My only complaint about depo provera was that it took me about 2 years to conceive.

  174. My period has not stopped since I started depo. I only got one shot and quit because my period stayed on. It’s been 5 almost 6 moths since I got the shot and my period still hasn’t stopped!

  175. I have only had 1 shot of the Deposit Shot. I’m coming off of it and all I’m doing is bleeding. I’m still covered and its like when I have sex with my man I bleed more than when I don’t have sex. I would like to know how long this bleeding is gonna last cause I havent had a period since November 21, 2014 cause I was pregnant but I lost it on December 31, 2014. Now I’m coming off the shot and all I’m doing is bleeding.. How long will this be happening? I can’t tell if its my period or not cause my period only lasts 7 days that’s how it was when I wasn’t pregnant or on the shot. Help me please?? I need answers?

  176. I got on the depo shot about a year ago. I stopped after 6 months because I bled the whole time, developed horrible acne (I’ve never struggled with acne before), body odor, and I gained over 20 pounds. I’ve been off of it for a while and I haven’t had a period at all. I’m also having a terrible time trying to lose the weight and clear my skin. I wish I would have never started this crap in the first place. My doctor never told me of any side effects and I felt very mislead.

  177. I started the Depo Shot in October 2014. I actually really like it! I was always terrible at remembering to take the pill everyday, and nothing else seemed right for me, so I decided on the Depo Shot. While I have noticed some changes, they don’t seem to be as severe as everyone else’s. I haven’t really gained any weight, nor have I had constant bleeding- I haven’t had my period in 5 months. While I can’t say much, because I’ve only had two shots, but I did get spotting for about 10 days leading up to getting the second shot, and a couple days after getting the shot. The only other problem I’ve had was an increase in acne, and sometimes I just get random spotting that lasts for an afternoon and then is gone.

  178. I was on depo from 2011-2012 I have just had my first period my blood is bright red and have had really bad stomach pains is this normal

  179. I had Depo for a year and a half and decided to stop due to the reason I had that I began gaining weight, for the longest time I didn’t gain a pound while on depo but towards the end of that year and a half i began rapidly and it scared me that it was due to the shot so I switched to lo loestrin fe and im gaining more weight !!!!! Also my breasts are very hard and sore and seem to be getting bigger and bigger every day. I do not know what to do im scared to go back on depo because I can’t just stop the shot whenever and im barely on my second pack of the pill so idk if my body still has to get used to it ? I’m completely lost ! It’s a very low dose pill to. Any advice ladies ?

    • For the love of God, don’t take this drug. I spent many years on depo with only minimal side effects and got off the depo to have my second child. I got back on the depo shot because of horrible periods and I had a tubal removal and not too long after starting out healthy and happy I awoke at 4 in the morning coughing with nausea and vomiting. I went to the hospital thirteen times in one month for vomiting and pain in my chest and abdomen. I even had a doctor accuse me of withdrawing from a narcotic because they could not figure it out. I then had to have my Gallbladder removed and have formed ulcers. I told my doctor and he thought I had Crohns and irritable bowel, then I started to form a panic and anxiety disorder from the constant pain and confusion and worry. I thought I was dying every day and my doctor couldn’t do anything. My periods were so bad anyway so I stayed on the depo, not even guessing that it could be the problem. Recently I have had back pain and also had three jaw teeth removed, one tooth repaired, both top wisdom teeth removed. I take klonopin for anti-anxiety to help, paxil for depression, zantac to reduce my stomach acid so I don’t wake up sick, norco for pain, multivitamin to help my calcium for my teeth. I didn’t take any of these medications until I started I taking the shot 3 years ago. I’m only 29 and have finally figured out what the one constant throughout all of this hell; The Depo Shot. Anyone out there reading this please DO NOT TAKE THIS SHOT, IT HAS RUINED BY BODY AND I AM TERRIFIED FOR MY FUTURE HEALTH. If anyone is starting a lawsuit over this then count me in. Every women who has taken this shot should be worried. God Bless.

      • Lawsuit…
        So you also put something in your body without doing enough research…twice! Only when things go wrong, we find someone to blame…
        Ironic! Im also a depo user ( 18 years).
        Take care

  180. I only got one dose and only got my menstrual cycle once since. I was supposed to get it this month but decided to go with a different birth control. Im not sure when im going to get my cycle back. How long should it take?

  181. I have a question. Once I stop taking the depp and switch to the birth control pill, will the depo still remain in my body?

  182. In January 2013 I started Depo and I stopped in March 2014 and now its March 2015 and yet I am still gaining weight and still haven’t came on my menstrual, When I started Depo, it had stopped my menstrual, and since I stopped it, and still gaining weight, I tried so many diets and exercise techniques and it still did not work , I am 18 years old, and I should not be 255 lbs, when I started I was 15 turning 16 and I was 160 lbs and now I feel like a big round ball, how can I stop gaining this weight and start coming back on my period ?

  183. had one depo shot in September last year was supposed to get my next shot in December but never went. I had three months of non stop bleeding. Ever since I have had bleeding that lasts for weeks with a few days break here and there. It’s either heavy or spotting or brown or even huge chunks( gross I know) you never ever know what you are going to get or when! My period was right on time every month up until having this depo injection!
    So frustrating! No one can give me answers on how to fix this.
    I also suffer from rare migraines and take a daily medication for that and was told the injection was a safe option with little side effects!
    Ummmm what a load of crap!
    If anyone gets answers or takes action please let’s me know.

  184. Hi, I am 17years old. My mom put me on deppo shot after she found out my boyfriend of 5years was leaving me anytime soon. I thought it was a great idea. I just got off of deppo around January , still no signs of a period . But my side effect are just horrific . I am have “exclusionary pain in my breast.’ It haa gotten to the point it’s hurts if I lay on my side for so long and I turn I feel like someone is stepping on my chest. &my armpits are hurting as well. I gotten nervous a couple of times when I woken up , it hurt so bad and felt stiff in my armpits I would do a check to see if I got nots. I never do . I told my doctor, and she said there was no other side effect after you stop the shot. But I am getting worse every time I get up . I can’t even play fight with my boyfriend cause I feel very uncomfortable.

    Please if anybody else has the same promblem I hope you can email and respond to this.

    Much love


  185. I have been on depo for three years on and off. Eight months ago I stopped because of the nausea and bloating. At the end of January, I had my first period and I was happy but now its march and I have not had my period. I took five home pregnancy test out of fear and they were all negative which is great, but I am still confused! I don’t like the depo.

  186. Hello I Got My First Depo shot Nov 2014 while being on my cycle & my period went off within 2 weeks ! Eversince then I Never bleed Or Spotted But When i was due for my 2nd shot Jan 2015 i did not Get it , But as of Feb 23 2015 i Notice discharge &Spoting also Cramps Im Kinda depress because i havent Got my period Yet & its been over 1
    Month and a Half Since i Been off of Depo and i personally Would not Get on Depo Ever Again doctor did not warn me about the crazy Side affects

  187. I took the depo shot about a month ago…i have been spotting for 3 weeks straight now and having lower abdominal pain is that normal? Should i take a pregnancy test?

  188. I took the shot last year nov 2014 on the 22nd. After a month I had my menses. Then in January I started spotting non stop. I had to take the pill to stop it. But as soon as I stop taking the pill because it made me sick, it back to spotting. Soo I’ve been spotting from February 8 this year and I was to go back for the shot on the 21 but I decided not to because it’s not agreeing with me. I started my menses fully on the 22 and I’m still seeing it… How long before it stops because my doctor said it’s normal..

  189. I had started the depo shot March 2014 I had stop taking it August and now its March 2015 and I haven’t got my period ever since the month I had stop taking it. My breast been very sore and actually grew a little. I just want my period back !!!!

  190. I was on depo for 2yrs got my last injection in December 2014 because I was considering getting pregnant so in dec switched to the pill, quit taking the pill on jan22 2015, and since have yet to start my period again and have a numerous negitive pregnancy test and I’m becoming frustrated because before I started depo was high fertal does this mean I’ll never be able to get pregnant seems I haven’t yet and still haven’t started my period ( note: the whole two years and the one month I was on the pill I didn’t have a period either)

  191. I have been on the shot for about 2 years . I was suppose to get my shot Feb. 27, 2015. I didn’t tale it because it really made me pack the pounds but now i always have headaches and my bones ache. I’m spotting.Do you think it’s due to the hormones wearing off?

  192. i honestly went on the depo shot because i thought it could help with my ANCE (i have horrible ance on my back n stuff) n i didn’t have enough money for a dermatologist…

    i research n it said birth control helps so i went on it even tho some ppl said it caused ance lol.


    but ill atmit these side effects are realllll omgggg
    i have severe antiexy, i keep worrying im going blind cus my eyes are always blurry or watery, my arms ache and right leg n neck..

    sometimes i legit feel bat nuts cus i feel this rush of scaredness for no reason n i just walk up n down

    lmao n nobody tells you the truth about this my friends never explained to me why they would come off it then go back on after a year or too -.- cus they cnt handle the side effects!!

  193. I got on the deep shot when i was 17 and stopping receiving the shot when i was 18, i was told to give it a few months to get my regular period. Till today it’s been more than 6 months and i have yet to see any signs of my period returning. Do i have menopause already? Any information about it and how to get my period back would be helpful. Please help!

    • I am 19 and i was on depo for about 4 years and only bled for the first couple weeks after that i had no period no spotting .nothing. I got of the shot.. I was supposed to go may 28 2014 and didnt. It took about 2 months before i started seeing my periods again. And my nurse told me give it another month and they would be regular again. But its been almost a year and my periods are all over the place if im not having one every two weeks to every week .. It doesnt stop at all. I started my period on the 3rd of this month and its lightened up but started all over again the next day. I dont know what to do but i hate it. Does anyone know what to do or how to regulate them

  194. My patrice I stop take it two year a good and I still do not get my period back pls tell me what to do

  195. I am getting to my 12 weeks of having the depo but I’m feeling really tired, some nausea and my legs hurt. Is this normal is it because it’s getting out of my system?? Should I take a pregnancy test…

  196. I can’t believe all the comments on here.I have been on the depo for 14 years.I have taken myself off about a year ago.After reading up and reading all the comments on here,I can relate to a lot,the bone loss,anxiety,depressed,my teeth being very brittle,and the acne.My daughter has also been on the depo for the last 7 years,since she was 15 years old,and she also has stopped the depo and started taking the pill,but she has also had bad mood swings,depressed,and has bad bleeding and cramps so bad she has to go to er ever other month because of the pain.I don’t know if depo is the cause of all this,but after reading all these comments it all fits,women and young girls needs to really be more aware of all these side effects.

  197. I only had depo shot 3 times and my period is regular but no conceiving im starting to lose hope what should i do ??

