Morocco: Collectif Assiouar

Cover of Mon Corps Mon Choix, 2023 booklet from Collectif AssiouarPublication


جسدي اختياري 


Translation: My Body, My Choice


The booklet is primarily in French, with certain sections also in Arabic, for women in Morocco

Our Bodies, Ourselves Project

Collectif Assiouar, a grassroots feminist organization in Rabat, Morocco, runs workshops for women in genital anatomy, physiology, feminist self defense and menopause. In these workshops, the women use art to explore their lives and express their needs. In 2017, the Collectif began translating and adapting the chapters on these topics from “Our Bodies, Ourselves” into French and Arabic. The booklet was published in spring 2023.

members of Collectif Assiouar creating art in an anatomy workshop

members of Collectif Assiouar in Morocco

Content Available Online

The full booklet is available online. Print copies may be available in the future.

Community Action & Activism

The need for health education in Morocco is tremendous. The country has a high rate of poverty and illiteracy, especially among women, and the laws are unfavorable to women. Abortion, non-marital sexual intercourse, and homosexuality are all forbidden. According to Collectif Assiouar, “In these circumstances, it is essential to offer information for women on our bodies and our health.”


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