Side Effects of Stopping Depo-Provera

Depo provera Depo Provera injection / Photo: Ciell (cc)

By Rachel Walden — November 2, 2009

8.24.16: Check out I Wouldn’t Recommend It to Anyone: What We Can Learn from Women who have had Bad Experiences with Depo-Provera, a blog post by Laura Wershler of the Center for Menstrual Cycle Research.

3.29.12: Please see an update on this topic, Questions Remain about Effects of Stopping Depo-Provera. Also see Stopping Depo-Provera: Why and What To Do About Adverse Experiences, an excellent 2013 interview with endocrinologist and OBOS contributor Dr. Jerilynn Prior, who shares her advice for managing symptoms after stopping Depo.

ABC News has an interesting article on the withdrawal symptoms some women are reporting after stopping Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate), a progesterone-only contraceptive method that is injected quarterly.

An internet search on Depo withdrawal turns up multiple online postings, suggesting that some women are concerned about or report experiencing a number of symptoms, including nausea, breast tenderness and fatigue.

As the piece indicates, there is not currently a lot of understanding of these withdrawal symptoms; a quick search of the medical literature doesn’t turn up much on the topic. One woman in the article reported that her physicians “shrugged their shoulders” in response to her complaints, and there is uncertainty as to whether cessation of the drug itself causes the symptoms in some women, or if perhaps the drug had been masking some symptoms that return once the injections are stopped.

A physician interviewed for the article used one of my least favorite analogies — comparing women’s bodies to a car to be worked on. Dr. Louis Weinstein, head of obstetrics and gynecology at Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, said: “It’s like you don’t know why your car won’t start. Most of [the symptoms] have nothing to do with Depo-Provera. There may be a lot of other things going and to blame that on Depo-Provera is just not fair. We don’t know.”

While existing labeling for the drug does not address potential withdrawal symptoms, it does include (in addition to other side effects) a boxed warning on potential adverse effects on bone mineral density:

Women who use Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection may lose significant bone mineral density. Bone loss is greater with increasing duration of use and may not be completely reversible. It is unknown if use of Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection during adolescence or early adulthood, a critical period of bone accretion, will reduce peak bone mass and increase the risk for osteoporotic fracture in later life. Depo-Provera Contraceptive Injection should be used as a long-term birth control method (e.g. longer than 2 years) only if other birth control methods are inadequate.

Have you taken Depo and then stopped? If you have, please let us know your experience in the comments.

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    • I got it very bad the 1st time and the only time i would ever do it again!
      I was bleeding for 3 month, lost all sex drive was moody ! Gosh now i’m off for almost a month, This month I had what i think is period 2 times in this month! On a bright side my friend used it, and she is fine !

      • Lol and I thought it was just me that depo shout drove me crazy with that bleeding than it took me 2 years to get pregnant

        • I received shot one time and one time only been bleeding for 4 months now non stop. I’m extremely tired to the point I thought I was pregnant. Took like 4 test throughout these months; not trying to get pregnant either. I had to use the restroom for a week straight due to diarrhea. Dizziness, headaches on and off. I just feel terrible and wish it’d stop. I want to feel normal again.

          • I also have only taken one dose and I felt like I was absolutely insane. I refused to get another dose and have been bleeding nonstop for three months and I’m so tired of it. It is so draining to be constantly bleeding. I’m looking around the internet for any information on why and if this is normal. To my surprise there is absolutely nothing about it.

          • I was on it for 10 years, no periods at all
            After my last shot ended, took 6 months to gain a period
            Then it was normal, then the next month arrived and had another then 5 days later went back on to full blown period again, then it stopped for a day and now 15 days later still on
            Fed up of this, it’s been nearly a year,

          • What a relief it is to be reading about this. For a whole month after my 1st shot I thought I was gonna need another blood transfusion soon. The bleeding was insane.

            Fortunately brufen reduces the bleeding then again the best way to control the bleeding and regulate ur hormones even during the 3 months phase of the shot is using a contraception pill.
            Best believe it, a day after taking the pill the flow stopped completely.

            I’m never taking Depo, that was my 1st and last injection.
            Took it 2 Nov 22 and was due 25 Jan 23

            Highly not recommended for teenagers and women delaying but still planning future pregnancy.

          • I’ve been on it for 7 months after the birth of my baby . I experienced a low six drive while on it I decided to using it never went back in December of last year iv been off it for 3 months then I started spotting end of March and I’m still spotting non stop I had the implant inserted and I’m still spotting. So frustrating 😫 i can not deal with this any longer . Iv been getting lower back pains since today . Just can’t deal with this

          • How many months did you bleed after you were due for the next shot? I took 1 shot of depo and I have been bleeding for 4 months now. I just want someone to tell me how long is it going to last?

          • I was on the depo shot for 3 1/2 years around 2 years i started experiencing heart problems, the cardiologists could never figure out what was wrong but after 1 and 1/2 years of being bed ridden because of it, the depo was the culprit i would NEVER recommend this to anyone. been bleeding for 6 months straight now that i’m off 😒

          • I would not recommend the depo to anyone, I thought it was the dream of birth control but after being on it for nearly 18 years, and deciding to come off because I’m nearly 40. My husband went and got the snip to I could get my body back to normal.

            But what is normal? I’m gaining weight, my breast get so extremely sore just walking and a slight bounce hurts just to help explain how sore they are, not to mention they are swollen 40% off the time, I’m also dealing feeling with feeling nauseous , high temps and don’t get me started on my emotions , constant rollercoaster , and the worst part, period has come back some what regularly but very heavy, changing tampon every hour, going to work is a must but I’m stressed having to deal with all of the above . I’m going to doctor tomorrow, but same doctor that I have been seeing for last 10 years that never told me take a break or stop it. Young ladies reading.. don’t do it !

          • I had stop depo shot its been 3 suffering from itchiness…it really itch especially my private part…and my arm pits ..some parts of my body . Like its getting red ..and its like the feeling you had allergies
            Its really worst..been using it for 2 years and 4 months😔😔😔..what medicine should i put to stop the itcheness

          • I got my first injection in July on the 20th everything was going great until the 19th of August l started with my normal periods up until today l have been bleeding non stop….it has been 3 months and 3 weeks today and l truly need help from women who went through this and overcame it please help me l feel like l am leaving in someone else’s body l am tired at this point and that was just my first injection but it messed me up big time

          • My experience is very bad I don’t see my menstrual periods for months now and that’s makes me sick and having my tummy growing.

          • Mine expired last month and I started experiencing diarrhea and painful boobs thought I was pregnant but I got a negative test result
            What can I take so I can be free from this swollen boobs that comes with pains

          • I also have only received one shot. By the time I was due for my second one I decided against it because I had been non stop bleeding for a month and I felt exhausted. I stopped in hopes of feeling better, but it’s been almost 2 months off it with constant bleeding, cramps, gas, bloating, i’m moody and i’m so tired I want it to stop. They just told me if I stopped I wouldn’t have my period for a while, but it’s quite the opposite with a hand full of side effects I was not prepared for. It’s quite frustrating and I wish I never decided to get the shot.

          • I’m currently 22 years of age iv been on the jab since I was 16-17 years old, today marks 2 months since iv been of the jab still no period. I jumped on the jab because I didn’t want to fall pregnant, the nurse warned me for weight gain , bleeding , spotting, mood changes , all I heard in my head was my period stooping and the jab preventing me from getting pregnant. My period stopped completely after my first jab , I had spotting now and then but after my 4th jab I had completely stopped any kind of bleeding , no period no spotting, but throughout the years I gained a lot of weight , luckily I was still active in sports and still moving around , I had a love hate relationship with my body , I would gain a lot of weight but loose a little, my mind had a way of thinking that the jab doing me a favour I could swim when ever I can have unprotected s** with my partner, I don’t have to wake up and think when my next cycle is due or have to wear pads for the just incase.
            Everything my body went throughout for years , back pain , cramps , headache high blood pressure the way I feel now or the way my brain thinks is everything I feel now is no different since I jumped of the jab because it’s been years since i felt a period or had . I don’t know what to expect , I can’t remember what periods feel like, for the last week 1/2 iv been experiencing soreness swollen breast nips I used to get them when I was on the jab but that was because of my lumps I had – not cancer related ! , so I thought that’s why my breast are sore but that pain would only last a hours or half a day , not a week 1/2 , reading all these comments making me realise I’m not the only one whos been through it or still going through the weird changes , and before I came across this I immediately knew or had a thought there maybe after symptoms coming off the jab . Now I’m scared for what is yet to come , reading through the comments for woman having periods for 3 months straight like whaaattt !! , I’m not saying this for others but for my self i feel like it’s karma for stoping nature , for putting my body through this , for not allowing nature take her course , “monthly cycle “ but every woman’s body is different , i didn’t mind being on the jab , i didn’t feel like I had a bad bad experience while being on the jab , but as i got older my mind started to change, future pregnancy, giving my body a rest , in other words hoping my body would go back to how it used to be “ aufff “ yeeh right !! . Every comment iv read for the after match being off the jab iv been feeling the same way but my mind is telling me its normal cause iv been through these while of the jab , but yeah the only part im scared of is having painful long periods , not being able to fall pregant for a long while . I know this is all over the place , stop . Start . Some of this dosent make sence maybe this is also a after match symptom being off the jab lol

          • I’m having severe nipple pain and swollen breasts after stopping. I even thought I was pregnant. Because I was ready to get pregnant, I never knew it would take this long to wear out. Please let it be written boldly on the pack so the midwives can tell us how long it takes to wear off so that nobody will make the kind of mistake I made. Seriously I’m stuck and I’m not happy because I was not prepared for the timing of the expiration )

          • I got my first shot October 11th 2023 never getting it again I was supposed to get it the 11th of January 2024 I didn’t go I have been bleeding for 3 months non stop I thought I was going crazy I’ don’t have a high sex drive anymore with my Boyfriend we haven’t been able to do “things” because of the bleeding not to mention my mental health I thought I was dying I just want the bleeding to stop so I can feel normal again who ever said depo is good lied you feel like absolute shit on it with the bleeding it takes a toll on you

          • I did, I stopped depo injection for the meantime since my husband not here.
            But I noticed some changes in my body.
            Tummy bloating, moody and my boobs quite heavy. Is it normal?
            Coz I’m worried, I’m not comfortable as well.

        • Well I used to be in the birth control that go in your I was bleeding for 5 months straight so after I moved they removed mines look again I was pregnant now she is 6 years old so way later I got pregnant again soon I had my other baby I got back on the birth control the shots now she is 3 in a half years old just got back off the shots now I feel like I’m blooding breast sore feeling weird ever since I stopped taking a birth control shot it been a month since I got off I’ve been nauseated not eating a lot no my stomach been cramping all day been on birth control for 3 years to day

          • Hi I have been off depo 4 months due to osteoporosis I’ve been bleeding constantly and feelnsick and vomiting in a morning is this a side effect

          • I started taking the Depo in March 2023 I felt depressed I had no bleeding at first then June the bleeding started and didn’t stop my doctor tried to put me on a medication to make it stop and it did for a few days then it was back. I got my second shot in June I gained 15 pounds from March to June depression got worse bleeding got worse I told my doctor I would not be getting it anymore… I was supposed to get it this month September now I have the worse anxiety ever I have never had anxiety before I haven’t had any bleeding however for about a week or 2 now…

          • I stopped depo in september 23.after being on it for 7 years,never missed a shot. I have sore and tender breast, i was a little concern about this, but then realized this must be the withdrawal symptoms of depo. As it started after i stopped depo.
            I just hope it doesnt worsen.

          • I take depo twice a month for a a about a year, then i decided to stop the shot, and got my period irregular, just like spotting that comes and go, but this time after nine months from last shot, i’m bleeding for almost two weeks and it’s heavy, i don’t know if still normal or something wrong, did anyone have the same experience as mine? Can you share with us.

          • I was suppose to go get my birthcontrol yesterday but I said I’m not going back!!! I’m a little nervous on what my symptoms might be I been on it for 3 1/2 year now and I have experienced no periods, constantly eating , sometimes sore breast!! Before when I had my first kid I was taking it for about 2 years then stopped and I was experiencing nausea, bad menstrual cramps in the beginning, I wasn’t eating anything and I was cold all the time !!!!

          • Can anyone tell me if they had heart palpitations/ hard beating heart after coming off depo, I have chest pain but I think it’s mostly a really sore breast. It’s starting to scare me, I have tinnitus and now I can feel my heart beat in my ear, help

          • The side effects of coming off this jab are terrifying. While on it (1st jab) I’ve developed panic attacks. So I didn’t get another, and now I have joint pain and cramps, achey muscles for no reason, cracking joints all day long. Terrible diarrhea for 4 months now. The only thing I can put it down to is this jab, and the bone pain / breast tenderness since coming off it. I don’t know how it isn’t banned – well it was!!

        • I feel a weird pressure by my uterus its been 2-3 weeks after i went off of depo i don’t think its possible that im pregnant because i havent had sex in a while (lets say a month or 2) im scared and confused could i be

          • I’m going thru the same feeling. I was on the depo for a long time..several years. I just stopped in November. I was fine for awhile. Had a very mild period in June. Now for the last 2 months I’m extremely bloated. Tired. My uterus feels heavy and aches. My cervix feels enlarged. Went to the doctor 8/15. Had a pap/pelvic exam. Still waiting for results. I go in September to have ultrasound done as well. I tell everyone do not ever go on the shot. This is horrible.

          • no im experiencing the same thing. i’ve been off of it for two weeks now and i’ve had nausea everyday and i can’t eat. i’ve lost 5 lbs in the span of that time. and i hadn’t had sex in a month so i knew i wasn’t pregnant. it just feels like “morning sickness” all day everyday

          • I just also stopped taking the depo shot a month ago. My breast are very sensitive, weight gain, and bad bloating. I never realized those were some of the side effects

          • I have been on depo almost one year and it haloed me but I have tried to stop stop for a month now and I Havnt seen my menses . Is there a reason for the menses keeping long . I do get slight abdominal cramps and slight breast pain

          • I have been taking the depo shot for almost 2 years.. I’ve been off it for 2 months now and I have been spotting for the past few days and my nipples were tender ( sore)

          • I finally decided to not get another depo shot after over 5 years and 4 months of being on it. I was due to get my shot the 3rd week of Jan this year. I have been bleeding 3-4 days a week since Feb 5th. It hasn’t been very heavy bleeding which is what i was expecting but still enough that i am now kind of getting concerned. they say its not recommended to be on depo for more than 2 years. i dont think there is anything seriously wrong but bleeding 3-4 days a week usually starting Tuesday-Friday is getting pretty annoying. one thing i will say is i have my sex drive back but i have also lost my appetite. i understand i was on depo for years but but bleeding 3-4 days a week, i just hope my period goes back to normal soon. i am also only 20 years old so i did get on bc pretty young.

        • omg, it took me two years to get pregnant too. I also bled for a little over a month straight one my period decided to return

          • How long were you on DEPO?. This month will make it the 10th month I stopped DEPO and have been trying to conceive.
            They said after 10 month

        • I had this injection done once because I thought it would help me deal with very bad natural periods I was having, I had pms and heavy periods and very very low mood. I thought as my sister takes it and has an underactive thyroid like me it would be the best thing for my terrible periods but I was very wrong. Within a few weeks I was unwell, it felt like vertigo and I was bleeding nob stop for around 4 months, my low mood turned to anger and irritability and I lost all sex drive completely. I was due another one in November last year and I didn’t book it I wanted it gone , I am now having the worst withdrawal symptoms I can describe them as a very bad period and pregnancy symptoms mixed into one and I feel dreadful, I have been to docs for lots of swabs and tests to see if anything else is going on but I truely believe the depo did this to me. I now have uncertainty of how long this will go on for and I have anxiety worried about anything else its done to me as I feel I may have inflammation in the uterus , it is only getting worse and I feel sick all the time. I am awaiting results from tests and I hope that the jab hasn’t done anything serious. Never ever get this jab. You will bleed and bleed until u can’t bleed anymore and then when period stops the horrible symptoms come along with it.

          • I took sayana press injection for 3times meaning 3 doses. After the third injection I received I had palpitations, high blood pressure always feeling heaviness from my head to toe Asif am carrying bag of rice. Always hear my heart beat in my ear and sometimes it looks Asif my ear want to block. Always feeling tensed up, depressed and anxiety restlessness. Will all these things stop pls I need to hear from someone who has passed through same things. Here is my number 08066238372

        • Does anyone know how long it will take for these symptoms to go ? I had depo in August last year was due mid Nov for another one and didn’t go.. its now Feb 2024 and I feel more and more unwell as the months go on.. After bleeding August Sept Oct Nov and then a regular period in dec I have no period and all these nasty symptoms that seem to be getting worse.

        • I was on the depo for about 2 years stopped getting it in january still have had no periods just a lot of cramping and ovary pains like i have a cyst

      • When I took my first shot I was bleeding and really moody like that too. But then I took my second shot and was just fine. Sometimes that happens because it’s your body trying to readjust. Depo is supposed to stop your menstol cycle, thicken your cervix so sperm can’t get through, and thin your uterus wall just incase it was to get through, the egg won’t be able to implant. You bled so much because it was your uterus wall shedding. The shot was really just doing it’s job. You probably bled so much the next month because of the fact that you didn’t take the shot and you confused your body and it was trying to jump start your cycle again.

        • I bled for 3 weeks after my first shot I always felt tired and nauseous. I was supposed to go back on the 4th January for my second shot but I didn’t ever since that I’ve been experiencing pregnancy symptoms movement in the stomach, constant headache and loss of appetite. I don’t recommend depo to anyone rather take pills

          • I’ve been on Depo for over 20 something years n I’m not on it now because my medicaid has stop so I can’t get the shot anymore my period been on for 2months now my body is in pain I’m tried all the time I’m sick barely want to get my body so drained my bones hurts my hands my legs I’ve on depo between three kids my oldest is 19 teen can so one please help me on what to do or point me n the right direction to get some help please

          • I got my first shot in march, started to spot a wk later, lasted for 2mths. got my 2nd in june, a couple wks later i started bleeding, now almost 4wks of having a period i’m so tired, gone through a ton of mydol that barely touches it. i wake everyday crying cause i’m still bleeding, i’m so scared to get the next shot.

          • Same here i rook i shot after stopping it am loosing appetite and getting thin someone help me

          • Really, that’s how am feeling too, just got off my first shot of depo and have been having unprotected sex but I felt like am pregnant, can I ?

          • I used depo for a year and i stop january this year and then after 10 months i got my mense but it was not heavy then this month with is my 12th month i have stoped depo i’m alway tired,feel dizzy, bloated and now i have started to bleed heavy….im scared 😪😪

          • Hello,
            How u feing now?do u still have symptoms?I goy my 1st shot too but decided not to get it since the symptoms were insame..Do u feel better after to stop the depo?Thanks in advance

          • I took DEPO on and off after I had my second child, my daughter. She turns 16yrs old this May. I had no problems over the years. Sometimes I would take a few months break sometimes even a year. My period only came back once when I took a long break from it.
            Now I’ve been off it about a year because I believe it caused me to develop gallstones. I researched and found that yes it’s a listed possible side effect, so I stopped.
            My period came back like 3 months after I stopped, mostly spotting for weeks. Then normal period flow like before I started it.
            Not sure if I’ll ever get pregnant again because I turn 40 this year. I lost all the excess weight it gave me, thank God. Only side effects I have now are the feeling of being pregnant each month like a week before my period- achy tender swollen breasts, morning sickness feeling, cravings and a low grade headache. Also I’ve had an awful lower back pain all these years now it seems to have gone since I came off it.

        • I have been on this shot for nearly a year worse thing that could have ever happened to me bloating , weight gain and no period. I’m always fatigued.

          • Hi. I am 30 years old. I was On depo shot the first time when I was 18. I stayed on for 2 years then got off. So when I got pregnant with my son I had been off the shot for 2 years. After I had Him I got Back on the shot. Was on it for a year. November 2022 was my last shot. I was supposed to go back in Feb 2023 for my shot and choose not too. From October 2022 to Feb 2023 I bleed nonstop. Then from March to June there was no periods. Now I’m in July and I have Been bleeding a week and half now. I’m fatigued . I’m loosing all weight I had Gained. I have Seen my doctor and all they want to do is add more birth control on top of the shot. I have Never in my life experienced this. Never in my life have I had Period problems but am experiencing a lot of issues currently.

          • Hello,
            How u feing now?do u still have symptoms?I goy my 1st shot too but decided not to get it since the symptoms were insame..Do u feel better after to stop the depo?Thanks in advance

        • Has anyone experienced bleeding every two weeks? Like an actual period?

          I got the shot in October and it was supposed to wear off in January. Or thats my 3 month mark when I was supposed to get it again. I’m almost two months coming off and I’ve had my period twice, once every two weeks. One after 30 days and then another one two weeks later, now I’m two more weeks and I just noticed bleeding again.

          • unfortunately that was me I would have periods every after two week damn I didn’t go for my next injection

          • I honestly wish that I never went on depo. I have gained at least 25 pounds off of it and it makes me wanna eat so much. But I am so glad that it wears off in a couple of weeks because i’m never taking this again.

          • I got a shot on March 2023 and supposed to end Last June. on April and May I spot and bLeeding the whole month of June. I never have a shot again because I work abroad and from the month of juLy my minstration doesn’t come till now I feel Like I’m pregnant though my Last sex was on May is this still a side effects of DEPO? can any one pls. Answer me

          • Iv been on it for years ,never got my period . Went off it ,got my period normal then all of a sudden started bleeding again and it’s been almost 2years now of bleeding and spotting. I’m so tired of buying pads . Would not recommend this contraceptive to anybody 🙁

        • Reading all these comments makes me so much better ! Been on the deli shot 6 months now haven’t stopped bleeding these last 6 months also it brought on fibermyalgia , weight gain, headaches , constantly itchy & sensitivity to everything. So awful DO NOT GET THIS SHOT please it will only do you harm I’ve learned my lesson it’s not worth feeling sick to the point where you can’t function. Again don’t take it .

          • Same here I just stopped mines my 2nd shot was in February I suppose to take my 3 one this Month May & now & I’ve been bleeding since I’ve gotten on and my mood swings has just been worse

          • I use depo for one year And I stop since that day eight years I can’t get pregnant 😭😭

          • I took depo from 2018- 2020. I was on the pill, but was constantly forgetting and missing pills so the doctor recommended depo. It’s the worst!!! Should be off the market!! Whatever is in the jab is toxic!!! Makes your body THINK it’s pregnant so u have prego symptoms… throws the body completely off. My symptoms included non stop heavy bleeding for 2-3 months straight…. Fatigue, muscle aches, and mental health issues I never had before ( anxiety, depression from bleeding all the time and ruining my clothes, crying, anger, mood swings, low sex drive, and many more!!!) here was my solution that helped… If u must take this PLEASE take iron and vitamin D since you will be low of these… and also I started taking vitamin shots ( u can get these at a health and wellness store.. specifically B-12, D , B complex, glutathione ( an antioxidant) C, and calcium. They are pricy injections but after a month of weekly injections my body stabilized. You need to overload your body with good since depo will drain the life out of you. Also after stopping my arm would twich like spasms by the injection site, and like you I developed fibromyalgia constant back pain and muscle aches even tho I’ve been off 4 years!!!! Bone density loss…. It’s terrible. Ladies… DO NOT TAKE THIS… I would rather take my chances with a guy pulling out LOL no LIE!,,,

        • I started depo when I was 16/17 years old and never got a period again in my life. I stopped it about 9 months sago and I will be 30 in 2 days. I was on depo for almost 14 years and so far all my cycles have been less then 20 days. I don’t believe I’ve had any other symptoms so far but now I’m curious if me being on it for so long may have effected my fertility. Won’t know for sure until I’ve been depo free for 2 years.

          • It’s not recommended to be on for longer than 2 years. I hope you don’t become infertile or get early menopause from using it so long. 🙁

          • Hi Tanya, I was in it for the same amount of time and got off in 2017. I never tried to get pregnant but I did in 2021. My periods were also short at 21 day cycles and I wondered too but when my boyfriend and I decided to try I was able to very quickly. I was 39 when I conceived. You should be fine.

          • Please have been on the shot for 2yrs ,but I stopped taking it June 24,2023 ,but have been sick, palpitations of h3art , vomiting,,fast forward I can’t move from here to der ,dizzy and dizzy dizzy is my major challenge, anyone experience this ,this my 5month of stopping but my dizziness is not going away ,am loosing my mind,I have 2 kids to take care of them,pls help I need help to stop dizziness

          • This will be my 4 moth getting off. The. Shot i took the shot right after i delivered my baby been bleeding straight for 4 months
            Now it stoped but still spotting and feeling dizzy i wish i never took this i hav2 under 2 to take care i dont feel like my self anymore😔😔😔

          • This page is absolutely blowing my mind. I got on birth control when I was 15/16 and switched to the pill at 18. I am 24 now and have been off the pill for 3 months. No bleeding at all. My appetite/cavings have been insane but have also noticed more energy. Some pms type symptoms. Im scared for what is to come and am also very worried about fertility in the future…

        • I was on the Depo for almost 3 years, it was azinf and I had no period, however, I decided in April to discontinue using it as I not longer had a partner, so didn’t need contraception. I started experiencing extra discharge and my underwear would become quite damp, and recently I’ve become sensitive and itchy and the discharged has thickened and feels like it’s almost constantly releasing, so I’ve started wearing period underwear or liners. Is this a morning side effect of withdrawal and hormones being our of whack?

          • I’m going threw the same thing as u and I have been off it for a month now I just started today getting nauseous and vomiting and I feel bloated

          • I have just worked out I have had my shot 7 months ago and I haven’t since, I have been having sore nipples/ tender breast and acid in my underwear creating hole, also hot and cold flushes. But still no bleeding I didn’t even Realize till now I haven’t been on anything thank God for the dry spell 🤣🤣

          • I’ve taken the depo o shot since my daughter was born and in November she will be 3. I have been off the depo for 5 months now. I just got my period it’s so heavy. My breast are always in so much pain. And the second day of being on my period I became so depressed out of no where. I was fine while on the depo shot I just stop because I finally did the research and noticed how bad it really was long term.

      • I do not recommend anyone to take depo. I have been in the hospital for my issues after ending it in oct of 2014 . Severe bloating, i looked like i was 8 months pregnant. My boobs doubled in size and were leaking milk. Nausea . Very sensitive. Then i finally got my period a couple days ago jan.6th? Ish and have had horrible bleeding and pain. Every hr changing my pad . 2 much pain to use tampon .

          • I used depo short medroprogetion for five years and stopped after a last shot on July twenty 2022 now I feel like I have flue and uti . I feel gastrointestinal problems, my back hurt so bad like I’m going to give birth but still thanks period or spotting but I feel good craving, breast becoming larger and painfull. I also have fever and frequent urination. How could I get better and when I’m worried

        • I am really surprised to see so many bad experiences with depo. I always had normal periods and around age 25 switched from the pill to the shot. No more periods. I’ve been on it now over 20 years. It has been amazing not having a period, I never planned on having children so it’s done it’s job. As far as I can tell I’ve never never had a side effects.

          • I’ve only been on Depo for two years and my last shot was in Feb. The withdrawal symptoms are bad. I get nauseous after eating every meal and I have too much phlegm. Has anyone experienced itchiness and rash in your inner thighs?

          • Same here i hav been taking it from 3 years wid no side effects nd now i hav stopped taling it 10 days back was my date for d shot but i decided to take a break from it .by gods grace no side effects till now nd m waiting for my periods to cum

          • Hi GLS,
            I’m really happy to hear that Depo worked out for you. Your story is the one I hoped to have. I was just wondering if you are doing bone density scans now? Osteoporosis runs in my family so it was going to be a requirement after my 2 year make if I had chosen to remain on Depo. I know I started significantly later in life than you did, but I was curious if you have experienced any decrease in bone density. I wish you the best on the rest of your journey!

        • I’m grateful for this post. I started Depo last Dec and right before my 3rd injection my skin flared up. Went through with that shot and ever since my skin has been horrible. Never had acne on my cheeks and it is now an infestation. I just turned 46 and don’t know why this form of bc was recommended, but aside from my skin, I’m experiencing a crazy amount of growth in my facial ‘peach fuzz’ while shedding a great deal of hair on my head. I have zero sex drive and am fighting a crushing depression and lack of motivation. I’ve always struggled with self esteem but was finally getting to a place of happiness when all of this happened. Oh, and I’ve been spotting 3 weeks out of the month, the period tracker I use is very concerned about me. 🤨 I hope all of you are finding relief or comfort in some ways, everyone’s comments are reaffirming but still sad because we’re all just trying to live our lives! I will return to the mini pill when this injection is close to the 3 month mark and have started spironolactone in the hope that it will help calm my skin. This is so disheartening.

          • I got my shot in January 2023 and it was a 3 months shot, this is November am still feeling the effects of course I never saw my periods during those three months but the consiquences are painful pimples, swollen feet, big belly having menses twice in a month body pains fatigue. My vagina itches so bad after my menses I develop sores from scratching. Not recommending it

          • I got the depo Shot and only started my period for 1 month, Than been off for 3 months. So I Decided to Not Continue on with Depo When My Next Shot was Due , I Don’t like the feeling of Being off my Period For Months… So a week Later I begin my Period Finally , But it lasted for 32 Days ….. Now I’m off and I Keep Constantly Spotting I come off for a day and come back on The Next Day or Sometimes 2 days Constantly throughout the months So I 100% Don’t Recommend The Depo or any Birth Control for Nobody But it’s different for Everyone 🤷🏾.

        • Reading these comments are making me feel better, I felt alone. I been bleeding for these past 3 months, 20 out of the 30 days each month! I took my first dose in July and second in September and I decided not to take it in December because of the excessive bleeding. Now I am experiencing fatigue , nausea, hot flashes , chills. Do not take the Depo shot! I am praying it does not affect my fertility

          • I just got off depo in October of 2023 & on December 1st I started spotting on and off up until the 2nd week and now I’ve been bleeding heavy with huge blood clots for the last month .. went to the er and they told me I had some type of body infection gave me pills and the bleeding stopped for maybe 3-4 days now I’m back bleeding badly going thru 6-7 pads a day. Going back to the er tomorrow.