  198. I liked the depo when I was on it because I felt I was extremely protected against an unwanted pregnancy, however it did make me gain weight. What I liked most about the depo was I didnt have a single period for the 2 years I was on it. I was scheduled for another shot 5 months ago, however did not get it because I heard about how it may make you infertile. In the last 5 month’s ive had a constant period, i can’t afford this many tampons!! Ive been talking to a doctor about what i could do!

  199. I have not been able to get pregnant since stopping these injections about 10 years ago. Its been horrible! It makes me very sad too.

  200. Hi. I have never wrote on one of these things in my entire life because I always thought they would result in no accurate answers. But I’ve been concerned lately because of what everyone is saying about multiple birth control methods and I’m concerned about my future. This post may be a little long but I feel as if it might help some people and perhaps help me so I hope some of you will take time to read or reply. So if anyone can help me that would be great. I’m 17 years old. I started my period when I was 11. By the time I was 12 years old I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with polycistic ovarian syndrome. And to control that they put me on the depo shot. I was on that for about 4 years. While on it I did not have even one period and gained a total of almost 50 pounds along with other side effects. I became concerned about continuing taking it because of other women who said they had fertility problems after taking it. So I went to my gynecologist for options. My last depo shot was about 9 months ago and I got the implant (implanon) about 6 months ago. The first few month of the implant were good, because It didn’t give me weight gain or barely any other side effect, I actually lost about 30 pounds these last 6 months. Then about 2 months into having it in I started having horrible anxiety to the point i would throw up, I was irritable, and I had horrible pains behind my eyes along with insomnia. Then about a month and a half ago I started to experience bleeding after sex then brown blood (which is usually blood that has been in the cervix longer and is considered “old”) and now for the past month I have bled every single day. And today i experienced black blood. I’ve grown quite concerned. Also I have been doing research on PCOS and turns out that I might not even have it because I never got proper testing and never had any signs of symptoms (such as acne, extra hair growth In strange spots, obesity/being overweight and my periods were never that irregular or long and I had only started my period a year before). Now I’m concerned that I might have got put on the depo for a reason that doesn’t even exist. I am not ready for children yet of corse. But in the future I definitely want a beautiful piece of life that is both a part of me and my husband. So now I’m very worried that the depo might have made me not be able to conceive or worse have a miscarriage. I’m going to my doctor tomorrow to have my impalnon taken out and talk to her about all this. It’s really frustrating and I need help.

  201. I had my daughter a little over a year ago and got the depo shortly after having her. I only got three shots and decided to quite because it made me gain wight like crazy and have extremely bad mood swing, In all honesty I felt I was going a little crazy. I only had two period after and then nothing for six months, and when i finally did get it, it was terrible. I would not recommend this, yes its convenient but there are way to many side effects.

  202. I’ve been on the shot for over a year. I love it love it love it. No periods no cramps no symptoms. I wear panty liners just in case because once in a while I will spot for a day or two. Anyways. Now I have been off it for 4 months. Last month my period came back- lighter, no cramps no symptoms. Then it stopped. A couple of days later the bleeding started again. Light and the past week it got heavy. No cramps no symptoms. But I have to now change my pad not pantyliner- pad every couple of hours. Is this normal? I have a doctors appointment coming up. I’m not sexually active which is why I’m off the birth control.

  203. I’ve been on the depo for about 7 years now. I’m 24, and I have no side effects what so ever. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had my period. I may spot once in a blue moon. But rarely. I haven’t gained any weight. My bone density is fine. My teeth are fine. I am twice as likely then any other to get blood clots because I have a mutated gene in my blood. At the time, this is the only thing I could be on that wouldn’t get my pregnant and that I wouldnt have to worry about getting a blood clot. I love being on it. My doctor did tell me – as I had concerns about my bone density – that usually women who already have a predisposition for osteo, this will speed up the process as well as they only worry about older women who are taking it. But, as of this April I’ve decided to quit. I would like to start a family, my only concern would be the effects of my body going back to normal. But my doctor tells me not to worry. I think because of how good I’ve reacted to the depo and being on it for so long. that my body will go back to normal in about 9 or so months then I’d be able to start trying. But, I am nervous I’m going to be out of whack for a bit in my lady parts. Seeing I haven’t had my period in a very, very long time. Me and a few others might be the only select few with a good experience with the depo. I do know friends who’ve tried it, who have gotten osteo, who felt they weren’t themselves. So I guess it all depends on your body’s reaction to it.

  204. I was on the Depo for 3 years, and never had any issues or side effects. I have been off of it for about 6 months now, and I will admit that I bled for 3 months straight afterwards, but other than that, I’m as healthy as I was before going on the shot. Everyone will react differently to medication, and it’s up to you to know the risks beforehand. Like Donny Miller said, ‘In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.’

  205. I so hate depo. I first received it December 23, 2014. My next period was due Jan 5, 2015. I usually be on my period for 6 to 7 days. When jan 5th came, all i did was spot till Jan 9. I really didn’t need to use tampons. It was that light. When Jan 12 came i started to spot again. Around the 22nd of jan the spotting started to get a little heavier where i needed to use a tampon. It stayed that way till i found out about apple cider vinegar water. And that was a around the 25th of jan. Then so i drank that once a day for three days and it kind of slowed the flow and around feb 6 i stop bleeding. I must say around the 24 to 29 of January i did shed a few clots. February 13 i started to spot again. It was light didnt need no tampons till about the 19th of February. It started to get heavier than before. And im having more clots than i ever shed. Especially today every time i use the restroom between 2 to 3 clots come out. And I’ve been having pain due to the clots. Nothing work Tylenol or ibuprofen are not helping with the pain like they use too. This junk is getting on my nerves. My friend get married next month and im a bridesmaid and i dont know what to do.

  206. I have stopped Depo about 6 months ago however I am yet to have a period or even spotting for that matter. I am starting to worry and unsure if I am worrying for no reason

  207. Wondering if someone can help me I want another baby with my partner I had the depo injection last 2014 my 1st one was in August and should of gone back to have my second in November 2014 which me and my partner agreed for me not to have but I haven’t had my period since when will I get my periods back to normal so I can conceive as this is really frustrating me..

  208. I was on Depo for about 9 months and every since i stopped taking it my period as not come and its been about 9 months. Should I worry? Can I still get pregnant? will it mess with my ability to become pregnant ? I want to have kids some day.

  209. I started using depo in 2010 because my periods were irregular, I am a very small girl, when I started depo I was 15 and my weight was 110. I got my last shot in October of 2014. Although they say long term depo is not good, I was on it for basically 5 years, with NO period or spotting, my weight has actually decreased, I fluctuate between 95-100. My experience with depo was very good, BESIDES the fact that I did become depressed and my bones did ache and hurt a lot. I am now going on my 4th month since I was suppose to get my injection, I have spotted A LITTLE, but no full cycle yet. I do believe that I have had one of the most oddest experiences with depo considering the things I’ve researched

    • This kind of sounds similar to my experience as well. I was 14, about 110lbs and I gained and then lost weight (might’ve just been puberty) but I also discontinued for bone reasons and depression. However, I still continued to have a regular period. But I think the depression thing is interesting.

  210. Hi I was on Depo-Provera for about 6 months and then I decided to get off of it and not get my next shot. Since then I had one period that lasted for 15 days, on period that was normal, and now my period is late. I have had sex recently but it was protected and he pulled out. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative, so I don’t know what is going on with my period and I am starting to get worried. I have no pregnancy symptoms.

  211. I am disgusted by the depo and also by the lack of information given to women by healthcare providers.i went on depo in December 2011, I felt forced into using it by my gp I had my last depo injection in march 13 as we wanted to try for a second baby. My daughter only took 3 months to conceive after I had my implant removed. After my last shot in march, my periods returned in December 13 very irregular and coming every two weeks. Anyway fast forward it’s now been 22 months and although my periods are now coming every 4 weeks then 2 weeks then 4 weeks etc we can still not conceive a baby. I have been to my gp had blood tests and hubby has had sperm tests (mine showed low progesterone) and despite positive opks. I was referred to a fertility special by my doctor which was refused by the clinic and I now have to wait till October to be referred again which will make it 28 months ttc. I am so gutted that I ever took this injection and please if you anyone reading this knows someone who is taking it then please please try to convince them to try another form of contraception. I am only 21 years old this should not be happening to me.

  212. I was on the depo shot for 6 years. Jan08-May13 I never miss one shot on may 13 I got off the shot and in this same day was given birth control pills that I took off and on until July13 when I had 2 cycles in one mouth. After july13 I saw a cycle every month sometimes 2 cycles in one month.May15 will make 2 years for me being off the depo shot my b.f and I have been TTC but nothing has happen yet . Trying to see have this happen to someone before

  213. Hi i was due to have the depo injection on the 28th of jan this year i was week late so a nurse advised me to wait until i get my next period and get the depo on first 5 days of having a period
    Im still waiting on 3 1/2 months later for how much longer or is everyone different?i have continusly been on the depo for 2years thanks

  214. Im so tired of the abnormal bleeding. Its confusing & preventing me from doing what I got this birth control for. How can I stop the bleeding or get the depo out my system sooner

  215. I began depo in October of 2014 and bled constantly. I got my second shot December 18th because I was told after the second shot the bleeding might stop. That didn’t happen. I didn’t get a third shot. I stopped bleeding sometime after the 18th of March, not sure on exact date. I was wondering if my period can return back to normal this soon after this? For example will I get my period sometime by the end of the month? Does anyone have any info on when periods return to normal after depo if they stopped because of bleeding? I’m 16 years old. I’m taking spironolacte (it’s a diaretic) for acne and my mom told me it regulates hormones however I’m not sure that’s true. Any info will help me! Thanks!!!

  216. i stopped my contraceptive shot that i got every two months ,its been a month after i stopped that i didnt receive my period. i did have protected sex though. im worried what may be wrong with me. i don’t know the name of the shot though.

  217. I have been on depo since i was 16 after an unfortunate abortion, 2 years later i was so busy with school & working i was late getting my shot by 2 months, When i finally went they automatically had to give me a pregnancy test well i was 5 weeks & 6 days so i had my son & continued depo immediately after birth well my son is now going on 14 & ive been on depo these whole 14 years with maybe 2 1/2 yrs in between all those years of not being on it & not consistently. I never gained weight, i never bled, the most when my shot was wearing off was maybe a day the most of bleeding & it wasnt even heavy, i love depo never had any problems, I’ve recently decided to come off of it for awhile & its been 2 months since i decided to get off it was due feb. 12, 2015 but i still haven’t had a period yet & that part im not use to cuz by now i would of bled a day to day 1/2 . So my question is does anyone know whats going on? Can i get pregnant again? This might sound dumb but i have to have a period in order to get pregnant right?

