Pamela Merritt, Chair

Expert, Chair

Pamela Merritt is Executive Director of Medical Students for Choice, where she leads a dynamic team working to create tomorrow’s abortion providers and pro-choice physicians. A longtime leader in the reproductive health and justice space, Pamela has worked tirelessly to advance progressive policy through advocacy and outreach at Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri and Progress Missouri. Most recently, she co-founded and served as the co-director of Reproaction, a national organization that leads bold action to increase access to abortion and advance reproductive justice. Pamela was a 2017 Reproductive Health, Rights, & Justice Fellow at the Rockwood Leadership Institute. In addition to her work with Our Bodies Ourselves Today, she is a member of the Guttmacher Institute’s Board of Directors and Honorary Chair of Reproaction’s Advisory Council. Pamela lives in Southwest Illinois with her family, including their large pack of canine companions.