      • Omg thanks for the reassurance…I took it in November the 3 months shot and I didn’t take it again because of the constant bleeding even 2 months after not taking it I’m still having bleeding. ..I will never ever take that shot again

          • Good to see an updated post on here. I’m struggling with nausea and headaches. I missed my last shot two weeks ago but have about 10 positive pregnancy tests and 1 negative. Think I somehow got pregnant on the depo. Ultrasounds been organised for tomorrow to see if u definitely am and if baby is okay. These withdrawals are horrible tho. Feel breathless too

            Have u experienced chest pains with this drug?

          • Yes I had my last shot mid November was due the next in Feb, I was on it for a year exactly. Since coming off I’ve been extremely tired, got back pain, chest pain, dizziness, bloating my right nipple is soreee, nausea & vomiting even got a uti. These are all unusual for me regardless of my hormones. It hasn’t been a nightmare but it’s been unpleasant!

          • I was on Depo for about 20 years and it was pure bliss, my doctor will no longer prescribe since I recently developed osteoporosis. I had my last injection in November 2022 and I now live with constant nausea, rarely eat but put on 15lbs, and am constantly sad and have crying spells out of nowhere and for no good reason. I wish I or my doctor had an answer for this; I sympathize with you and hope you are feeling better!

          • anybody have extreme crying spells? like i can go hours and hour of crying and nothing will stop it. or anxiety that has gotten much worse? i was on it the same time last year and remember there side effects but never met anyone who’s had the same.

          • am so glad am not alone on thid.. its horrible i just want to feel normal again… my head hurte i feel week… feeling trembling inside/ anxiety… i took it the whole year of 2022. untill oct i decided no more n its just been soo bad.. to times i cry. i got my period january 1,2023 and every other week i will bleed.. now its the second month its been i guess regular.. i just want my other symptoms to be done

      • I’ve experienced something very similar. While on the shot I was very moody and never wanted to have sex. I actually would be very annoyed with my boyfriend for wanting to all the time, and when we did I would just want it to be over (poor guy lol). I’ve been off of it for a couple months now and still don’t really have a sex drive. And about 3 days ago I started bleeding. It started out light and over the course of a couple days it’s gotten heavier and heavier. I’m having a little bit of cramping too. I just hope this is all normal and that I can be back to my old self soon!

        • I’ve been using depo for the past 5years my last shot was in June 2022 in January 2023 I started my periods at first I was excited but now I’m woried it a third week and I’m still spotting though they not as heavy as they were but it like im on my periods one way… I’m now uncomfortable cause I’m always woried… Is it normal for periods to last this long

          • Same here was on depo for two years after stopping been on my periods for whole months im even scared is it normal?

      • I experienced he same thing. I only had the shot 3 times my last shot was about 8 months by my period was still abnormal and last month I came on twice and none this month so far

        • I am going through the exact same thing! I was on it for 10 yrs though. Missed my last shot 2 months ago been bleeding ever since. If found ibuprofen slows the bleeding.

          • So Ive Been On It Since I Was 17 Or So , Had a Kid On Depo in Sept 2016 due to a surgery, Got right back on it , I Missed My Last Shot On March 3rd 2023 .. Its The Middle Of May , I Can Feel That my sex Drive has risen , but my boobs Are so sore . Also I’ve Never had an issue on the depo , Never Got My Period , got the headaches , moody Like A NormAl female Gets . Never Gained Weight , Its Been Great! What else should i be on the lookout for ?

        • Hiya I’m new here
          Just curious to know if anyone’s heard of this before,
          Depo injection in October, 2nd shot was due start of January, so talking 6 weeks later… random spotting now heavy bleeding has started?

          • Hi Jane,
            I just found this community and I hope that you are experiencing less symptoms and adverse effects now. I definitely went through the same thing you just described. I kept on with the injections thinking things would improve but they definitely did not. I had 3 injections and will not continue. I’m counting the days that I have left on my hormone roller coaster.
            Fingers crossed that you are feeling better now!

          • I got the depo Shot and only started my period for 1 month, Than been off for 3 months. So I Decided to Not Continue on with Depo When My Next Shot was Due , I Don’t like the feeling of Being off my Period For Months… So a week Later I begin my Period Finally , But it lasted for 32 Days ….. Now I’m off and I Keep Constantly Spotting I come off for a day and come back on The Next Day or Sometimes 2 days Constantly throughout the months But it’s different for Everyone 🤷🏾.

        • I took the shot just once in May. I experienced night sweats during the time. Also experiencing muscle ache, my spine feels like it’s been broken into two pieces, I place heated bean bags to ease the pain. It feels terrible. Never again!

        • This the 5th month of stopping noristerat injection,am still feeling dizzy, light headed and I can’t stand I feel like falling down.pls help me I feel like am dieing.

          • Same here, my bones are painful I have a tension headache loss of appetite

        • I only had one shot and then stopped getting it but my period is not back yet? It been 56 days since my last one, after I got the shot I bleed for 9 days then didn’t bleed again? I’m really confused on what’s going on, I’m not pregnant I have taken alot of tests

      • I took depo shot in February and ever since from that day I had the worst day of my life . I have my periods twice in a month, breast tenderness for the whole 3 month’s and spotting through out. It’s actually for the first time, I was supposed to take my next shot in May
        But I will never use depo again nor recommend it to anyone

      • I took the depo just 3 shots and my experience= a nightmare, while I was into the shot I gained weight and a lot of mood changes I actually thought I was crazy as all the time I was crying, feeling lonely with a sensation of emptiness also at the same time I was so irritated of everything, sex no thanks I simply did not wanted and also that was something else added to my depression. My last shot was on Nov. I haven’t had my period yet, well not formally as 3 weeks ago I had something for 3 days a light bleeding which I was so happy as I think it means something (during the depo I was happy of not having my period) but now I pray to God to having it back. Right now that I’m off since November that was the last shot I noticed a breast augmentation which I haven’t noticed when I was into the shot which is good I like it also the sexual desire is back but this time is like I want it all the time LoL but also I noticed that my belly increased I’m so sad, it looks like I recently had a baby, right now I’m working out so hard hoping to have my body back. About the Nexplanon I had it before the depo shot and I was normal did not gain weight nor mood changes but unfortunately my periods were extremely long they could last a week or 2 and with a heavy bleeding. So after this I’m not taking any other contraceptive stuff back to the basics condom and counting days..

        • When I was on the depo, it was like a total nightmare too. i only took the 2 shots, because i kept spotting for the past 4-5 months. i gained crazy headaches, chest pain, felt crazy mood changes i would always be so angry or sad. and in fact i lost 7 pounds. when i first took the shot, my spotting didnt happen till a month later. the depo made me feel so disgusted and weird. and ig im on the side effects of not having the depo anymore. having shortness of breath, feeling a lil nausea, fatigue, etc. but good thing ever since I’ve stopped i haven’t seen blood. but i do plan on switching to the pill after when i find a new doctor!

          • May I ask what do u mean chest pain? I’m on the depo and I have been having chest pain headaches dizziness and just generally feeling so so weird. I have had heart tests done also that are normal. Can’t wait till it wears off in a few weeks

          • i’m having all the same symptoms too, except it’s raised my blood pressure, heart rate, severe chest pains, fainting, vomiting etc. been going back and forth to the cardiologist for 9 months even had surgery done and they couldn’t find the reason behind it until they mentioned i should get off the depo to see if it helped and what do you know i’m fine now, i wouldn’t recommend anyone depo because i cannot tell you how many times i was in the ER for heart attacks for “unknown causes”

          • I’m very concerned as well with the shot.. I’ve been bleeding for so long I don’t remember a time when I haven’t been bleeding after taking 6 months of depo.. now as it’s my last month before it should wear off and I’m due for another I’m still bleeding yes but also I’m so dry.. my body isn’t producing any lubricant and sex is painful.. I don’t know if anyone has experienced this but if so PLEASE tell me it’s not just me .. it’s making both me and my partner very insecure about our sex life and has been pulling us away from each other and tearing us apart.. I hope I’m not alone and I can understand what is causing my vaginal dry spell..

          • i’ve also been having horrible chest pain and tightness and i’ve felt so out of it i was on the depo for 2 years and i’m 17 my doctor just kept canceling my appointment so i just decided to stop it and i’m having horrible withdrawal symptoms i just want it to be over i can’t do anything with out my heart racing and feeling faint and i went to the doctors and they did a ekg on me and everything was normal does anyone know how long this will last it’s absolutely torture and i also haven’t been able to eat anything.

          • Yes! I have had such a horrible experience within the three months I was on depo, I knew my symptoms were from depo, given I’ve never gotten the shot before. Chest pains, shortness of breath, extreme panic attacks that lead to numerous hospital visits, fatigue, anxiety, tremors, body aches, headaches, nausea, I have not felt the same since. It’s been 4 months since the shot and I am experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. I literally thought my heart was failing me. I do not recommend ever getting on Depo Provera or any contraceptive for that matter. I just pray that my body heals from this and I can get back to my life as it was before Depo!

        • I am coming off right now and have been experiencing hot flashes breast tenderness nausea panic attacks light headedness and dizziness. I

          • I’m so glad I found this forum, it has given me so much reassurance that I am not alone. My last depo injection was in June 2023, it is now April 2024 and I have had worsening withdrawal symptoms since September including chronic fatigue, diarrhea for days and then constipation, menstrual cramping every day whether I am bleeding or not, sex is painful due to the cramps, decreased appetite yet no weight loss, painful breasts.. the list goes on. These symptoms seem to be getting worse as the months go on and it’s been 8.5 months since my last shot. I have an appointment with my doctor coming up because I simply cannot handle the constant pain and fatigue anymore.

      • I have a question when do I get my period back? It’s been 2 months without my spotting or period

        • I.aksed the same question ahit and when it came back did it come. After being off of Depo alot of everything’s been going on. I didn’t want a period ,”No” but yet it came and boy was he up set after years without one then Boom… was very very heavy and lasted the entire 7days I thought I was gonna die. Then it went away. But shit a week and a half it was spotting and some lite mucus.yes I took a test just trying to figure out right after stopping Depo how would your periods be.

        • So after you take the shot, depending on how long you took it, it may be at least 10 months to a year until spotting and periods come back. I’ve taken it for 2 years when I was younger and it took a while since I had some irregular bleeding and it caused me to be severely anemic. It took those 2 years to gain back the iron and hemoglobin.

        • I have been using it for 9 months since last year
          I stopped this year in April.
          They are now two months when after the last shot.
          But I git6my first period after stopping it.then I mither second period.
          Am now experiencing breast pain and tenderness.
          Swollen breasts. Am only worried whether the breast pain is not caused by pregnancy.
          Coz I don’t wish yet to get pregnant.8

        • Hey I’m on depo only had 3 shot I suppose to got my shot July 5th I didn’t my side effects are bad headache anxiety I’m scared to drive , dizzy, tired all the time when does it wear off once I Stop taking the shot ????

          • Made me have a miscarriage did was so nasty and now i have belly a lot now and its made my body not the same from having it I am never in my life having this agin ⁸

        • Started first round in October ended January got my period month later seemed normal then came back couple day late and then week on 2 or 3 days. Past 2 months I’ve been bleeding nonstop sand I’ve been very bloated and very tired short and breath and lower back pain. Very heavy bleeding which I can’t be good for my health considering I work a very labor intensive job… how long does this last?

      • While you were one depot did u loose all sex drive??? Because I’m actually quitting it after five years because I think it’s ruining my relationship because I have zero sex drive.

        • My next shot had to be between march 21-April 4 and I never got my next shot after just being on it for 3 months. Is it safe for me to take fertility pills even if the birth control isn’t fully out of my body?

          • I started depo when I was like 16-17, for the first 9 months I had to wear pantyliners because of spotting but after that I haven’t had a period since now. I gained probably about 10lbs per year of being on it, lost my sex drive completely and despise the thought of sex. My last shot was in May and I had the Paraguard IUD put in (no hormones). Since coming off the depo, my boobs hurt so bad that when I roll over in my sleep I wake up because I’m so painful. I really liked depo besides the weight gain I experienced. But I wonder how long my boob pain is going to last

      • I got the shot back in March I’ve been bleeding everyday since. It’s now the beginning of August and the bleeding hasn’t stopped. Throughout the three first months I was nauseous and irritable. I’m not sure if it’s normal to have this kind of “withdrawal”,because I only took the shot once and I just wish I hadn’t.a

      • I got on the depo needle back in January. Thought it was great because I never had periods and felt good on it besides some mood swings and low sex drive. Decided to get off it only a couple weeks ago because I’ve been on birth control for almost 9 years and simply didnt wanna be on it anymore and don’t really know what I’m like anymore not being on it. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been feeling depressed, bloated, stomach sick and mood swings like you wouldn’t believe!!! After getting off depo I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. My doctor also “shrugged their shoulders” about my symptoms.

          • I had only one shot of depo…I can say that I bled for about three weeks straight and then the bleeding stopped. I didn’t have sex for about two months into the shot but was very happy that my bleeding had stopped.
            I didn’t notice much symptoms but had mild headaches and mood swings.

            Then I decided not to take the second shot because I changed my mind about trying to conceive. Then I noticed that I bleed every time I have sex and I’ve been having serious pregnancy like symptoms. Had to run several pregnancy tests that came out negative.

            Back aches, cramps and leg pain have been a roller coaster and I lost all the weight I gained on the shot too, low appetite. My sex drive increased after I came off the shot too.

            My doctor told me to start using folic acid to help with my cervical mucus to aid conception… I hope that works.

      • I have been taking the deposit for a few years as many other contraception’s are a no go due to high hormone levels
        Since taking these shots I have experienced some of the severe side effects such as dizziness no sex drive leg cramps and chest pains I have not been sleeping waking in sweats and flushes as a single mom I have been overly stressed because of this and had repeated appointments at doctors non of which mentioned the side effects I actually had to look it up online which angered me to know that these professionals never once thought that all these symptoms were hecause of the injection

      • I’ve also only had the shot once and next shot date is September 12, which I won’t be taking because I’ve been bleeding everyday since I got on it ! My sex drive slightly disappeared, I was constantly tired on the shot could sleep for hours , hungry all the Fucking time . And I guess since my next shot day is approaching soon I keep getting these bad ass headaches, cramping, extremely moodiness and when I was at work I got so dizzy that I thought I was gonna pass out . I will never take this again , I will never recommend it . Who ever invented this needs to go to jail , period .

        • I took one shot and have been bleeding for three months after the three months of it being effective. I’m going crazy with this continuous bleeding.

          • i don’t know where else to look so hopefully i get some answers here!! but i only had 1 injection of depo july and the 15 weeks of it wearing off were up on Halloween of this year and ever since then ive been feeling so nauseated until after i eat or drink something then im okay. is this a withdrawal symptom??? also 6 months prior i was on Nexplanon and got it removed in June. only had one period on the injection which was in september. confused and worried someone please reply.

        • I had two shots, and bled for 6 months the whole time. Been off it for about a month and I’ve stopped heavy bleeding but still have remains of old blood/brown discharge present. It feels never-ending I really wouldn’t recommend this shot 😕

      • The very same for me.. I’m always steaming hot constantly tho ams my husband has to freeze.. Alot more than this but I need answers aswell

        • I wouldn’t recommend depo to anybody. I was on it for a 3 years during my teenage year and it took me over a year to get pregnant during those times I was extremely moody to be Frank a not so nice person to be around and once I got off of it it took me almost a year to even get my period back. I had my second son back in November of 2021 and got back on it due to being terrified to get pregnant again because I had a C section so I got the shot 3x and my last shot was back in October and I have yet to get my period again. Now I’m having horrible back pain my stomach will hurt randomly I’ve also been bloated as well along with having a hard time going to the bath room an chest pain. 10/10 do not recommend anyone to get depo especially young teenagers!

          • I’ve been on mine a similar amount of time and recently came off it. I’m worrying as to if my insane levels of tiredness are because I’ve came off, not had a period yet but I feel like I might be better on it! I didn’t ever have an issue other than weight gain but I wonder if there are side effects to coming off the injection

          • Had my son January last yr was on it till April and i stopped cuz i had low sex drive chest pain back pain is jus wasn’t myself. Wen i stop i got chest pain cold feet like it was actually a fridge my Dr say it’s the shot that causes these things the sad part is some of these Dr don’t even tell u the.dangers of it that got me furious. I’m off it since May and I’m still haven’t seen my period and still getting lower back pain and abdominal pain is jus wanna feel like myself again

        • my last shot was supposed to be June 22,2023 but I have discontinued. have been feeling tired and my shoulder been paining

      • I have been on the depo shot for 7 years so in sep 2019 I decided to come off depo ever since I havent stop bleeding I’m moody and I feel depressed I would not recommend this shot to no one.

      • I’ve started the injection February 2019 and I took it January 2020 and I haven’t taken it since but I’ve been feeling nauseous but I don’t vomit and sometimes get cramps does anyone know what this means

        • Omg !! I’m going through the exact same thing at the moment . I was on the depo for 5 years straight. I have been off it for 5 months now and out of no where i have started feeling so sad and depressed over thinking constantly , crying all the time . I haven’t started my period as yet no bleeding just discharge like my body is ovulating . I’m not sure what to do ?

      • I started using the depo about a year ago. the first 3 months I had constant spotting, which was annoying, but no other symptoms. the following 3 months on the shot were amazing, no bad symptoms what so ever. around the 6 month mark of being on the shot I started experiencing extreme dizziness and weakness and nausea 24/7 and this lasted until I stopped getting the shot. the final 3 months of being on the shot, I was experiencing extreme change in my digestive health. everything I ate made me feel like I had food poisoning. i’ve officially been off it and on the pill for 3 weeks. ever since then, the dizziness and nausea completely stopped, which is lovely, but in turn i’ve been experiencing very bad cramps for the past 3 weeks, something i’ve never experienced, even before starting birth control. i’ve also been extremely bloated for the past week. in the past two days i’ve been more bloated than i’ve ever been in my whole life. I look 6 months pregnant all of a sudden. not sure if the cramping and bloating is due to me stopping the shot, i’ve just been proper suffering. overall, I wish I could go back in time to before i’d ever started the shot so that I could have avoided all these terrible effects.

      • i was only on birth control for 6 months which mean i only got two shots i’ve been bleeding non stop until this days since after the second week of the shot in january until now i was suppose to get my shot on june 12th cause i wanted to stop the shot but i am still. bleeding when will the bleeding stop i have pain as well too and always moody i have a migraine typing this hell how long will it take to get back normal after you quit taking it ?

        • Hy Tia when did the bleeding stopped from Depo cz I’m bleeding as well and it’s been 2months now I’m so stressed

      • What can I do to get pregnant I have pcos an I had two shot of depo I stop getting it because I was feeling sick ?

      • I’ve been on depo for years and recently (about 6 months ago) stopped taking it. I never had a period while on it and still waiting to have one. I had no real known side effects while on it but now that I’m off it seems like I have lost my spark or interest in life I have no emotion I’m not sad life is pretty perfect but I can’t find my happy either. If anyone has any natural suggestions to boost my endorphins or serotonin what ever that happy hormone is please let me know

        • I feel the exact same!! I just got off of it two weeks ago and am having mood swings and boughts of depression. I’m having a great life but I feel the spark going. Also my breasts are tender.

      • Am feeling sleepy all the time
        My breast and nipples are very sore
        My stomach is painful most times
        Feeling dizzy everyday
        Always want to vommit every day
        Feeling like am pregnant

        • I am so glad i am not the only one. I was on the depo consistently for about six years. I got off of it in October of 2021. While on the depo I had zero side effects, many women had complained of weight gain while on it. But lucky for me once I got off the shot I call it phantom pregnancy, breast tenderness, nausea, serious weight gain, bloating and I didn’t get my period back until July. 10 months later and my symptoms finally feel like they are going away slowly. When I asked my doctor about it she had no clue and told me to wait it out. I have gained close to 60 lbs in the past 10 months From this

        • Yes! Same here def feel pregnant. Very dizzy, headache, nausea and stomach pain, slight breast sensitivity. Extremely tired.

        • this is literally me i took it only once and didnt get the shoot again,in 2 months i was bleeding heavily after that had my periods for one day and since then no periods i have all thev pregnancy symptoms including the hyperemesis ones that i getr when pregnant

        • Omg same here I have 7/8 weeks off the shot I feel nauseous, cramping all the time, tired, my boobs are hurting omg. Idk if I could be pregnant tho.

      • Too much bleeding after you stop. You look pregnant after moody. I enjoyed not having a flow but aftermath is ridiculous.

        • Am never taking depo again after I took my first shot of 3 months I started bleeding even if it stops during sex it will come back..I decided to stop the shot but I am experiencing a whole lot of depression, nausea, mood swings loss of appetite a whole lot of pregnancy symptoms my stomach is big and am experiencing a serious weight gain all at once it is way too much to take and bcos I don’t want another baby now this is causing me alot of depression and unsureness

          • this is happening to me too. i only had one shot and am barely coming off the 3 months a few days ago and have had nausea.

      • I’m just getting off the deep I had it for three month headaches tiredness dizziness not sleeping very tired now I’m having stomach cramps coming off the shot I’m not getting a second one and I gained lots of weight when I had Nexplanon in 2018 I felt the same way with all the same symptoms how long does Depot get out of your system?

      • Yes use it you can be fine but when to get off that’s when all he’ll break loose smh not even animal must not get this thing it’s horrible me stop take it from last year and was on it over 14 years my period comes like every other month my breast is swollen am literally sick every where kmt

      • Everyone I recommend drinking aloe vera to detox your body to normal and it’ll heal every pain you have and also have a a baby. That’s what I did and I got pregnant after 5 years of depo. You can email me about it

      • Hi after my daughter Ga e birth they had put a 3 year loop in she suffer hear los and uppertite then they removed it from there they puher on the 3month injection now everytim after the injection she commits what’s the problem any advice please

      • I have been off Depot since March of last year and I just now am Having my period and boy oh boy it has been on going for last 3 weeks! some days it’s heavy and have to double up using a pad and a tampon other days its light and I think yeah it’s going to stop and then it comes back heavy again! I have asked my OBGYN and she says it’s normal coming off of the shot but man this sucks!! I am ready to just have a day where I am not play bloody roulette am I going to have to pack everything or just a pantyliner.

        • I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I was on depo for 6 years straight the only issue I noticed was low sex drive/mood swings which made me get off in Jan 2021. I then decided to get back on it Jan 2022 and stopped again March 2023 and this go round is completely different. I was on my cycle for 2 1/2 months straight, very heavy flow, painful cramps, headaches/backaches, nausea, mood swings, and fatigue. Just recently I’ve been experiencing painful breast it’s so uncomfortable I have to use my heating pad just to go to sleep. I regret getting back on it the second time but I’ve learned my lesson. My body is out of wack, I just want this to be over. I’m leaving all birth control alone

      • I had 3 shots off the depo I was meant to go but in March but didn’t now I’m suffering with bad abomal pains my breast feel like there on fire and hurt so much I’ve been hospital 4 times cause just feel genuinely unwell and in so.much pain in my stomach keep have a water infection that’s not clearing up so at to have a ct screen all these problems all cause off depo shot ill never have it again…

      • i’m 17 and was on the depo for 10 months. i would never recommend it for anyone! it does it’s job but i dont feel like it’s worth the emotional instability, weight gain, body dismorphia, depression, etc. it ruined me and i just hope i recover.

      • Just want to share my story… I was on depo for 25 years. I never had any problems or issues. And I feel for those that did. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I also have my daughter on it and again she has never had any problems. It was the best decision for me and my daughter. All I can say is if you are expecting problems talk to your doctor as it might not be the right thing for you.

        • Did you have any withdrawal from coming off? I been on it for 17 years, never had any problems from it. Just had a hysterectomy, so I don’t need it now, but worried about the withdrawals.

      • I’ve been on birth control since i was 15 years old was on the pill for maybe 6 months, it made me really sick so i was then put on depo right after and on it until i was 19 around 4 total years then i finally decided i felt as if i didnt know myself off it i did not have a period i felt sick all the time bad mood swings, unmotivated, irritable basically pregnancy symptoms i would also get dizzy from time to time nd nauseous ended up getting worse toward around the last year i took it which led me to finally decide to take a needed break from depo. the break wasnt long due to a new relationship i was off for about 9 months and i definitely felt a change in myself and my mood. once i got back on depo my period was really bad which i figured could happen but never seemed to get better so i just got back off it here august 8 2023 ever since ive had a very heavy period heavier and more painful cramps and they come in waves as if they were contractions, very painful for about a minute straight and it will be in around 5-10 minute increments for about 30-45 minutes at a time. my bloating is also the worst i have ever had. i eat regularly as i always have but i could literally go for 3 months pregnant when im bloated now. some advice would be greatly appreciated and i hope sharing this may find some other women having similar problems. depo provera was banned in the u.s once before . they need to stop giving us these slim options that is not healthy and un natural just so that we can prevent unwanted pregnancys. woman are suffering from permanent lower back pain, fertility issues, tumors, and who knows what it could really be doing. i just want to show awareness to woman. the after effects of what depo does to us is un spoken of and commonly pushed out the way.

      • Been off it since January, it’s September and I got my first first two periods this month. Two in one month and I’ve experienced weight gain and definitely breast increase and tenderness since I’ve quit . Happy to be be off

      • I am almost 8 months off the shot after being on it for a little over 3 years. I have the scariest blood clots and just had one that was really long. It’s pretty consent, sometimes I get 3 or 4 days with out anything and rarely is it ever bright red. It’s always dark and comes out in cuncks. If anyone has had anything like this please 🙏 I’m at a loss of what to do.

      • I have been on the depo for over 10 year without a break. I am currently 2 weeks late for my depo as I couldn’t get an appointment and the withdrawals are terrible! My breasts are so sore, and I mean they both feel badly bruised…I can’t even wear a bra as they hurt so much. I have terrible lower back pain, and horrendous tummy cramps. I have achy muscles and I literally feel so tired. This has happened previously, always when I am late in getting my depo.

      • I’ve been using the depo for over 11 years.during this time I didn’t really get periods. If I did wasn’t for long and it was light. I stopped using depo.I’ve been off it for over a year and a half and my periods did take a while to regulate. The dates are still off now (give or take a week), I’ve never suffered with period pains hardly ever before but since coming off the depo the pain is insane cramping so bad and not being able to stand for long on the first day or 2 of my period. I don’t plan to have kids so I’m considering going back on something. I had to come off the depo as I was warned by nhs about bone density ect. Just fort I’d share my story incase anyone else has had similar. Is this normal? Any advice welcome.

      • i went off depro provera in around october of 2023, as of december 2023 ive gotten my period 7 times in 2 months. my doctor didnt even discuss these side effects to me and let it be known that i was 16 when i went for my injection

      • I’ve been on the shot for five years since I was 16 years old all because I was getting my cycle irregularly. Currently, I’ve been off of the shot for a month and that’s due to because I’ve had two miscarriages, one recent and another a year and a half ago, due to it being because of the birth control, it was wearing out of my system way too soon before my next shot but now I am going through the withdrawals I do have nausea, tender breasts, and irregular bleeding there’s times where I’ll bleed for maybe a day or two or I’ll bleed for 4 to 7 days but on and off every other hour and I have other health conditions to where i deal with bodyaches on a daily and after getting off the shot it definitely does not make matters better.

      • When it’s close to my next app I had extreme Nausea in my stomach..aweful!..bloating!!!!..I decided to stop taking the shot and it as been my worse nightmare since..My period came back..and my bloating went..BUT mighty god!!!!!God!!!!!! SORE BREAST is giving me hell!!!I can literally feel that my breast tissues or sore/inflamed😭😭😭not to mention TIREDNESS!!..I regret doing this to myself

      • I was on the depo-shot for about eight years and stopped it in December(was due on December 5) and it is about to be May and I am finally spotting, but I have not had a full period yet. I gained a lot of weight getting off of Depo and I am more hungry than usual,had bad headaches around the 3 to 4 month mark no big changes other than the weight gain. my drive to go to work and be productive definitely has gone downhill since getting off of Depo. I feel more lazy and tired all the time.

      • Since I use it I don’t see my period and my tummy grows big and I’m gaining I decided to stop but I’m having abdominal pain and diarrhea since last night

    • So I was on the depo shot for roughly ten years and my last shot was Nov 2013. I didn’t start my period again until June 2014 but it has been constant since then 3 months of non stop bleeding! I see my doctor next week to talk about it hopefully she will have some help for me. most of my other withdrawal symptoms are positive such as i’m noticing a return of my sex drive and i’m losing weight since I now have a normal appetite. I’m looking into taking a new form of birth control at this point so hopefully it goes well.

      • I have been on the depo for about 2 and half years and I recently decided to go off it. The ladies at family planning put me on the pill to help get my period back but I stopped taking them after a week because I’ve been dealing with depression and I felt like it would make everything worse. My last two shots were late and each time my breasts would swell up and hurt. Now that I’m off of it I’m depressed, a little anxious and things that usually wouldn’t bother me do. I sleep a lot and still wake up tired. Most days I have little to no energy. I’ve started a weight loss routine and am taking a vitamin supplement and it seems to be helping with the energy and moods. I’ve been off it for almost 2 months and no period yet but I wasn’t expecting one for at least 3 months. I’m just hoping when I get my period back its not gross or rlly painful, which I’ve heard it can be. I hope maybe this helps some one.

        • Was on this for 10 years. Do not do it!!! I now have severe neck and back pain and all started with nerve pain. Went to ER twice while off 3 months off depo and now have heart issues. Constantly has PVCs (skipped heart beats) in twos and threes. Anxiety through the roof, never had anxiety before. My teeth falling out literally falling out while i suck a popsicle. Hair falling out, severe anemia. I can go on. I gain 20 pounds. I look like a completely different person. I feel like a different person. I have a huge lump in right breast dr concerned going for more testing again. Please do not do it. I was 100%healthy before stopping Depo i just wanna cry

          • I’ve been on the Depo over 15 years. I had my last shot in May 2023. I wasnt able to have another as I have been travelling since June 2023. I got my period back last month, was on for 7 days then stopped bleeding then had spotting 4 days later which has stopped again, however the last few months I’ve had very bad heart palpitations, now I’m getting a weird pressure feeling in my head and neck. Sometimes I find when I roll over at night my palpitations worsen to the point I have to lay on my back. I thought maybe I was just getting tired from travelling but now I’m starting to wonder if my constant palpations are from coming off the depo.