  218. I started taking the depo shot when I was 14 I believe and I continued to take it religiously for 6 years after until November 2014 when I was due for my next shot. I was always a person who had “regular” periods on the shot, every 3 months when I was due for my next my period would come for the entirety of my time on the shot. I got my period right on time like I always have, and continued to then get it once every month thereafter. This month however, or March, I have been experiencing heavy heavy bleeding and thick clots for what has been now 23 days and I have felt cramps, moodiness etc. However, since stopping depo provera, I will say that my sex life has increasing significantly. I am able to get wet, I feel more turned on when I am going to have sex, I have not felt as depressed or anxious as I was on the shot; I just overall feel like myself again. I am somewhat worried about the shot affecting my fertility as I have been engaging in unprotected sex at least 5-6 times a week and haven’t gotten pregnant, and I know that women have reported infertility. Not that I’m trying to get pregnant by any means, I just find it odd that I haven’t had any scares yet. I don’t think I will go back on this shot ever again; I truly believe that there is something inherently wrong about stopping the release of eggs and what that can do to your body long term.

  219. I had my last shot on Dec 22, 2014 and my last period came on Feb 25, 2015…. I don’t know why it haven’t came on in the last 2 months

  220. Let me start off by saying this stuff is the worst! I’ve only had 2 doses and I actually miss the almost certain regularly of my period. During my 6 months on the shot I didn’t have periods but nobody tells you that you’re gonna bleed during your 2 week window to get the next shot (that’s after the first and getting the second). Once I stopped in November I bled for 3 weeks and didn’t get a period in January. I got (well what I assume was) a period in February. I had sex March 10th (protected) and another “period” starting March 22nd and it was around 7 days long (mine is usually 5 days). Then 2 weeks later (which now was 2 and a half weeks ago) I bled HEAVILY for 3 days. (And I’ve got light spotting all throughout this time). It is now April 21st. It’s frustrating and I’m even starting to be afraid that I’m pregnant but how would I tell besides a pregnancy test. I used to be able to rely on the regularity of my period for that. In short my advice is to stick with the pill and condoms.

  221. I took the depo shot 1 time nov of 2014. It is now april of 2015 and i have been bleeding for 3 weeks straight. Is this a bad sign?

  222. I Stopped taking shot after first injection. My period is lasting longer than two months is that normal. And what’s the possibility of me getting pregnant agaIn.

  223. I just recently stopped depo-provera to let my body refresh it’s self and my period blood is more brown than red. Why is that?

  224. I haven’t been on depo for about a year and I haven’t had a period more less spotting. I’ve been to my doctor and she just tells me to take other birth control, but I’m allergic to some of the hormons in them. Lately I’ve been having cramps and getting nauseous. I’ve also took a pill to make me start my period. It didn’t work. I’m getting scared that I’ll never have one again.

  225. I have been on the Depo for about a year now and I love it. I’ll spot once every 3 months, right before its time to get my shot again. However, I do want to get off of it because of the long term effects to my sterility and menstrual cycle. My doctor has never told me either of these things. I’ve just heard them from other people on it. She recommends it to everyone! Also, I gained 10 pounds maybe.

  226. i recently started Depo 3 months ago my first shot, ive experienced nothing but a non stop period for almost a month now and heavy spotting every other week. I want to stop taking it and not go back for my second shot in 2 weeks. will there be the same side effects ? im really tired of bleeding all the time.

  227. I’ve been in depo for 20 years and have had no problems. No irregular bleeding, bone loss or brittle teeth. This has been an amazing option considering the dreadful pain and bleeding I had prior to starting it, from endometriosis. This has been great for both and the fact that not cycling helps it to not spread and become worse. Best thing I’ve ever done.
    This drug just isn’t meant for everyone obviously but that’s the case with anything on the market today.

  228. I’ve used it for almost two years I like the shot cause you don’t have to worry about pills or condoms. I think you girls are exaggerating your period symptoms. Yes it’s on and off when you first start, let your body balance it out, your period is going to be long if your just starting out but its really light you need maybe one pad if that a day that’s why it last so long for the first months. don’t freak out your fine

  229. I was 7 months pregnant but lost the baby due to high blood pressure from there I got depo 3 times then I stopped because my menstruation was not normal now since I stopped it’s now 4 months I still have clotted blood most of the time my menstruation cycle is not normal is it normal or maybe it’s caused by the c section which was done on me before I started depo. Am very worried

  230. I had one shot of depo. after the 3 months was up i got my period and it lasted 2 months. now that it has finally stopped can i get pregnant again?

  231. I was on depo for five years and loved it, but decided to stop for the bone density reasons. I have now been off the shot for over six months. My periods are back to normal and regular but I am having the worst nausea, boating, and discomfort ever! Will this ever stop? I am so miserable I almost can’t handle it anymore.

  232. am taking depo-provera for the first time, how long will it take for me to menstruate again. also, can cider apple vinegar be use to reduce fibroid growth?

  233. I’ve only gotten this shot once. And the one time was all it took for me. I didn’t have as bad bleeding as most girls have. Matter of a fact I didn’t bleed for the first two months but during the third I had a period for 2 weeks that came with worst cramps that I ever had. I went to the ER because I had thought it was something serious. Now that I’m still coming off of it I just never have anymore energy. My anxiety has gotten unbearable and I had went on Zoloft to only become depressed after the second week of use. I just miss my old happy self. I highly advise no one pick this method of birth control. I never feel like myself anymore and I cannot wait for this shit to get out of my system. Has anyone else had the issue of bad anxiety and just not feeling like yourself?

  234. I only did the depo shot for the 3 months cycle but I didn’t take my next shot. And I been bleeding for 1 month

  235. I’ve been on the depo since 2010 and stopped in 2014. my last shot would have worn off in April of 2014. I had no period. but one day in February 2015 I was clotting ALOT! and it wasn’t painful. nothing hurt. just a lot of blood in a clot form. lasted about 10 days. I was assuming it was my body’s way of getting off of the shot. about a month later I spotted very lightly for 5 days. and nothing since then. I’m so frustrated. I loved it when I was on it. no periods. no weight gain. I was totally normal, till I wanted to try and have a baby. now it’s just a impatient waiting game…

  236. I have been off of the shot for only three months. my mom says it should take 6 months to get my period back, but i’m already having the moodiness really bad and cramps. i would like to know why i’m already having cramps and moodiness when my mom says it should take 6 months? could it be because my body is different than hers and it may be sooner or what could it be? i’m worried about this. i would just like some answers.

  237. Ritchie!!!
    Why are you so mean in calling someone a “dumbass” by their views and opinions?
    Being on the depo myself for the last 18 years, I also put on 8 kg 2 years ago,but not because of the injection, but because I have high stress levels (cortisol). I am 36 now and the only side effects the depo gives me is migraines…if any other problems come later in life,I will take responsibility for it! Because it was my choice to have it!
    Women can’t blame the doctors, its your choice and your responsibility to research, before you put anything in your body!

    Take care. X

  238. I’m was on depo for 3 years. Now I have been off for 3 months. I have gained weight about 7 lbs and it seems to be increasing with no change in diet. Does the hormone affect your thyroid?

  239. Hi, I’m Celeana (well duh, I know) my mom had me get the Depo shot when I was 13, around summer, because the people we live around. I stopped the Depo shot about 2-3 maybe four months ago. On the Depo shot, some months I wouldn’t have my period at all, others I’d I have it 2 or 3 times a month, but barely anything. (My periods before were heavy) and I still haven’t had my period, I’m very worried… How long should it take before my next one?

  240. My first shot was in October 2014, I got it about a week after my period. I didn’t bleed for about 3 weeks then I had my period and it lasted for about 3 weeks. It went off for about 5 days then came right back on. So that was my cycle after the first shot, kinda like the opposite of a regular cycle, instead of 3 weeks off I was 3 weeks on with only about 5 days off. I got my second shot in January 2015 it was around the same time I got the first one. Things were kinda looking up with the second shot, I was alternating 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

    • Sorry, I accidentally posted before I finished. After my second shot it seemed my cycle was going to be better than after my first, now I was alternating on/off 2 weeks but that lasted only about a month. My period started January 31st and it hasn’t stopped AT ALL. It has mostly just been spotting so I guess that’s a little relief but for 3 months I’ve been spotting with occasional bleeding. I hate this so much. I got my 3rd shot in April, this time I got it super early because I heard that helps with irregular bleeding, it hasn’t helped any so far. They gave me a prescription for ibuprofen to take 800mg 3 times a day, I did that for a week, it didn’t help. Once I stopped those pills I started bleeding heavy again but after a week it went back to spotting. I am not going back for my 4th shot in July. I didn’t gain any weight, I had little acne troubles after my 2nd shot and I went through some mild depression around that time as well. I’ve had a lot of bloating, one week it was so bad I was considering going to get it checked out but it went away for the most part. I’ve experienced a lot of random nausea, so much that I’ve had to work with my breathing so I could still do whatever I’m doing at the time (like work or just being in class). Overall this has been a terrible experience and as much as I wanted to wait it out in the beginning, I have no desire to continue getting the shot especially since apparently it takes forever for your body to get back to normal after stopping the shot. I thought I did a lot of research beforehand but it must not have been enough. I regret putting that poison in my body and now I just want my old self back. By the way, I’m always kinda trying to figure out ways to make the spotting stop so one day when I was searching on the internet ‘how to stop spotting on depo’ for the billionth time, and seeing that mostly people suggest ibuprofen, I actually stumbled across something that says ibuprofen can be a bad thing with spotting. And I take somewhat a lot of ibuprofen, I never take more than what you’re suppose to but if I’m ever in any pain I will usually not stand it but just take ibuprofen instead. Since realizing that I probably never go more than a week without taking it, I’ve decided to stop taking any ibuprofen and see if that changes anything. I will update you all on my results.

  241. It really does suck, I started first taking it last year in October, and ever since then I would bleed for like a week and than for like a month straight id get brown discharge, it’s ongoing and disgusting. after every shot wears off I get brown discharge and it goes on for months! the last shot I took was in march , and that WILL be my last one! I don’t know how long its gonna take for the brown discharge to go away I don’t even know what to do ! I don’t recommend this shot, side effects are crazy

  242. Hello, I am in need of some serious advice I am twenty three years old in very good health and have only been with one partner in the past year. Depo is the first birth control I have ever used, not sure if what I am experienceing is normal birth control side effects.

    I was on the depo for six months, have been off six weeks as of today!
    My serious concerns are, I have now been bleeding for seventeen days for the first five-seven days the bleeding was very heavy bright red fresh looking some blood looking spots/clots in it. (even on a normal period, my bleeding was never that heavy nor have they ever lasted longer then four days)
    On the eighth day it’s started to calm down, became lighter I felt much relief at this point.
    That didn’t last long I woke up on the tenth day only to find I was back to heavy abnormal bleeding.
    At this point I am starting to get head aches, cramps, body aches, but most of all MY ARMS HANDS AND FINGERS HAVE Excruciating pain in them, I feel weak, appetite gone
    The bleeding slows back down on day twelve.
    Since day twelve-seventeen Ive had all the symptoms above and now the blood looks old, dark, nasty, but defiantly still flowing.
    Is this normal, I hope someone can share their experiences with this birth control and or a little advice!
    I hate to admit we are very tight on money I’ve been trying to avoid ER/MD’s/OBGYN I keep thinking this will go away!


