Trusted Info on Perimenopause now available in Spanish and Armenian!

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By Nina Coslov — June 7, 2023

My own symptoms of perimenopause began while I was still getting a monthly period. My health care providers did not see them as connected to hormonal changes, as the research at the time hadn’t established a possible connection. Yet I felt sure something physiological was different.

As I began to do my own research and surveyed other women, I discovered that some experience changes in menstrual cycle length and flow, verbal recall, sleep, mood, cramps, and headaches while they are still menstruating regularly.

This led me (and my partner at the time) to create Women Living Better, a website about perimenopause, particularly the earliest part. The site offers clear information about what happens in our bodies, what causes common symptoms, and what we can do to feel better. More recently, my research collaborators and I have built on the initial knowledge collected on the site by analyzing the results from a much larger survey. We’ve published our findings so that future research will focus more on this earlier part of perimenopause by including younger participants.

Because it’s difficult to find good information on the part of perimenopause when periods are still coming monthly (but cycles are shortening), we wanted to make the content on our site available to women in other languages. I am delighted to announce that, with generous support from Our Bodies Ourselves and the help of many wonderful translators, the main content from Women Living Better is now available in Spanish and Armenian!

We want to thank the many people who worked on this project. For the Spanish site, our gratitude goes to Erika Barriga, medical assistant at the Menopause Clinic at Atrius Health, and to Yamnia Cortés Ph.D, a WLB advisor and research collaborator for their translation work.

For the Armenian site, huge thanks go to Dr. Meri Khachikyan, an ob-gyn who specializes in reproduction and the founder of St. Mary’s Family Health Center in Yerevan. Dr. Khachikyan’s team translated the content into Armenian. (Her organization, “For Family and Health” Pan-Armenian Association, also published an Armenian adaption of “Our Bodies, Ourselves” in 2010 – check it out!)

I would also like to thank Jordan Atchison, CMO of Corkboard Concepts for providing technical guidance, Cara Guappone for UX expertise and site assembly, and Judy Norsigian, a founder of Our Bodies Ourselves, who supported this project every step of the way.

The new Spanish site is can be found at:

The new Armenian site can be found here:

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  1. Wow, it’s great to see Women Living Better expand its reach by providing valuable information on perimenopause in Spanish and Armenian! Language barriers can often hinder access to important resources, so it’s wonderful to see efforts made to make this information available to a wider audience. Kudos to Nina Coslov and her team for their dedication to helping women understand and navigate this phase of life.

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