A Sex Positive and Transformative Justice Approach to #MeToo

A woman holding a sign that says "#MeToo" Mihai Surdu/Unsplash

What would accountability for sexual abuse look like in a sex-positive, anti-carceral world?

“In the most simple terms, transformative justice acknowledges that ‘hurt people hurt people,’ and that the causes of harm are largely structural rather than individual. Further, given that the State is the cause of so much of the cultural conditioning of harmful behavior, we should not rely on it to solve problems. Which is to say: throwing our rapists in prison does not stop rape, but it does further entrench a reliance on the prison industrial complex and the State more generally. Given that one of the biggest root causes of sexual violence is toxic masculinity, we ought to address the culture that breeds it, instead of excommunicating and disowning individuals who are products of it.”