  243. I am so glad to have found this article! I was starting to be very concerned that I may become anemic or have a blood disease trying search after search of possible causes to my symptoms; Last month thinking I was pregnant with heightened sense of smell, moodiness, nausea, but also bad cramps (Pregnancy test determined I was not pregnant), and now I have been bleeding almost constantly for the past 8 days, completely filling and overflowing a tampon and pad in less than two hours as well as passing a quarter-size or larger blood clot. I finally decided to see if it could possibly be related to my no longer using the Depo shot- I did not go in for my renewal shot about 3 months ago. The comments from everyone are frightening and make me wonder about the lack of information I really had when was first provided this drug at 16 years old without needing any kind of parental consent. Awareness needs to be made about this, because it can’t just be a coincidence that so many of us have such similar symptoms post Depo.

  244. I was on depo for a year and only occasionally spotted other than that I was blood-free however I switched to the arm implant for 3 years of protection rather than 3 months. Six days after I switched I got fhe first period I had in an entire year. It was light and on and off finally after 2 weeks I started to clear up but a few days later I was bleeding again and now it has lasted for more than a month.

  245. I’ve been off the depo shot for about 9 months due to financial issues. I had unprotected sex once & i was wondering how likely it would be that i end up preg? I did have my period but it wasnt regular

  246. Hi I am 16, and my doctor has had me on the shot for 9 months… So like since last August I’ve been on it. I’ve had 3 shots so far.
    I will be going in this Friday for my 4th shot
    So here are my concerns… After my first depovera shot I had no period at all until the end of the three months n then I would have it for the last 2 weeks before my next shot.
    My next shot waa different… Again no period till the end of the three months but this time I had my period last me for about 4-5 weeks (a few days off give or take) – This had me worried.
    I told my doctor he said all is fine n gave me my 3rd shot..
    Lately my breast have been tender n feel tight, my bones ache and I’ve been having bad abdominal pains that keep me restless through the nights.
    I have been on this period for a little over a month (5 weeks) I didn’t get my shot last week so I am a week over due n my period had just stopped 2 nights ago…
    Is this how it is for everyone?
    Should I stop the shot?
    What other methods of birth control would be good for me to switch to?
    Is switching birth controls safe?
    ~ thank you

  247. So I’ve been on the shot for about 3 years and just recently got off it about 3 months ago and have been bleeding non stop. While I was on the shot tho I never got my period.. If anything I would experience a little bit of spotting. I feel like the only way the bleeding will stop is if I get back on the shot but I don’t wanna do that.. But I also don’t wanna be bleeding forever!

    • Don’t go back on , you will bleed for a while but it will get normal again at some point j promise. That shot is terrible and I would never recommend it unless you have all the kids you want lol. Best wishes to you

  248. Well I was on depo for 2 years. Never gained weight or had periods. I got off the shot last January 2014. My periods returned January 2015….skipped February and March, April and May have all been normal. My cycle is about 35 days so now I hope this means I am ovulating and can become pregnant. It has been a long road but I think it’s finally out of my system ..

  249. I am a college student so I thought it would be smart to get on birth control especially since I have irregular menstrual cycles and horrible cramps. I decided to take the depo shot to see how it goes the first shot I did not have periods til it was near the next shot cycle, but then after my second shot I continuously bleeding during the shot cycle. I decided to get off the shot missed my next shot date but I am still bleeding and it has been officially five months since my last shot I am beginning to be worried.

    • I’ve been on my period, after stopping depo, for 4 almost 5 months. Has yours stopped yet? I’m so freaked out.

  250. I’ve been on the depo shot for 10 years, I’m 25 years old now, last shot was 4 months ago, still no period, but I’ve got major mood swings, depression, super fatigue, headaches, backaches, stomach aches and my boobs are swollen and sore ! While i was on the depo shot, i was perfectly fine, it’s when i got off of it that ALL these symptoms have started. This sucks! I was never told about these side effects after getting off. But I’m definitely not going back on ever again! I did take calcium and vitamin d as it was recommended for the potential bone less, I’m just not myself anymore, i just want this to be over with!

  251. Well I use to be on the depo injection before my 2 year old was concieved . I believe I was in it for 2 years and as soon as I stopped one month later I got pregnant. After my daughter was born I went right back on it. Its been almost 3 years on the injection until I recently stopped because of the headaches and hot flashes. So far its been 4 months still no period and not pregnant either

    • I’m feeling really bad heavy bleeding and earlier today it was light so I thought ok it’s just my period starting then it got heavier and now I’m feeling really bad stabbing pain in my legs abdominal area and stomach help me figure out what’s going on please

  252. i was using depo for a year and i was bleedinģ and i stoped using it.i have not receive my period siñce i stoped usiñg depo and now i have brown descharge does it means that im preg plz help

  253. Depo Provera is by far the worst birth control ANYONE can take. I got my first shot March 2015. It’s June 2015, I am still bleeding. I just started having really bad cramps this week. There is definitely a bad EFFECT in good medication.

  254. My women has been on the depo shot since 2009. How long will it take for her to get back to her regular hormones state. Like emotionally crying or aggressively getting mad. She said it will take her about a year to get back to her normal self. Please help me settle this problem.

  255. I got my very first shot back in February, as supposed to get the 2nd one on May 19, my period started May 27th it id’s now June 12 th abd I’m still bleeding heavily abd passing clots, pls it’s there anything I can do to make it stop

  256. I was due to get my depo shot about a month ago after being on it for about 5 years. My husband and I wanted another baby so I stopped. Problem is I’ve been bleeding for about a month now. Just when I think I’ve stopped, it starts again and in the most embarrassing places. Its a little hard to try to get pregnant when your bleeding all the time. Is this normal and if it’s when can I expect to be normal? I understand my body didn’t bleed for 5 years and is maybe making up for that now. I did have some break through bleeding the last year I was on it and do babe Von willebrands disease. (a bleeding disorder) Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  257. I just know that before the depo my periods were regular now I’ve been off almost a year and my periods are so weird. I have had 2 periods this month which kinda worries me but hoping it’s just from the depo. I will go without having a period 1 month or sometimes 3 months with no period remind you this is after being off depo for almost a year or spot a month but this month I’ve had 2 periods! Please any advice why? I will schedule an appt with my gyno next week but I’d like to relax until then. Thanks

  258. Hi guys I got my first shot in sep then my second in December and I was supposed to go back on March to get my third but I didn’t like the side effects it had on my I was very moody and gaining a lot of weight! Well right know I’m worried because I haven’t gotten a period is it normal?

    • Take prenatal vitamins. I had the same shot record as you, and I’m on my period as we speak. I started prenatal vitamins a few weeks ago and it brought back my cycle

  259. I started on the depo shot in September of 2014. I have not had any bleeding other than maybe two or three times, and that was light spotting. I have been reading some of these comments and they are frightening. I’ve heard that some women have had problems with trying to conceive after they have stopped getting the shot, bleeding nonstop for months, and the list goes on. I want to have a baby someday, I do not want this shot to prevent that from happening. As of right now, I experience major mood swings, increase of appetite (but with exercise I maintain my weight), insomnia, my hips will ache just from walking, and it has taken a toll on my depression. I have been diagnosed with depression, but before the depo shot, I was doing a great job at keeping it under control. But lately, I have been very moody, almost like bipolar symptoms like someone else had mentioned. It’s hard for me to do simple things like get out of bed, I don’t seem to enjoy things I used to, I don’t like being around people, and the simplest things seem to make me want to cry. I am a sensitive girl, but sometimes it gets out of hand. My boyfriend has also noticed a change in my mood. I don’t notice it as I do it, but when I look back, I too notice how that is unlike myself (and that would be the moment I’d cry or get sad). I am due for my third shot this month, but do not want to continue. I have only been on it for less than a year and I’m experiencing very unpleasant side effects. I hope this doesn’t affect me long term and will not affect my fertility and/or overall health.

  260. I am having extremely bad heavy bleeding earlier today it was light so I thought ok it’s just my period starting then it got heavier and now I’m feeling a stabbing pain in my legs abdominal area and stomach it hurts to breath help me figure out what’s going on please

  261. I have been on depo for 2 years and have just come off it so hard to find info if you are coming off it.

    While taking it I guess I was a lucky one where it stopped my period which was heven after having cramps and ops.

    I’ve tryed many others but this so far the best in terms of painful periods and I had almost no side effects as well.
    If anyone has had similar could you post what it was like coming off thanks 🙂

  262. Hi i got off of depo about 6 1/2 months ago and was on it for a year and still havent started my peirod and i still have symptoms of being on depo this needs to stop

  263. This is going to sound strange.. my last shot was given December 10 2014. Next shot was due March 9 2015.. didn’t receive the last one. Started taking prenatal vitamins 4 weeks ago.. started period June 20th. Prenatal vitamins return your cycle back to normal, sooner! I’m proof of this.

  264. I have been on Depo since 1992 I love it…I do not have a period at all. But I can tell you that I have probably put on some extra weight, and had a loss of sex drive. I have been depressed for a few years not sure when it started, I have had some major losses in my life which may have caused the depression but not really sure if it is the Depo…..I remember how miserable I was before I started Depo with my period and the cramps and mood swings…but know I am turning 45 and wondering if I should stop the Depo…. and see if the depression goes away…but do i want my period again…not sure???

  265. I had the first shot on march 18 of this year and I had periods on april and may, it was just a small spotting to describe. Now that its june now there was no spotting at all. I had then 2 spotting periods on may, first was owdn the 18th and last was on the last week in which I forgot the date. June 18 was the schedule for my 2nd shot again but I shift to pills for I experienced one of those side effects and I cannot tolerate them. right now i’ve been using pills and my body is quite normal now without experiencing those unusual side effects of depo. My question is, Am I pregnant? I am bit worried because I didnt experience some spotting today and 2 more days to go its july. Does depo provera effect when it comes to bleeding intermittent? the 1st and 2nd month was good I had spotting but now on june had none. Thank you for the comment

  266. I just need some advice. I’ve been on the shot since October 2013. I tried the pills before, but they made me so emotional I absolutely had to get an alternative birth control. I’m only 16, so this stuff is extremely stressful. When I get my shots, I will usually won’t have a period until the very last month before I’m due for my next one. But I will be on my period for the ENTIRE last month. In November this past year, I started my period around thanksgiving. I missed my next shot and was on my period for over two months until January 20th when my Obgyn finally scheduled an appointment for me to get my shot. If I don’t get the shot, my period will not stop. But when I got my most recent shot, i didn’t start my period in the last month, and I should have started like last week. And I thought I did because I’m obviously having period cramps. I’ve had light cramps but no bleeding. I’m sexually active so this is really freaking me out! But because my shot makes it to where I’m so irregular I feel like I’m just paranoid. If anyone has anything to say that may help my situation please do. I’m tired of talking to my doctor because she tells me it’s normal.

