New York Governor to Introduce Same-Sex Marriage Bill

By Christine Cupaiuolo — April 23, 2007

New York’s governor seems ready to put New York at the center of the same-sex marriage debate.

According to The New York Times, Gov. Eliot Spitzer will introduce a bill in the coming weeks to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. Though the bill is unlikely to muster enough support in the state Legislature this year, gay rights activists are enthusiastic about it being part of the governor’s agenda.

Gary Parker, the founder of Greater Voices, a coalition of gay-oriented political clubs in New York City, said the fact that every statewide elected official now supports gay marriage had heartened advocates.

“During the Pataki administration, there was a lot of frustration,” Mr. Parker said. “We felt extremely stagnant and stifled. Now there is movement. And the fact that there is discussion is progress.”

Maybe, just maybe, this legislation will propel Spitzer to the ranks of People Allowed to Ask American Idol Cast-Off Sanjaya Malakar for an Autograph.

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  1. It is way past due to allow same sex marriage if you ask me and I applaud the Governors decision to introduce such legislation.

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