Creating More Fulfilling Lives: Susan Corrado

By OBOS — May 1, 2009

From 2009 – 2011, Our Bodies Ourselves honored the work of women’s health advocates worldwide by asking readers to nominate their favorite women’s health hero. View all nominees by year: 2009, 2010, 2011

Entrant: Katherine Vaughn-Jehring

Nominee: Susan Corrado, Community Parish Nurse

I have served in communities for over 20 years and I have not met a more inspiring person than Susan Corrado, R.N. Susan is a deeply dedicated, hardworking, respectful, considerate and thoughtful individual willing to accept people in whatever circumstances they arrive, and assist them in creating more fulfilling lives.

Susan’s compassion for and commitment to her community gives me hope for our future. Susan works with residents of an extremely impoverished urban community, serving over 400 women (and over 200 men) annually. Her radiating smile, gentle encouragement and unflinching optimism are exactly what’s needed by the women she serves.

It’s a challenge to quantify Susan’s greatest contributions to the women in this community. Susan has worked especially hard to inspire, nurture, support and encourage the women in this neighborhood. She has created women’s empowerment groups, women’s healing circles, women’s relationship safety programs, single mothers’ support groups, women’s community building groups, women’s personal growth retreats, and women’s leadership development programs, as well as focused programs addressing women’s health concerns.

All of these special efforts are above and beyond the individual, one‐on‐one work she does with area women providing holistic health care from a parish nurse perspective.

While there are hundreds of stories about her work, one stands out in my mind…

The young pregnant woman living without food or electricity, trying to care for three other children, one with a seizure disorder, and unable to complete the paperwork to obtain benefits. Susan helped her obtain prenatal care, medical care for the child, food, transportation, and housing/eviction protection.

Additional comments of support:

There have been times over the years when I felt unable to continue working in this challenging community. By reflecting on the power of Susan’s work and her steadfast commitment, I have been inspired to continue my part, knowing that, by being able to offer even a small amount of support to Susan, a great many people will find their way to healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. Susan Corrado is my women’s health hero.

–Sharon Younkin, Ph.D., Allied Wellness Center. President, Board of Directors

Susan has been an inspiration and hero to many people throughout the community. Here are some additional thoughts from residents of the Allied Dunns Marsh Neighborhood.

When my boyfriend and I moved into the neighborhood 2 yrs. ago she made us feel very comfortable. She steered us to the many resources available to us ( health providers, addiction support groups, food pantries, exercise groups etc.) While participating in activities I noticed how positive she continued to be even when participating was low, or participants did not follow the goal. Never has she showed any disappointment if she felt that way.

She has gained the trust of so many in the community and so many rely on her for guidance and motivation. Through her suggestion and guidance many people now are developing self‐worth, leadership skills and a track record of being dependable in this neighborhood. She has endless energy and seems to be involved and present in every committee in the neighborhood.

On the up side, through her work here Susan has a great vision for a wonderful, much needed new resource center.

-Shawna Cain

When I met Susan Corrado, I had many problems – diabetes, neuropathy, acid reflux and morphine dependency. Susan helped me get treatment for my medical conditions and my addiction. Then I had gall bladder surgery and was home recovering when I had some problems. The doctor didn’t worry, but Susan checked on me, took me to the hospital and stayed with me for hours until I was admitted. I had a life threatening condition and might have died if Susan hadn’t helped.

Susan contributes a lot to the community, beyond what is expected! Susan inspires us by being who she is. She is the best example I know. When we tell her our problems she gives us something positive to do. She says we have to make a plan before we run and do something. But if we do go and do the wrong thing, she still helps us. She doesn’t judge us. Someone said “When you meet Sue, color is not a big thing with her.” She treats us all the same. And she tells us the truth. You have to respect someone who tells the truth.

-Maxine Bryant

Susan C. is a very wonderful nurse on Allied Dr. She helps a lot of people. Every time I ask her for help or advice she gives it. She takes people to doctor’s appointments. I really like Susan a lot.

-Jeanine C.

She has a good heart

-Pauline J.

She helps were she can and she try to lead you in the right direction to get the help you need.

-Stephanie Williams

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  1. Susan is such a devoted woman in all aspects of her life as a, mother, wife and especially as a champion of her community. Her indomitable spirit has let her touch so many lives. I’m proud to be her son, and sincerely hope she is selected for this award!

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