  267. I recieved my first shot of depo in January of 2015 and was due for my second shot on March 8. Decided to discontinue depo because i gained 7 lbs and i regularly exercised, i was constantly sleepy, mood swings which eveyone in my family noticed.I did not have a period for the month of March and April which before depo it was about the 14 of every month. I had a period May 19 which was awful and lasted about 5 days. June was the same day bled for 6 days and now today July 1st im bleeding again. I dont know how long its going to take to get back to my regular cycle but never doing depo again.

  268. After I stopped the depo provera shot, I’ve had 2 HEAVY periods writhing 3 weeks. I don’t know if that’s because my body is trying to figure out its cycle again or what. But honestly….it sucks so much that I think I’m going to start the shots again.

  269. My doctor put me on the depo shot without telling me any of the side affects. After having my first injection I bled constantly the whole time, I then had my second injection and a week later I started spotting and bleeding on and off for 3 months. I had my third shot and I’m still spotting, I bleed when I have sex so I no longer can now. I have gained about 10-15kilos and continue to gain weight, I have really bad mood swing, I get dizzy and light headed a lot. I’m due for my 4th injection on the 17th of this month and have recently found out that if I stop taking the depo shot I can bleed for 6-12 months. I want to stop taking it but I’m unsure whether or not to go back on the pill to try and regulate my periods any advice?

  270. I would not recommend the depo for anyone I had terrible mood swings very low sex drive migraines I lost so much weight and had no period at all. I stopped my depo two months ago and still haven’t gotten my period back. Look up all the Side effects and do your research before choosing this form of birth control.

  271. I am 17 and i got the shot 1 time. I never went back to get the second shot, i have been bleeding for about 2 1/2 weeks. Is this normal?

  272. I was put on the depo shot in 2010 because of how my periods would make me sick and the doctor told my mom that it should help and for awhile I thought it was helping. I never once had a period during the time I was on it until I accidentally missed a shot in 2013 when I didn’t have a way to the doctor. I transferred to a closer doctor, but during the couple days I hadn’t went to the new doctor yet I had been spotting nothing heavy but it lasted 3 or 4 days and once I got the shot the spotting stopped; which was a little weird to me. I haven’t had a period or spotted since then nor have I missed a shot until I finally decided to look up the side effects other people were having. The side effects were just getting to where I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I was supposed to get my shot in March of this year, but after dealing with everything and reading how it effected other people the way it did I didn’t even go. I thought I was pregnant for the longest time because I had all the symptoms but the tests were negative. It just kinda scared me that when I missed the shot before I started spotting; then this time nothing. I had schedule an appointment for April with the doctor and she gave me a pregnancy test that came back negative which I could’ve told her that myself well after her being rude about it she recommended me to see the obgyn. He didn’t even come into the room he had his assistant come see what was wrong then later took me to the guys office to tell me that the reason I hadn’t started my period since I stopped taking the shot was that the medicine can still be in my system after three months to come back in August and I’ll see what I can do then. It was a waste of my time. Now its July and I woke up to go to the bathroom and I guess I have started my period. I’m seriously not even sure and I’m really worried…

  273. My names Nina, Im 15. I had the depo once, which was lastyear in December. I think a couple days later I was bleeding. I got told that was normal, but after me and my boyfriend had broken up I didnt want my second injection so two months had passed and I was still bleeding. Never had it stopped, I got prescribed pills and was told to take them each day Morning Lunch Dinner till i finished them it stopped the bleeding when I had taken the pill but would still bleed abit. When i went off the pills it started back up. So i went back to the doctors and got more pills but they were different. They didnt even stop my bleeding once. Im still bleeding everyday now. I dont want to have to take pills 3 times a day for the rest of my life! I want to know if there are any other solutions my doctor stilk says my bodys trying to recover but im sure now that since its been 8months it would’ve recovered. Its expensive buying tampons and pads everyday! I need to be able to live my life as a normal teenager!

  274. I would not ever take the depo shot ever.I begain taking it in August 2014 to April 2015 i started spotting a month latter none stop, I had mood swings, my hair stop growing,and the spotting has been a problem in my is July now and I’m still spotting.It is a nasty brown color and when you think your done your not it may stop for a day or two then you bleed for weeks.I don’t know what to do.

  275. I’m a little worried after reading all the responses about depo, my story is different. I’ve been on depo since the age of 17 I’m now 37. I have one child that I got pregnant after missing an injection and when I was scheduled to get it found out I was pregnant. That was in 1995, and I’ve been on it since w no periods, no problems or side effects. I decided to stop it on my own last Sept and still have not came on. I feel I’ve gained some weight but no other effects. Although i suspect some questionable discharge that my gyn dr says its my body getting rid of the shot.I hope that my body doesn’t do a 360 and start tripping, I’m going to be a sad lady.

    • I am worried too. No one tells you anything. Been on depo since 95. I am 38. Just jab was April . i was due to go this week & decided to stop as I’ve so many unexplained health problems. Worried. Really worried. But live in hope that i will one day be back to normal & not broken forever. I seem to be allergic to everything, where as b4 never had any problems.

    • I have been on the depo for 15 years, i am now 41. i stopped the depo last year (because I turned 40 and smoke, my doc said I must) I went from never having a period, not even a spot if blood to having one everyother week and horrible cramps. My doc says its payback for not having one for 15 years. I hate it. I feel like a teenager again. will it ever stop??

  276. Nicole from your post in May. I’ve had all the same problems. Doctor never once associated it with being on depo. I’ve had so many tests done. & now i read its all to do with depo. I’ve had no periods at all. Thought i had a thyroid issue. Night sweats. Migraine. They said i have ibs. I was fine up until about 3/4 yrs ago. I am not sure if they changed what they put into depo? But I’m tired all the time. Gained weight. Terrible moods. Depression. Some times feel bi polar. Not felt like me for yrs. I’m stopping now. But worried about how i will feel coming off depo?

  277. I’m experiencing an increase in appetite, weight gain, headaches and nausea coming off of depo. I didn’t have any of the usual side effects while taking it. The effects need to researched more because this is hell. I feel pregnant and I’m not. It interferes with my everyday activities.

  278. I have been on the depo shot for 2 and a half years I had no problems with the shot I got my period very light every 3 months when it was time for the other shot it was go be cuz it reminded me to get it. I got it 2 weeks before shot and a week or two after. Now as of July 31st I am suppose to go for another shot but I’m not getting it . I would like to have another child by the time my daughter is 4. The only thing I’m getting fustrating with is I started my period on July 4th 4 weeks before my next shot and it is now July 14th and I still have it . I am hoping it goes away soon.

  279. I have been on depo provera for 3month but decided to stop cos of flushes and heavy weight it possible for me to see my period immediately and could I get pregnant within a month of quitting depo? Thanks a lot.

  280. After stopping deposit, I’ve had 2 regular cycles. This third, a foul discharge for 6 days, passed a large blood clot , now bleeding heavy. This has all been in less than 30 days. I’m not sexually active. Is this part of coming off deposit or is it something that depo has been masking? I have a lot of ovarian cancer symptoms. Very scared

  281. I have taken the depo shoot 2 times now and didn’t want to take it anymore. My last time was in February,and it’s now July and I’m just getting my period back and it’s very heavy I feel weak,bloated and pain in my lower back and I’ve been bleeding going on 2weeks. Help.

  282. So I started depot shot this year’s march, first it was all fine..but when my period started it just never stopped, when I took the second shot I still kept bleeding. And its been 6 months I’m bleeding, I was supposed to take my third shot this July but I quit it and yet I’m still bleeding. How do I stop it?

  283. Iv only had the shot twice and got off it. Iv had non stop bleeding about a month before I was suppose to get my shot and im still bleeding. Do I need to see someone to help with the bleeding?????

  284. Hi my name is alejandra and i would like to ask 1 question. i have been waiting for my period for like 3 months and it having come jet how long do i have to wait so i can get it back.

  285. I got the depo shot January of 2015 , it’s now the end of July 2015 and I haven’t had one day that I haven’t bled . It’s so miserable and I would never recommend this shot to anyone . My doctor said “take the depo shot it’s better and you won’t have a period” sounded good to me but that was a complete lie . It’s depressing and I’ve been bloated , hot flashes , and mood swings for 7 months . I just want it to stop .

    • I say stop while your ahead because I took the depo for 61/2 years and it stopped my periods completely after my second shot and normally that’s what its suppose to do but if your having symptoms like that and you don’t like it just switch because its only gonna get worse because it did for me

  286. I started the depo shot little over 5 months ago after the birth of my son. I have been on my period since. Not heavy but everyday I have to wear a pad. I’ve always had a regular period. I wanted to know if I quit the shot will my period go back to normal?

  287. I am currently on the depo shot and have been for about 4 or 5 years now. I no want to get off of it but I am afraid of what’s to come once I stop taking it. I got on it because of the fact that my menstrual cycle was so heavy and irregular and lasting months at a time. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen once I get off of it. I know my doctor was so eager to tell me it was perfectly safe and that it effects everyone in different ways. But it seems to me that a lot of women are experiencing the same problems as one another. I know for a fact that if I was having problems before I got on the shot, it’s definitely not going to be gone once I get off the shot. It did its job for the most part of stopping my period completely. But what about the effects of coming off the shot. They don’t tell you/warn you about what could possibly happen. They just tell you its “safe” and prevents you from getting pregnant. I had to bring up the black box warning on the shot to my doctor, she wasn’t even going to tell me about it but was so quick to say it’s safe. Now i’m worried. I have been doing my own research and even though there are no proven studies of the long lasting effects, it doesn’t take almost 100 women complaining of the same experiences for me to realize something is not right with the shot. I only saw about 2 or 3 people comment and say they have not had any problems after getting off the shot. I know everybody’s body is different, but if out of about 100 women only 3 have not experienced problems, something’s wrong. That’s just like saying 100 people have caught the flu after getting the flu shot but only 3 people had no problems afterwards. What kind of sense does that make? If something is to go wrong and I have problems after getting off this shot, I will be contacting someone about filing a lawsuit because some of this could have been prevented had they just taken it off the market. And unfortunately it may be too late for others.

  288. I got the the depo after my period in april on the 28th , the whole time i had it i bleed non stop, me an my fiance have decided we wanna try for a baby so i was due for another shot on the 23rd of july, its been 11 days since i was suppose to get it an i bleed for a week startin the 24th an now i spot like pink an have brown discharge an we have been trying. Im confused very confused i dont if i had my period an im already back on my cycle an im confused to why im still having discharge an spotting. Can someone help me out? Please. Could i be pregnant, i have been eating an extreme amount more an craving stuff an urinating more often then normally an not able to have a bowl movement much.

  289. I started the depo at age 16 and stopped taking it about 6 months ago and I am now 24. It took me 3 months to actually get a period and now I have been on my period for 3 months straight! I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday and Im hoping she can fix it!

