My Story: Living with Irregular Menstrual Cycles

By Saniya Ghanoui —

CB explains what she went through trying to determine the cause of her irregular menstrual cycles.


CB: I didn’t start going to see like a gynecologist until I was 18.

And even at 18 they were like oh well let’s try birth control. Birth control did not help, birth control did not do anything.

Then it was let’s try IUD. And to be honest I feel like the IUD kind of made my issues worse because once I got the IUD, I bled for years straight. And they kept saying like, “Oh you’re gonna bleed a little bit, you’re gonna bleed a little bit while you have it.”

But it was so uncomfortable I was hurting more, and I was bleeding, and I was like well if it’s supposed to stop like it hasn’t stopped, why am I still bleeding? So, one day I like randomly went into the office didn’t schedule appointment and said take it out now so they like took it out.

And then first year of law school I don’t know if it was like the stress of law school and everything else and I was like okay I don’t know what’s going on but this is like getting worse. And then went to the break of my first year of law school. I went on a trip and I thought what I thought was my regular cycle.

Like it was like somebody turned a faucet, and it wouldn’t stop, and it just kept going and kept coming like to the point that my partner he like ran to the nearest store trying to get things because we had no idea what was going on.

So, I end up coming back home. I called my doctor, my doctor was like, you know, “I need you to get an ultrasound, but if I give you the prescription for the ultrasound, they’re going to make you wait to schedule.”

And I said no I’ll do you one better, “I’m going to the emergency room.” I went to the emergency room and get an ultrasound and the ER doctor came in and she said, “Do you want to have children?”

And my heart sank, and I think my heart sank because I’m one of those type of people that don’t take the choice away from me. And I have a lot of siblings. And I used to say like, oh I don’t want children, I don’t want children.

I just want to be the rich auntie until I was put in a position where I was told like, you know, you may not be able to have children. During that ultrasound they have found like, fibroids and cysts, they couldn’t see my left fallopian tube.

It was just a lot.

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