Listen: Our Bodies Ourselves On NPR's "Here & Now"

Photo: WBUR. Our Bodies Ourselves executive director Julie Childers (left) and co-founder Judy Norsigian (middle) stand with Here & Now co-host Robin Young in the Here & Now studios. (Eileen Bolinsky/Here & Now)

By Amie Newman — June 2, 2016

Did you catch OBOS’s new and former executive directors talking this morning with host Robin Young on NPR/WBUR’s Here and Now? Julie Childers and Judy Norsigian discussed the books, the movement and how OBOS is committed to keeping it alive for generations of women and girls (and men and boys!) to come.

Do you remember your first copy of the book “Our Bodies, Ourselves”? Maybe it’s the most recent edition, published in 2011. Or was it, perhaps, the very first “antique” version published in 1971 on newsprint? That edition sold for forty cents and helped women find information about their bodies, their health, and their sexuality that wasn’t available anywhere else. (And yes, that’s Judy holding it up in the photo!) Or maybe you’re a digital native who found OBOS via the website or on Facebook or Twitter.

Julie and Judy spoke beautifully on the program about the history and future of OBOS — and, of course, about our readers and supporters, who are at the center of both.  In some ways, little has changed in a world where women’s health and bodies are still politicized. There is still “profound ignorance” as Judy told Robin, about reproductive and sexual health and sexuality.

That’s why we are so grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who continue to help ensure that the material we publish online and in the books is vetted, non-judgmental, and woman-centered. Julie reminded listeners (and we want to remind you!) how thrilled we are that every day thousands of people make their way to our books and sites and find what they need on topics ranging from menstruation and sexual harassment to abortion and menopause.

Have a listen to the entire segment. It’s a little over ten minutes long and it’s worth every second.

3 responses to “Listen: Our Bodies Ourselves On NPR’s “Here & Now””

  1. I heard this conversation on NPR and it brought back many memories. I have my original copy, like the one pictured above in the center. Is there any place that would like to have this book for an archive? I don’t want to mess with e-Bay but would love to donate it.

    • hi Rebecca,

      Thanks so much for this generous offer! We’d love it if you could send your original copy back to us, so that we can offer it as a perk in a fundraising campaign. You can send it to OBOS at:

      Our Bodies Ourselves
      P.O. Box 400135
      Cambridge, MA 02140

      Thanks again!

  2. Yes! I still have a copy of the original 1971 version. Thank you to the hands on collective of women actively maintaining positions relating to human rights. Thank you, thank you. Blessed Be(e). Eva

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