  290. I hate hate hate the depo shot. I had my second shot on 12/18/2014 which i got my period around 12/15/2014 and I did not stop bleeding until 3/5/2015. I was suppose to go for my third shot arund 3/18/2015 but i never got it.Now its been 5 months since my last period and i still have not gotten my period. While i was on the shot my mood swings were terrible and most of the time i felt sad. To anyone considering the depo shot I advise not to get it. I didnt research on the shot before i got it and i suffered the consequences.

  291. I missed my last depo shot in feb of this year, i have been on it for 8 yrs and i have missed it before in the past my cycle always comes on soon as my body realize that its no longer in my system but now it comes on a day then its gone .i read that it takes months for you to get pregnant but me and my husband keep buying test that come up negative why is my cycle only staying on for one day

  292. Like any other medication depo vera is not a perfect fit for all who use. At the beginning my periods yes … They were a little funky but after a year I completely lost my period which was nothing but a gift and after 2 years of use I have not experienced any of the side effects that are being discussed so negatively. If it’s not for you then explore other birth options. It has been great for me and others as well.As far as making this birth control banned or suing … Don’t be ridiculous and…just stop.

  293. I got the depo shot on June 3rd , and about 2 weeks later I’ve been spotting , it gets really annoying after . I also get emotional, I feel depressed and sometimes I cry for the most littlest thing. I really want to be off the depo and just want my body to go back to normal !

  294. When a female stops taking the shots are there hormonal side affects that lead to anger or temper disorders?

  295. After taking the depo shot for 61/2 years I completely stopped and recently started a new birth control and four days into taking the new birth control I had sex with no condom even tho the clinic stressed to that I should use them I didn’t and as far as I know he pulled out before ejaculating in me and then a week later I bleed for four days I don’t know if that was a period or what but it didn’t take long for me to start bleeding after being instructed to stop taking my pills now granted the bleeding was not normal at all but I did start back bleeding so I’m excited about that…. Never really thought I would’ve been saying that I was happy to have my period or whatever back lol

  296. I had one shot of the depo injection and it has been the worst decision I have made regarding contraception, not onlydid I bleed the entire three months I had cconstant cramps, tiredness, headaches and nausea. Obviously I didn’t go back for another shot but now comes the effects of coming off it, its completely messed my cycles up has I had a perfect 28day cycle before hand and not only that I have had 3 miscarriages one after the other, it is one horrible drug and should be banned, the only side effect I was told of when I decided on the shot was weight gain, completely untrue and misleading never again

  297. Ever since I’ve been off my depo shot(about a month ago), I haven’t had my period, I get light blood here and there but it only last a day or two, and I’ve experienced some bloading it seems, I keep wondering if its from getting off the shot and my body is trying to get used to it, but my boyfriend keeps saying I’m pregnant!? What do I do?

  298. I am so frustrated with the depo shot I took my first shot March 11,2015 and since them I have been on my monthly non stop for 5 months now! I was suppose to go get my second shot but I didn’t go cause me and my husband are trying to have kids and because bone cancer runs in my family. I just want to know when will I stop bleeding!!!! The depo should be recalled since there is a lot of mad, upset women!!!

  299. I stopped taking the shot 2 months ago. While I was on it I was spotting all the time. Also, I had only one shot total before I decided not to take it again. So after I stopped the spotting continued for about a month straight. Now I have officially got my period back but its really intense. I’ve always had really heavy periods but not like this. I bled a large amount on my pants yesterday, & on my bed today. & both of those times I had a tampon in.

  300. A friend of mine said that because I’m not having a period while on the Depo shot that the blood can build up in my uterus and either clot, or turn to cancer. Is this true?

  301. Ive just had my second injection and now im worried my eye sight has been effected?? After the first jab i felt light headed, i didnt worry as thought it waa due to bleedin for 6 weeks after baby, but with this second one my eyes go blury. So scared im goin to lose vision

  302. Thank you for posting all the information. I have discontinued my depo-provera. Did not go back in May 2015 for my injection,its now august 2015, and I now have excessive period bleeding for two weeks already.. I dont know if its because I discontinued my contaceptive, and now my hormones are all over the place, because my hair is growing thicker now, as before it was very thin because of my hair that use to fall out all the time from the contraceptive.. I also get pimples before my periods, but not when i was on the injection.. So maybe hormonal changes taking place, thats why I have esxcessive bleeding for two weeks now,or is it just an irregular period after coming off Depo?

  303. My is a question,,i have been on depo injectiom for 2years and have bloated stomach,16days of menses and also twice a month,what should i do?

  304. I started depo in december of 2012. I have been on it for almost 3 years. I am now 19 and just this past year it really started affecting me. I have crazy mood swings,depression,hot flashes, vaginal odor, ive gained over 30 lbs and i cant lose anything, headaches, body pain. For the first 2 years i loved it now i hate it. My next shot is in september and i will not be getting it. Although i havent had a period the whole time ive been on depo, im nervous as to how my period will be when it comes. I got on depo because my period were very painful and from the stories ive read getting off of depo snt gonna be much better. This birth control has done nothing but messed up my body. My knees are bad i feel like a 90 year old woman stuck in a 19 year olds body. I hate this birth control. Im so self conscious now bc i cnt control my weight gain no matter what i eat. I drink nothing but water and ive had 5 utis since January. I now have a cyst on my vagina. I would never recommend this birth control to anybody.

  305. I had got my last depo shot on February 4, 2015 and I missed my last shot which was in may. I received my period on August 12 and it stayed on for 5 days. After my period went off me and my fiance had intercourse a couple days after. 3 days straight to be exact. I started spotting on and off throughout this week. Could it be implantation bleeding? Am I pregnant?

  306. That’s why you need to do research before getting any kind of birth control.Ive been on the depo shot for 4years now & yes ive notice my bones seem weaker & cant gain any weight whatsoever.I have though l,stopped all bleeding.I haven’t got a period since 2012.One thing I do not like is,I’m a21 yr old cannibis smoker & still no weight gain.Before I got the depo I weighed 120 now I cant get past 98 pounds.

  307. I got my first shot in March. I started bleeding in the beginning of April. I’ve been bleeding heavy since then, and it is now August 27. 5 months! I got my second shot in June thinking it would end my period but it just continued what was already happening. I will not be getting a third shot. I just want to know when I skip my next shot, how long after will my period stop ?

    • I’ve been on my period, after stopping depo, for 4 almost 5 months. Has yours stopped yet? I’m so freaked out.

  308. Oh where to begin. I started the shot back in 2003 when I was going to study abroad and didn’t want to worry about prescription fills in another country. During that time I was very active physically, no kids still young and eating very healthy. I didn’t seem to have many issues besides….. insane night sweats and emotional downpoors.

    I don’t really recall my body going thru much shock after I stopped the shot when I returned.

    I then decides to give the shot another try when I was 25. The doctors said it was effective immediately so we didn’t practice safe sex. 5 weeks later I began to have severe cramping. They gave me more dosage of the depo in a pill form. I was taking pain killers to ease the pain….. I finally called them again and said the pain is still here… I go in for an ultrasound and found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. While I was pregnant they told they wanted to monitor the baby’s heart and do a fetal echo exam because of the effects the shot may have ok the baby. Luckily, my little girl came out just fine.

    2 kids later I wanted to get my rubes tied. But I also didn’t really want to deal w my hormonal issues of pmdd so my drm convinced me to give depo another “shot ” so I did. Biggest mistake ever.

    I think after 2 kids my hormones are wack. I read up and apparently depo is frowned upon for use after having a child. My son was a good year and a half by this point so I would gather it was past the time frame of it being unsafe.

    At first I enjoyed the shot. No period. Hormones seemed to be not irritating me as much….but by the 3rd month when I was due for my next shot I was starting to feel illl, muscle aches, cramps, horrible night sweats and mild fevers.

    This continued on and now here I am 5 mts. After being off the shot and I’m dealing with the after math. The past 5 mts. Have been rough I have been spotting cramping and thinking I was getting my period only for it to stop abrubtly. My nails and hair will grow like it did when I was pregnant and then I will feel very hormonally off balance like I did in my first trimesters….just emotional crying over everything feeling weird and achy.

    It’s 4am. Yesterday I took a shower. I had sort of a period just 2 weeks ago I bled for 3 days but it was very spotty and light with blood clots randomly in between.

    Yesterday morning I felt illl again. I go to the bathroom take a shower and I think that I cut myself shaving…but I did not. I was apparently bleeding like a faucet. It was so weird. I never bled like this before.

    Then it abruptly stopped again.

    Mind u, I have had mild fevers and aches with body sweats off and on for 5 mts. And would just cramp or spot

    Now here I am awake with chills, aches, as if I’m getting the flu but I am not. It will stay mild and discomforting. I went to the bathroom and all of a sudden I look down and it looks like it did in the shower. Like I literally just cut myself open and need stitches. No blood on my pants or in bed. Just…bam. it’s do weird. I have cramps and I feel so ill. I would never suggest the shot to anyone. Ever. The bone density issue….w my body aching like it does….really freaks me out too.

  309. I got my first depo a year and a half ago and it really decreased my sex drive. I completely had no period until the fourth month after the shot that I got my period back. It was bleeding hard for a week then spotting for a week or two but then it went back to normal. I didn’t get any more depo shot until 7-8 months ago and I haven’t had my period since. I’m 27 and I’m kinda worried if my system is ruined or if I will ever get my period back. So far no cramp no mood swings no nothing that suggests period. It’d be great if depo is more expectable. I can never tell what my or anyone’s body will react with each shot. It’s scary!

  310. I’ve been on depo a good 6 years and my husband and I were wanting me to get off of it to make sure I will be able to have children one day. Will me being on it so long cause problems for me getting pregnant? If so what can o do to fix it

  311. I was on depoprovera for 23 yearsit has been 15 months since my last shot. I am niw 43 yrs old. I still have not had a period. What’s up with that?

    • You are the only person in this blog that I see that has been on depo long term. Has your cycle returned yet? Reading this makes me wonder if I should go off the shots?? after 18 years I am a little concerned to turn my system back on….

  312. I have been on Depo for 10 years and exhausted my last shot a few months ago. The day I got my first shot, my periods went away immediately. I had terrible periods (severe cramping, throwing up, fainting, back pain) and Depo really changed my life. I have not had a period since my first shot and still have not had one. I made sure to get my shot a week early each time and also took calcium per my Dr. A few side effects that I experienced was weight gain (appr 10 lbs), headaches, minor depression and mood swings. Within the last year, I have unexplained slipped/herniated discs and my foot shattered out of nowhere. My Dr told me both were linked to my shot. Now I don’t know how certain that is, but I do not recall any incident that caused either. Also, the shot caused me to have sugar problems. Ever since I stopped getting Depo, my sugar levels have gone back to normal. I have noticed weight loss since I have been off of Depo. I am a very healthy and active person and while I was on Depo, I had to constantly workout and eat healthy to not blow up like a blimp and to try and maintain the weight gain. Overall, it did help me with obv not getting pregnant and it stopped my periods, but now I am suffering from bone density loss.