      • I’ve been on depo for 10 years also my last injetction was July 17 I missed my October injection and now I’m having sideeffects i was wondering other than breast tenderness and missed periods.Did you have any discharge because I have a lot of discharge if so when did it stop.

      • Steph. Out of curiosity. What did your doctor tell you about the non stop bleeding? I got off the shot a couple of months ago and am also experiencing non stop bleeding

      • Relieved to hear that my symptoms are normal I guess. But they still suck. Was on the shot for 15 years & quit last year because wanting to try to get pregnant. Been bleeding for over a month now, super moody, weight gain, & up another cup size. So frustrating!!! I never had any issues or symptoms while on the shot, I loved it. This pain & crap sux. Any advice?

      • you are only supposed to take it for like two to three years at a time, this could be connected to your issues.

      • i started my period december 9th of 2015 and just stopped on the 23rd of december 2016 i havent had a depo shot since june, now im breaking out i hives and its just a week since i stopped bleeding and my hands have been broken out in hives ever since also,

      • I’m on my first shot..take it oct 31..and due date is jan 31..i gaind alot of weight,i always want food..and for a week an 2 days now im bleeding..started light and now its heavy..I won’t be taking anymore shots ever again!! I just want it to be over with..just want to get back to normal and continue with my self control..don’t know why I take the shot in the first place..I have how it makes me feel and’s a no no for me!!

      • If you are able to see this reply id really like to talk to you. I was on depo for 12 years. It has stopped working and so I’m getting my tubes snipped asap. But I stayed on depo for so long because it helped my migraines. But I’ve been bleeding for several weeks and am becoming anemic. I just wanna know how things turned out for you

      • Hope the bleeding is sorted for you soon. I’m fearful how I’m going to be affected as I stopped my injections recently after four years. Ive had no sex drive in those four years! And gained weight.

      • Steph. How long did your period last? If u don’t mind me asking. I was on depo from October 2015-April or may 2016 I got my last shot. I bled the ENTIRE time I was on the deposit so I stopped taking it.. Then my period went away in June or July of 2016 for a few months.. now we are in 2017 and I got my period back in march? And STILL HAVE IT In June!! Just wondering if u had found some answers when u went to the dr? (Oh yea and I got married in October had a good sex drive n now it’s GONE AGAIN!)

      • I had only one Depo shot, five months ago. Immediately I lost all interest in sex: no drive, no natural lubrication, no thanks. I missed two periods and thought, “maybe it’s worth it!” But then, two months after the shot, I started bleeding every day. Little bit of cramping, little bit of bloating, little bit of bleeding, every single day until mid-March (three months of this, just enough to ruin my underwear if I tried to ignore it). That’s finally stopped, and now it’s three weeks later. Yesterday I had serious cramps and started bleeding and thought it was the return of my normal periods, but the bleeding turned out to be almost nothing. For about a week now: super tender, swollen breasts. Also – back In December, I had serious, uncharacteristic bouts of intense sadness and sobbing…could have been related to the shot or it could have been something else. Whatever that was, it lasted only a few weeks. All in all I’d say: no Depo, ever again.

      • I’ve also been on it for about 9 years and missed my shit last having alit of sweating, headaches, nausea, and dizziness.did you ha e any of these withdrawal symptoms?

      • I got the depo shot back in dec 2016 after I had my little girl now she’s almost 3 years old I’ve been off of depo for a little over a year and I still haven’t had a period since I’ve been off the shot I never had a period when I was on the shot either and I have really bad pain in my stomach i throw up a lot and I have back pain and I don’t know what’s going on can anybody please give me some answers

      • I’ve been off depo for a few months and i have had my period for about 8 weeks. ITs pretty light but frightening. I talked to my doctor and she said it’s normal because I’m so young but it’s so annoying! I’ve a also had some cramping. Anyone else?

      • I’m not sure ignoring you’ll ever see this but my last shot was in April , I started bleeding then beginning of August and haven’t stopped to this day it’s September 7th , do you remember what advice you we’re given or how you stopped this shot ? I really do need advice if you have any ! Thank you

      • I have been off the depo shot for about a year now and I got my regular periods back. I just want to know if it causes a miscarriage…..

      • Hi guys, I went through the same stuff u all are facing if u have taken depo shots…. I’ve been on depo shots for the past 4 years n my gosh my body and my hormones levels was so unbalanced n unbearable… I was so moody all the time and sex drive was so low. Didn’t have my period at all when I started.I drop sick with high fever, flu and high blood pressure so my nurse recommend me to stop taking the shots, so I did. And I wanted to start a family too, so why not. I stop taking the shot since in late December 2019. A new year was coming; as the months goes by my was body was…..dammmnn fxxx up.. I have headache, mood swings, I was overweight, have lower back pain, my stomach was upset… couldn’t really eat. I have light spotting like 4 months straight. I was scared didn’t know what to do…the year was ending n I still didn’t have my period n not pregnant. Was so upset with what my body was going through really wanted to start a family. After a year and 2 months I finally got my period which lasted a month and a day. Was happy when I see I got my period. My body is still recovering n trying to conceive. Will never go on depo shots again.

      • I received Depo shots every 3 months for 26 years, I never had any issues. I decided to quit to see where my body was with menopause. I had my last shot in January, so far no withdrawal symptoms. Btw, I got pregnant twice while on the pill so depo was very effective for me.

        • Kelly
          Thank you for some positive feedback I’ve been on depo 20 years and plan to be on it another one or two to get me through menopause , reading these was scaring me alittle. I have gone off in the past twice when I chose to have children and the only side effect I remember was my period not coming back instantly.

      • Istarted depo in august. I missed ma periods Up to may….. After leaving dep nw I had un protected sex after leaving depo and am confirming dis signs back pain en chest pain idont knw weather am pregnant

      • I have been using depo for 3 years roughly,ever since i had no appetite and lost weights now i just stopped taking it it been almost 5 months but no period all im noticing is my boobs size and tenderness.i am trying to conceive now but no luck😭😭pls help

      • Taut I was alone in this. it’s going to 2years now, haven’t seen my flow. Have been told my doc that it will come, buto it’s not fourth coming and I’m worried. To think I took this injection once and it was my first time. Pls if u get a clue on what to do to make my flow start again Pls share

        • Everyone is different.. I was on depo for 9-10yrs after having my daughter in 2002 . I came off it April 2012 .. period return August 2011 and got pregnant November 2011.. my son was born August 2012 been on and off.. tired different methods but did not work. I was meant to get my depo December 2022 because I think it’s time for another child.. just started spotting now so hopefully my period will start soon.

      • Iv been on the depo for 5 yers aswell and have been off it for 10 months April 25 I hade one 3 week period jan.2 tell the end of that month and it was a real heavy and un happy one but havint hade one sence and am VERY Very curious if ANYONE eles has had this or CAN help me with advice im driving myself crazy wandering All the time what’s wrong with me and why my body won’t allow me to have a period. (( the Hole time ON depo I Never Ever once had a period the hole 5 yrs )) and trying to let my body relive it finely .. And it still won’t PLZ !!!! Sumone help!?

      • So I am not the only one who hasn’t gotten their period yet ? I been off of it for almost a month now. I haven’t gotten my.period, but symptoms of my period. I take pregnancy test, went to the doctor. Final result not pregnant, but still no period. Very conerned why? Did your doctor say anything ? I I didn’t even think of talking about the shot and it could have been that.

      • I am having the same issues as Kim. My last injection was jsn 2016. I’ve had increased discharge that looks like egg yolk. Anyone know what’s that about our is that me ovaluting

        • I was on depo for 5 years my last shot was in june 2022 i was suppost to go for my next one in september but didn’t throughout the time i been on depo i was fine i only gain a little be of weight and sex drive was a no other then that i was happy with depo i did see my periods while on depo it would come every few months so in September before going for my next shot i had a light period for 4 days then had my period again in October seen i want to get pregnant i started tracking ovulation with digital ones suprise i had a smile november skipped a period didn’t track ovulation then it came back again in dezember track ovulation again had a positive now in January 2023 i got another period witch im happy about because atleast iknow my body is doing what it suppost to because i search it can take up to 10-12 months to get your period or started ovulating but everyones body is different im just glad my cycle came back right after i stop now my focus is to get pregnant but overall depo was good to me no

      • I was on depo shot from November 2018-may 2019. And I completely lost my sex drive, gained a lot of weight and had terrible mood swings. I decided to stay on it the length of time I did because as long as my periods were gone my migraines were gone ..but I’m wondering now how long it will take me to feel normal again? I’m scared of finally starting my period because of hearing about bleeding for months on end. I’m trying to lose the weight I gained, and sex drive is coming back slowly..but I feel very bloated at times. I’ll never take depo shot again and all these stories about it, they should take it off the market!

      • I’ve been off the shot for three months. I couldn’t afford it so I just started using condoms again. Well. I got my period last week it last two days and stopped. I am constantly nauseous. Bloated. Irritated. I feel like I’m pregnant but I’m not. Non stop migraines. And I feel so tired all the time. How is depo even approved by the drug administration? I’ve seen nothing but horror stories about it. My friend has been off the shot for 4 years and still can’t get pregnant. I hope I’m not infertile because of this.

      • I first had the shot back in 2014 (in my early 20s) and my periods initially after having the shot were horrendous I think I had my period for 6 months straight! After that they stopped completely which was great as I hate them. I then came out of my relationship after about 1.5 years on it decided I would give my body a break plus wasn’t any need for me to be ok it anymore but my periods didn’t come back for a full year. I got back into a relationship after 4 years and restarted the depo again I had a long spell of constant periods before they stopped completely again but I felt that my anxiety got worse so I decided to stop again and had my last shot back In December 2019 since stopping my period came back within a month but I have extreme breast tenderness and heavy periods also feel like I have no energy and constantly hungry and never feeling full up ! I’m so scared as I am going to gain loads of weight due to this. I would not go on this again and currently not on anything as my partner is working away.

      • Have your period came back yet smh I’m still waiting on mines to return been off for 2 years now and no return been back n forth to drs 😑😔

      • When i had my frist shit within a few hour i become streamly moody and depressed i couldnt eat then i started having a appetite and liking thing i normally wouldn’t eat. At the time i had unprected sex two day before my shot . And i remembered being told to wait 15 day until i could have sex. I thought i was pregnant for the longest time. In total i been on it for a year and 8 month. I really didnt want to continue after my fisrt shot the 3 month was good enough but wasnt a option for my mom.

      • ive been on the depo for just over a year now and ive had my period everyday since the day i started using the depo

      • Used it once and wanna get pregnant now this shot can ruin someone’s relationship I don’t wanna hear about it again

      • I get sore swollen breasts, bloating & a lot of swelling if I am even a week late for my shot. Has anyone else experienced this?

      • I have been on the depo for about 2 years. I was suppose to get my shot 3 weeks ago, in April 2016, but didn’t. I haven’t had a period since around Christmas of 2015. In the past 3 weeks of coming off of the depo I have had terrible cramps, with no bleeding. I’m very bloated, I am 5’3 and weigh 115 so I practically look like I’m 5 months pregnant all the time! My nipples are VERY sensitive to the touch, it’s worse when I take my bra off and my shirt rubs against them. I have what you would call “milk bumps” around my areolas and the clear colostrum (what comes before the milk) leaking from my nipples. My boobs don’t seem swollen, but are tender, also my nipples are very puffy and have gotten bigger and darker as if I’m pregnant, which I can’t possibly be because my boyfriend had a vasectomy 2 and a half years ago. Nausea is at an all time high. I am tired ALL THE TIME. I swear I could sleep 12hrs and wake up and go right back to sleep… I am moody, and irritable. I can go from high to low in 2.3 seconds, flat. I have 3 children and didn’t even have this many symptoms when I was actually pregnant!! Ugh!!!!

      • I’ve been on the shot for exactly one year. I suppose to take it this June, But i decided not to take it no more. My breasts are very sensitive amd sore that i can’t stand the bra and I’ve been habing discharge. Is this normal for stop using it?

      • hello. I have been off the injection for 2 months now after using depo for the past 2 years. I have experienced weight gain (60 lbs) EXTREME bloating as if I’m 6 months pregnant. constipation. mood swings, psoriasis, hair loss, nausea. Its just like being pregnant.
        I never thought birth control would cause withdrawal symptoms after stopping use.

        Do you have any of these symptoms?

      • When I start using Depo I get my periods for 2 months full without stoping n heavy 1, I use Depo for 1 year 7 months n I stop it Feb 2016 till now I didn’t get my period back, other lady advise to use flagiles two 3 times a day for 2 weeks I did do that no periods, I read on the Internet suggestions to bring back jo periods that u use a parsley tea 3 times a day, I did do that for 2 days I notice some sports for 2 days then stop, since then I feel pregnant signs, tender big breast, itching tits, something like moving on my abdorinal, moods, sometimes been nausea I do preg test results negative, n I went to the clinic to report the matter they told me maybe my periods r coming back is the hormones that’s make me feel like that, bt still now no periods normal n signs came strong now, n m tired to do preg test anymore n get disappointments that negative results, Depo is good to someone maybe stopping at all to have kids if u still think that u’ll need a child sometime again plz dnt use Depo is not good for u, cz u won’t get pregnant as soon as possible, m 8 months now stopping Depo no periods, instead pains pregnant symptoms

      • Hey ruby I am having the same problem too my breast is so sore on swollen I have being on the depo for ten years this shit is not good when stop it all I know it messes you up but the greatest thing I stop it December 2016 on my period come backs February 2017 on am 43 this year

      • I have been on depo for 8 years and have stopped, I bled for a few days after I stopped 2 weeks later sore breast, nauseous for about a week in the mornings, now xtra discharged, loss of sex drive, tiredness, emotional. Hopefully this all stops soon been 4 weeks now still no period

      • Nausea . bloating . and my breast are so sore and swollen and I’ve been off the shot for 2 weeks now

      • Your not the only one, I only had 2 Depo shots and i stopped it cause I didn’t like the way I felt! I haven’t gotten my period yet and it’s been months I been taking pregnancy test bc my boobs are tender I feel nausea all the time! I just thought once I stopped the shot the symptoms will go away. But they haven’t!

      • Hi I had my last shot July 24th 2018, I have not had a period since I started the shots in 2011, I am now having symptoms of nausea, sore breasts and peeing alot! I thought I was pregnant, took a test and came back negative. Thankfully as I’m not looking to fall pregnant, is there a chance that the depo could give a false pregnancy test reading. Or are these symptoms of my body adjusting to not having the depo.

      • I was on depo for two years. My last shot was in December and withdrawal symptoms are horrendous. Ive had my period 3 times this month, super heavy and super painful. Migraines and breast tenderness. And I am sooo tired all the time. Wish I would have never taken it!

      • Hi, I’ve been been on depo for 7 years – having hot flushes and mood swings – I have low Estrogen levels so coming off depo And going’s onto mini pill with Estrogen to help boost the level. Has anyone come off depo and gone onto pill?

      • I was on the shot for nearly two years and stopped because I gained 35 pounds, lost sex drive, and was getting random cramping. Now getting off of the shot I’m experiencing depression, my sex drive is coming back, and my period has yet to come or show signs of coming. I’ve been off of the shot for 2 months now

      • Who ever approved depo, am not happy with this contraceptives, depo is totally a very dengerous drug. I was using depo for 3month started in October last year ended in 06 January 2020. Until today didn’t get my period. Am experiencing leg cramps, nausea, bloating, breast tender lower back pain and abdomen pain. Depression, feeling so lonely, migraines. I even came to a point were am diagnosed with gastric. Depo is hell, am not gonna take depo ever again. Over my dead body. I experienced worse. Only if I could knew it’s like that. Am every day checking on my pant incase if am little wet I quickly have to check if it’s my period maybe. Am so tired of this whole situation. I can’t wait to get my period back and my body get back to normal, oh lord Jesus Christ help me get my period.

      • Hello I came off the horrible depo injection in August 2020 to get pregnant and I’m still trying. Periods are still a little crazy but this month iv basically been on since the beginning on January!! Im so fed up and shattered constantly I can’t stress enough how much people need to avoid the injection. Has anyone else experienced the same?

        • I have experienced horrible side effects on the depo shot for 4 years.
          I have been off of the shot for a few months and the side effects are lingering. I have no period. But I am not planning on getting pregnant.

    • I’ve been off the shot for nearly a month now… For the last 2 days I’ve been for irritable and nauseous. Do u this is normal with coming off… I’ve been on for 4 years…

      • I got 1 shot back in November and it regulated my periods now I am not getting any after being off for almost 3 months

      • I am coming off the depot next week after being on it for 10+ years the nurse at my GP surgery said I can’t take it anymore once I hit 50 I am dreading it and all the side-effects that will come will keep you posted

      • I’ve been on depo for 3 years 5 months, lately I am feeling nausea , my belly looks like I am 5 months pregnant. If I pump my breast I see clear liquid,, 3 test came nagative, 1 was positive, could I be pregnant??

      • I was on Depo shot for 10 years with no issues. However ever since I stopped, about a year ago, I am so bloated, tired and recently have cramps all the time. My periods came back almost immediately but cramping gets worse with each one. My doctor has no answers for me. So frustrating.

      • I have been on Depo for a little over two years. I was supposed to get my next shot last Monday but skipped it because I haven’t been in a relationship in over a year. So far I feel very nauseous like I’m going to throw up but can’t. Also I have been on my period since November. I would not recommend anyone to take the shot. I’ve been having lower abdomen pain and thought that I had a cyst in my ovaries. I’m going to urgent care Monday when I don’t have work. I’m not sure if it’s that or just side effects from the shot. Every day I just feel like sleeping and not doing anything. This nausea isn’t helping either now I really don’t feel like doing anything.

    • Was on depo for 2half years no bleeding when was on it and decided to try for a baby im on 7months from last injection had brown spotting for 3 days thats it but put weight on sore boobs and tired all time

      • Hi all need some advise my injection ended on 27th August I didn’t go back for the shot due to it being a nightmare
        So I had what I think was a period towards the end of last month come off last week but have come on again this week is this normal when coming of injection

      • I just got off the depo shot and switched to the birth control patch. lately I’ve had sore nipples, and tired 24/7. I was on it for 4 years!

    • I was on the depo shot for 4 yrs and for me it was the best and most convenient form of birthcontrol I had used in the past I had those horrible periods the first time I used it my second time experience was pleasant didn’t have no side effects I felt great but as the years went by I keep injecting it I felt hot flashes alot of nervousness anxiety was at it’s worst I felt alot of depression u just feel like your not yourself at all besides the fact that my sexual life was nearly ruined because the lack of sexual thrive no matter how much I tried I couldn’t find the way to get aroused I couldn’t function I was a prisoner of myself. it help me by not getting pregnant but the side effects are horrible. It was like do I wanna feel depressed or pregnant ? It was a horrible experience now it’s been a month I’m off it and I’m starting to feel like myself withdrawals aren’t fun but it’s getting there would I give this another try? I don’t think so

      • Are you withdraws getting better?i been having anxiety and depression, I stopped depo about 6 months ago and have not got my period, the doctor whats me to start birth control pills to regulate my period,

      • Hello Sandra I’m the same. Not much side effects on it except weight gain but coming off was another story… a nightmare. I’m 8 months off and my anxiety is awful sometimes panic. Tremors, shortness of breath, headaches , insomnia, muscle pain, its a long list. It would be nice to hear how you are doing today.( 5-1-22 ) As I don’t hear of people speaking of full recovery. I joined a couple of depo withdrawl Facebook groups to get support from people I can relate too. But I’d love to hear on how you are doing. I need hope.

        • I got my last shot April 2022, I have been bleeding ever since. My doctors don’t seem to be concerned but I am. Does anyone know why this might happen? When will it stop? Will my menstral cycle regulate itself or do I need to be on medication? It’s been a long time and its really effecting me and my relationship. Its been 6 months of consitant spotting, uterine lining shedding, etc. 3 months since I stopped getting the shot. Should I be more or less concerned than I am?

        • Hi Jessica, just seen your post and would like to hear after all this time how your sypmtoms were and how there are now?
          I have been on this injection for almost 20 years and want to come off it but hearing all these comments is making me scared. However, I know its just something you have to get through.
          So my question is, as you asked in your post – there is no actual recovery stories on here and just wondered if your body now feels back to normal?

      • Hi, firstly I have pcos, so I never had a regular period. I started depo in February 2022, and stopped in April 2022. During those two months I had spotting, cramps, excessive crying, and breast pain. Now being off depo for 2 months, said symptoms still continue. My period hasn’t come since, I also been feeling fatigued and bloated.

        I honestly regret taking the shot and I won’t recommend, I should of known it was too good to be true.

      • I stopped depo back in May , and I’am having so much anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, and trouble sleeping, hot flashes 🙁 don’t feel like myself, and for the first in 4 years I just started getting cramps

    • I was on depo for about 11 years, & just got off in March of this year. About a month ago I started breaking out really bad on my chin & all around the corners of my mouth up to my nose, on both sides. I’ve never experienced anything like this & I’m 30yrs old. I’ve always had clear skin. I’ve stopped wearing any makeup in hope of it clearing up, but no luck. Has anyone else had this problem after stopping depo?

      • Hey! Just following up to see how you are doing. I am getting off the depo after 20 years (yikes) and am worried. Never hadn’t a problem with it but am terrified of withdraws.

      • Yes my skin broke out too.

        I have been on depo for 9 monthes and been off it for 2 monthes. I got my period 2 weeks after and had it for 8 weeks heavy to light, light to heavy. My skin breaks out in whiteheads and have no sex drive, also was gassed up well bloated. I’m done period now and have cramps but no period, im tired alot and just want to get back to normal. This is so unnatural 🙄

      • Yeah..same…i had the shop 20 january 2020…which wear-off on April face was full of fatty skin surface and very oil…was breaking out so much…No period for the first 2mths…and period came twice in April….but in May no period…with so much cramping on both side of my pelvics…and down to my right leg…too much back pains.for 2weeks now…recently another new pregnacy syptoms; headache,low appetite,depression,tiredness.
        So scared i was pregnant…but reading everyone’s review..has taught me…that am not the onky one going thrugh this…..thank God!!!
        I hope…this syptoms..come off sooner… so feeling sick of it…cant get control of myself..anylonger…
        Am not gonna take the shots..anymore…until am done having my babies..

      • I started using depo this year Soo I have loss weight Soo I did it only three month..but I have loss weight,it’s possible for me to gain?

      • You get your sex drive back, because it won’t be messing with your fertility. The only good withdrawal symptom about it. Stomach cramps. You get your old self back [another good thing]. Nausea. Migraines. There might be a few more symptoms, but I can’t really remember.

      • I just stopped the Depo shot Monday and wasn’t really having any side effects but right now I feel extremely nauseous like I’m gonna throw up but I can’t. It’s honestly the worst thing ever. I’ve also been very tired and not really wanting to do anything. I was on the shot for two years and have been on my period since November.

    • It has kept me from having a baby after I had my son 4 years ago, but the downside is that it made me feel sick for a whole 10 or more months when I stopped using it. It made me feel like I was pregnant, but only I wasn’t pregnant. Please be sure to find out the side effects before you choose to be on the depo 3 month injectable contraceptive. It also interfered alot with my sex life. Vagina is always dry, always tired and never in the mood for sex.

      • Planning on getting off the shot next month that is due been on it for 6 years wondering what to expect after I stop it

      • I’m finally getting off the Depo shot I had it for three months the side effects I’m always tired and sleepy headaches and dizzy and gain lots of weight it’s the same thing when I had the Nexplanon two years ago The same symptoms I was wondering how long it takes to get out of your system

    • I’ve only gotten one shot of the depo shot. I’m due for another shot in about a week. My body feels how it felt when I first got the shot. Nauseous, dizzy,gassy, no appetite, these are all side effects I had when I first got the shot. I’m wondering why did it come back is it. Because I’m due for another shot?

    • I’ve been on depo for the past 14 years. Finally decided to call it quits. Went through a deep depression for years and could never figure out why, but looking back now now I know it is the shot. Since I stopped I have lost about 10 pounds, have experienced severe bloating and nausea and headaches. Side effects have continued without a period.

      • I was on it for 10 years. Finally decided to stop 4 months ago. I was having chest pains, cramping, headaches and anxiety attacks. This is the worse contraceptive and should be band. i have been to so many doctors and then seeing others experience here. I makes me wonder why we are not told the truth. I have put all my trust and faith in God and claiming his continued healing. I wish you ladies all the best as well.

      • I am glad I have sat here reading all these responses. I had myself dying with cancer in my head lol. I had been on depo for over 20 years and came off of it January I had two very heavy periods, one lighter one, all at the exact time of the month. Now this month I am bloated and have nausea but no period. Did t even realize there would be side effects. I just stopped taking it but didn’t talk to my doctor about it.

      • Me too as well I was on it for almost 10 years got off of it 2 years ago and still no period my dr said I might have perimenopause due from not having a period all this time and they said it might not come back 😢 so stressful

      • I was on it too for 14 years on decided to stop December 2020 now I see back my period January haven’t seeing none since on my breast is swollen on painful my skin is itching me so bad my stomach feeling sick like acid reflux I wouldn’t recommend it to no body smh when to stop it too mush side effects

      • Hi Ashley, did any thing you take help the withdrawal symptoms? I have been on depo for 20 years. Off it now for 1 year I get nauseous, sore breasts, headaches and itching skin But it comes and goes. Any I advice? I now take hormone harmony and I think it helps with the s withdrawal symptoms.

    • I started taking depo shot February of 2015, my period stop would bleed a little when my shot is almost due I started feeling tired all the time having shortness of breath low sex drive so I discontinued the shot few months later.. went back on it June of 2019 then I started experiencing some spots on my skin sometimes red sometimes takes the colour of my skin went to my doctor he treated me for allergies but those spots will keep going and coming I had vaginal dryness vulva pain my doctor couldn’t find whats wrong with me shortness of breath came back chest pain abdominal pain nausea leg cramps joint pain and so many more plus this time my period stop completely each month I’ll have cramps like my period cramps but I’ll only pass a little brown discharge or clot so I decided to Google the side effects and there was this long list of things I had no idea this injection couldve put me through so many things i went to my health care and all they said was they don’t know of those symptoms so I stop taking the injection April 2020 I had me period twice in May and once in June so far still feeling depressed alot spots still comes and goes on my skin still have shortness of breath im just here praying for my body to back to normal I definitely wouldn’t recommend depo shot to anyone.

      • I am experiencing same symptoms,my skin is very clean but since I was on the injection I experience some pumpils and lighter completion,instead of my periods I experience some brown discharge,I took a lot of pregnancy test and even went to a doc but results came back negative..stomach cramps,feeling tired,breast and nimple pains are some of symptoms I experience

    • Been on it for a year (dec’18 – dec’19), didn’t get my period for the whole year, 6 months after stopping had some spotting and finally had my period a month ago but the bleeding is almost constant, just a few days without bleeding. Noticed breast swelling and sensitivity, as well as nausea a couple of times.

      • Wow. I was on depo for about 5 years on and off and didn’t go back for my last shot which was May 2021. I was having normal periods as of July and then randomly in October 2021, I started bleeding nonstop. I feel tired all the time and have mood swings. My breasts were also sore to the touch throughout October. I’ve been so scared to share this but reading your comment and all the others has been helpful. Hopefully we all heal from this and figure out whatever is going on with our bodies.

    • I started depo 3-4 years ago.i was having a constant menstrual cycle for 16 gyn would never really address the issue and just prescribe different forms of birth control.none of which worked.i had a menstrual hemorrhage and blood clots so they prescribed progesterone to try and did not.the next suggestion was the depo shot to try and stop it all together.while on the depo I experienced headaches,pelvic pain,mood swings,fatigue,no sex drive what so ever,and weight gain.i learned of the health risks of prolonged use so I stopped the shot.after stopping it I experienced debilitating muscle pain for 3 days,severely tender breasts,pelvic pain,cramping, nausea/vomiting and mood has been 2 months since my last injection and my period has returned in full swing including cramping which I never had before recieving the shot.

      • I was on Depo the injection shot for 5 years straight and quit it when I began to experience Acute Chronic lower back pain of Lumbar Sacral due to the injection site being performed on buttock all the time and nerve damage for the Depo Provera damaging nerve cells in the spinal cord and main Sciatica nerve. I gained 70 pounds using Depo and stayed hungry all the time . Brest size increased putting added pressure on damaged spine from Depo injection shots . I have not seen a period yet since stopping Depo of last year in October now it is September and I have seen no period yet but being hospitalized for Chronic Acute Sciatica of right 🦵 leg and lower back. Again, Depo Provera must removed pans banned in the US it permits awful weight gain and nerve damage to critical bones 🦴 of the human body .

    • I would highly recommend
      Depo-provera for women who suffer from Endometriosis. I have used it for 7 years and finally had my surgery I’ve been wanting for 10 years. I stopped the injection one month ago Post surgery. My libido had increased, whole body inflammation is down, sleep is getting better, although I fight with daily fatigue. After 15 years from my first surgery for Endometriosis the depot-provera did a miracle job and slowed the implant growths immensely. I went from an entire pelvis covered in implants to only a couple behind my uterus this time. Although there are effects of the shot, its totally worth it if it controls the pain, bleeding, and growth of Endometriosis.

      • I starting taking the DEPO shot around the age of 25. It was truly a miracle in treating my endometriosis. I was covered in uterine cysts which made my periods unbearably painful and heavy. Internal sonograms showed a huge decline in the amount and size of the cysts after being on the shot for 2 years. For most of my time with the shot I didn’t experience many side effects. I probably gained 10lbs (in 6 years) since I’ve been on it, however I think it could partly be due to getting older. Now after being on it for 6 years I am going to come off of it because I believe I am experiencing some adverse effects. I have been getting back to back yeast infections and believe the hormone fluctuations are the culprit. Additionally I bleed/spot for long durations of time. I will say this shot made my life livable with endometriosis and would recommend it to any female with this condition. It may not be the best option for just a general contraceptive though. I agree Soraya, I also had a lot of success with the shot treating my endometriosis.

