Racism, IPV, and Improving Health Outcomes for Black Birthing People Plenary

A pregnant person's belly with hands touching it Italo Crespi/Pexels

The 2021 National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence brought together a panel of experts to discuss racism, interpersonal violence, and poor maternal health outcomes for Black people who give birth. In this video, speakers discuss their own work and offer ways listeners can become part of the movement to improve health outcomes for Black patients.

“Given the intersecting experiences of racism, impact of IPV and inequities of maternal health outcomes for black birthing people, it is crucial that we learn from the clinical practice, birth worker activism and health policy models that show promise in promoting health and justice for Black birthing people. This plenary session will feature a conversation between speakers from a range of disciplines about what participants can do in their own practice to address the intersections of IPV, racism and poor maternal health outcomes, as well as how they can be part of a larger movement to ensure health systems are moving towards equity and justice for black Birthing people.”