My Story: My Changing Body Image

By Saniya Ghanoui —

LL talks about how her skin condition affected her body image.


OBOS Today: I wonder if you could talk a little bit about how that skin condition affected your body image, either when you were first diagnosed with it like as a young teenager or later on?

LL: Yeah, definitely affected my body image. Definitely covered up a whole lot more. Um, this was also in the era of like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, all that fun stuff so like I would wear the t-shirts with the belly showing but like everything up here, because this is most of where my skin condition is, will be covered up, so you know I’m, body image has always been a struggle for me.


I was also in theater at the time and theater can really jack with your body image as well just because you’re constantly being judged in that world of how you look, on your hair looks, everything like that. It’s taken me a while to get confident, it’s, I mean I struggle certain times with certain tops that I won’t wear or certain cuts of a shirt that I won’t wear just ‘cause I feel more self-conscious in that, but definitely jacked with me for a while until probably when I finally did find the right combination of meds and ways of combating until I was able to like calm down the skin disorder that made me feel more confident. Um, but yeah, high school’s never fun.