    • Hi ,i stopped taking depo in October, got my period las month and now i am almost a week late is it normal to miss a period after getting off the shot . Nervous i might be pregnant as i did have unprotected sex .

    • I put my daughter on it when she was 16yrs old.I took it when I was 16 when I came off it took 2 years for me to have my daughter and I was 20 after that I have a total of 7children and I took her off of the shot Around 7monthes ago she has started to bleed and loosing weight but it’s heavy.So I told my daughter don’t take bath in hot water at least warm cold I know the best those who what to have a baby God will let you know when it’s your time.if you are not on after 1year something is wrong.

    • Am saying No to Depo .not recommended to anyone. Bleeding as if you committed a crime on my 8th month since off depo two periods in one month bleeding more than 9 days .l really wanna get back to my normal self so bad .and no more any contraceptive in my body. Juts gonna use condom.

    • See if for 3 years and I withdraw i and since I withdrew, it’s 2 years and I haven’t conceived yet. Menses irregular, sometimes sporting, bleeding and weight loss.

    • I took the shot right before I left the hospital back in November 2030. I had a 1 day cycle in July. It been months since I had a cycle but I’m constantly using the bathroom all my pregnancy tests are negative.I’m confused 😐 on what’s going on with my body .

    • I only had two shots and started on the pill as soon as my third shot was due, booked in for the mirena so only on the pill to cover me till then. I’ve had an on and off severe head ache for over a week now (I never have headaches) and such terrible cramps. Hope this is over soon.

    • Do not recommend depo. Worst mistake of my life!! I stopped depo in January and now it’s may and I’m struggling bad. I’m a mom of four kids and experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I feel so sick and I’m not sick. This sh*t is nuts. My heart rate is up, I was in the ER. Every single part of my body is messed up. When will I be normal again? No one told me this could happen. It’s like my life isn’t mine anymore.

      • Yes it’s having to me too every thing seems to gone crazy my skin itching like hell I have to be at the ER more than once I feel like am going crazy my face have on rash on it just scratch so bad my knees seems to can’t carry me no more this shit is crazy

      • You guys can find more support on Facebook Depo Provera Side Effect Support. Look for me “Jessica Huitron” I am going through this it’s the hardest thing ever. We need all the support we can get. My withdrawal symptoms are endless.

      • That’s make two of us it mess up your whole system every minute I have to be at the doctor yet still they can’t fine what’s wrong smh

      • same I started depo in June last year went for my last shot in December for the last few weeks I’ve been ane 4 times once with chest pains and 3 times with abomal pains I’ve had blood tests about 9 times and had ct scan and x Ray and everything coming back fine but my body feels feels like its been hit by a 🚚 pains in hips ribs chest I’ve got cysts on my overys which I wasn’t told about I feel miserable 😢 I don’t see no end to it I DONT recommend depo at all….

    • Everyone I recommend drinking aloe vera to detox your body to normal and it’ll heal every pain you have and also have a a baby. That’s what I did and I got pregnant after 5 years of depo. You can email me about it

      • Aww I recommend drinking aloe vera. It heals our body by detoxing. It is the great silent healer and linking to the bible too. You should google what it does to your body. It heals any disease.

    • I received my last depot shot In March and was due for the next shot in mid may but I had decided I did not want to be on bc anymore, because of the constant headaches, weird menstrual cycles and the fatigue and mood swings had no energy ever, no sex drive ! I literally lived of coffee and Celsius to get me through everyday! We’ll mid June I suffered from severe anxiety, chest pains, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nervousness, and insomnia for 12 days straight ! I ended up at the E.R because I didn’t know what was wrong with it me , I didn’t feel myself ! All they diagnosed me with was anxiety. Now I know it’s the depo that has me feeling like this! I don’t wish this upon anyone, and I wish all you ladies start to feel better soon , sending you ladies a hugeeeee hug !

    • Only had one shot. Never been so emotional when I started it. Extreme depression and anxiety. Coming off it now and my anxiety and gloom is high again. I tell everyone to steer clear of this birth control.

      • I also only took one shot sept 2022. I have had bleeding almost every day. I will not get anymore. Have things returned to normal for you now?

        • i had one depo shot in september 2023 second was due december which i didnt have, i had a period startt of feb. 2024 and nothing at all since but my boobs are so sore. I have negative tests. has anybody else had similar symptoms.

    • I’ve been on the Depo shot for almost two years and theres pros and cons.
      Pro: It got rid of all my period pain and symptoms and I usually didn’t have a period at all. If I did it was like a week of spotting.
      Cons: Lost my sex drive completely, gained a ton of weight that I can’t get off, and definitely have some emotional/mood swings.

      I recently decided to get off of it and missed my last dose about a week ago, in hopes of losing weight and getting back to my old self. Im hoping this doesn’t go terrible for me and I can just flow back into a regular period within a month.

    • It made me have really bad mood swings and I stress more than I ever have in my life! My body is so mixed up. It doesn’t know whether it wants to bleed or not. I just recently got my last shot. Let’s say about a year ago and I haven’t had a menstrual since then. All of a sudden a year after my menstrual came back but it’s weird. It’s like only when I urine it is there but not in my underwear or not in my clothes like it doesn’t come out. So it’s really weird and my breasts are so swollen I can’t touch them. I cannot lay on them. It’s been over almost 2 weeks. I just can’t wait for my body to get back to normal so I know when my period is. This is ridiculous. I’m waiting for the time that it comes so I can know when my time of the month is but for some reason it’s just a spot. Still after a year of getting a shot the last shot I got! The reason that I got it is because I bled for 6 months straight. No break and it was tearing me apart!

    • I’ve been using Depo for a year and I decided to stop it without consulting my OB… I had a terrible side effect, episodes of spotting bleeding or no menstruation at all, lower back pain, now I have a dry cough for almost a month I have been consulting my doctor for some medicine but there’s no good effects, and because of this cough I have been experiencing moderate pain on my diaphragm area… 😔😔😔

    • I been on depo shot for 3 years since I was 17 I am now 19 about to be 20 my next shot is next week I’m trying to decide if I want to get off of it to get back to my normal self I haven’t had a period for 3 years and I gained ALOT of weight I’m scared to get off of it though I been on it so for so long but seeing all the side affects of getting off I’m very scared
      Any advice ?

      • I took this injection for three times and I have been having palpitations, am weak and tired, feeling depressed and confused. Having anxiety, restlessness, loosing appetite, feeling nausea. What can I do to help myself

    • Did anyone have a non horror story experience coming off DEPO? Cause this all scares the shit out of me as I sit here thinking about coming off it after o lt 3 shots. No reason other than it being a waste. No sex, no point. I’ve had literally no side effects. But I’m scared I will feel the withdrawal.

    • My experience with depo was pretty good, it just worked best for me. Now I decided I’d like to try for another baby, it’s been about 10 months since my last shot. Shortly after I should’ve gotten my next shot I was getting a lot of pregnancy type symptoms. Most noticeable was my boobs looking bigger and being sore. I read this is normal, but its been 7 months. There was like a 2 week break but now my nipples are 10x more sensitive and my boobs are hurting again. I’ve had some pain in my lower stomach when I flex it. I’m always so hungry and feel like I need to pee more often. Pregnancy tests have said negative since the start. I feel like it’s been awhile for me to still have “withdrawal” symptoms but no where talks about how long this would last. I just want the relief of knowing if this is normal.

    • I got Depo last year and I bled for 3 months straight with a lot of symptoms like nausea, headache, hot flashes, mood swings, hair loss, etc. It was my only one shot, it’s been a year & I’m experiencing headaches, breast tenderness & nausea. I guess it’s wearing off. Has anyone experienced anything similar during withdrawal?

    • this is the most horrible form off birth control I’ve had a few problems I’ve had 3 shots and was meant to do back in March seens then I’ve had chest pains abomal pains and now eye pain and headaches and mouth ulcers I’ve at to go to ane 4 times with pain in stomache and chest I’ve at to ho docs and had about 5 blood tests done I’ve had a ct chest xray and ultrasound but still feel now I’ve hot to do a stool simple it’s never ending so this depo shot needs banning…

      • I’m the same. Oh the headaches, nausea, fatigue, lord of appetite. It’s the worse thing I’ve ever experienced. The anxiety is so bad. How you getting on now? How long did it take for the symptoms to disappear

    • I started depo back in September and i didn’t have a period at all until december. I went back in December and got my second dose and i literally just stopped bleeding for the first time 3 weeks ago. I lost every part of my secco drive, became moody and violent, tiredness, depression and anxiety flared up to an all time high. You name it I had it. i literally suffered to the point i just didn’t go back for my 3rd shot. I’m not experiencing breast tenderness, fatigue and headaches! Although the bleeding stopped I have been living a nightmare during and after this “depo from hell” shot! Please beware of Depo Ladies! It’s not good for our bodies! I’m literally a walking billboard full of symptoms at this point!

    • I started taking the depo shot in march and let me tell you worst decision ever. I was ALWAYS sad and depressed and just cried all the time . Me and my boyfriend are VERY safe we use a condom, pull out, and during the time the shot . But now I think my body inside confused and I’m having back to back periods not heavy just really early and I have heard many say that this could be a sign of pregnancy but mind is telling me “no way we are so safe” so if anyone can help me understand it will be appreciated. Thank you !

    • I’ve been on the depo for a good 6 years. I decided to come off it as I no longer want any type of drug in my system. I was told as a precautionary measure to have one more shot until my husband gets his vasectomy and I’ve been bleeding continuously for 4 months. This has never happened before I went to my doctor to put me on meds to stop the bleeding and even that didn’t work. I haven’t been able to find a single nurse or doctor who has given me an answer or solution: I guess I just need to wait.

    • I have been on depo provera for 3 1/2 years and at first experienced no adverse side effects. About a year into getting my shots I had issues with spotting that would last about two weeks, so my injection was moved to every 10 weeks rather than the normal 12. That helped for approximately a year but the continual spotting started happening again. It usually occurred near the date of my next shot but recently it has been happening weeks before my next injection. I also am experiencing what was severe to now mild pelvic pain (ultrasound and vaginal mucus tests came back clear) and a pretty much light period for the past two weeks. I want to discontinue my depo use but I am nervous about the withdrawal symptoms women report after doing so.

    • No F ing way I knew it!! I originally went bk on depo at about 35 to see if it’d help with my pmdd ( another thing drs ignore or pass off as pms) anyway I noticed half my hair fell out something they never mentioned as a side effect, I only found out after hooglung my concern so I stopped raking it for a year or so but I suffer with such bad period pains when I’m on and my pmdd before I’m on I decided for the sake alone of no bleeding ad my pain can be compares to being in labour.. I would take if but not reguarly just once and then again when it’d wear off 18months give a take few months later. Over the 2 years my backs had problems and other bones I stopped taking it about 2 years back. So alot of the fatigue is bk that I get round that time but my backs so weak.. I’ve been for body scan to have cortisone injections. But today I felt si poorly I can barely open my eyes my bodies so sore and just woke bk up and cat even move my backs stuck. It’s my birthday and I’m trapped on my bed.. I’ve often questioned if the Depo could’ve been what’s effected my spine.. my hands reguarly hurt knees creak and I’m now about 16stone at 5’4

    • I have been off depo for 2yrs now but am still having headache that is out of this world their is no medication I have not taken for headache but no improvement please is anyone going through the same cus am tired.

    • I am almost 8 months off the shot after being on it for a little over 3 years. I have the scariest blood clots and just had one that was really long. It’s pretty consent, sometimes I get 3 or 4 days with out anything and rarely is it ever bright red. It’s always dark and comes out in cuncks. If anyone has had anything like this please 🙏 I’m at a loss of what to do.

    • i’m 20 years old and took the depo shot for 6 months. It has been the absolute worst decision of my life. I’ve been bleeding from may to now (november), getting dark black heavy periods every 2 weeks. My skin has SUFFERED😭 I have terrible acne now that i never had before the depo. I am constantly fatigued with 0 sex drive.
      I noticed my hair falling out in April and did not go back for my next shot. My hair has continued to fall out and break off since. I have lost over half of my hair density and it has made me extremely insecure and depressed. I also have been experiencing a painful itchiness all over my back at times. Has anyone else experienced hair loss like this??
      I’ve been too my gyno, primary doc, and 2 dermatologist to see what there is to do and all of them told me I have to wait out the hormone imbalance until my body returns to normal. I was told it could take up to 24 months to balance out.
      Someone who’s been through depo withdrawals please tell me it gets better😞

    • I’m so glad that I found this article, because I swear I thought I was going crazy. I took one shot so far, just to stop my heavy bleeding during my regular periods. Thing of it is, I could count on my periods being right on time before…. Now it’s like I’m bleeding everyday. Not a lot, but enough…. Then I missed my appt for the next shot, because I hate how it makes me feel, and literally JUST had a gush of blood ruin my sheets. I’m scared, because now I’m cramping and feeling weak. I refuse to get another shot! And I’m thinking of seeing a new ObGyn. Fibroids has affected my closest female relatives, and I let him know that. Instead of doing an exam to rule anything out, as well as refusing a hysterectomy… he adamantly suggested the depo. Never tf again!!!!!

    • I started Depo in august 2021 and when November came around I bled for about 3.5 months straight. Once that stopped I would get spotting a few days before my next injection . In october 2022 I was experiencing light blood for a few days .. it stopped then i never bled again it is now November 2023. I did not go to my appointment for the injection last week because I do not want to get osteoporosis (no doctors ever told me about this risk i found out from the internet) , and maybe one day i will want to have a baby . So far i’m nauseous and really thirsty all the time. What else can I expect? it’s better to get advice from ladies who are experiencing this journey with Depo

    • I was on it for 8 years and have been off for 2 weeks now , so shot was due 2 weeks ago. I don’t feel any different other than being more hungry at random times through out the day. Was told people get bad headaches and breast pain/tenderness after being off it for months. We will see.

      • Was on and off depo most of my adult life. Only experienced periods the week I was coming due for the next shot, and they were light periods. Only side effects was a noticeable decrease in appetite during my twenties. Otherwise, no unusual weight gain, if anything I stayed slim easily, but that may have just been my natural metabolism. When I took a break from depo, my period returned to normal right away and I was able to get pregnant right away. During late 40’s- 50 as suggested by my doctor, depo completely masked symptoms of menopause coming. Chose to stop the shot half way through age 50. Immediately gained thirty pounds, experienced swelling, fatigue, nausea, aches, but it makes sense this would be menopause kicking in, and not likely to be related to depo, other than the fact it had delayed or masked symptoms of menopause previously. I have known others who did not do well will depo, but many of us have had a positive experience. It’s not for everyone. Obviously, if it doesn’t agree with your body, I wouldn’t take it, but for some of us, it’s been an ideal experience. Also, my doctor regularly monitored my calcium levels, and they stayed in a healthy range. I made a conscious effort to exercise and eat well, especially taking calcium into consideration. These choices may have played an important role in my having had an ideal experience, as I now am making lifestyle adjustments to combat negative menopause symptoms, which is improving daily with these adjustments.
        Stay informed, definitely consider what others have to say, but more than anything, listen to your own body. Take care 💗

    • I was on the depo shot for two years before i decided to take a break. Lost a lot of weight once i was off it, got pregnant with my boy 6 months after. At my 6 week check up after having baby i decided to go back on the depo shot to prevent another pregnancy. 9 months on and decided to get off it again as i had zero sex drive, emotional all the time plus having no period is kind of scary. Now i’m 2 months off of depo and here are my side effects or withdrawal Whatever you want to call it. Abdominal cramps and aches, headaches, worst period cramps i’ve ever experienced, chronic joint pain, more and thicker facial hair and i’m retty sure i’ve developed an anger problem, might be my hormones trying to regroup but idk… whish i’d never gotten back on it again.

    • So unfortunately I was on this shot for more then 10
      Years off and on and I’ve been off for 2 years now and still no pms I’m so stressed and doctors can’t figure out why I never had a pms while on the shot either

    • I’ve been on it for 2 years and just finished it on Wednesday I’m having lower back pain, neck and jaw pain, arm pain, and hip pain is that normal for coming off the depo shot?

    • I took my first shot at 19 after never having any sort of birth control. I’ve only had 2 shots and I’m coming up to the end of my window for the 3rd shot. I’m going to skip it. It sounds like no matter how long I try it, my bleeding problem is not going to get better. I gained 10 pounds over the last 6 months (granted it was over the holiday season and I’m in college), but I cannot keep gaining weight after being at a plateau for 2 years. I had heavy periods, but now they are anywhere between spotting and spilling out of my pads. I am going to quit now so I may hopefully return to my normal period. I will try to lose weight to see if such a large change to my body will spark my regular periods to come back (they used to be heavy and about an 8 on the pain scale for the first 2 days then a 6 then a 3). I am so sorry that we all have been having these problems and NO ONE IS HELPING US.

    • I don’t know where to start. I got my first injection in August 2024 of Depo Provera. My GP said it would help with my really heavy periods and awful cramping. I have had heavy bleeding every single day since. That is 26 weeks of bleeding, every, single, day. And like period heavy bleeding. My moods are making me feel insane and the pain can be unbearable. I feel very unsupported by my GP, a woman. I feel like my body is a failure. I told my gp a few weeks ago I would not be taking the injection when due this month and she almost shamed me. I am exhausted and weepy all the time. I have spent a crazy amount on sanitary products. My relationship with my boyfriend has been severely affected. We have not been intimate since last august. Work can be a nightmare as I can bleed through clothes very quickly and unexpectantly. I wish I could say something, anything, positive about Depo but I cannot. It has made me a shell of my former self and i feel so alone and unsupported in this. I am now anxious about the withdrawl side effects I have read about. I don’t know when I am ever going to stop bleeding.

    • Iv had one injection and it will be my last. My mood swings where all over the place and very spotty skin i had bleeding 2 months in and nothing since. After only having the injection a week id decided there was no way i was having another. It now past the 3 month window and since withdrawing iv had painful breats, tingling downstairs, what i can only describe as what menopause must feel like hot flushes night sweats feeling dizzy and nauseous constantlt but also hungry too. I thought i was preganant so took tests(negative) iv been really concerned about all my symptoms i thought there was something seriously wrong with me till iv read the comments. Avoid this drug like the plaugue

    • I just quit depo and I am experiencing extreme nausea, little extra anxiety, cramping of uterus and abdominal cramping, flank pain, little to no appetite, and bad bloating. It wasn’t my worst birth control experience but coming off of it definitely seems to be the worst.

    • I was on depo the first time for 7 years . When I got the very first shot I bled for 3 months straight then 7 years of nothing major maybe few spotting epiodes here a there then I got off . Period came back 6 months later cool , was regular 5 days then next months full blown murder scene for almost 2 months so I got back on it .no periods. Nowwww sept 2023 I got last shot, missed December shot . feb 17-22 got my period was 5 days exact fine. 12 days later ITS BACK FULL FORCE. Today make day 11 I’m bleeding n it’s heavy .. WHEN WILL THIS STOP!!!!

    • I probably gained 25-30lbs after one dose. I spotted several times during and passed very large clots.

      I am now “withdrawing” currently. I vomit everyday and feel so worn down and tired. I have tenderness in my breast and low sex drive. Plus the headaches and body aches. I’m sure this helps some people but I wish I would’ve done more research before. It was believed to relive endometrial pain and after surgery, I was ready for anything.

    • I was using the two month injection for 4 years and everything was fine, period stopped had no spotting and didn’t effect my mood at all. Went back and decided to go on the 3 month one because I wouldn’t have to go in as often. I picked up 20 pounds in 4 months, I feel horrible. Tried changing back to the two month one but I still keep on gaining weight. I’ve decided to completely stop it now. Has anyone gone through something similar, If you have how did you loose the weight?

    • I have being on depo family planning for 6yrs and I stop the injection and now I have being bleeding since last year Oct 2023 this till date, don’t know what to do

    • Am feeling really bad because I keep having series of effects. I always feel tired , inches around the vagina

    • When i stopped my depo shot, my stomach starts uncomfortable, i started having cramps and i cannot walk or sit properly even on my sleep im struggling.

    • Was on and off depo most of my adult life. Only experienced periods the week I was coming due for the next shot, and they were light periods.
      Only side effects was a noticeable decrease in appetite during my twenties. Otherwise, no unusual weight gain, if anything I started slim easily, but that may have just been my natural metabolism.
      When I took a break from depo, my period returned to normal right away and I was able to get permanent right away.
      During late 40’s- 50 as suggested by my doctor, depo completely masked symptoms of menopause coming.
      Chose to stop the shot half way through age 50. Immediately gained thirty pounds, experienced swelling, fatigue, nausea, aches, but it makes sense this would be menopause kicking in, and not likely to be related to depo, other than the fact is delayed or masked symptoms of menopause.
      I have known others who did not do well will depo, but many of us have had a positive experience.
      It’s not for everyone. Obviously, if it doesn’t agree with your body, I wouldn’t take it, but for some if us, it’s been an ideal experience.
      Also, my doctor regularly monitored my calcium levels. I made a conscious effort to exercise and eat well, especially taking calcium into consideration. These choices may have played an important role in my having had an ideal experience.
      As I now am making lifestyle adjustments to combat negative menopause symptoms, which is improving daily from the choices I’m making.
      Stay informed, definitely consider what others have to say, but more than anything, listen to your own body.
      Take care 💗

    • The side effects of coming off this jab are terrifying. While on it (1st jab) I’ve developed panic attacks. So I didn’t get another, and now I have joint pain and cramps, achey muscles for no reason, cracking joints all day long. Terrible diarrhea for 4 months now. The only thing I can put it down to is this jab, and the bone pain / breast tenderness since coming off it. I don’t know how it isn’t stopped – well it was in the past!!
      Also my cervix feels heavy and cramps, I’ve gone for a smear teast but reading all this is such a relief.

    • I was taking the depo shot from age 16 to 28, I stopped it in October 2022 – since then I have had terrible back pain, a 13 month long period!! And now it’s irregular AF. Since April I have been experiencing out of the blue sickness and diarrhea, the cramping is insane and I can’t stop being sick for hours. I’ve been to a doctor, the hospital and they can’t find anything wrong with me, reading these comments makes me think maybe all this is withdrawal from being on the jag for 12 years? If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate I am absolutely miserable. Should add that the mood swings are insane too lol

  1. Thinking back to when I stopped having the injections, I did feel a little jittery, but I cannot remember any other withdrawal-like symptoms.

    • I would love to know who said you are not supposed to be on he Depo shot more than 2 yrs. I’ve been on the nearly 17 yrs without issues, without my GYN even once asking or suggesting to take me off. I am 48 years old and fully capable of getting pregnant without it, though probably not likely since I’ve been on it so long and given my age. I am not willing to take that chance.

      • Just because you are lucky enough to not have side effects, doesn’t mean it hasn’t had horribly effected other people.

      • It’s says on the labeling it’s not recommended for use for more than 2 years unless other birth controls are not an option.

      • I was told all along only 2 yrs. However, I was for 13 yrs. Now off a few months, I am emotional and hungry for meat. One friend is about to put me down. Lol
        No period.
        Ulcer flare up
        So tired. Don’t want to do much.
        I’m clueless as to my mental and physical health…

      • That’s how I feel Stephanie…. I’ve been on it for 14years and no one has ever told me to stop taking it. I’m 38 and have no plans on having more children so I will continue to take it

      • I’ve been on depo for 25 years just stopped having it as I’m 50 now get backache swollen stomach signs of period I don’t know if had menopause so just taking that chance

      • I also have been on Depo for 17 years. I have never had a doctor tell me I should not be getting the injections. So now, 17 years later, my primary doctor retires and the new doctor “can not in good conscience” continue to let me have the Depo shot. Well I am feeling horrible, nausea, weight gain (rapid) and sensitive breasts,tired, the list goes on.. He will not change his mind. To me it is a little late to discover I have been on the medication for longer than 2 years. Small town doctors with small minds. Any bone damage has already been done. Suggestions?

      • I was on the shot for 7 years. They just recently came out with you could not be on the shot for longer than 2 years. I took the shot from 15-22. I am now 34 and still no children. Things have not really been normal since. When I first went off of it I got extremely moody, breast hurt like no other. After being off the shot now for years and not really knowing the side effects of this drug cause when I started taking it we were the test subjects. They had no idea what it would do. Since more years have past I have been diagnosed with depression (bipolar), anxiety, joint pain, osteoarthritis, degenerative disks in neck and back, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, facial hair growth, my hips will not stay in place and acne as an adult that is far worse than when I was a teenager. There is nothing out there on long term side effects of this drug cause they have no idea what it will do to you. I had no side effects while on the drug and loved it as it was great birth control. However the long term effects of taking that drug has been brutal as I still deal with them every day.

      • I’ve been on depo for 27 years have been off for 2 1/2 years now I’m now 55 years old don’t know wether I’m going to get a period ever again wether I’m in the menapause or gone through it. It’s the not knowing that’s the problem

      • I have been on the injection for 21 years and no one has ever said anything negative about the time I have been on it. I recently stopped and the side effects are horrible.m

        • I been on the depo for a year. After my first dose in June of 2022 my periods stop August of 2022. No periods I was happy because I struggled with heavy flow and painful cramps since I was 14 and now I’m 34. I was extremely happy but like the implant I got 8 years ago I notice I gained weight. I became depressed and struggled with being tired all the time. My last shot was April 2023 and as of right now july 2023 I’m experiencing nipple tenderness massively, I pee often, diarrhea often, I’m so tired, and headaches all the time at least 3 to 4 times a week. No sex drive, no will power to be around people but I push through each day with my kids. I’m working on getting a hysterectomy in August. So do not get either the implant or shot if you have depression or anxiety. I thank God that I can manage my own depression but it maybe harder for others. Please if you feel worse or have thoughts contact your doctor immediately and seek other advice. I pray for all those who are suffering because of the shot and that you all get better. ❤️

      • I would get a bone density scan done, the reason it’s not recommended is that it affects the ability to absorb calcium I believe. It’s similar to why ballerinas often get osteoporosis, they keep their weight so low that they do not have periods. Some connections but it’s isn’t 100% causation. I would get checked out for that especially if you started in your teen years when there is a critical period to build up bone density.

      • Our GYNOs. Bet they didn’t tell you it’s not the same depo over the last decade either. I’ve been on it for four years and was told oops. We forgot to keep up with it. You aren’t supposed to exceed 2 years. And ive been through hell from it. I bled for 8 months when I tried to wean from it. Turned around and got right back on it. Periods stopped again. Had damn near bipolar anger issues over little stuff. Just angry all the time. Moody. Tired. Sore boobs and lactating etc. But yeah if they’ve never said it. They should have.

      • I know this is VERY old….but I have been on the depo shot for a year. I haven’t had any side effects. BUT i do have to get my shot 3 weeks early everytime I am due because I feel anxious, dizzy, nauseous, and uncomfortable. But once I get my shot I am all good. So now I worry about coming off of it. I want to go back to the copper iud. I hate hormonal birth control. I just got a shot a month ago and scared to death to come off of it. I have endometriosis that went undiagnosed for 15 years, and the depo has helped alot but I don’t want hormones like this anymore. I commened on yours because I too haven’t had any negative effects while on the depo.

      • I am now 40 and have been on Depo basically when it first was introduced. Took breaks here and there, but it has always worked for me.I was contemplating coming off of it since turning 40–but your comment keeps me going.

      • I was on depo for 19 years and LOVED it. no periods at all. I’m 44 now and was seeing a new dr last year who told me i needed to stop. I’ve had 2 bone density tests and they were fine. So they suggested Nexplanon instead. I’ve been depo free for a year now and have noticed an increase in cup size which is pretty awesome as i was barely a B. I just figured the anxiety was just me but now I’m starting to think it was due to the depo. I didn’t gain too much weight while on it either. Now I get stomach pains with my periods which are back to a normal cycle now. Figured payback for all the years of no periods haha. Anyone else who is a year later or more after becoming depo free? I’m curious what others who have been on it as long as I have are experiencing. I’m also tired all the time but i was like that while on depo. I don’t blame anyone for this, i just want to know more about the withdrawal symptoms. There just needs to be more research articles and information about getting off depo so the rest of us can relax a little. Pls feel free to reply to my comment. Would love to hear from anyone who’s been on it for longer than 15 years and is now off of the depo and on Nexplanon. I don’t know if it’s the depo withdrawal or the implant causing the anxiety, moodiness, and lack of sex drive. i def was fine with the depo. Thanks everyone!!

      • I also have been on Depo on and off for around 20yrs now. Started around age 20 and am now nearly 43. Never have had a doc tell me to stop (yet). I get a bone scan every 2 yrs. I AM getting concerned about what may happen next (when menopause hits) and I am concerned that my sex drive is lower but not sure if it’s the shot or my age!

    • I have been on depo for 5 years, was due to take the shot in June but didn’t for a break from it, I’ve started bleeding twice this month within 2 weeks and the cramps and boob pain are awful, did anyone else experience bleeding in such a short time frame in between after stopping this? Wish I never went on it I’m far worse after stopping never experienced any issues whilst on it!

      • I was on Depo for 1 year, it too just me 6 months to get my period back.. and I have been getting my period every 12-20 days… I have hadn’t about 8 periods in the last 3 months. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? I have been taking ovulation tests and I am not ovulating! When will that return? Trying to get pregnant…

      • Omg I was on depo for about 5 years as well. My last shot was about 10 months ago and I have yet to have a period.. but have had a lot of pregnancy symptoms. Same for me, I had no issues while on it but since I’ve stopped it these pregnancy symptoms have not gone away. I’ve been taking pregnancy tests like once a month and they are all negative. So I’m lost.

    • Having hard time sleep. Eventually got cold sweat from hot flesh when sleeping. Made it harder to sleep at night. Is is my frist night not able to sleep

      • My boobs were an A cup and I have been off of it for a month and my boobs are now a C cup and hurt so much even at the slightest jiggle and I have been bleeding on and off since I’ve been off of it. I also get very mood and nausea.

