My Story: Trying to Stay Healthy

By Saniya Ghanoui —

SD discusses some steps she takes to maintain her health.


OBOS Today: what has been something challenging about your health or your biggest challenge about your health? 

SD: Um, yeah good question you know, thankfully so I have actually not had a lot of health challenges in my life. I’ve been quite healthy. 

You know haven’t had many dread illnesses—any dread illnesses, you know, a couple here and there. 

So, what I consider my biggest challenge is to stay healthy and how I spin that is that I would like to maintain good health, so I can enjoy the next 20 years of my life. 

OBOS Today: And what kind of steps do you take to stay healthy? 

SD: I have always exercised. Always, always. 

And I continue to do that, even through the pandemic when I realized early on that I could not go to the gym obviously and I’m one of those people that— 

I really actually like going to the gym. I like getting into the zone. I don’t really talk to anybody when I’m there. I’m just in my own headspace and you know I do aerobic workout and I do weights, so I bought— 

I bought some equipment for home. And that came and now my husband and I are both using it, you know he used to—Well, he used to do other things that he couldn’t do in the pandemic. 

So, I do that, and I’m just really committed to that. Exercising, trying to get enough sleep. I could probably eat better but that’s a work in progress.