Who Knows When My Period Will Arrive Next?: A Conversation about Menopause

A female-presenting person sits on a bed. They have their eyes closed, legs crossed, and hands gentle cradling their belly. They are wearing black pants and a black shirt with a flower design Photo by Vulvani – www.vulvani.com

In this interview, Heather Corinna discusses their personal story as a non-binary person experiencing menopause and offers readers guidance for “the emotional and sociocultural experience of navigating” it. The interviewer/author is Our Bodies Ourselves Today Leadership Council member Jaclyn Friedman. You can find an excerpt from Corinna’s book on menopause, What Fresh Hell Is This? Perimenopause, Menopause, Other Indignities, and You on our site: What Fresh Hell Is This?

“Coming at it from a nonbinary place, the opposite can also be true, so much of menopause has only been looked at from a gender perspective. That the loss of femininity is the only way that someone could be suffering. Gender is not something I necessarily experience, period. For me there’s a certain virility I feel like I’m losing, that has nothing to do with femininity. And that doesn’t fit in any of our existing frameworks.”