      • I only got 2 shots… I got on it after having my kid and when I first got my shot it blew me up.. I had gained so much weight I was extra hungry and I bleed for 3 weeks straight but it was light , it was painful to have sexual intercourse… I get headaches that no pain killer could make it go away.
        Now that I’m off.. I have cramps and nauseous but my sex drive came back I spotted once.

      • I stopped m depot 2months but I still have no period!! I still weight gain and head aches, bloating moo swings and I like eating and eating always. Is it all symptoms of wearing off depo

    • I have nausea and cramps that have sent me to the E.R twice now. They did a CT scan, xrays, blood tests and a urine sample. I came out fine and overall healthy. Yet the pain in my stomach is consistent. They gave me tramadol to help sleep. I wasn’t sleeping, or at least i was having a very hard time. I was on depo for 6 years I’m 21 now and I feel like my hips are gonna break every time i stand. It’s excruciating at some points. I started depo at 15 and stopped October 2015. I’m scared cause I’ve never been in pain like this before. Don’t take depo EVER. It was great while it lasted but side effects after are no were close to worth it. I have barely eaten, barely slept and I’m jittery and unfocused. Hopefully this helps.

      • So, I to stopped October 2015, and I got my 1st period on Valentine’s Day, but lasted1 1/2 days. Last night was the first night I was woken up in so much pain, I was on the verge of tears. Thought maybe it was ovarian cysts that I had once before. But when you went to the ER they didn’t see anything? Just curious what the doc said when the pain would end?

      • Hi i hope mine doesn’t get any worse because sounds like my symptoms in the stomach and i have hip problems sometimes been on depo same time as you from 2011 to last year missed my lsst shot in july or August I believe didn’t really have a real period kinda on and off and nw didn’t have a period since September then cam February a little period then nothing now just cramps and sore breast but had mild to severe cramps and bloating since not really having a period

      • I just stopped my shot a few weeks ago since It hasn’t been working anymore. I have been on it since I was around 14 and now I’m almost 18. I am in so much pain with cramping and It hurts to move. What should I do??

      • Hello, I have been dealing almost the same issue u having, going on two months now, i stopped the shot in april 2016 and i have right side pain and was told it was gastritis! My family dr. Was concerned about my gallbladder, i have been to er and uurgent care many times, and they keep saying every is fine. I have had my cycle every month so hopefully it will be out of my system soon!

        • Hey Desi, how are you now did you find out what happened or did slowly go away as I’ve been having something similar.

      • I have takin my daughter age 20 to the emergency room twice in the last year and a half for severe stomach cramps, they urine tested, cat scanned, X-rayed, ultra sounded, etc. With the same results both times. They could find nothing wrong. Now running over your story I’m here crying, at the thought that through my advice I got her started on the Depo shot when she was 16, because I had been on it after I had her for 12 years. I had side affects – no periods, depression, wierd colored discharge, weight gain, weight loss, jittery when it got close to next shot, etc But I always got told the same thing when questioning my obgyn….. Anything could be normal with the Depo shot. I had been on it the longest that my doctors knew of. She is now thinking of stopping the shot ….. Now I’m more worried if she’s already having these problems on it, how severe is the withdrawal going to be?

      • I was the same way. Went to the ER 11/12/2016 for pain in abdomen and nausea. They gave me the same shot for the pain. It helped for some days. I got my birth control shot 11/09/2016. I should have never did that. Loss of appetite, was gaining but not really now, dizzy, and etc. I’m getting off of this mess. Not for me. No one should suffers from this

      • I been on depo for 3 years and decided to stop in June and recently I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, insomnia, acid reflux, migraine headache, and I’m extremely bloatedd as if I’m pregnant, loss of appetite, constipation, I had what seemed to be a period that lasted for 7 days and recently I’ve noticed some spotting but it has stopped I can’t sleep and when I do I wake up tired still my joints and muscles ache alot so does anyone know a way I can jump start my period to get back normal

      • I’ve only had one shot my next date is Feb 1st 2019 and I wanna get off of it cuz I feel very nervous and anxious I’ve had 2 anxiety attacks and I’m scared to get off it now cuz what I’m reading I just wanna know will it go away and will I go back to normal

      • You guys can find more support on Facebook Depo Provera Side Effect Support. Look for me “Jessica Huitron” I am going through this it’s the hardest thing ever. We need all the support we can get. My withdrawal symptoms are endless.

      • I feel the same I had 3 shots my last shot was in December I was meant to go bck in March but was told that depo was no good for my mental health I’ve come off it and I’m going throw the most nightmare of a time ever pain in side stomach chest which I’ve at to go ane for even been to ane for stomach had ct scans bloods ecg xray all OK but now got to have a stool simple done it’s never ending I don’t advice depo at all

    • yes im always nausea and jittery Ive only been off a month and i was on it a year. someone said it takes 6 months to a year to get pregnant ?

  2. i have a fiend that has been using the injection for about 6 years. just stopped using it in june 2009 but since then she has been having lots of pain in both breast.

    • My nipples were very very sensitive for a long time after I stopped and I was on it for 6 years. Been off for two months and still no period.

      • Hi ive been on Depo for 4years. Recently decided to get off it and i usually bled when late on my shot but before i stopped i was bleeding before my next shot, and it stopped the day I was suppose to get my shot. I got my last shot December 2014 and I started bleeding in the middle of January. My nipples are SUPER sensative nonstop, bleeding nonstop, nauseous, gaining weight. My mood got out of whack today and was wondering how other woman were dealing with this. I feel like crap.

      • I had depot for 7 years I stopped 8 months ago my breasts and nipples feel very bruised still. I’m not taking any contraception at the min still deciding I’m 44 think I will go on pill don’t fancy the coil ……I have been so worried thought I had Cancer so you think I should tell doctor and ask for a scan

      • I’ve been off the shot for 10 months because my husband and I are wanting a baby. I haven’t had a period but I am experiencing lower back and breast tenderness. O hope it don’t take me 2 years to become pregnant.

      • I was on Depo for 2 years. My last shot was due November of 2014 but i didn’t take it because I was no longer wanting to be on the depo shot. I got my period back on February 14th 2015 and its been 5 months now and im still on my period, im tired all the time, all i want to do is lay around and sleep, ive gained 10 lbs., im constantly depressed and moody, and my breasts are sooo sore all the time! Can’t wait until my body finally decides to return to its normal self! but Mckenna I completely understand the “I feel like crap”. For now i’m just waiting it out.

      • Hi. Am on 4 days now getting off to depo, I had it for 4 years and no bleeding at all. But now looking forward to get back normal my body as I gained weight as the moment I experienced stomach cramps, but no bleeding yet , was like a contractions feeelings. ..was gone after 2.days. but talking about boobies OMG! My breast was so sore and swollen and it’s very. Sensitive. Just wonder if there’s a remedy Or meds for. this…

      • same. except i was on it for almost two. im 19 years old. ive had sex when i was off of it but no period it was just two weeks in i was off. now its been two months but no sex now my nipples are tender

      • Was on my shot for 6 1/2 years and I just got off June 2016 didn’t have a period until December 2016 they last for 6 to 7 days and my breast be so sore and I also feel like I have to vomit all the time I eat more but try to go without food cause I know I will gain weight I don’t want it March 2017 been trying to get pregnant by my husband and nothing has happened oh also soon as I got off shot a cyst has formed on my right ovary

      • I’ve been off the depo for about a year. I feel the side effects from withdrawal from it was I was very nauseous all the time, anxiety, irritability, depression, loss of appetite, sore breasts, insomnia, lack of sex drive, and moodswings this whole year. Just generally feeling horrible. I started getting my period again the past 4 months. Now they stopped. Negative for pregnancy. I decided to get off of it from being on it for 13 years. Finally feeling better. I’m able to sleep and not nauseous. Just overall happier. I finally feel comfortable, hungry, and not as moody. Sex drive is way better. I felt okay being on the shot but these symptoms were when I was getting off it. Horrible. Not worth it.

      • I’ve been on the depo for 10 years. Came off august 2020, my period came almost immedialty and had one each month. Was due to have my period 14 December, still hasn’t came. I’m starting to worry that they will never return. I’m trying to get pregnant and the constant worry is taking over my mind.

      • I only took the shot 2ce, and don’t plan to continue. After the 1st shot, i experienced severe headaches for a few days, then skin on my hands and feet molted really bad. I was looking forward to a few months without the “crimson tide” but my period never really stopped, just got wacky. Also lost my sex drive. Took the second shot and every thing went crazy, started bleeding / spotting pretty much 5 days/ wk. My 2nd and last shot was october 2015, and yes i experienced weeks of super/tender boobs in dec / jan. Also some really bad cramps. All that is manageable. Whay scares me now is the fatigue and listlessness i am feeling for 3 wks now. I am 37, and never known what depression is. I pray thats not what this is.

    • I only ever had one shot of depo,I was due my 2nd on the 3rd of June 2016.iv bled ever since I had my 1st and last shot and I’m still bleeding to this day.very heavy and so painful.tiered,forgetful no sex drive and very moody.never again would I have this contraception

      • I decided to get the depo shot, so I had it done on the 5th June 2016, 5 days later I went on holiday for 3 weeks, in which time my period was due. No sign of a period all holiday, but a week after I returned back I started to get slight cramps & began to get a browny, bloody discharge appear. That lasted a week or so, then I bled for a day or two. Basically since about the 10th July I have been constantly bleeding, so it’s the 29th Sept today & yes I’m still bleeding. I never got my second shot of depo because I was worried what this was doing to me. I’m now constantly bloated all the time & cannot cope with bleeding anymore.
        I really don’t know what to do

        • I have been on Depo for one year, but I stoped, everything is normal but I started noticing weakness in my joints especially from my waist down to my feet, I can no longer stand on my feet for too long. Could this be one of the side effects? Because am confuse on what to do,
          pls help me🙏

      • I started the depo about 3 months ago, I started the shot a couple days before my scheduled period started and was have I having little bit of spotting. I had got off the pill for about 2 months before starting the shot. After receiving the shot i felt my self become annoyed with little things and crampy and having nausea. After a month in from taking the 3 month shot, I would get spotting before or after the week i would usually get my period and it would only be for a couple days. I was due for my second shot 2 weeks ago which is also when I should of got my period but I have been having spotting not every day but sometimes multiple days 2 weeks from when yhe first shot should of wore off. Not a lot of blood just most when I go to bathroom, there is blood when I wipe and I have bloating. It’s kind of annoying because I’m not sure if my period is coming or if I should just be expecting it next week. I decided not to continue the shot because I didn’t like the way I feel on it. I know it was only one dose but that was enough for to move on. For now I think I will let my body do it’s thing and hoping to possibly start a family soon.

    • My god my breast hurt so much I was on the shot for 11 years it was perfect. I stopped my last injection in march my breast hurt for 4 months and then it stopped for 2 months now it’s back even worse. My bone test was normal but my herniated disc has gotten worse and I didn’t know anxiety came with the injection I’m a reck in a car jump to everything. I just want my body back and I haven’t had a period yet since March 2016 the size affect are really bad don’t get the shot.

    • I have also been on this for 6 years, finally stop taking the shots it’s been 4 months now no period at all, and my breast both hurt bad, and have stomach pains, I was debating rather to go see a doctor about my symptoms but I see alott of us are having the same problem,

  3. I stopped the Depo injection 9 weeks ago (after 3 years) and have been suffering from nausea for about a week now. I was also on the injection for 8 years previously and stopped to have a baby. I conceived almost immediately, but suffered from terrible morning sickness. I am beginning to wonder if that sickness was a result of stopping the injection as opposed to being pregnant.

    • I was on the shot for 2 years . I missed my shot March 23, 2015 still no period. Lower back pains cramping in stomach. High fevers and frequent urinating. Could I be pregnant

      • What is d effect of depo on fibroid. I want my period stopped, it’s heavy. Please guide me on this.

      • i’m experiencing the exact same thing, i have had belly ache for the past 7 days and i have been off the depo for 1 month 2 days, it feels like i have the flu but i know its not, i have hot sweats and shiver when i wake up.. i think its my stomach returning back to normal and withdrawal symptoms from the hormones, however if mine carries on for any longer than 2 weeks i will probably take a pregnancy test then go to the doctor

      • I was on the depo for 2years, I stopped a month ago and I have had really heavy flow for 5days with blood clots. When will this bleeding stop?

      • Debbi, I was on Depo for 2 years too. Stopped taking it in nov. 2014, got my period back feb. 2015 and ive been on my period ever since. And its a constant heavy flow with blood clots. Seems like its never going to end..5 months and counting.

      • Oh My gosh !! same thing im starting to think that im pregnant same exact thing iv been off since march 30 2016 and my stomach (more so side and back ) hurt like hell sharp sharp cramps! help if you find out anything ?

      • Did anyone experience severe dizziness. I’m on my second week after receiving my depo shot, and I have experience horrible dizziness, anxiety and feeling sad. Ugh! I hope this subsides

      • I’ve been feeling extremely dizzy and horribly nauseous for the last couple of days. My last shot was 4 months ago and I’ve had breast tenderness, I feel bloated all the time, I’m gaining weight and have had headaches, anxiety, shortness of breath and it feels like my heart is racing all the time. I’ve also been experiencing diarrhea. Does anyone else have these symptoms? My husband had a vasectomy years ago, so I am not pregnant.

      • To all the women having issues on and getting off the depo,I have been on it for a last shot Aug 11 2015 an all I did was spot and bleed,then for 6 weeks I bled so heavy wearing and going thru 2pads and the clots were the size of quarters,so I went to pph and I started birth control pills 2 a day it slowed it down and now I’m having dark spotting and having better results I highly recommend talking to ur doc about doing the same thing..good luck ladies!!!

      • Hi Tiffani,
        Was your period heavy before you started Depo?
        I know its late just discovered the site.. Anyway, I started Depo back in March 2013. I would bleed about every 60 days and then after about a year I only bleed when I needed the shot. I was due for my shot Nov 2015 and decided not to get it. My breast were super tender and my nipples were erect. I experienced bloating as well. I started my first period since my last depo injection yesterday ( 12/16/2015).. It seems to be pretty normal so far. I was wondering is there anyone whose cycle has returned to normal since their last injection?

      • I have only been on the depo injection since December 2020, so around 6 months now, I had a period for about 3 weeks straight at one point. I have now stopped it because I realised it wasn’t doing my body any good. Before I started the depo injection I was less than 7 stone, now I have stopped it I am 12 stone.

    • I know this is old post but were you pregnant I stopped deppo on 23 October had a mc on 27 October for 6 days now I think I’m pregnant sickness feel tired hot flushes bloated have to per all the time I’m not due my period till 8 days so to early to do a test but think I’m going mad all the sighs are there but don’t know it this it just the deppo

      • Hi I was wondering if u had any luck with whats going on with ur symptoms? I missed my shot in October and now two months later no period but weird cramping pregnancy symptoms feeling dizzy and nauseas and really tired no matter how much I sleep. Thought I might be preg but after reading online about this I think probably not. I don’t like this if I had known what the shot was going to do after stopping I would have just gone back on the pill. I was on the shot for four years and I’m scared I’m gonna feel like crap for the next year or so :/

    • Hi Ms. Claire,

      I know its been 9 years now since you posted this. Just wanted to know how soon is that when you said “conceived almost immediately?” You mean after 8 years of depo injection,then you stopped, after a month or two you did get pregnant immediately?
      Hope you can find time to answer my query.


      • Hi everyone,
        I was on depo for 6 years then I decided to get off and try a baby and I was pregnant immediately by the help of a lady who help women trying to get pregnant. Her advice was to boil aloe Vera plant and drink it for a month or so until I get pregnant together with her massaging my stomach as I gained weight from depo. And I did get pregnant after 1 month of her help. I am very blessed to have her as my guidance throughout the process. When I had my son i jumped on depo while I study and after 10 years of depo I just went off 5 months ago and now thinking of trying. Now I’m having bloated stomach and tiredness and all what everyone said here. I went hospital cause I had anxiety over my stomach bloated thinking it was from food poisoning but reading all your comments makes me feel better knowing I don’t have cancer or dieing. And makes me think back to how i got pregnant before. Now I will go back to the same lady for my healing so I can get pregnant. If anyone need advise just let me know. Lots of love and prayers from me to all women out there suffering from depo withdrawal symptoms.

  4. i was on the depo provera for almost 4 years and got off and since than i have been experincing migraines really bad and breast tenderness and i have been off of it for 2 months.

    • I have only took the depot one time and I just missed my shot a week ago.Iv been feeling sick and weak.with watery mouth.but mainly sick stomach.I dont kno if its from the depot shot or not but im worried of how long its gonna last.can anyone tell me if its from the depot or not.

      • I only took the shot once I’m having pregnant like symptoms my nipples are sore cramps but no period back hurts headaches hungry and bloating. I don’t know if I’m pregnat or these are side effects

      • Im having the same exact symptoms and its driving me nuts. I dont know how long to expect this to last.

      • Reading this has relieved my thoughts a little. I have been on the shot for 5 years. I stopped it 2 weeks ago and I have watery mouth stomach jitters and nausea. Afraid to take a pregnancy test but I have to.

      • I had 2 injections, and my last one was 5 weeks ago. It’s been at least that long since my last flow, as I seemed to have it more while on the shot than off. I, too, am experiencing pregnancy like symptoms: moodiness, cravings/some repulsion, bloating, headaches, backaches, cramping without bleeding, even dizziness and heightened sense of smell, but p-tests come back negative. Anybody else experiencing this?

      • the reason why you could think you are pregnant is because its normal to feel that way when coming off the depo

      • I came off my shot about two weeks ago and this week i have been having these symptoms. Im glad that other women have experienced this but im still worried. Im hoping it will go away soon and my life will return back to normal.

      • I also took the shot one time. Two days later I felt exactly like I was pregnant. My cervix feels swollen and sore. A very scary feeling

      • I only had 2 shots last one January 2015 period started back in June was regular until September I spotted for 2 days like literally a spot like the size of a nickel and this month no period at all breasts have been sore for 2 months..nauseous and more tired than I have ever been.. feeling really crappy every other day…negative pregnancy tests so I’m assuming it’s my body trying to recover from depo not really sure since I only had 2 shots

      • i am feeling the same and i went in fo two scans so far but no baby. the doctor told me yesteday that it might take up to 6 months for the depo to leave your system completely. well im on my knees. cant take the cramping and all anymore. i was on depo once only by the way

    • Crystal, I know you posted this a long time ago but I was wondering how long it took for the migraines to go away? I’m dizzy and have migraines like every two weeks. So tired of the nausea.

      • Hi ! I’ve been having the same symptoms! Just wondering if your still feeling the same I only had the shot once and a week before getting my 2nd dose I started feeling nauseous and having stomach cramps and now a month in I have horrible stomach cramping I get so bloated

      • I’m also wondering if the side effects I experienced from the first shot will be lessened if I get the second shot. I experienced anxiety, mood swings, depression. They have slowly gotten better. I am at the 3 month mark now and am leery about getting the second shot.

  5. I recently stopped taking the Depo injection after seven years. I am a very happy person, however I have been feeling depressed and tired. I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience. When I first started the shot, my periods immediately stopped. I was due for a shot four weeks ago and have already had a period! I am not upset about this – I am glad to have a period, but the feeling of being emotionally and physically depressed is difficult to deal with. I hope that it passes soon.

    • I’m having the same symptoms as Christine and Jazmine – starting to freak out about pregnancy -and gaining weight – full breasts, so sore and tender nipples! Yikes! I only took it for a year and a half

      • I’m having the same issues as you (Sarah), I did take 2 pregnancy tests a few weeks ago and both negative. Been on depo for about a year and half and was supposed to get another shot in March and now I’ve gained weight, had headaches, fatigue, just recently started bleeding again but the cramps that have come with it are the most awful ones I’ve ever had, my breasts and nips are always sore now and they’re fuller than before, and it’s just made me feel sick too… I’m really hoping all this stops soon because it’s pretty unbearable…

      • Im having the same problem as you Jesse and I did take pregnant tests and they both were negative and I still feel sick, the issues you having are like exactly mines and its been two weeks since I missed my shot and I hate feeling like this coz its like im pregnant wonder how long will I feel this awful.

      • I was on for 2 years and missed a shot. My doc said I would have to wait until my period came back on to get another. I am having hideous migraines, I am fatigued ALL the time, and even depressed! I have no reason to be sad at all. My life is fine. But I am constantly moody and sad. This sucks SO bad.

      • I chose to have the Depo shot as my birth control, but I gained massive amount of weight and was having mood swings along with very swollen breast. I switched to the pill, and this is my 3rd week on the pill. Everything is fine im loosing weight as well but my nipples seem to be very very sensitive to the point where I can’t touch them. Has anyone else gone through this lmk please.

      • I have had the same thing, did you ever lactate after stopping the shot? cause I am having the same symptoms and I am scared I am pregnant..

      • Im the same as sarah. Since stopping it iv put on weight, my breast can hardy be touched. Im not prego as iv taken a test. And still no bleeding. Im hoping it all passes soon as id like to full prego over the next few months.

      • I was on depo for 11 years. After stoping I have gained weight. My boobs are really sore, I can barely touch them. My nipple hurt as if I was pregnant. My boobs have also grown two cup sizes in the last 2 months. I have had severve cramps on and off. I’m eating very healthy and working out. I’m having alot of trouble trying to lose weight.

      • i see many people comment about the withdrawal symptoms of the birth control just wanted to know how long your symptoms lasted and whether you are pregnant? i have the same

    • My experience has been exactly the same.
      It’s good to know I’m not alone, as I was beginning to think I was a moody horrible person.

      • I was on the depo shot for a year, my last shot was in 2009. I’ve had all of those same ‘omg, I think I’m pregnant’ symptoms. They would sporadically kick in over about 3 years time, they did finally stop though. One of my other symptoms, which most women, who haven’t gone through what we here have, would think wonderful. It was almost 4 years after stopping depo before I started to get my periods back. Which you would think after that long, they would be the normal once a month however many days thing. Not the case with me. I would halfway start a period, spot for 2 days, nothing for a day, then have a light flow for maybe 2 or 3 days. As I write this now, I still have not returned to a normal menstruation cycle. I can’t correctly guess what part of the month it will be, because it could be at the end of the month, then the middle of the next, then be at the beginning of the month after I should have already started. I do not recommend taking the Depo Provera birth control shot. The side effects for during and most definitely afterwards are just not worth it. I feel for all of you out there going through the same things or even possibly worse symptoms. Just know that you are not alone, and we care. No one should have to go through these things when all we wanted to do, was to be responsible, and chose when we wanted children or not to have any(more) children.

      • I feel a bit relieved after reading this forum. I was on depo for 1 year and a half, and then pills for a month before I decided to stop everything in april. I didnt get any period until july 1st and the bleeding last for 3 months! It finally stopped and im getting light spots since yesterday instead of a normal period. On top of that I have been moody the whole time and my breasts and nipples are just extra sensitive. Luckily my weight didnt really change. Hopefully my body can adjust better in the future.

      • Had only one shot. Experienced everyday spotting, cramps, moodiness, tiredness, weakness, dizziness, trouble to focus and remember and it also lowered my sex drive. Off the market immediately!!

    • Feeling pregnant on Depo is completely normal unfortunately lol I only had ONE AND ONLY ONE SHOT and then I stopped immediately it’s been about 3 months now Ive been off of Depo I feel pregnant throwing up, senses are heightened, I keep peeing my pants uncontrollably and I keep taking pregnancy tests but they keep coming back negative I also can’t sleep on my left side which is the side that hurts the most. So I called a woman’s clinic I go there regularly but they don’t know my medical history and I told the lady my symptoms and she was just playing a guessing game she was like oh maybe you have a UTI and I was like no it doesn’t hurt or burn to pee and then she was like oh maybe you have a digestive problem. I’m like you have talked to me on the phone for maybe 5 minutes and you’re not my regular physician so how are you going to pull these random facts out of your ass then she was like oh lets get you on Provera to make your periods come back to normal let me talk to the doctor and call you back then 30 minutes later she calls back and she’s like yeah we aren’t going to put you on Provera it’s too soon for that now it’s like just shut up and let me help myself and let my body go back to it’s natural self and quit playing this guessing game because you aren’t my regular doctor because I don’t have one. I don’t know I still have a feeling I’m pregnant after being off Depo for 3 months we shall see. Sometimes you know your body better then doctors do especially if they don’t know you and only talked to you on the phone for five minutes good luck ladies!!!

      • I am having EXACTLY what are experiencing, peeing pants and pain in left side.And fatigue is unbelieveable. All this info out there about what depo does for a person but did they even test or study what impact it has from all angles?

      • the contraceptives are dangerous, and lets keep in mind these stuff are science made,it does prevent pregnancies but at the same time it kills us because i have the very same symptoms and trust me i would not recommend it to anyone.if you don’t want to fall pregnant just use condoms because we woman are exposed to a lot of contraceptives but we don’t really get the facts about the contraceptives.I feel abnormal and unhealthy because I used to have a normal period and now i have to bleed for like a month and feel sick,the symptoms we have shows that science can kill us,sometimes i worry if i will have complications with fertility because my body doesn’t function as it supposed to be.

      • I only took it once n i was moody n bleed all the three months n then after i have has two period on the same month n after 3 months after bein of it i havent gotten my regular period am worried i might be pregnant

      • Omgggg!!so i got my shot apr 17 and was supposed togo back jul 17 its now aug 30 and i didnt get the shot so im having all of my pre pms symptoms i normally would and have been racking my brain praying im not pregnant….how long does this last? I hope my period goes back to normal and not 2 and 3 weeks when i first got the shot.ughhh im glad im not alone ..currently i sleep all day eat all day (stomachs growling currently) i pee a whole lot and crying like im losing my mind . ..MAKE IT STOP lol its ridiculous just to be a responsible adult…

      • This is such a grate help I was on depot for a year suppose to go back to take the shot on December 2016 but I didn’t go because it had been a year an I wanted to see my period it is now march2017 I have yet to see my period my breast is super sore my left arm is always in pain and I am bloated fell very Pogo I was scared to take the test but now I guess it’s jus the side effects

      • i’ve been having the same issue lately! i only took depo once after having a miscarriage and i haven’t been able to get the shot due to this whole crisis. Anyways i haven’t had sex in the week i’ve been off the shot and i honestly feel pregnant, like i have really bad nausea, my sense of smell has increased, i’m constipated and extremely bloated, and i can’t find a comfortable position to lay on my sides! however, i’ve also been bleeding for the past week so idk but i’m really confused…

      • Have you been feeling better since november.?? It’s been 4 months for me I still haven’t bled. My cramps are excruciating and the pain in thee left side is true. It feels like pins and needles alot. Also I’m a smoker and this has cut me back almost entirely. The pain is so not worth it..

    • I have been off depo for 6 months after years of use. This is my 2nd experi encryption with severe depression and being tired. Have my children. .going to have a tubal ligation. Would not recommend getting depo.

      • Hi, im lisa im 23 & I’ve been on depo for some years now.. not bcus of having sex.. think thats why most females are on birth control rightt ?? But not me, my doctor recommended me to get on it bcus i would get sick a lot and miss lots of events in high school and having to leave school. As in vomiting, and get dizzy as if i would pass out. Never did i have stomach pains when i had periods. I just vomit throughout the day. Now that I’m taking depo I’ve been having lots of stomach pains, dizziness, vomiting worse then before. & i feeI very blotted.. and the pain goes from my stomach to my back and then cause my legs to ache i was wondering if the depo shot is causing this??? Would anyone have an answer !? Please help !

      • Have had multiple periods a month since stopping depo and getting a makes your period heavier.

    • I have been on the depot for the last 2 years and intentionally missed my shot that was due the beginning of January 2015. When I started the depot in 2013 for the first 3 months I was spotting. After my 2nd injection, so about 4 and a half months after my 1st, my periods stopped altogether. Over the 2 years my sex drive has completely diminished and has seemed to have been replaced with an insane appetite and chronic fatigue. I intentionally stopped depot in order to decrease my appetite and hopefully get my sex drive back. It has been 3 weeks since I stopped and I have experienced tiny spurts of spotting (after sex), my mood has severely altered (Im grumpy most of the time, upset), and the chronic fatigue still strongly exists.

      • I was on the shot for 7 months, and now it have 6 months since i havent had the shot. it have been 3 months since ive been hhaving regular cycles. So it have been exacly 17 months off the shot. I heard it takes up to 18 months to get off the shot or longer. I would like to know when will i start to ovulate or get pregnant.

  6. I’m a teenager; I was on the shot for about two years, and I stopped about 4 months ago. Since then I have had awful anger flare-ups and mood swings to the point where my symptoms seem to resemble bi-polar disorder. My family and I have noticed that I never acted like that until I was no longer taking the shot. We came to the idea that with taking, and then stopping, the shot, hormones are completely out of whack, and it could cause serious changes in moods; including what I have been experiencing.

  7. I used Depo-Provera for almost three years. For months after my last injection I experienced SEVERE side effects including extreme breast tenderness and swelling, migraine headaches, weight gain of 20 lbs, constant neck and low back aches, moodiness, nausea, and a general feeling of not recognizing my own body. My period did not return until almost seven months after my last injection. I had no idea that these side effects had anything to do with my discontinued use of Depo until I found forums online with women experiencing many of the same symptoms. I am only just now, almost 8 months later feeling any kind of relief.

    • I was on the shot for about 12 years and decided to stop taking it. I missed my last shot that was due Jan 2nd and it’s been 4wks. I thought I was pregnant because I’ve been experiencing major nausea, dizziness, fatigue, 6 lb weight gain (while restricting my calorie intake and increasing my exercising routine), breast soreness and OMG -the nips are sooo sore/tender/sensitive! Major bloat (my pants don’t fit because i’ve added 3 inches to my waist). My friend says that I should be LOSING weight because of going off the Depot, but from reading these forums…it looks like the opposite is true for most.. I am so moody now too. Crying for little to no reason at all and I’m surprised at how sensitive I’ve become..I’m usually a very happy person, but in the last 2 weeks, I’ve become a depressed mess..with sore nips and a bloated belly! :/

      • Kimi I was on depo for about 8 years and since I have come off the bloating I experienced after 3 months was horrendous. After visiting the doc and blood test done, nothing showed up, so I took the first step for myself, I started taking a Mintec tablet twice a day, helped greatly with the bloating and cramping and then increased my fibre over a period of time, (Mintec helped within two days it was an 80% improvement). Today I still suffer a little but I watch what I eat and still take fibre supplements to get the balance. Hope you feel better.