  313. I been on the depo for 2 years but not to prevent pregnancy it was supposed to prevent from me getting more cyst since I get alot on my ovaries which hurt badly when they erupt inside of me. Well I just recently got off the depo 2 weeks ago and all I been feeling is so tired and weak can’t even function all I want to do is sleep all day and I never take naps cas I’m always on the go but now since I been off the depo I get dizzy and sleepy and very wore out. I just don’t know anymore.

  314. I’ve tried Depo in the past and I always gained weight. My periods would return to normal. I took the shot once this year and decided that it wasn’t for me altho it stopped my period. Since I was due for the 2nd shot, I HAVE NOT had a period. Where is it?!! P.S. Mirena years ago made my life miserable. I bled for a year. Signed, patiently waiting for Sally to visit.

  315. After stop taking the depo shot, my period came for almost 3 weeks which is so frustrating. My whole cycle is messed up.

  316. I missed two depo cycles been on shot since 2009.n prior ten yrs on it ftom my middle child. This month i bled heavy chunks n black masses out.i figured old blood sheding.ok..but im having breast disvomfort and sensitivity bad now..i am not a very sexualy active person in fact i havnt had intercorse in almost 2months to be close…and then again i wasnt ejaculated in. I made my husband pull almost 40 in january. I was thinking cancer at first because in 2009 i leep done from ky cervical cancer n restarted the depo. Then i seen early menopause…im kinda worried now cuz it doesnt make sense i have not been sexualy active.but yes moody yes manic yes depressed n going threw a massive amt of greif over dads death n carring for loose ends n court. Then out of nowhere this month i bled 14days straight like this.the bledding has stoped but my breast feel so sore n tender like i was pregnant…tell me how i dont understand whats occurring to me…….can u eloborate please ty kira

  317. I have been on the Deposit shot for 14.5 years. Only had break-through bleed a couple times because of not getting the shot on time. I am heavy and that is the one thing stopping the bone loss. And had the bone density test done about 5 or so years ago. The only reason of having to go off the Deposit shot is to see if I’m in menopause or I would still be on it. It take 6 months after last shot to be tested. Before starting the shot I had horrible PMS and once starting it it calmed down by 85%. The weight wasn’t noticeable but lost 50 lbs this past year. Don’t know what I would have done without it!! The Deposit shot was the best thing I did for myself.

  318. I been off depo about a year n some days now. I have not saw my cycle yet it comes on once n a blue moon… Am ganging weight n never felt like this,am not perganat…. So when will I start seeninh my cycle

  319. I Took My Birth Control Shot Around May , I Was Supposed To Go Back In June To Take My Next Shot But I Didnt .. I Started Blowing Up . So Few Months Pass & Im Still Bleeding But Its Not Heavy , Its As If My Period Is Ending & It Comes In That Brownish Color .. Im Not Sure Whats Going On . Please Respond ASAP Need Answers . I Also Recommend To Not Use Depo !

  320. I started Depo Provera about 4 years ago. I’ve had little to no issues. I gained about 10 pounds, Had no period what so ever, and no mood swings. However, I have had hot flashes and bloating aside from that it’s been fine. My last injection was about 7 months ago. I am trying for another child. This has been an issue for me, I just got my period back the other day, and still…no baby. I am afraid that it has effected my fertility. While I was on Depo, It was great that I didn’t get periods or cramps, I felt great. Now that I am off it I am understanding what it has done overtime to my body.

  321. I found this website beyond helpful. Thank you very much.

    I’ve always had irregular and very painful menstrual cycles. I always asked the doctors and they would tell me well after you had the period for xy&z year it will get better. Not the case. Never the less I became a mother in my teen, yet after I had my first child I still had pretty irregular cycles. After my last child I decide to take the depo. shot. Because although all birth control posses a risk I felt this one was the “safest”. Though to myself take it a year or so then stop to give my “bones” time to recover. Well the case is I only took a total of 3 shots = 9 months. The 1st one well was pretty uncomfortable. I was spotting and what not for a few weeks on and off (2month). The Second Shot I had 0 complaints…. not spotting no period. Never the less I was pretty confident that the rest would be like the 2nd shot. Well I was wrong. I guess some have more hormones then others because I felt like I was in the 2/3 trimester of a pregnancy. Cravings mood swing you name it I had it. Even got scared and thought I was actually pregnant. HORRIBLE! I gained like 15 pounds in the blink of an eye. So I decided to stop taking the shots to see if my hormone levels would go down. And 2 months after not take the shot I was back to normal no mood swings not cravings. But I still had no menstrual period either. It’s been about 4 maybe 5 months since I was suppose to take my depo. And yet no period. Still curious to know ” Can you get pregnant without having a menstrual f. for over 10 months?” I know the answer is most likely yes just wish there were more studies –

  322. I’ve been off of depo for over 2 yrs and still haven’t been able to get pregnant. And still have yet to get a real period. I would get a period for a day and then it would be done. Then a few months later I would get another. I haven’t had one since April 25,2015 and it is now September 22,2015 and I have yet to get one.

  323. I just resently took depo for my first time and decided it wasnt for me my period can shortly after stopping lasted two weeks and stoped its been two months now that I have not gotten my period and all pregnancy text I have take come out negative. Could the shot have changed my cycle?

  324. I have been on depo for 5 years and have not had a period for 4 years straight I have no sex drive moo swings bad hot flashes when it’s cold the worse thing I just got off it

  325. I started depo in November 2014 I recently stopped it in May because I found out I was never supposed too have it because I had a blood clot before and now I have had heavy bleeding it’s not period blood it is just blood and some times clots the Dr did blood test an ultrasound an said that they came back normal so I don’t know what it is but we want a baby any advise?

  326. Just had the deposit shot in September and gained weight , and tongue swollen keep having to take benadryl every day can’t wait ti November and I will not take another shot again either way your get bone loss and gain weight so I’m done with this birth control shot for good !!!

  327. I’m trying to find out some info for my niece, she stopped the depo, and she has been menstrating over a month now. She was on the shot for almost 3 years not having periods the whole time. Now it is continuous with big blood clots and it is worrying her a bit. Me being here aunt she ask me questions I’m unsure of. How long does the period last after depo, should she be concerned it being so long heavy with big clots?
    Just being my opinion I feel something that stops your body from normal menstration for long times can not be good for the reproductive system.
    Also the bone density loss, that is in our family medical history, she was never told about this when she first got the shot. I hear a lot of young girls having periods for many months after stopping the depo.
    All I would like to know which I can not find anywhere is how ,long is expected period after and/or should she go to a doctor because it won’t stop?
    Thank you for or time,
    Concerned auntie and neice

  328. My period has been on its own personal rampage since i took the depo shot. Last month i bled lightly the entire month. I did not go in for my next shot. A few days ago i was holding my daughter and felt a gush. It was bright red blood and really put me on edge. Followed by heavy back cramps. Then the next day it stopped. Then started again. Nothing heavy except for the gush, but the blood has been bright red everytime. Is this something anyone else has experienced? The fresh blood scares me.

  329. Once you stop taking the depot shot is it normal to not have gotten your period in several months ?

  330. After stopping I never know when to expect my period. I expected that but what I didn’t expect is how the hormone imbalance has affected me. Before the depo I was a crier but now I’ve noticed becoming more angry and lashing out. Is this just me or are others experiencing this too?

  331. I wish a study would be made for Women who use it Longer than 2 years. It does say only to do this If other methods are not right for you so what happens when a woman has to use it longer? Should she take breaks in between? If so how long should she wait? What about menopause how will she know when it begins? I have been a user for 12 years because no other method has worked for me. All have made me very sick except this one that is supposed to have such bad side affects. What will happen if I stay on the shot? What should I expect if I do come off it?

  332. Omg anyone who is reading this from my experience I would recommend that you DO NOT TRY DEPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been off for months and I bleed constantly !!!

  333. I’m just curious because I was to get a new shot a few days ago and I didn’t because my doctor needs to do blood work for endometriosis and PCOS. How long can I wait fore getting the blood work done?

  334. I have always had problems with my period i lasted 3 years without seeing a pinch of blood and that was when i was 16 . I started taking some pills and i started getting my period and came out pregnant. After that i got on the depo shot and havent seen my period. Recently got off it and im concerned because i want to see my period. Not seeing my period has caused me to be over weight and always feeling bloated any advises on what i should do to

  335. I was on depo for 2 months only and its been a year and my period hasnt come im worried what should i do?

  336. I had absolutely no problem with the depo! I was on it for three years. I never gained weight and never had any bone loss. I actually didn’t really even have a period. Maybe a few drops here and there but I was perfectly fine! No cramps either! It was like a miracle. Loved it! But because I was on it so long my ministration cycle is taking a lot longer to go back to normal. Which I knew from the begininng it would. I thought no big deal. But it does kinda suck for bleeding for weeks. But I cannot complian because like I said I knew it was a risk I’d take when I got on it.

  337. I’v been on the Depo shot for almost 2o yrs and I am 51 years old and thinking of stopping the shot what could my side effects be?

  338. I was on deposit for 6 years I have recently gotten married and my husband and I want kids in a few years. I was due for my last shot in July 2015. I didn’t get it. Now I’m all at once expirencing horrible cramps my nipples are very sensitive and looks like they stick out more than usual… I took a pregnancy test and have for the last 3 or so months just to keep a check on it. I do not have a period yet either. Any one else with these problems should I be concerned?!?!

  339. I am 16, I was on the depo shot for only six MONTHS, I’ve been off of it for 2 months now and have noticed a bad vaginal odor that I never had before being on the shot, the cleanliness has not changed at all. I’m just wondering if this is a common side effect of coming off of it.

  340. I was on the depo for about 9 months the first time around. Then I was off of it for about 6 months with no complications… My period just came back like normal, and then picked it up again. I was on it for about two years the second time around. My “window” ended two weeks ago and I decided not to take this awful thing anymore. I have started to have major anxiety and depression over the past year or so. I have also gained 20 lbs since first starting the shot. I haven’t had a period, which has been awesome. However, it is not worth the toll it is taking on my marriage. Since stopping the depo, I have slept maybe 2 hours each night. My boobs hurt. I have thrown up super easily (like 8 times in the past two weeks). And the migraines are the worst. I had never experienced a migraine before this. My body is having major withdrawals. I was not warned of any of this before starting. I was told it didn’t have estrogen so I wouldn’t have mood swings…. I was told this by my doctor. I am trying to flush my body of this now and stay off of birth control for a little while until my body is back on track.