      • This happened to me too! I was due a shot in December after being on it for 5 consecutive years and just got a glimpse of a period after almost 9 months of no activity. I literally went through menopause. Night sweats, tender nipples, sore to the touch breasts, hot flashes, weight gain (5-10 lbs) especially in the belly and depression. I started the depo 12 years ago and stopped at year 7 to make sure things still functioned. I got my period back within a month. This time not the same, as I age I react differently. I didn’t go on another BC to bring them back either time. Glad I came across this post. There really is no literature out there about what to expect!

    • This is my second month since I take the injection but I chanje my mind I would to have a baby so how should I stop that I lost contact with my doctor because I’m not feeling good with it my. Appetite chanje I lost weight always tired I can’t stand that.

    • I’m 4 months in and, I’m tired of it. I have all the same symptoms and barely sleep. The pain in my abdominal region is ridiculous. I just wanna feel normal.. how much longer did it take….: , (

      • Well ladies I’ve been on depo 7 years my hair had started to thin out, know it’s bald in the middle. I just took a shot this month April 1st I have not had a period in I don’t know how long. I will no longer be taking anymore shots period it’s harmful to the body. I just hope going back to my regular body I want do bad with the side effects I’m scared.

  8. I was on the Depo shot for only 6 months. I experienced a severe loss in my sex drive and just felt really blah. Whats the point of being on birthcontrol if your not having sex??? I decided to stop taking the injections and for the past 2 1/2 months I have had a peroid for 2 weeks then off for 2 weeks. I’m starting to get some of my sex drive back but cant wait til i am “normal” again!

    • Ive been on the Depo for 7 years, went straight on it after having my son – great not having periods. Went for my shot in Feb, the nurse said I had been on it too long & was I feeling ok. I broke down & said I had lost all interest in sex & didnt fancy anyone, not even my husband. I was eating loads & had been for years including binge eating which just made me feel worse, I was moody, short tempered & felt worthless. It appears I had the symptons for depression which along with eating & lack of sex drive were all part of the symptoms to the depo. She refused to give me the jab & a few weeks later I was fitted with an implant. As the weeks have gone by I now have sexual feelings back, I have lost weight, no longer comfort eat & actually feel normal again I feel the happiest in myself for years, no longer feeling like a zombie. Perhaps I had a bit of post natel depression to start with & over the years the Depo just made this worse, I dont know. Only had a light period which lasted for less than a day.
      So pleased to be in the land of the living

  9. i’ve been on the depo for 5 yrs and came off for about 5 months now and me and my hubby would like to have a baby but no period has returned yet,any one has suggestions on how to jump start my period again pls post.thanks

  10. I was on the depo shot for a little over a year and have been off of it for a month. I have been experiencing extreme breast tenderness including my nipples and lately iv been really nauseous. Not only that but I feel very moody as well, anything can make me angry to the point where i want to cry. I feel llike i have no control over my body. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it said negative, but i am still concerned. Doctors should notify us of these possible after effects. They are horrible.

  11. Ok, I was on it for about 9 years with a few months break here and there. I’ve been off it now for 5 months and I have severe anxiety over things that normally wouldn’t be scary and I’m very very depressed for no reason. I feel like there’s no point to life anymore. My boobs hurt and I have no monthly visitor. I was really thinking I was schizophrenic until I googled Depo Withdrawls…If anyone has felt these things and then eventually felt better, please tell me because I can deal with it if I know there is an end in sight. Thanks! And any questions just message me on myspace. Click on my name to go to it

    • Hey Randi, I know it has been nearly 5 years since you posted here but I am currently going through this myself after stopping depo 8 weeks ago. I really would like to hear from you how u are now and did u recover/ how long did it take? I need some reassurance as I honestly have lost hope in ever being myself again.

      • Lisa,
        I was on depo for the good part of 7 years, last injection was September 2014. I just got my period a month and a half ago and then it has been coming every two weeks…. I feel like I’ve gained weight (no scale to check), my nipples were extremely sore for awhile, and I’m super tired all the time. I can’t say I’m dealing with depression but I love my job and I just started it in January so I think that helps a lot. I was just googling what happens when you stop depo and found this site. It’s actually been eye opening, I’m gonna continue following. I haven’t seen a doctor since (no health insurance, couldn’t afford it) and was just wondering how long this period every couple week thing will last. I don’t know if that helped, but I hope you feel better!

      • Hi Callie,
        Its been months now since I stopped the depo and I am feeling a little better in terms of anxiety issues I had, they still linger but the depo and withdrawal from it definitly caused/magnified it for me.
        I too had the 2 weeks periods for the first 2 months off it and now finally I think they are settled down to 23 days apart which still isnt great but is better. My advice to you on that is to keep a record of your periods as I always forgot how long apart they actually were.
        Its so interesting to hear other peoples experiences with depo and its withdrawal effects.

      • Lisa I feel the same way it’s been 4 months. I can barely handle it.. I’ve heard midol helps as well as ibuprofen. I’d ask a physician first just in case it could be something different. I was in the e.r for 11 hours and they couldn’t tell me anything. I’m 99% sure it’s depo causing this. Sleeping is horrible and gets harder… if anyone has any more info on how long it lasts please help me out. I need the reassurance.

      • Hey Lisa its Lucy I too am experiencing the same symptoms,I get anxiety to where I have adrenaline pumps and it feels scary like my hearts going to jump out my chest. I currently have been eating more greens and proteins, and trying my best to include exercises daily. All I can think about is when is the next anxiety episode.

  12. i came off the injection 7 months to try for baby and have not had any joy, my periods still havnt returned and have just had blood tests cause the nurse thinks the injection has sum how messed up my cycle and i am not producing oestrogen due to the deppo, my sex drive has only just returened and i have put on alot of weight, glad now to see the back of the deppo

  13. just replying to a few things, as my wife was on depo for 7 years and now off because her age nearing 40 and as she was on it for so long might cause oestriposis ( if spelt right) plus we want more, but since being off depo her periods are back and lost a bit of weight, sex is the same but the last 3 months she has gone a bit wierd, asking if i love her, if she has done something wrong? ….where as there is no need to ask these questions.

    But brave as i was tonight i tried getting answers, reply was….anxiety, does not want to go out, crying all the time.

    when our life is great, ok i went through depression a long time ago and with my work i can see signs, and obviously the signs are there with my wife, i thought it might be the change ( as you ladies call it ) but i checked it up and no effects like she has.

    Thinks i am blanking her out all the time, ( NOT ) she sits in another room when me and daughter are watching tv? ……ask her to come in and says be there in 5 mins……..this is after being off depo for 3 months….grrrr as a husband it is worrying as my wife has changed, as i was in depression at a stage in my life i can see she is going through the stage, luckily i can se the signs that no-one sees outside the house, it is a bad thing.

    doctors give you tabs, make you brainwashed, and addicted..i took 2 and still got them and gave 2 to the wife to chill, in bed and hope be better when wake up, as this injection does not say what it effects….i.e

    after taking it………………as a husband who loves his wife appreciate you lot for the site to show concern

    • This sounds just like me. I was on the depo for 10years every 5 years I came off it for a year to try to keep my body circle normal somewhat. The first year I came off it, I was such a emotional reck, I would cry over the smallest of thing, I would go to work and and even cry over things I would normally brush off. I had thoughts that no one wanted me and I was worthless. And on top of that it took 6 months for me to have a period, but every month I would have stabbing pain, my back would cripple up and my breast felt like they were going to burst. I turned very needy and seeked comfort. Continuely going to the doctors and they marked it as depression. Worst year every, but soon that year was up and I went back on the depo, within the month I was back to my old self. I continues doing to the doctors for regular check up with the depression (I didnt feel depressed any more) I decided to see a different doctor for a second option, I went through all my symptoms through that terrible year ( lucky for me I wrote everything down ) the doctor confirmed I didnt have depression but however my body was trying to get everything back on track, as when I was on the depo I had no mood swings, no monthly circle no pains, nothing and when I came off it, it was basically 5 years squashed and squeezed in to a year. I have been off the depo now for 1 year and 1 month. The first 8 months was just like that first year I was off it before, but now my pain, neediest, crying and bad moods and right where they should be right before and after my circle, and have been that way for 4 months. So I am slowly getting back to normal. I am just so lucky that my partner has managed to stick my me though all the hell I put him through with my emotional changes, he has been a rock for me. I am staying away from any form of contraception (except condoms) for at least another year, but dont think I will go back on the depo again.

      • i have been on depo for 19 year and have just found out that i have osteopenia i have to see a bone specialist does anyone else have this i think bone specialist will ask me to stop the depo not looking forward to coming of depo

  14. Well I took the injection twice and stopped it as I had no sex drive, my hair did not grow and I gained weight. Istopped in the May and did not menstruate until the December and this was accompanied by awful migraines. I have felt depressed and moody and I can relate to Paul’s wife and her symptoms. I believe the hormones are up and down causing all sorts of depressed symptoms. I have suffered depression before and I am not terribly depressed (yet) but feel myself slipping and am exercising, doing all sorts to keep myself ‘up’…. I feel like my husband is treating me differently but I can also rationalise it and see that it is probably my stuff not his…

    I think the injection should be banned…

  15. I also have had really bad experiences with the depo injection. I started taking depo, not for contreceptive purposes but to combat pmt and the moods I felt at this time of the month. My doctor told me that if my periods stopped so too would the hormonal imbalance that caused the moods. My moods did level out and I no longer had sore breasts, stomach pains or periods. This all seemed great until I started to gain weight. I went from a size 10 to 14. I excersise vertually every day and have joined a slimming club but weight loss is very slow, despite sticking rigidly to the diet. I also noticed that my hair stopped growing. Again this is a plus when its leg hair etc. Since stopping depot in Sept 2009 I still have had no sign of a period and my weight is still coming of very slowly, half pound per week.

    I am annoyed that I was not told about the damage that could be caused to my bones espfecially as I was 40 when first starting the depo. The fat that came on my body was around my stomach and back. Has anyone else suffered from this problem and does the weight come off eventually? I actually wondered if the injections had made my body believe it was going through the menopause as it stopped my periods. I would love some answers.

    • I’ve been on Depo for about 13 years with a six month break, I should have had my shot November 29th 2014 , but decided to come off it , I have gained weight , feel very low(yet I am always upbeat and happy? My boobs are so sore , I too have a big tummy now and fat on my back? I used to be a healthy size 12 but now am a horrible size 16/18? Its been 7 months and I still have had no peroid , but cramps and awful mood swings!!! I hope you are feeling better but had to reply as I feel the same way!

      • Hi there I had this horrible jab for 5 and a half yrs. I stopped in may as I was experiencing joint aches out the blue and I’ve been a professional dancer so I’m reasonably agile and fit. Anyway since stopping I’ve had severe fatigue, bad breast tenderness aching joints bad. And feeling as if I’m pregnant plus still no period I was a size 10-12 but I’m gaining weight and hardly eating what I consumed before. Does anyone know of any professional that has helped them with these symptoms post depo. It is literally wrecking my quality of life. I know there are lots of you in the same boat out there and I’m currently doing a psychology degree. I’m thinking of conducting some research regarding the untold experiences of depo provera withdrawal/ after effects. If any of you would like to take part in a questionnaire and short skype interview. Let me know as i would like to draw attention to our issues.

      • :'( OMG I’m so happy I found this site! I thought I was going crazy. I was on Depo for three years. I got off in July of 2014. Immediately my body went haywire. Rapid weight gain, chronic migraines, fatigue, loss in appetite. I had every test done possible. Even went to a therapist! Just in the past two months the symptoms have gotten worse! I thought I was pregnant, sore breast, dizziness, nauseous, even more weight gain. My stomach is huge! I look 3 or 4 months pregnant. I go spinning and do crossfit everyday. While my body is toning I am still extremely bloated. I took 5 quantative blood test that were <1 so I know I'm not pregnant. And the mood swings!!! All of my interpersonal relationships are ruined! It's been 9 months and still no period! And no lessening of symptoms! Jesus help me 🙁

    • I’m sorry for everything you’ve struggled with because of this birth control. I can relate to most of it. I’m pretty sure what it does is make you think you’re pregnant and gives you all the symptoms with it too. That’s why we gain weight, have sore boob s, eat a lot or are nauseous etc., and that’s also why we don’t get our periods. It’s stops us from ovulating.

  16. I just stopped about a month ago after taking the depo shot for a year and a half while being on it i completely lost my period and went from a size 9 to 17 and no matter what i did i couldn’t lose weight now i have had headaches,cramps, nausea,lower back pain,the week after my missed shot i had a very light period and the blood was brown not red or pink but i have lost 13 pounds since i’ve been off and like some others i didn’t know about the risks i recently found that if you have a history of depression you should not be on it and i’ve been through that well i got it from my mom and her from her dad its weird i dont think depo should b an option

  17. i have been on the depo injection on and off for 10 years, i was on it constant for 6 years and stopped and my period came back about a month later but lasted for 3 weeks so i went straight back on the injection so my period would stop. it did and i was on it again for about a year and a half and came off it 1 year ago. since then i have still had no periods, and have put on 14 lbs in this last year (i put weight on when on the injection but not as quickly as that). i feel bloated, tired, have mood swings and recently have sore breasts, headache, nausea and dull tummy ache constantly. am really not sure what to do now

  18. I am 17 and was on depo for a year and a half because my parents forced it upon me I have been off it for almost 2 months and the weight I gained while on it (23 pounds) has remained there I walk 2 miles almost everyday! I have a boyfriend of 2 years and he points out how I have changed emotionally and I seem depressed I have a crippling mirgraine for a week now and my calfs are “twitchy” upon telling my doctor she said hmmm yeah that’ll happen why didn’t she tell me that before! Further more me and my boyfriend (as hard as this is to believe to most) don’t have sex yet I have pregnacy symptoms. Me and him DO NOT have sex because of the risks involved and our faith is very strong so how do I feel this way?

    • When did your migraine go. I’ve been off depo last injection was Oct 2017 and I’ve had a migraine for 3 months continuous

  19. Im sure what im experiencing is withdrawal from depo provera, I had been on it for 1yr and decided to give my body a rest as Ive done on and off over last ten years of using this drug and have never had any withdrawl symptoms before, I was due for my shot feb 1st 2010 and didnt have it, nine days later I had problems getting to sleep and staying asleep and I started to have bad continuous cramping in pelvic area felt like someone squeezing hell out of my uterus!, 5 days later sore nipples and more cramping that didnt stop with lower back pain, became sensitive to food smells and almost heave from time to time thought I was pregnant but wasn’t,

    All these symptoms have contiued but they took a turn for the worst about 25th march when I started to lose my appetite and found myself feeling very nervous to the point of feeling a bit panicky and have become very insecure especially in my relationship, it escalated last friday after such little sleep I couldnt even go to work as I was so tired and felt terribly depressed, anxious and insecure, so i went to see doctor and she did not feel that they were withdrawal symptoms from depo since I had just finished my first period after coming off depo as she believed it would be out of my system by now, she said I have sleep deprivation anxiety and that its a number of things that brings her to that conclusion such as my having noisy neighbors resulting in lack of sleep and long days at work and relationship problems.

    After reading forums after forums on the subject in the first 2wks of withdrawal symptoms from this evil drug, I was convinced that this is what i was experiencing and couldnt stand it any longer and stupidly I demanded the doctor to put me back on it which she did that day all because I had read in a forum that a women who couldnt handle it went back on it and the problems stopped and she felt back to normal, however my doctor was adamant she was right and prescribed me Lorazipam for anxiety and sleeping tablets, I had been trying natural methods but couldn’t wait for herbal stuff to work, however I am using L-Theanine 150mg it is good for panic attacks and is non drowsy and works within 30mins I thought it wasnt working for me but I wasnt taking the correct dose for the level of anxiety i was suffering so I got my first noticeable level of relief after correcting the dose.

    I have been taking doctors meds for 3days and anxiety has settled and more bearable but depression hasn’t lifted yet, Can anyone tell me if it would have been better for me to switch immediately to the pill when I came off depo and if so why? Im so desperate for answers so please can anyone help, I dont want to have next shot if I can transfer to something else that will have far less withdrawal symptoms.

    If anyone can please help me with sound advice please email my address is:

    • Hi, I’m not sure how old this post is, But I’ve come of the deop twice, first time I experienced similar symptoms to yourself, very sore hard nipples, anxiety, trouble sleeping. So I went back on, But my mood swings and depression didn’t get any better, so I decided the only way was to ride out the withdrawal symptoms and try a non hormonal contraceptive. After learning about hormones and receptors in my degree recently, It has really come to light that the body’s hormone communication system is a very delicate complex thing and we shouldn’t mess with it! so I had a 5 year copper coil inserted nearly 4 weeks ago, (non hormonal and still the same level of protection as the depo) and so far so good, no horrible symptoms. My doctor says even though the depo drug isn’t effective as a contraceptive anymore It will stay in your body for up to another 4 months (which is why you may have had these symptoms even when your doctor said your depo wasn’t active anymore) which is a bad thing for withdrawal, but a good thing for depo to coil transition as periods can be painful and heavy in the first 3 months, the remnants of the depo help subdue these effects. So yeah my advice is get of the hormones! get on the coil! the symptoms will stop soon when your body sorts its system back out! I hope this helps x

      • Well now let me just say every woman is different. I have had the exact opposite order of symptoms compared to most women here. I had the terrible anxiety and panic attacks and palpitations while on Depro. And am feeling no anxiety since I stopped Depro 8 weeks ago. On the day I was due my last Depro shot I was fitted with 5 year copper coil. I have never been phased by Pap smear exams so wasn’t phased by coil insertion…until it turned out to be agony! And the agony continued for hours after fitting and subdued to slightly less agonising for another week. Then there’s the bleeding. 8 weeks and counting. Not spotting but bleeding. My coil has been checked and is fine. The gynaecologist says the bleeding is likely my body’s response to hormonal changes having come off Depro. Not every woman will experience delays to her period returning. Some, like me, will experience delays to her period stopping!! Having said that, I’m going to give the coil another 6 weeks and see my GP for other solutions if the bleeding doesn’t stop soon. But apperntly it can take a while for the menstruation cycle hormones to get back to their natural rhythm after stopping Depro. Although my coil insertion was really unpleasant I have to say it will be different for every woman but you should be aware that for some it is not pleasant. I already dread the idea of having it changed in 5 years. Then again some women barely feel a thing. Anything is better than being on hormone based methods that mess our bodies up.

  20. I was on the injection for 6 months only. My sex drive disappeared while on it and I had skin break outs while my body adjusted. I also picked up weight and this was why I stopped it. I had my period which was when I was due for my next shot (which I didn’t go for) I then had a week of horrible moods, tiredness and general apathy. And then came on again. And then another week of listlessness and have come on AGAIN a week later. At least my mood is improving slowly, but I’m hoping that my periods stop at some stage!

  21. I was on the shot for six months and decided to stop because of a slight weight gain and depression. I’ve been off of it for a week now and I already am regretting ever taking it. I’ve been an emotional wreck, suffered from massive migraines, nausea, moodiness and anxiety. I’ve already taken a pregnancy test and it came out negative. However I have a doctors appointment next tuesday and I’m going to let her know all of my concerns. I wish I would have been privy to all of this withdrawal information before beginning this “hell shot”

  22. I took the shot once to prepare me for the Essure procedure. It’s been 5 months since I had it and I feel horrible. I have nausea, digestive problems, anxiety, moodiness, exhaustion, depression, moments of crying for no reason, huge weight gain, sore breasts and still no period. It’s ridiculous. I’m so angry that no medical person acknowledges these withdrawal symptoms. I wish this info would be included in the information that is given out when the shot is given. At least then we could be prepared for the withdrawal. I thought I was going crazy and I was ready to see a psychiatrist because I thought I was going nuts. Thank goodness I found so many web sites that can reassure me that this is normal and I’m not a psychotic person. People need to be warned!

    • Jenny, if that information was given out about the withdrawal symptoms, it would have been nice, then I would not have taken this damn shot 🙁 I’m living in Hell right now too.

      • I had a bad experience with depo provera and I m still on it I m not gonna take please can somebody help me I had depression shortness of breath pain I don’t know what to do I just have 9 month with it April 28 it’s gonna be my last .. my phone number is 857-891-1577

  23. I have only not had my shot for 2 weeks and I am having abdominal cramping that is more like poop cramps and nausea, headaches. back aches and sweating. I am also spotting. This has been horrible and has happen 2 times waking up feeling like this in a 2 week period. I hate the depo never again!

  24. I am 36 years old. I was on Depo for 13 years STRAIGHT…never missed an injection. During this time I lossed my labido but still gave it up to my hubby. I didn’t really enjoy sex, but the thought of it seemed…normal?

    I quit the injections, and had my 1st period about six months later. Soon after I found myself longing to have sex…MY LABIDO’s BACK! LOVE IT!

    It has now been 2.5 years since my last injection. Labido is GREAT (too much maybe), I still have No periods…possibly menopause? And I am back to my nromal weight of 119 (vs 154). Life is great…unless I want to have children again!

    DEPO is like tying the tubes! maybe even more strict! If you WANT kids DON’T TAKE DEPO!

    I’ve been having HOT flashes! Not hot sweats…HOT FLASHES! Very much different (I know cause I’ve had BOTH)…

    Hot sweats are mild: A little warm…kick the blankets off for a minute, then put them back 😉

    Hot flashes: My forheads on FIRE, my feet feel like LAVA, and I itch…slapping myself and irritable to anything that touches me in my sleep…GET THE HELL off me! Then 2 minutes later FREEZING!

    A ridiculous trick to play on us lasies!

    • OMG!!!!! I’ve been on and off it for 20+ years and never had any withdrawal symptoms until I missed this last one. I thought I was going through menopause because the hot flashes were so intense! And then I was freezing, which is normal for me but I felt like I had a weird menopausal flu. I finally got my shot today and my symptoms abated within hours. I have no idea if the shot is preventing me from going through menopause or if it’s withdrawal because there’s NOTHING out there. I’m 42 so it wouldn’t be out of the question and I’m not sexually active, or ever been pregnant so have no idea if my symptoms are similar to that either. So glad to see someone else say they had hot flashes too. I was going to ask my doctor or try one of those OTC all natural menopause relief pills like Estroven to see if that helped. Not planning on going off it anytime soon and I know.these are old posts, but did anyone find relief from hot flashes somehow? How long did they last after going off the shot?

  25. I have been on depo since 1990 – which means 20 years and around 80 injections in all. I am 37 and have been on depo longer than I haven’t!!

    I have tried to come off it twice before and always bled continously so resorted to going back on it. I am off it 8 weeks just now and I have breast tenderness, more or less constant nausea, stomach cramps and bloating, headaches, anxiety and a general feeling of being ‘uncomfortable in my own skin’.]

    I had regular bone scans (dexa scans) every 5 years while I was on depo and they always came back ok so doctors continued to agree it was ok for me to get depo for such a long time. I have a medical condition where I cannot take the pill due to clotting risk and depo seemed like the right contraception for me but in the past 5 years I noticably have had a reduced immune system, depression and anxiety and numerous yeast infections that required anti-fungal medicine for 3 months at a time, I experienced vaginal dryness along with this. I have had some hormone tests done and been told by gnaecologists that the use of depo has affected my fertility and I was advised to come off it. I have been to my own doctor twice regarding the pains and sickness I have felt since discontinuing depo and he said that depo does not cause withdrawal symptoms ‘absolutely not’ he says. What does he know – he is just a man, a man who has not had a synthetic hormone injected into his bum for 20years. Inject anything into yourself for 20years and there is bound to be serious withdrawals when stopping it!! It makes me angry that there is complete ignorance from medical and health care professionals about discontinuing this injection especially after prolonged usage. Doctors need to know more about this ‘injection of insanity’ and what it does to you in the long run.

    I would agree that this shot should be banned and urge anyone considering getting it to think again very carefully! It 100% does mess up your body and mind.

  26. I had about 4 shots of depo and my experience since i was on it and now off it has not changed, it has been bad I HATE THIS SHOT, first 2 shots were terrible my period was 3 months long the first shot and about two months long the next shot, headaches non stop fatigue, i would feel weak, i get dizzy, my wrist started to hurt like if it was going to go out, i couldnt even hold my daughter for to long because i was scared of dropping her, i gained about 10 pounds my breast hurt, i have terrible mood swings now, i have heart palpitation which i never had until this shot like shortness of breath it feel likes, one big is that i cant sleep i have never had a problem sleeping i cant sleep and when i do fall asleep i cant stay asleep, i have hot flashes, so many to mention i cant keep up with it anymore i also noticed i am having bad memory which shouldnt be happening i am a 23 yr old in good health and bad memory plus wrist hurting and all the other bs this shot has brought to me i blame it on this shot all of it!! just talking about it and it gets me so mad that the doctors dont tell you before they inject this poison in your body ,

  27. i have been bleeding for six months and could rip somebodies head off..DO NOT GET THE SHOT ITS WORSE THAN BEING PREGNANT..

      • i hope things have gotten better for you Tamara. I know how you feel. Im so glad to know I’m not alone with this crap. Although it sure feels like it. I wasn’t certain where all this was coming from til my breast starting getting sore and I haven’t had a period. Im so emotional.Its been hard on relationships. Im freakin nuts! I cry just about everyday about something. Im tired, no energy. My breasts are tender fuller. I just feel like crap!! Its mostly this depression that is getting to me though. I get so low at times. I just want all this to go away.

      • hi guys how are you guys holding up? i just got off of it and now I’m kind of scared, this shot gave me anxiety. I have NEVER had anxiety in my life until i took this shot.

    • How long did you take the shot for? I had only one dose June 17th, started heavy heavy bleeding August 1st and haven’t stopped. I shed my uterine lining and ended up in the hospital getting blood transfusions after passing out. This drug is a toxic poison and needs to be banned!!!! Why isn’t there a class action lawsuit we can file that’s for the bleeding and not just bone loss? We should start one. It’s only been 2 months for me but I am basically crippled with cramps, bleeding and anemia where it hurts my legs to walk upstairs. Help!!!!!!

    • When did the bleeding stop? I’ve been bleeding for 4 months now and I’m at my wits end, I had an accident in public which was horrible but I had dark trousers on thank God. I’ve never soiled myself ever.

  28. I was getting the shot monthly because it was the only thing that would alleve my chronic pelvic pain but it wore off after one month so I would have to get it again. I went from a size 10 to a size 14 also, and the weight is in rolls around my belly and back. My pain finally was mild enough that I have gone 3 months without the shot. I keep trying to get a period but nothing a liner can’t handle so far and only like once at a time, not steady. But now my breasts feel like they do when you are pregnant and I am naseaus. I feel like crap but I have to get off that shot because I feel like it is the reason I suddenly got a torn rotator cuff simply from getting a flu shot. That’s just my opinion but it’s wierd, right?

  29. I was supposed to receive my last depo shot in December 2010 but I decided against it. Initially I was on it for 2 years and then I took a 5 year break. I got back on the shot for 3 months and felt like I was going crazy. I stayed hot, nauseous, dizzy, weak and the list goes on. After stopping the shot I’ve had continual cramping and bloating. Seems like I can’t wear some of my jeans because they are too tight around my waist. I’ve been extra moody and it takes nothing to make me cry. I throw pity parties for myself all the time. Every other day my period is on..bright red and it’s not enough to leak on a pad but it is there when I wipe. Almost like a tease. I really hope these symptoms go away in time and I would not reccommend the shot to anyone.

  30. I can’t believe how blindly people trust all this stuff that hasn’t even being tested & the long term repercussions. don’t you realize you’re being used as guinea pigs for Big Pharma? Wake up! Your being led like sheep to a slaughtr!

    • this shot was tested for over 40 years in Europe and was developed BEFORE the “Pill” was…this has been around since before the 1960’s…i call that a lot of testing before it was approved in 1992 in the US.

  31. I had been out of injection for 7 months and i still don’t have my period. I had a lot of terrible migraines after having the last shot. I only had it for 6 months. I am experiencing pain on my breast right now which is really not good since I am a breastfeeding mom. I had been having low back pain and i get tired easily. I just hope right now this stops.

  32. Omg I thought I was tripping. I have been on depo for a year and stoppen in jan. My breats constantly hurt, I put on weight, have hot flashes, and sleeping problems. I pray evryday my cylce returns and stop playing with me. I only spot lightly.

  33. i had 2 injections, the first i had problems with, spotted near enough everyday. The second jab stopped this but 2 weeks before my 3rd injection i started bleeding alot, started feeling neausia light headed and even lost alot of weight. So decided to come off the injection. I bled for 3 weeks during that time but since then i have had nothing, not even a natural period or spotting. My last injection was october 2010. I still am feelin ill and tired with little energy. I had sti checks done and they were all clear, they even did a smear test which also came back clear. Im 18 and feel i made a big mistake going on the injection….i wouldnt recommend it as i fear it has messed with my body too much, with the freight of not knowing when my body will go back to ‘normal’

  34. Okay so I thought I was crazy….I have all of these symptoms but have been off of the depo for about a year and a half….I have been going to the doctor and no one has any answers…The only thing that comes up is that my prolactin level is high….however I’m not pregnant(urine and blood test are both negative) I have terrrible nausea, migraine headaches, mood swings from out of this world….my poor boyfriend is doing his best to deal with me but I’m a monster! I was on depo on and off for about 7 years….then I was off of it for about 4 years…then decided to try it again took two shots which was probably one of the worst mistakes ever! I gained 30 pounds in about 4 months and had all of the symptoms of pregnancy without being pregnant…To anyone who is thinking about taking this shot I would tell your doctor that they’re crazy! Don’t take this shot it’s has nothing but negative side effects!

    • I did the exact same thing. Do the symptoms ever go away? I have been feeling like total poo poo for over a year now!! :'(

  35. I was on the depo shot for about 4.5 years. I lost my period at first, which was a fantastic thing. I’m anaemic, almost to the point where I could have been hospitalized, so not having to bleed once a month helped me out a lot. I actually lost 30 lbs while on it, not because of the medicine, but through eating right and going to the gym. “Weight Gain” is caused by change of appetite from the medicine – if you watch what you eat, you wont put on the pounds.

    I decided against taking the shot after a random hormonal fit I had beginning of February round about the time I was due. Don’t know what the issue was, it was like a bad fit of PMS, but my boyfriend and I decided I should start working on a regular cycle for the sake of my hormones and child planning in the future. Since I’ve been off it I’ve had depression/mood swings, slight breast tenderness, and dark spotting. My only serious complaint is the depression and I’m wondering if I can seek some medical help to stabilize my mood for the time being.

    But in my humble opinion, depo is not an “evil drug” and honestly if you ladies are angry at your health care providers, I cannot help but hold you slightly accountable as well. There are infinite resources on drugs and their side effects and you should ALWAYS get a second opinion if you don’t have access to these resources. ASK about side effects, ASK about dependency, ASK about fertility. But bottom line, anything you put in your body will have side effects and possible withdraws – Caffeine doesn’t carry a warning label for dependency nor does Mcdonald’s carry a warning label for indigestion.

    Depo isn’t the only prescription with negative side effects nor is it the Devil Spawn to the pharmaceutical market as illustrated in the above posts.

    • Lea, my opinion differs from yours slightly. Most women research what’s medication / contraception is best for their needs, and are aware of the side effects of said choice while on it. However, I doubt many women here were told by doctors, or had available to read in medical journals, the side effects of stopping depo provera. I liken it to a drug from a pharmaceutical company that will list any, and all, side effects of the drug INCLUDING disclaimers such as “prolonged use may be addictive”. The companies manufacturing depo are NOT including the post usage disclaimers, so women are not aware.

    • Lol Lia you’re amazing.
      I went on the shot when I was 18 and I’m now 24.. the only side effect I experienced was no period, and in my opinion that was a wonderful thing not to have to worry about. I had no weight gain, no acne, no moodiness, nothing. It was honestly great. I have now been off the shot for over a month (Thinking of having a kid with my love in the future and I know it can take a while to get “back no normal”) and the only thing that’s noticeably different so far is that my boobs are tender when I run. Honestly, I’m shocked at all these terrible experiences people are having because me and both my sisters made out just fine with it… Much love and healthy lives to all of you ladies out there <3

  36. I had two shots of depo and decided not to continue becasue of the side effects (mood swings, spotting, rash, anxiety) and because, strange as it sounds, I miss my cycle. I was due to have my third shot about a week or so ago and I feel so awful! My symptoms include horrible abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, chest pains, depression, back aches and acid reflux.

    And I have also had this strange obsession with my heath this last week, like every new symptom is cancer or something. My husband’s friend has lymphoma, and I spent a whole day convinced that that was what was wrong for me. Then yesterday I decided that it must be colon cancer. I just can’t shake this feeling of doom and gloom, and I think that bothers me more than the physical side effects, because most of those can be controlled (ibuprofen for the spotting and cramps, light exercise also helps.). Thank goodness for the internet or I never would have known that other women have experienced strange symptoms after stopping depo. I can’t wait to feel normal again and am hoping that since I was only on the shot for 6 months these withdrawal symptoms will go away soon! Hopefully this helps others who may be having bizarre symptoms and think that they are going crazy!

  37. Yes i recently quit taking the depo shot I have been on it for about a year, i was due to get a shot March 22nd but i didnt, These past few days i have felt very shakey, dizzy, nauseas, weak/tired, hot flashes, i cant sleep or at least stay asleep. My throat feels “swollen” should i say. I pretty much dont feel like myself and its scary and really sucks, i wanna knw how long these symptoms will last cause its effecting my daily living. If i would of knwn about these syptoms i would of stuck with some other contraceptive. I would not suggest using the depo to any one, it is HORRIBLE. And all u can do is suffer through the horrible death like symptoms =( until they go away and thats IF they completely go away?! Answers please!

  38. I have taken 4 depo shots and decided the last one was on 18 Jan.2011

    I never stopped bleeding, and I told my Doc. about it and he said that it was common and I should continue to get the shots and eventually the bleeding would stop. That is not true for some. I have been so depressed, no sex because of the bleeding everyday, and sadness.

    I was due a shot this week and NO WAY am I doing that. I woke up this morning to heavy bleeding and I am wondering how long this is going to last.


  39. I am experiencing those very symptoms after being off depo for 4 months after 6 1/2 years. I liked depo because it was a reliable source for birth control, and I did not have my period. (What woman likes to bleed every month?) I actually just got through with a series of pregnancy tests which were all negitive, due to the symptoms, sore breasts, nausea and gas (burping and indigestion), fatigue, loss of appetite, very light and short brownish spotting and discharge, followed by a yeast infection, that seemed to disappear on it’s own. Due to these side effects, i will defiantly not be returning to the use of depo. It is obviously not right to the body, I never had symptoms this bad when i was pregnant!!! Or PMSing for that matter. Not sure where to go from here for birth control, but I will be doing my research!

  40. I’ve been on the shot for over a year now and was suppose to get my injection last week but I’ve decided to stop all my meds. I’ve been on anti depressents for awhile and have just started to feel more and more anxious and not feeling like myself over the year. I’ve also had a lot of abdominal pain and had my gall bladder removed a year ago. Since I’ve stopped I feel so much better! I feel more like myself and I’m happier. It’s been two weeks since I’ve been off my meds. Just the past couple of days though my breats have been super sore and I’ve never had that problem before on or off the shot so that worries me a bit. Everybody is different though, so no two people will have the same effects and I feel that doctors prescrible meds without knowing the “whole” story just what they get from you in like five minutes. It helps to do your own reseach sometimes.

  41. I Googled “symptoms for getting off Depo” because I was experiencing these very exact symptoms. I was on the Depo for a little over a year and just stopped a month and a half ago. I basically have pregnancy symptoms…feeling bloated..soreness of the breasts..moody..emotional.. I took a pregnancy test to confirm that I wasn’t and I figured I couldn’t be cause I’m sure the medication is still in my system but.. these symptoms are horrible. I guess its the hormones trying to level back to normal.. I still havent gotten my period..not complaining.. just hoping that the breast tenderness and mood swings go away ASAP.. won’t be getting back on the shot.. that’s for sure.

  42. I was on depo for about 2 1/2 years. The first 2 years were fine, I had just stopped having a monthly cycle, which was a plus. However, about 5 months ago I had started having a lot of pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, nausea, headaches and weight gain. After researching the long term effects of birth control I had decided not to take my next shot. I talked to my physician, and due to my other health issues (not related to depo) it was best for me not to get another shot. So it’s been five months and the pregnancy symptoms haven’t stopped. I’ve had numerous pregnancy tests that all turned up negative, and now recently I’m urinating more often and my breasts have started growing and feeling sore. Since I’m not trying to get pregnant, feeling like I am is frustrating. I guess my hormones haven’t gotten back to normal yet.

  43. (sorry, I hit submit before I was finished) I still haven’t had my cycle return, I burp all the time, and my chest feels so heavy its hard to breathe sometimes, especially from my breasts and nipples bothering me all the time. I just wish there was something I could take to get back to normal, because waiting for it to get out of my system isn’t working.

  44. I have been on the depo injection now for 12 years, I am 33 – the only break I had was for 6 months when it was recommended I take a rest due to the issues surrounding bone density and I got the implant for 6 months – Didn’t like it so returned to the depo (liked the convenience of not having a period and it seemed to be a solid form for birth control).

    Decided not to go for my injection in Dec 2010 as considering starting a family – My period returned at the start of April 2011 however for the last 3 months my breasts and nipples have been extremely tender and I’m sure they’ve got bigger – put some weight on, particularly round my tummy but not sure if this is linked to the depo (gone from size 10 to size 12) – to be honest think I just need to start eating better and cut out the rubbish.

    Can’t say I had any issues with sex drive whilst on the depo and did enjoy being on it – actually bit scary being back off it and got bit freaked when my period returned.

    Just now need to see if I’m fully back to normal or if it’s still going to be in my system for a while.

  45. I was on the depo injection for around 6 years and on the whole was really happy with it, completely reliable and no periods. I came off it as I thought it would be good to have a break and wanted to flush it out of my system before I started trying for a baby as knew it could take a while to come out.

    Just like everyone else who has replied I have had horrible symptoms since stopping it. I stopped in June and got the implant as it’s the lowest dose of hormone you can take whilst reliable. By September I was suddenly suffering from constant pms type symptoms after 6years with nothing, but as it was only a bit of stomach cramping and slightly swelling breast it wasnt too bad. By christmas my boobs were huge and often so sore I could hardly put a bra on and the movement of even just walking really hurt. In January I got my period back and it was just light and lasted a few days so not so bad, thing is it’s hardly stopped since then, on for a few days/week off for a couple of weeks, on again. It’s not heavy but annoying, like the pms symptoms.

    A member of my family died a year ago so I’ve had a very hard year and so dont feel I can be objective on the mood swings and depression as I think I’d have these with or without it. Also I recognise that the implant is reported to cause some of these symptoms so maybe that’s making it worse, but I had the implant from june-september without any of this so I think it is from when the injections wore off rather than the implant.

    Anyway really I just want to know if anyone has been off depo for long enough that these symptoms have gone away? or found another contraceptive which covers them up and evens out your hormones?


  46. Hi

    Thanks for the posts. I have had a feeling that there would be issues when I come off the depo but when I asked the nurse, she said to take evening primrose oil and all will be well. I started around 11 years ago and had the last on around 1 month ago. When I started, I had several symptoms like others are expereincing when coming off including the worst temper ever. I have never been the type to lose my temper and that was 10 times worse than I have ever imagined I could ever be. The nurse I spoke to at the time dismissed it as something that would not be attributed to the depo but would be caused by external factors. At the time, I was happy, really easy going but that changed straight away after the first injection. Since the first couple of years, everything has settled but I am now worried about feeling like that again.

    When I started I was size 8 and have been up to a size 18 at my biggest even after cutting out crap food and carbs. I am hoping I will not get any bigger than this for coming off.

    I am now researching in advance to see what I am letting myslef in for. I really do need to come off the depo and give my system a rest from the chemicals and so have looked at several things to try to understand what is next.

    According to websites, the symptoms of too much progesterone and too little is the same which is the same symptoms as what is described by many on this website so that would figure as to why it happens, pity that those who work in healthcare do not advise you that this could happen as I have had to find it out myself.

    Overall, my experiences of depo since my body got used to it has been positive. It will be good to be off though but I am hoping that it will not take too long. It has been a help reading all of the above, just hope that people around me will understand if the symptoms start.

    Disapointed by the post from one misinformed person about being a sheep for taking it. If it is offered by a qualified doctor, someone who has trained for years to know what they are doing, you think it will be ok to take and will be thoroughly tested to achieve a licence to be distributed. I am sure it is not so evil that it can be banned but people donot take it because they are coerced into having it, we have all taken it by choice as we all have our own choices to make. It is forums like this that help us al understand each other and is a great source of help so I am hoping that some of the people above have got through it and we can all work together to get to the end of the tunnel of withdrawal and the hormones level out. Good luck to you all.


    • I too had a horrible temper when first got on it.It never really subsided. I was on it for 3yrs. I got some ostopenia from being on the shot and went off.Now Ive been off for about 2months. I have horrible moods swings. mostly depression. My breast are tender and fuller and Im fatigued.I can’t focus as well on things, don’t sleep well. Everything is all out of whack. All this has really taken a toll on a good friendship.

  47. i was a depo user for 2 years got off of it got pregnant then returned on it for 4 years now i am off of it again june of 2010 was my last shot i just now started back my cycle 3 months ago i am dealing with anger,depression and this month i have had severe sickness for a week i hugging the toilet for 4 days the 2 months before i got a little sick but that was normal for me i always got nauseated a week before but this month has been horrible i get one week out of the month where im ok then by the 15 i start having mood swings,wanting to cry and getting very angry and then very sick.

  48. I was initially on depo about 10 years ago, for about 3 years. I then came off it for several years and eventually got pregnant (I wasn’t really trying to get pregnant so I’m not sure how long it actually took for my cycle to become regular again). I had no side effects either while on it or while coming off it. At least none that I remember significantly impacting me. I had my son in July of 2009 and began the depo again about 8 weeks after he was born. Shortly after my first injection I started having panic attacks, feeling nervous all the time and having extreme headaches. Also have no sex drive. Over the last few months I have been feeling just terrible. Not like myself at all. I’ve had severe anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness, mood swings, muscle twitches and cramps, headaches. I have no history of depression or anxiety, have never had a panic attack in my entire life, until after I received my first dose of depo in August of 2009. I thought it might be the fact that I had just had a child. However, I found a sheet of paper from my doc while cleaning out my office last month, and on it, it said one of the side effects from depo could be nervousness. The things that have been happening to me, emotionally and physically, suddenly started to make a lot of sense. I began researching on the internet and have found so many posts from people that are experiencing the same things as me. I feel so terrible right now, but am so grateful to have found these posts-it gives me reassurance that I am not going crazy!!! I am due to get my next shot in June and needless to say I will not be getting it. But now I am concerned about the side effects of going off of this poison that I have been putting in my body. I am also angry at myself for not doing my research. Because I was on this before and had no problems at all, I didn’t even give a second thought to going back on it. I believe it must be that my hormones were so different after having a child that this drug is affecting me this way this time around. If anyone out there who has gone off of it and seen relief at any point can give me some hope for light at the end of the tunnel I would very much appreciate it. I honestly feel like a completely different person than I was before and I can’t stand it!!!!

    • Hun I wish the same too . Everything that’s happening to you am in the same position I have being to doctors they run all kind of test on they come back negative smh this shit is crazy I have to be just praying for god to get me through this

      • Hi dear,

        If you want to detox your body. Just boil the aloe vera and drink it, it really helped me with conceiving for my son now and he’s 10 years old.

  49. i have been on the shot for 4 years.i stopped taking the shot in March..i have been off it for over 2 months now and i am having bad low back pains, and my breast are sore.and sometimes i will get very bad headaches.

  50. HELP!!! This site is an answer to a prayer, I am not alone. I was given the depo shot following a diagnosis of endometriosis which I had surgery to remove by laser. I continued to have sever pain/bleeding after the first shot (100 mg every 3 months) so I was then given 150 mg every 8 weeks for the next 2 visits. The first shot at the increassed dosage caused me to pass out, my blood pressure was 80/40. The nurse said this is a common response and to lay down the next time for 15 minutes after the ingection. The next time I was due for a shot, I did remain laying down but passed out upon standing anyway. Then, the next day I woke up with complete loss of vision in my left eye. The vision loss lasted for 4 days and when it returned I had a severe mirgraine for 2 days. I had never had a headache before. The OB said they vision change was unrelated to the shot and sent me for an MRI. I ended up seeting a neorologist who said that the horomones caused an ocular migraine and told me not to take any horomones from that point on, for anything. Now, its been 7 months since my last injection of depo and I haven’t taken anything besides meds for maenstral pain as needed and a daily multivitamin. I have severe periods that last 14-23 days each and I only have a week off once I stop bleeding until I start. I have increased discomfort in my back and irritable bowels. My flow is also extremely heavy. Priod to taking depo, my cycle was 28 days exactly, it was very painful but it was scheduled to a T. I had been on the pill before the depo and the reason for the switch was to hopefully deter the endometriosis from returning once it was removed. Once on the depo I gained 25 lbs in 7 months, after depo, I’ve lost 20 but it did not start to come off until 4 months after the last injection. My concern is my mood/behaviour, I have become completely over emotional and insecure. I’ve had problems sleeping. My husband has described me as manic because I will clean and organize obsessently. My bowel movements have been irregulary, frequent and painful. I often mind myself nauseous and without appeitie and have thrown up on several occassions, though not feeling sick otherwise and feeling fine after. My periods themselves are debilitating at times (they last for so long that sometimes the pain goes ease up). I start to sweat, my mouth waters and I feel nauseas while I am trying to go tot he bathroom. Despite not eating much or sleeping well, I have extra energy that I can’t explain. I’ve cut back on caffeine and it seems my energy level just inreases. My husband is worried about me because he sees these changes in behaviors but he just keeps sayng, “your body isnt used to being off the shot, u should just go on the pill, you’re horomonal”. Its so hurtful and I feel like a crazy person but I dont know how to get help. My doctor’s advise is to literally try to get pregnant and my symptoms will go away. Is that even possible with an inconsistent cycle? When will it go back to normal? Does pregnancy cure endometriosis? Please help – going crazy.

  51. I have taken Depo twice. I had no withdrawal symptoms, just symptoms related to the drug itself. Had no period which was heavenly, but the Depo intensified depression from a traumatic c/s. Second time I tried it years later the depression was undercontol, but came back full force within days of injection. I would say that if you have a history of depression STAY AWAY from it. Otherwise I LOVED not having any period. I stayed active and took extra calcium and mag to counter the potential bone loss.

  52. Dont forget that all types of hormonal BC work by tricking your body into thinking that it is pregnant, therfore it is reasonable for many women to have symptoms of pregnancy while on hormonal bc

  53. I have recently stopped with the depo shot and I have been bleeding now for over 4 months…Some days are worse than others…I am constantly tired and my breasts hurt all the time…I was taking the shots for over 3 years and while on the shot, I would go one month of no mentrual periods and then would go for 2 months or til the next shot…

  54. I’ve been on the Depo shot for 2 years now. When I first started on it, I did have the sex drive issue. I never felt in the mood to be intimate. I also gained a lot of weight. I’ve gained about 20 or 30 lbs. I’m going to request to be taken off the Depo, so I wanted to see what symptoms I might be facing. The side effects sound awful, but I’d rather deal with them instead of living with a drug thats constantly expanding my jean size.

  55. i tried depo for a year,then stopped. four months later i got pregnant. I just dont think the depo is for everyone….

  56. So its been eight months since I have had my shot. I’ve had my period almost the entire time for three of them, after not having it for six weeks. I just want my body back. I am too tired to do anything and I have to wear a pad at all times and sleep on a towel because it is heavier overnight and trickles past the pad. I haven’t gained any weight but after stopping sodas and eating mostly vegetables and meat I am not losing either. I only had one shot after having my daughter in December. When might I be normal again??

    • hey jasmine i hope everything is okay, did your menstrual cycle ever go back to normal i hope it did. i just got off the deep a few days ago and kind of scared of the withdrawals

      • Hi Bri,

        This is my first time commenting on here, but I wanted to check back in after a few months. My last shot was due mid-August and I got some “old looking” discharge/first period in October. A few days ago, I finally got my period back. I was on depo for 4.5 years and had no side effects except for weight gain. I’m 22 and active, so I finally realized I would see if it helped to get off the depo.

        I was terrified to go off because of the withdrawal info I found when I searched, but the only thing I really suffered from was breast tenderness. I always had regular monthly cycles if that helps – my nurse said that’s a factor on when your period will come back. I didn’t have any emotional issues, but I’m on antidepressants and antianxiety meds already, so that may have been helpful.

  57. I was on the depo for three years and recently decided to go off of it. My last injection was due on June 15th (3 months ago). Since I decided to get off of the shot I have been losing an astronomical amount of hair, my face has been breaking out constantly, I have mood swings, I’m always tired and have stomach cramps. Basically I’m miserable. My periods came back after the first month but now I have severe cramps and heavier longer periods. Before going on the depo I did have cramps but not nearly as bad as they are now and I didn’t bleed as long. I keep putting off going to the doctor because I think that eventually the shot will be completely out of my system but it’s been three months and six month since my last injection. I would have never gone on the depo if I would have know this would be the outcome.

  58. I was on the depo shot for 5 1/2 years and have been off of it for a month and a half. Had some spotting but not much after getting off of it. But now my breasts are sore all the time and like others i have some naseau also. How long before all this stops? Having the sore breasts and nipples is more aggravating than the minor naseua. Hope someone can help me

  59. Good thing I am reading this. Im 20, I began taking the shot around march this year. About 3 weeks ago I refused my last shot because of the weight gain I was having. Recently my breast have been so sore , my appetite has been ridiculous I can eat about anything. and I am always EXHAUSTED. I have been sitting here wondering if I was pregnant, but after reading everyones replies I see that it may just be some side affects of me coming off the shot. Thanks Everyone!

  60. I had been on depo for a little over a year. Last shot was April. I was doing fine until a few weeks ago–my breasts were very sore (still are!) and have constant nausea. All of my pregnancy tests have been negative! Even my doc thought I was pregnant and blood test confirmed I’m not. He doesn’t know where breast tenderness is coming from.

    Can you guys tell me how long your breast tenderness lasted?

    • I took the depo shot for six months. In the mean time had surgery for cervical cancer. This made me want to have a baby now since im getting older and my surgery can cause pregnancy complications since my cervix is shorter. I took my last shot a month before my surgery in February. No periods till this month (august) but now ive had three in one month! This is especially frustrating for a woman who has constant cancer scares since heavy bleeding is also associated with cancer. Also my breast hurt unbearably , my joints hurt, ive gained 20 lbs even though I only eat once a day since I started gaining weight. Im very emotional, im cramping horribly like birth contractions and most mornings now I just dont want to get out of bed. I hate this stupid shot. I just want this all to end.

  61. Heya I have just come off the injection (3 weeks ago) I had been on the injection since I was just 16 I am not 21 in total about 5 and a half years.

    I have the past 4-6 days been getting unbelievable migraines, been unable to sleep, I have insomnia anyways but its like I feel I could stay awake all night but then when I wake up I find it VERY difficult to get out of bed even in a lie in, I got up at 10am this morning I have felt completely shit until 6-7pm in a drained manner now I have migrains I have been getting dizzy on and off all day and its been getting worse each day. I have also suffered body odor? Being smelly even when getting out of the bath or shower? I have not read this on anyone elses side efffects though.

    I really think we should be able to have a day or two off work when coming off the contraception for the first time in a year im glad im unemployed but I cannot imagine working and feeling like this.

  62. i’ve been on the shot for 2 yrs . i stopped about a month ago. i am having preg sighs but everytime i take the test its neg. i throw up everytime i eat, lost weight, my breast are sore, i get very tired . headachs .. i dont know if i am preg or not

  63. Hi everyone … most of the withdrawal symptoms are the same as others.. i took only one shot in March 11.the next shot would be in June.But i didn’t take far, my hubby is on his business trip . I started to have my periods in August 3,2011.since then … it almost never stops.only i was on lack of pad for two days ..then started again.No dysmenorrhoea at all. not heavy periods..for me,,,,,,,,,,so bad thing is that having Severe breast tenderness (still now) ..

    when i consulted with my Gynecologist,she said it will be like that about six months or maybe a bit longer than that…but not to worry..she gave me Evening Primrose Oil, vitamin E 400 IU , folic acid supplements once daily..

    i have been on those drugs for about two months already,,,,the symptoms got relieved and the breast tenderness is also reducing with time .. i think it will work for those who have same symptoms as me.. i m not sure of any mood changes or sex drive coz i m not with my hubby for months ..:P

    doing physical exercise(I am on that ) might also help for your mood symptoms i suppose ..

    dear all .. hope this would help you ………..


    • Thank you for the advice. I know this is an old post but I am desperate for help. I was late getting my last shot and it was a nightmare of symptoms. Intense hot flashes, inability to sleep, nausea, emotional, diarrhea. I have IBS, chronic nausea, insomnia, and I’m bipolar but I’m very managed on medication and have been for 10 years. I’ve been on and off depi for 20+ with no problems but being late on this last shot was horrific. It was as if the medications I take for my regular problems stopped working. I thought I was going through early menopause and had also gotten the flu. But within hours of getting my shot my symptoms abated and now I’m worried about trying to come off it. If my prescription meds don’t work I need to try other things and I really appreciate your post. I have 3 months to plan and I will be stocking up. Also wondering if anyone has tried those OTC menopause meds like Estroven?

  64. I have been on the Depo for 12 months…stopped it 4 months ago. Since stopping I suffered severe crampy and painful abdominal pain with bloating (which was only relieved by going to toilet).

    Nuerological I was drowsy and felt a weird sensation almost like dizziness but not quite.

    Breast tenderness and lack of Labido.

    I went to 3 doctors and one diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, another anaemia without a blood test and the other unsure but said because I had an upper viral respiratory tract infection recently it could be a contributory factor to my drowsiness or middle ear infection.

    Am not sure what to think am waiting for blood test results regarding anaemia and watching to see if my drowsiness subsides.

    I experienced bleeding (bright red) which lasted 1 day and tailed of dark brown over the following 2 days (not sure if my period has come back so soon).

    Anyone experiences the same?

  65. Ive been on depo 9 years, over the last 4 I’ve changed. Moody, cranky, bloated, constipated, emotional, insecure, you name it.. Mainly 1 week before my shot. I also would bleed that week get my shot and it would go away and I would return. My thoughts are crazy, sleep isnt good. I’ve had so much abominal pain I’ve tried gluten free, dairy free, thinking I’m celiac. After all this reading these post I feel getting off depo should remove all these symptoms… NTM over the last 3 yrs I’ve gained 18 pounds. My doc says I’m getting older so the weight gains setting in due to no estrogen. I’m getting off depo. Missed my last shot but weird no bleeding so far, head aches started.. Migraines and tiredness.. I. Guessing withdraws… So I believe I’ll start a cleansing detox soon and stay off all birth control for a year or so…

  66. Thank goodness for this blog…

    I have been feeling i am going insane but seems like my sanity is intact..

    Have been using Depo for 2 1/2 years and side effects kicked in about 10 months ago. I am always tired and irritable, bad moodswigs, anger flares, nausea, severe migrains,constant headach…. A few years ago I was taking oral contraseptives,and developed lumps in my breast, went for a mamogram came out negative, got bloods taken and tested hormonal inbalance was the cause…I was adviced to get i did…A few years later I have the same problem, on the depo, so now I have decided to get off the Depo, but I am so cranky and tired,its been 2 weeks now since i missed the shot, my breast are killing me and i am not eating, i have picked up over 25kg in these past 2 years and i feel like a bus,My limbs are sore i also sweat like a pig get hot flushes and dont sleep so well, my skin looks like a pizzathank goodness i have no man in my life coz he would go running away with me like this…

  67. I am so thankful for all of your posts, they have helped me alot. I was on the Depo for 2 years, and gained around 14kg, so decided to come off it, convinced it was helping me keep it on (have been really trying to loose, including going off all sugar). I have been off it now for about a month, sore breasts, some abdominal cramping, and yesterday i just felt sooooo tired, the thought of going to work ……..I took the day off and felt better as the day wore on. Today i feel about the same, but after reading your posts i know why and it helps me to cope. I have had some mood swings (poor hubby and daughter) so i can explain it to them too. I have had no bleeding (yet) but i know it will come, eventually. I am going to try and keep a positive mindset, and do some exercise (try and loose some weight) and try to get fit and healthy. I hope you all come thru good 🙂 I will never go on Depo again, hubby is getting nicked….hehe


    • Its years since you’ve posted. I hope things better fast. I am in the same boat right now. The first 2 months, but everything you are saying.I have a good friend who is at wits end with me. Im going to talk to my doctor come monday, after reading all these posts. I feel better now. I Thought
      I was going crazy.

  69. I went and got the depo shot once and only once. I refused to go back and get a second one after I missed one period, then when I got my period I spotted for 2 weeks and then the next time I spotted for a month. I have been unusually irritated and had symptoms of pregnancy to find out that I wasn’t pregnant. That was a big disappointment because I want another child. I am also bleeding during my high fertility days preventing me from having sex to get pregnant. Also I started my period two Sunday’s ago and it seems like I am still on it. This time I have heavy bleeding and its been going on for two weeks. I think that women should think long and hard before taking the shot. I have no idea what is going on with my body and I am upset because I don’t know when I can get pregnant.

  70. I am wriing about my daughter, she was on depo for about 1 year, she has been off the drug for 4 months. my daughter is now reporting that she is bleeding all the time, she has had her period for the last month, with bleeding every day. She went to the doctor and ask what could be causing this to happen, the doctor just shrugged his shoulders and said that he was not sure what was causing her to bleed, and that she should take some type of hormone medicine called provera. She does not know where to turn, and is now looking for a new family doctor, OBGYN. if you have this same issue please write and let us all know, and I hope that every one that took the time to write here does soon get better. Happy Holidays to you and your familys. Depo users Father.

  71. After stopping the shot I became very depressed, had mood swings, and actually thought that I was pregnant due to nausea, excessive peeing, gas and other symptoms that I experienced each time that I was pregnant, I will never take this shot again.

  72. Hi I have been on the depot for about 10 years. I want to get off it because the last 3 years I have experienced some depression,anxiety and recently started feeling joint pains. I’m scared to get off it after reading all the side effects. I don’t know if the depression and anxiety is linked to Depot or because of my moms passing away 3 years ago….. I am feeling aches and pains that I have not felt before also I recently started getting real bad headaches and feel a little nauseous at times. Hopefully these symptoms stop if I stop taking depot! Or will they get worse. I’m confused, please help anyone 🙁

  73. Jacklynn, I too was on the shot for about a year. Once I stopped I immediately got a period that seemed to make up for all the ones I missed. It came back with a vengence!! That lasted about 1.5 weeks, then I got it again 2 weeks later and it’s been 4 weeks and I’m still spotting. I wouldn’t take any more drugs, especially anything unnatural. I’m praying that my body will return to normal…. eventually!

  74. I stopped the Depo. My side effects are breast tenderness, nausea, lots of fatigue. I stopped taking it because my husband and i want a child, but the doctor never told me that it would take over a year to be able to get pregnant. We are praying it doesn’t take that long….

  75. I had my third child in May of 2010. I also had my tubes tied. I suffered an entire year after that pregnancy, heavy periods. Basically a week of hell. I would wear a super tampon and an overnight maxi-pad and would still have to change things every hour. This period was also accompanied by migraine headaches. My doctor retired so I started with a new office. It was suggested to me to start the DEPO shot because it would stop the migraines and control or stop my period. I started the shot this past October and immediately started my period. Here it is December 29th and I’ve been on a period Every day for the past 3 months now. I’ve lost all my sex drive, I’m moody, many ups & downs, I’m tired and have an achy back. However my migraines have stopped. I was due for another shot about 2 weeks ago however I opted to not try it again. Although, my doctor wants me to try another round of it because she was certain my periods would stop all together. I understand there are many women who like the DEPO shot but I Do No recommend it. In fact, I don’t like Birth Control all together.