  341. Hi I just nearly took a depo shot but I’m afraid to get a another one I don’t wanna get a bone loss what should I do

  342. I was on depo for 18 years. It was an amazing 18 years! I didn’t have a period for 18 years, but I have now been diagnosed with osteopenia ie. at 36 years old, I am pre osteoporosis and I consume a significant amount of dairy. I have a heart condition and should not get pregnant, so I had my fallopian tubes removed 6 months ago. I have had mood swings, a short temper, severely sore breasts since stopping depo. I spotted twice prior to this week, but after 6 months, I am finally having something resembling a period. Discharge is dark, thick and smellier than I remember. I hope this becomes more normal in future months. Can anyone relate? I don’t even remember what to expect or what is normal.

  343. I am 37 and talked to my doctor about stopping the injections. She has ordered a bone density scan to determine if I should continue or not. I do not want anymore children and enjoy the benefit of no menstruation, but am worried about how this would affect my body. Estrogen levels, if I need to take hormone replacement, if I will be premenopausal? I know bones are effected as the medications lowers density. I’m not too worried about that as I take calcium w/D and am in pretty good shape. I would just rather stay on it until I am menopausal and then go from there. Any advise or help as far as if I have to stop what are effects others re having good, bad or indifferent. I’m kinda scared actually. Thanks for your time
    J. Schafer

  344. How long after stopping this shot should a period return? Mine has yet to do so after a little over a month of stopping a three year course of taking the shot.

  345. I stop the depo shot an 7 months later i had not gotten my period yet. I had to start birth control pill to more force my cycle to return. It worked. But the bleeding was heavy an a very dark black color the first few days.

  346. I got the depo in June – not particularly by choice but because I’m no longer allowed to take the normal birth control pill due to migraines. A month after getting depo I’ve had my period ever since (I did not go back for my next shot, since I was sure it would make me keep bleeding). So I’ve been bleeding July-October and it hasn’t stopped. I’m also really bloated every evening. I hate this, there’s no end in sight and I’m terrified it has affected me for forever. My health insurance is making it impossible to see any doctors and Planned Parenthood just tells me to wait it out and to take 800mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day for 5 days…which hasn’t worked at all. Has anyone had a similar situation? I’m so worn out and upset from this

    • Hey I’m going through something a lil similar to yu I was due for my shot in June I didn’t get it I was doing fine thought my cycle were normal then going on Oct now I had a cycle in sept. 24 -29 now im bleeding again since Oct 11 till now I do not know what’s wrong with me it’s heavy then med .. Big clots I’m not use to this because I have always had cycles last 3 to 4 days once in a while 7 rarely but I’ve tried talk to a doctor get a appointment but it seems I gotta wait till a month so mad I went emergency when and all they said was abnormal bleeding which I knew.. So upset because I have no engry and feel wore down I need answer my husband says my body cleaning its self out from the shot that it’s normal I don’t know.. Maybe it’s same for yu too

  347. Well I went on depo end of April 2014. I had super irregular periods during the first 3 months, but after that they stopped. Now it’s October 2015 and I suddenly started a light period (which kind of freaks me out) and it’s been going for a week and a half now. I did notice I bled a tiny bit after sex in September as well. Also, i noticed I got bacterial vaginosis right after getting the shot as well…I don’t know if it’s related, and if it is because of the change in the cervix. I’m going to talk to my doctor about switching or just going natural, but it sucks because then I’m worried about becoming pregnant because my boyfriend doesn’t like condoms (rolling my eyes right now haha). I also gained about 7 pounds since starting it, but I agree, I think it just increases my appetite.

  348. I came off my injection in October 2014. I was due to have my last injection January 2015. every month since January I’ve had my period. Still no sign of becoming pregnant. Why?? I’ve had blood taken and my results came back fine. Why can’t I get pregnant? my partner does have a child, so I know there is nothing wrong with him.

  349. Has anyone had issues with peeling of hands and feet at the end of the 3 months right before its time to get another shot?

  350. I went on depo after struggles to remember to take the pill. I had no side effects from the shot other than extremely annoying spotting for a full YEAR. I was told I would stop bleeding after that year but when I didn’t I stopped getting the shot. Since then, it took a month before I got my period which was very light. A month after that I again, got a light period however it hasn’t stopped for 6 weeks now. Some days are heavy some days just spitting. Bleeding is worse with sex and I have had some unexplainable weight gain as I eat healthy and workout 6 days a week as I am studying to be a personal trainer. These side effects need to be studied and made available for other women to see. I was uniformed of the many consequences of this shot when I was put on it, didn’t even get told about bone density loss. Worst experience of my life! Hope we all can get everything back to normal.

  351. I was on depo for about 7 years, and stopped using it just over two months ago because I wish to have children in the next few years.
    I have experienced very rapid weight gaine. Iv put on nearly 5kg in total, and my diet and exercise hasn’t changed.
    Is this normal?
    I was not informed about this being a possibility and have no idea what to do about it. Can anyone help?

    • I’ve been on the depo for 4 years and they told me this had to be my last year to take it. They told me you couldn’t stay on depo no more than 4 years because of the bone density that you lose. I stopped depo a month ago and have been experiencing mood swings, weight gain, fatigue, and horrible stomach pains. I was highly upset when they told me that if i wanted to have a baby it would be a couple of years before it could happen. I really want to have a baby. Also, I have yet to start my cycle im now worried after reading yalls comments.

  352. I went off BC is March because me and my boyfriend have been trying to conceive …every since about a month ago my periods have been 2 weeks apart , now just as of the October 13th my period is 9 days apart , is this normal . I came on 10/09/15 then went off 10/13/15 now here it is 10/24/15 and I’m on again !! Somebody help me

  353. I had my first depo last month around this time and everything was fine until i spotted on Tuesday but I took it as a normal sign because my friend who got the shot the same time as I did spotted a few days before me and is totally fine till now plus we were told we will spot very little. I went back home, took a shower and was perfectly fine. My boyfriend came over and we had sex and everything was ok! till later the next day when i felt blood coming out! ahhh was I furious!!
    Since then it has been 5 days since I have been on this light period. Before, I had heavy bleedings that would last a whole week. I still have cramps but the bleeding is not as bad. I do not want to wait for months till I see a doctor but I want to see if my periods will stop by next Tuesday then go see the doctor who prescribed it to me whether or not it stopped.
    My sisters, both doctors have both heard of the depo shot and were very disappointed that I got it. One of my sisters who knows more about contraceptives told me to go to the doctor and tell him everything that happened and ask him for Primolut N, which I read “is used to treat irregular menstrual periods with heavy and/or persistent bleeding that has no identified cause”. It will not stop me from falling pregnant but it will bring back my normal cycle hopefully.
    PLEASE PLEASE do not use depo. Find other methods that would help. I realized that not even actresses or famous people take the depo shot!!! JEEZ!!! for you guys who are fine…like my friend, I wish you all the best in the future and hope you do not h=get any problems.

  354. Ive been on the Depo for about 3 years, and decided to not get a nother shot a few months ago. I haven’t had a period in two main concerns are my mood swings, pain in my breasts constantly and still havent gained my periods back.

  355. Hello doctor,

    I have been taking Depo shots every three months since Sept,14. The latest shot that i took was in Sept, 15. I have been experiencing regular non-stop periods (sometimes too heavy with lots of clots and sometimes spotting) for last three months. I not only want to stop taking these shots but also want to put an end to this bleeding. I read somewhere that this bleeding can be stopped by taking birth control pills with high estrogen. Please suggest. I feel completely lost.

    • I went to my doctor right after my a week has passed since my periods normally last that long. She suggested to me that I take ibuprofen or advil after every four hours (the recommended dosage, which is 1 tablet for my type of ibuprofen). If you have not allergies to it i’d say you try it because my periods are now gone!!! But do not exceed four a day!

  356. My name is Rachel I have been off depo for about a month now this is the second time I’ve been on dwpo when I first had it I didn’t have a period never gained weight but I did have breast tenderness and dizzyness.. I got off of depo when me and my husband of 3 years got married then went to Mariana … Then about 2 years after Mariana I went back to depo I just recently came off back in September and I started my period the other day and my pain is horrible I’m bleeding a lot I took pregnancy test before everything came out negative but this is a pain I have never had before …… A lot of blood lost and lower pain ….. I didn’t know if anyone else has had these issues ……

  357. My girl been on the depo shot for ten years never had a period as well but missed her shot and now feelin like crap all the time havin weird dreams and just wakin up soaked from her dreams so I’m askin you what is goin on with her

  358. I actually love being on the depo shot was on it for 2 years and some months..i only gain weight never had to worry about my peroid after my second shot since my first was only giving me spottin..I usually have problems with my bones but the shot didnt make it worse i took my calcium like recommended. Wasn’t happy with the weight didnt get my July renewed got my peroid three months later only lasted for three days…I have irregular peroids so was pleasantly surprise that it came so soon and that it lasted the same amount of days that it use to. Kept reading up about what can happen if you go off it so was expecting a the worse..soo glad my experience was so much better than what I’ve heard other had to go through..hopefully my journey stays this great.

  359. I have read a lot of your comments and I was wondering if what I’m going through is normal,I was on the depo shot for 8 years I stopped getting the shot in October 2014,I had no period the entire 8years some spotting but only once in a very blue moon,I finally had my first normal period August 2015,no period at all in September,October normal period,and now I’m on but with the worse abdominal cramps and very,very,very heavy bleeding is this normal?

  360. Hi so i was on it in 2012 and i only had 3 shots by the 3ed shot i stoped no monthly till 2014 for me after i stoped the depo-provera i have not wonted to take it agsinagain. i went from 135 in waight to 202 with in the 9 months of taken the shot and well i have never been that big till the shot im 21 now and still fighting the weight. Im not on birth control at all and i was finely getting my monthly reguler 1 to 2 times a month when before for the shot it was only once a month just very painfill. Now though its kinda ok my body is just not right but i wonna share that i know what all yall are going thow for the most part and hopefully ill find out if maybe one day ill be able to have kids

  361. I was on the depo for 4 years (16-20 yrs), I went off of it and had my daughter a few years later, I loved it when I was younger.. No period, I actually lost weight on the depo. I am now 27 I had 2 shots this year and gained 10 pounds, so I decided to stop getting it. I should have got my 3rd shot 2 weeks ago. For the past week I have been having horrible stomach cramps, terrible bleeding, i keep getting light headed, shortness of breath & nausea. I do not know if this is a side effect of coming off of the depo or what. I went to the hospital because of my dizziness and they had nothing to say. Just if it gets worse then come back…. Has anyone experienced these side?

  362. I stopped taking depo in 2011 and got pregnant with my daughter in 2013. After taking it for a year and stopping in Feb 2015 i found my bones hurt all the time while on the depo and we decided we were going to have another baby its now almost a year since I last took depo and we still haven’t conceived. I strongly urge woman not to take depo if they plan on having kids… I stopped bleeding after 6 months on the shot and now I bleed 24/7 my doctor says everything’s fine and no visible problems yet there is no answer for my bleeding. Haven’t met another woman with my same problem but hopefully no one has to deal with what I have to. It’s very frustrating.