    I’m between a rock and a hard place right now. Both my Grandma and Mom Both had the same symptoms in their 30’s and ended up with partial hysterectomies. I’m now 30 almost 31 and all the doctors want to do is medicate me with birth control to “manage” my heavy periods. I don’t know what to do at this point…. I feel like I’m just another number or another patient. I’ve been bleeding now for almost 90 days and it feels like it will never stop. Any suggestions or if in the Southwest Michigan area… any suggestions on a great doctor who specializes in this issue? My email is:

  76. After my son was born, I decided to go on the Depo shot. I had been on it for almost a year. December 2nd I had the essure procedure done, so no more children. My next shot was due between the 13th and 26th. Decided not to get it. I’ve been eating like crazy, I feel I’m gaining a lot of weight, and last night I noticed I had colostrom coming from my nipple. Now breasts are so sore, its unbearable. Called my OBGYN and they suggested I have another blood test done. Went today and now its just a matter of waiting.

  77. I am 33 and have been on depo for around 10 years I guess. In that time I reckon I have taken a break twice (until my periods returned) which took 10 months the first time and the second time, around 7 months. I have not experienced any issues while on depo, no weight gain, no mood swings and no change in sex drive. The second last time I went off depo I started to have issues (jan 2011). Periods came back in jul 2011 but I experienced exhaustion, diminished sex drive and constant bloating. I decided to go back on depo and had 1 shot and was due for next top up in oct 2011 however getting married oct 2012 and planning to start fam straight away so we made a decision to quit birth control meds and go for other methods. I got my period in dec which lasted 4 weeks and with it came the sorest left breast and a horrible feeling when trying to be intimate like my ovaries are being used as a punching bag. I felt like I have some kind of cancer or disease until reading these posts. I had a recent check up which showed everything being normal so I guess I just have to wait it out….just wish my insides didn’t ache anymore and my breast wasn’t feeling like I had cancer.

    I will never go back on depo again after this but as I said, it was only after the 2nd last quit that I had any of these symptoms.

  78. Ok, so like most, thought I was going crazy & googled. Been on depot 12 years, stopped in September. Four months off, started period end of December ( after three months off) and it wint stop. Breasts have been on and off painful for months…didnt even realize it was a withdraeal symptom. Tired, depressed, feeling worthless. Funny thing is…they SAY no long term studies have been done because not many on it long term. Excuse me? How many posts here?! Just a side note: I was on depot for FIVE years before the warnings came out! There HAS to be some kind of recourse for us…besudes giing back to the shot or suffering all the time!!!

  79. i was on the depo for over 5 years and i loved it. i had no periods. i did gain some weight but it didnt bother me that much. i came off of it almost 3 years ago and as soon as i came off of it i had a lot of problems. in and out of the hospital and lots of doctor visits. i bleed for 6 months straight! had lots of lower abdominal pain. i had issues with my ovaries and had to have surgery for one cuz it was about to burst. i get cysts a lot on my ovaries. not fun. then on top of everything i was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical pre-cancer. it was a rare case cuz to get to stage 1 it takes around two years to get there. but i got to stage 3 in a year! (i was 20) tried mulitpule ways to cure it but ended up having surgery. still isnt gone. i never really thought about looking into why i was having all these problems untill recently and now i wish i never used it. it has made my life aweful. and not to mention i want to start a family and has been unsucessful have been trying for two years. and with the cancer i have to be careful if i ever get pregnant…. fingers crossed! and still to this day i have issues with my menstral cycle. never consistant. i will either bleed every week and a half or not bleeding for over a month. its not fun not knowing what is going on with your own body.

  80. I was on the depo for 5 almost 6 years and then i got off it I’ve had mood changes and these past months i haven’t been able to sleep at night and i sleep all day. I have bad mood swings like i cry over the littlest things and i don’t even know why i get mad most of the time.

  81. I have used the depo injection for 8 years and never had any side effects while using it. I never gained much weight, but found it harder to lose wieght.

    I have now been off the depo for 5 months and have noticed several side effects which I can only assume are linked to the depo. Both my breast are very sore and tender, they have also increased in size by 2 inches. My skin on my body seems to be dry, i have never expereinced dry skin before. Yet my face is extremly greasy. I have been suffering with more headaches but headaches were quite common while on the depo.

  82. I was on depo from 2002 to 2005, off for 8 months until I got a period again, and because of the painful cramps returning (reason I went on it) I got another shot in 2006. The whole time I was on the depo I didn’t gain any weight, and the only thing I think may have been a side effect was more addictive tendencies coupled with mild depression (but overall life was good). I DID gain over 60 pounds in 2006 when I was OFF the depo. Once I went back on it, I maybe gained another 10 pounds but not much more. I decided to completely go off in 2009 because I wanted to lose the weight (wasn’t coming off easy while on the shot). I didn’t get my shot in Sept 2009, and my period didn’t come back until April 2011. I had NO problems until my period returned, then started with little swings of anxiety, light periods, and dizziness at times. Then in November 2011 I suddenly developed this burning sensation under my skin. I wouldn’t say it was itchy, but just burning! Anxiety came on full force, and started to have trouble sleeping, as well as having trouble eating (I lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks!). I’ve tested everything and all is normal except saliva shows progesterone is on the low end, estradiol is low, and prog/estr ratio is off (estrogen is higher than progesterone, and considering they are both low no wonder!). Also morning cortisol was high! Have tried many different things, feeling somewhat better but the burning feeling has turned into a feeling of having glass shards under my skin. Also, now my eyes just burn like crazy and I get terrible headaches and some dizziness! What I’ve tried: change in diet (no wheat or sugar), I’ve tried some supplements, but I’m not real patient and if I happen to have an anxiety attack after starting something new I blame it on the new thing (which I know is dumb, but that’s what anxiety does to you 🙁 Progesterone cream (Emerita brand I’m using) is starting to help some. I had to ignore the directions and just use a packet (20mg) when I feel symptoms coming on, because I think the depo just screws up our systems and hormones.. and I also think it’s stored in fat, so maybe my rapid weight loss is causing some liver overload as the fat and toxins make their way out! I’ve been considering getting another shot to get rid of this, as it makes every day a chore versus loving life like I used to, but I’m going to press on with the progesterone cream for a while. A big part of this is to know it’s not going to kill me, and I will get through it through faith and perseverance. Please God, help all of us post depo users, please!

  83. PS, If anyone else is going through similar problems after depo and wants someone to talk to, give support and take support, please feel free to email me I’m more than willing to share the many things I’ve learned about this. In my case, the burning skin sensation has been perplexing, and googling things on the internet has led me to believe I have everything from Lyme disease to mercury poisoning (in other words, if you’ve used depo provera, look to that first because of all the stories you have to believe that’s the problem if everything else tests fine). I noticed something else too, regular doctors say as long you’re having a period you’re fine (which if you’re having symptoms now, after depo, is not true!) and that saliva tests are not reliable (but they are! the blood tests, not so much. Google that and you’ll see why). AND on the other side, natural doctors tend to go through “fads” and the current fad is being low on Vitamin D and hashimoto’s disease (I saw 2 and they both were on this kick), as well as Candida. I am not saying these things don’t exist, I am simply saying we know we have used depo, we know we are now having problems, and that’s where the problem started and must be addressed. Understand that if the hormones are messed up post depo, the vit d and thyroid are messed up to, and our guts might be a mess, but look to the source first and don’t just treat the symptoms but start with treating the root of the problem or you’ll find yourself on supplements and meds for life!

  84. I had been on depot for 2 years and just got off of it a couple months ago. however, my breasts are EXTREMELY tender and im gaining weight in my mid-section w/o changing any of my daily activities or diet. i thought it was pregnancy but after taking 4 tests on different days, the outcome is negative. my breasts hurt so bad that i cant lay on my stomach. (sigh)

  85. Im so happy that i just found this blog. It helps to know your not alone. I had been on depo for about 7 years with a small break of about 4 months around my 5th year. I got my last injection april of 2011 and didnt have any bleeding untill november and it just stopped about the first week into january of 2012. I bleed on and off for about the first couple of weeks….literally one day spotting red the next brown then red again. once into the second month my flow began to increase and become heavy and there was no breaks just a constant flow then it stopped. During this time i experienced very very painful sore breast and nipples, sleepless nights, anxiety, and nausea had gotten so bad i had to go to the hospital they didnt know exactly what was wrong but decided it was irregular periods. Ive been doin research in the best advice i got was to be patient with your body and it will come back into balance, it has to establish a natural hormonal balance. As of now my breast are still sore and i still have nausea im just takin one day at a time and i have faith that my body will come back into balance. I hope it does for all of us

  86. I was supposed to get my last depo on the 11th this month but i had the worst side effect of all which would be the constant period. Besides having deppression, (which was even worse bc i had a stillbirth at full term back in jan. Nearly a year go…) treating my husband like crap bc of severe mood swings ehich i never had before and im not saying im the perfect wife or person lol. I have my moments…we all do… 🙂 stomach aches every day and nasuea i havent had any others. Now…getting off of it is a horror story. My symptoms are severe stomach aches, backaches stabbing pain in my abdomen, severe migraines (which i have had since a child tll the age of 20- i had them while i was pregnant but they went away after) jittery feelings nasuea to the point that i cant get out of bed bc i am afraid of throwing up. Any smell triggers my nausea and i always have to have a nottle of oust or febreeze on hand.

    • hi I’ve had 3 shots was meant to go bck in March I’ve had same problems I’ve been ane 4 times with bad stabbing pains in stomache and back and side pains chest pains which there saying is costochondritis headaches and now eye pain due to dry eyes I’ve had enough I’ve been to gp afew times told same thing over and over again my.peroid is all over the place just want to.get bck to normal can’t see no.ending tho at the moment…

  87. Recently I’ve had to take antibiotics which has cancelled out my depo shot…within the past couple months I have had a light period off and on for a couple weeks now, I have gained a few pounds, and I have been experiencing cramping. I don’t sleep well, due to I’m assuming the back pain I have experienced..

    After reading the responses, Im glad to hear I’m not the only one..unfortunately this is happening to us. I have had really bad breakouts and bloating, I’m always tired, and somedays I’m extremely hungry, others I could go without food. I have been very emotional and moody. I also have been feeling extremely anxious and depressed..not a good feeling.

    If anyone’s knows of any ways to help with the situation..please post.

  88. And now im feeling bloated and like im gaining weight but i stil weigh 125. I have to keep busy or im going to eat everything in the house. Lol. Still having the back aches and the stabbing pain in my abdomen is worse but comes and goes. Constantly bleeding on and off, heavy then light, then suddenly in the middle of something i start really heavy. I hate it. I ate that wveryone ese on here is going through the same thing. But im glad that my body is obviouslytrying to right itself. I just hope its soon bc my husband and i are ttc i wish anyone else trying luck and im praying for everyone on here.

  89. I only had 2 shots of depo and decided to quit after my skin felt like it had goose bumps on my legsand my hair started falling out, I actually lost about 13 pounds in the two and half months which wasn’t good bc my beginning weight was 120. My legs always hurt, I only had one period in 6 months and the worst part was I became a emotional monster. I was mean, rude, didn’t care what I said or who I hurt. I was depressed and tired all the time. My face broke out like never before and I too had trouble sleeping and even focusing. And I was due for my last shot in dec 2011 didn’t get it. I had my first period on time but no period this month, cramps, headaches, depression, I feel sick a lot, always tired, I’ve gained 12 pounds in a month, my legs hurt a lot and I’m a “bitch” according to some people. I will NEVER take this shot again. I hope my periods get regular soon and it won’t take years to have another baby.

  90. I was on depo for about 10 years, it was one of my favorite things I did for myself. No side effects, my period was just gone! I am now 49yrs old and was told I am going through menapause (great joy, not.) So I decided to give my body a break. My last shot was Oct.2011 and just last month I had one day of spotting. This month I’m having cramps that would drop a man to his knees! Either I have forgetten what cramps feels like or “they” have been saving up their intensity over the years. The pain is so intense, it’s taking my breathe away. I am so happy to find others trying to find answers. The doctor had the nerve to tell me that I would breeze through menapause due to the depo shot. I do not feel breezy in anyway!

    • Just like everyone else, i’m so glad i found this blog. I was on depo for 19 years and LOVED it. no periods at all. I’m 44 now and was seeing a new dr last year who told me i needed to stop. I’ve had 2 bone density tests and they were fine. So they suggested Nexplanon instead. I’ve been depo free for a year now and have noticed an increase in cup size which is pretty awesome as i was barely a B. I just figured the anxiety was just me but now I’m starting to think it was due to the depo. I didn’t gain too much weight while on it either. Now I get stomach pains with my periods which are back to a normal cycle now. Figured payback for all the years of no periods haha. Anyone else who is a year later or more after becoming depo free? I’m curious what others who have been on it as long as I have are experiencing. I’m also tired all the time but i was like that while on depo. I don’t blame anyone for this, i just want to know more about the withdrawal symptoms. There just needs to be more research articles and information about getting off depo so the rest of us can relax a little. Pls feel free to reply to my comment. Would love to hear from anyone who’s been on it for longer than 15 years and is now off of the depo and on Nexplanon. I don’t know if it’s the depo withdrawal or the implant causing the anxiety, moodiness, and lack of sex drive. i def was fine with the depo. Thanks everyone!!

      • I’ve been off depo for a year and a half basically. I was on it for about 7 and a half years. I’m 43 now.The worst part for me are the cramps, stomach and back. And the sweat that comes with it. In all this time, I’ve had a light spot of blood for a day. Maybe three times. Have been so worried about this cramping, it’s like very bad period pains with no period. Google has me thinking I have cervical, ovary and bowel cancer lol. Also severe heartburn, have had that a long time. Also since being on depo, I was put onto Anti depressants because of anxiety. Never linked the two

  91. I had gotten my first depo shot in August 2011. I was supposed to go for my second shot in November 2011, but wasn’t able to make it due to being out of town for work training. I never went and got my second shot. Ever since my first shot, I have had my period non-stop. I was told that during the first 3 months, it would be normal to get your period. So i thought nothing of it. We are now in Feburary 2012, and I get my period 2, maybe 3 times a month now. Im not too sure what is going on, but i have had horrible cramps, loss of sleep. Should I seek medical help? I am tired of bleeding all the time, it is interferring with my life 🙁 Any suggestions?

  92. I have been off the depo shot for 8 months and finally got my period. I was on it for 5 years, well until I got pregnant. The doctor claims that it happens. Whatever. Now I spot like crazy, moody, tired (all the time), and very depressed. These things I have never really dealt with ever, except the depression. I feel my depression has gotten much worse. I get angry for no reason. That’s never happened before. I feel very fidgetty when Im up but I could fall asleep within seconds of lying down or driving. Their is something wrong with me!

  93. I was on depo fior 4 years after my first baby, periods stopped right away no problems. Then in March of 2011, while still on the shot I started having regular periods every month. My last shot was in May 2011 so that we could start TTC, I had VERY IRREGULAR periods from July 11 to Oct 11. They became normal (25-30 day cycle) again in Nov, Dec and Jan. However, In Jan 2012, I got severe mid-cycle cramping accompanied by severe nausea. I thought i could possibly have been pregnant becaue with my first I had “Hyperemesis Gravaderum (extreme morningin sickness) and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (extremem pelvic pain) but 8 negative pregnancy test and I got my period 1 week later. Now at the end of my January period which stopped 2/1/12, I started having cramps almost immediately. This time, I had cramping, nausea, fatigue, moodiness, anxiousness, cravings, smell aversions (pregnancy symptoms right? WRONG!!!)… so i started reading about mid-cycle cramping and BC, specially DP. Well!!!!! ok, here’s the deal ladies… the cramping your experiencing is your ovulation. The cramping is your body telling you, these are the specific days you you are ovulating. Ovulation cramps can be so bad they are accompanied by nausea and headaches. The rest is just your body dealing with your hormones. since we are TTC it’s very hard because my OV days is the most painful.

  94. I have been on the depo for two years and just stopped it and my doctor put me on the pill. I have experinced break outs, headaches, fatigue and gassy and bloating and lower back pains and sore muscles.

  95. Hey!

    I was on the depo for nine months, just got off of it on January 6th this year. It’s been about six or seven weeks since I’ve been off and I’ve been feeling moody, depressed, moodswings, nausea, puking food I can’t keep down :(, sensitive to smells, dizziness, jitters in the legs, and plain ol’ weak. I just (like litterally right now) took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I have a feeling it’s our hormones trying to balance everything out, not withdrawals, but the imbalance of hormones. Honestly, I think it was worth it NOT getting pregnant, and the low chance, as I am a college student. I’d be willing to go on the shot again if necessary. It helps a lot to take walks when you don’t feel well, sleep when you feel tired, and have a very supportive and comforting boyfriend or husband that keeps you feeling secure. My boyfriend has been EXTREMELY supportive of me during this time and I feel wonderful, even though I feel like I’m going to hurl. Just daily light walks, and being around positive people can really help. When I hole myself up all alone I feel AMAZINGLY devil like.

  96. I am niw 20years old and I was on the Depo for three years and I have been off it for 4 months now. Ever since stopping the injection I haven’t felt myself but now..more recently.. I have had nausea for an entire week…severe migrains..neck/shoulder and back ache. I thought I had just caught a bug or something but now i’ve read this im starting to wonder :s. I hope I feel better soon… im sick of having like 0% energy. xxx

  97. I took my last injection September 17, 2011 after being on it for about 4 years. I decided not to take my injection December, 2011 because my OB/GYN said it take a year to get out of my system and I will be getting married in Novemer 2012, knowing we will be TTC after the wedding. It has been 5 months since my last injection and still no period. This month was the first month I have had menstral like symtoms, bloating, bad cramping, lower back pain. This is also the first month I got my sex drive back. The depo shot made me have absolutely no sex drive. The month I was suppose to take the injection December, 2011. I had depression so bad that I considered going to a pyschologist because I was having suicidial thoughts. I have NEVER had depression. This stopped in February as well. Through my 4 years of taking depo I developed exercise induced anaphyalaxis but this is slowly disappearing as well. I am hoping that the cramping signifies ovulation and I will be seeing a period shortly. I would like my system to become regular before wedding.

  98. In addition to above, I have to mention that I developed HPV 6 months ago. I am not sure how this happened because I took the gardisol shot 3 years ago. I am not sure if the hormones in depo, coupled with my fiance strain of HPV this intensified my chances. I retest for HPV in March, praying for negative. I am hoping with a strict diet, regular exercise, folic acid pills this will help with HPV and speeding up my cycle to come regular.

  99. Can anybody tell me how long did it take you after stopping depo to feel back to normal? Feel like yourself again? Will be more than greatful for any comments.

    • I wish I knew this aswell I’m having a bad time off it in and out off ane having test after test done

  100. forgot to tell that I’ve been of depo for a week now (after nearly 2 years on it) and having terrible abdominal pain, back pain, being tired ALL the time, depresed with absolutely no energy…it worries me a lot:(

  101. i’ve been on the injection for 8 years and was advised by my doctor to take a ‘year out’ to let the bone density rise again. I haven’t had any sickness but my mood swings have been completely up the wall. I’m actually worried they’re ruining my relationship with my partner. I’m constantly in tears and I’m acting like a spoilt teenager and it’s awful taking a step back and looking at myself!! I hope these mood swings go away because I’m at my wits end and it’s only been 2 weeks since I quit the injection…

  102. I’m 20 years old. I never believed in taking any type of birth control for myself. Certain circumstances called for it. I tried the ring but it wasn’t working for me. So I went for the shot. I only got it that once and never again will I get it again. It’s been almost 3 months since I was la st suppose to go back and retake it. And just recently, about a month ago, I started feeling a bit nauseous, tired all the time, getting bad headaches, tenderness on my breast, cramps and a few over symptoms. I thought I might be pregnant and was hoping to be. I was very disappointed to find out that I wasn’t. Now, I’m just hoping to recover from this soon because I lose my energy quick and at times feel sick when I go to the gym.

  103. I’m 22 years old and I was on the shot for five years. I had no side effects the entire time except no period. I gained maybe 10-20 lbs but then again I’m almost 23, not 17 anymore so that should be expected. Labido was the same. I just stopped it about a month ago. The only side effect I have so far is just breast tenderness, I had a strange back pain for a few days but I think that was just a pinched nerve. If I gain some weight or start getting headaches or depression I’ll amend my post. SO far so good though, I wanted the shot to stop leaching calcium from my body and return to my normal cycle so I can eventually have children.

  104. I had been on the injection for 6 years before deciding it was the right time last September to stop taking it and begin trying to start a family. For the first few months I gradually got the familiar period pains back just without the period and within only a few weeks had a huge sex drive which my partner struggled to keep up with. My breasts became tender, I was emotional (not depressed) and haven’t experienced any weight gain. It is now 6 months since I stopped taking it and I am beginning to get periods back and the pains have calmed down my only concern now is how long will it take to fall pregnant.

  105. OK so i started taking the Depo shot On October the 8th 2011 and it made me gain 20 pounds and i have been have irregular bleeding . I have had a heavy period non stop for about 5 months :/ i havent taking the shot scince Oct how do i stop bleeding????

    • Hey Rebecca, this is my exact situation. I’ve been bleeding nonstop for 4 months now. I am in so much pain. I feel as though I’m actually dying. I’m a junior in college and dealing with thus has actually kept me out of class on many days. I see that this was your life in 2012-I would love to talk with you for advice: kcm808@rocket Thanks!

      • Hey Yara, SAME exact situation as you! Can you tell me how it played out?! I’m supposed to get my 3rd shot Nov. 21! I’m not going back cause I’ve been bleeding since mid May when I got my first shot! Please help!

  106. hi depo haters lol i was on it for about a year n a half then stopped in november, i had the cramping but i havent had it since xmas an then in january i had the sickness which is still there, i’ve had tender breasts for about 8 weeks now, 2 week ago a started my period had it for about 7 days then nothing so was well chuffed then 2 days ago i started bleeding heavy again x:'( i think the longer your on it the longer the aftermath will be so we will all just have to w8 i suppose, since i was only on it for a year and a half i’m hopin i won’t have to w8 too long fingers crossed focals xxxxxxxxxxxx

  107. I went on the depo shot in my twenties and I am now 35. I stopped it to become pregnant in 2006. Most of the time I had no period at all which was great. But I did gain probably about 5 to 6 pounds during this time. Had 1 miscarriage and then two successful pregnancies. After my second child I resumed the depo after nursing. What I did notice while on the shot was that I had severe migraines with nausea, Usually 2x per month. I also had mood swings and always a low libido. I decided to go off of the shot after the mood swings and migraines continued and there seemed to be no solution for them. Also after taking a bone density test the doctor indicated that I have slight bone loss from the shot. I have a family history of osteoporosis. My last shot was due in late

    November. It took about 2 or 3 months until I got a regular. But now since then I have had 4 periods in a month and a half which is excessive to me

  108. i was on depo for over 2 yrs. i went off it in january 2012 and i started getting these syptoms: nausea, intense stomache pain, headaches, short period of bladder issues, and frustration. i had no idea what was happening. i went to the doctors they were dead set on me being prego (i even started to think they were right). but after a series of tests blood and urin, all negative. they turned to another series of test. they did an ultra sound to check my intestines, had me clean out my system for blockage, they even did a no fat diet, and put me on an inhaler. everything they tried made no changes in how i felt. after about a month of testing and no change the only thing left was a specialist, and i have no insurance. i was talking to my sister whos studying nursing. she was worried and started researching. we found articles online about people feeling the exact way i was. depo withdrawl is the only thing that makes sense. it is now march 2012 and most syptoms are gone accept the stomach pain and occasional nausea. some people said their syptoms lasted 7 months. i cant keep doing this, it just hurts so much… does anyone know what i can do for the pain. my doctor prescribed the pill verson he said if it was withdrawls then the syptoms would stop. but i am NOT willing to risk starting this all over again. please any answers would help me greatly.

  109. I have been off of the shot for 2 months. I have have breast tenderness and aches. This may not have anything to do with it, but I have caught cold after cold as well as strep throat in the last 2 months. It’s been a rough ride.

  110. I was on the depo for 9months and been off for 3weeks!!! I thought I’ve been severely depressed, pregnant due to growing almost a cup size and the horrific pain accompanied with it. Sad and crying over everything then pist off the next. Now I’ve been nauseated off an on all day, and so tired I could sleep the day away. I’ve seriously felt crazy and hopeless. The shot sucks and the side effects should be more known to those who use it. On top of all this my boyfriend thinks I’m unaffectionate and don’t want him. In reality I have so much emotionally and physically going on inside that I’m the one who feels unwanted. Can’t wait for this all to end!!

    • I have the exact same thing minus the growing a cup size, which I wouldn’t mind, since I feel like I’ve gotten smaller since being on the shot. Relationship has been rocky because my boyfriend thinks I don’t want him as well.

  111. I havnt stopped taking the Depo just yet. ive currently been on it for about 6 years now. im scarred to stop taking it but since ive been on it for so long my doctor wants me to stop for a while but them jump back into it. im 21 and dont have my mind set on kids. i take the depo not only becasue of the hormones but because everyone i have talked to about it says it works amazing. it has so far. i just dont know if i should stop taking it then jump right back on it. Any Suggestions ladies?

  112. I too have been on depo for five years, my last injection was August 2011. Since then I have gained approximately half a stone despite eating normally and vigorous exercise I can’t lose it. My most worrying symptoms however are numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes mainly on one side of my body to the extent of being woken during the night with these symptoms. Most recently I am experiencing numbness on one side of my face too. Is anyone else experiencing these symptoms could it be hormonal or something else. Appointment booked with doctor as I am now beginning to worry.

    • I have definitely had numbness and tingling on one side, yes, but I didn’t correlate it with the shot. But then again, my doctor told me that nothing was due to the shot, so..

  113. It’s amazing that the comment stream on this post has been constant for two and a half years. Thanks to Rachel for re-posting about this under-addressed issue last week. I’ve written a post about it over at re: Cyclling, the blog of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

    You’ll find reference to a resource that can help women making the transition off Depo-Provera and other hormonal contraceptives.

  114. i stoped depo two months ago and no iam experiencing neck problems like stiff neck and i never had that problem before until i stoped the depo shot and iam more tired i can barely stay up with my kids and i never had that problem until i stoped the depo shot

  115. MY sister is still on the shot and is having stomach pains she was late getting the shot and her doctor didnt even do a pregnancy test on her and when ever i was late they would always do a pregnancy test and she told him that she unsure if she was pregnant and he told her that she hadnt been off of the shot long enough to get pregnant

  116. Please help me to understand what my body is going through. I was on the depo for 6 months and have only been off of it for a month and a half. I still have no period. I have weight gain and just recently have had nipple soreness and nausea. I am so stressed out and scared that I could be pregnant that I have taken 4 home tests that all came back negative. I have not had sex for 5 months. So I would think the test would say something by now. I just want my body back!

  117. I was on the shot for 18 months, I’m now off the shot and I feel great. When I had my period regularly (before the depo shot) I sometimes experienced nausea, breast tenderness, anxiety and cramps. This was associated with my period, monthly. So, I read all these posts and I’m wondering if it is a possibility that when we come off this shot, we start to experience pms symptoms again; for some this includes headaches, mood swings, nausea, breast tenderness. Perhaps while the body is readjusting, these symptoms are intermittent. But, if anyone has these symptoms for the long term, I would recommend a consultation with a doctor, and keep looking for the right doctor until you feel you’re being listened to. As for the post regarding weight loss and vigorous excersise; I sympathize because I’ve eaten right, excersise, use stress management techniques, etc… and I also gained 10 pounds, which has mostly come off at this point. Just be careful that your exercising isn’t hurting your back muscles or spine. Sounds like tingling is a nerve impingment and from personal experience as someone who’s a gym rat, chiropractors help. Good luck everyone! I hope you all feel better soon.

  118. I was on Depo for 12 years approx. I did not go to get the shot on March 5th, 2012 when I was due. March 21st I had my first period, light for 4-5 days. It is now April 24th, my period arrived bang on, April 21st.

    I have a history of migraines (crippling migraines, since I was 10 years old). I had the bone denisty xray done and was allowed to stay on it as everything was “normal” and I had no side effects. My doctor did advise me of all side effects and constantly reminded me at each appointment .I never had the weight gain or mood swings or anything issues when I went on it and don’t see any changes now that I’m off it. It also regulated my migraines from 1/month to maybe 1 a year (I remember I made it to 364 days with no migraines and I celebrated)

    I loved the shot and plan to/hope to go back on it after we are done having a family. The only reason I’m getting off it as I want children, my docs said 6 months-18 months is average (but who knows really since I’ve been on it so long). The return of my period within weeks of no shot has me hopefull. I just want to get my body healthy and back to normal before my husband and I decide to have kids.

    The one thing that may be associated is that I am warm! I’m one of those who is always cold, always lol. But at the time of writing this I could also be getting a cold, we shall see.

  119. I’m 23 and I started the shot October 11, 2011 and I was recently due for my next the first week of April 2012. I skipped it because the clinic was a horrible place and very incompetent. Since then I have been extremely tired, nauseated, tender breasts, cramping, having headaches and horrible mood swings. I thought maybe I got pregnant somehow but all tests are negative. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 under the age of 5. From reading online a lot, many women have the same problems. I liked the shot but now I never want to use it again because of how I’ve been feeling after stopping them.

  120. Glad I found this site. Started taking Depo when I was 19, I am now 33. Shot was due in January, it is now May. No period yet, however, sore breasts, bloating, rage and depression, and the wieght gain… in a matter of weeks I can not fit into my clothes I have worn for 5 yrs. Still running everyday and eating normal. Yup, the post symptoms are very real.

  121. I was on depo provera for 14 years!

    When I started depo provera, as a teen, most girls would have discontinued it immediately: 1.injections every 3 months, 2.continuous bleeding & spotting, 3. weight gain. However, I stayed on because I was bad at remembering to take the pill & the pill made me throw-up every morning. So, I stuck it out. The weight gain was actually needed because years of being a competitive gymnast made me look awkward and gawky so