My Story: Feeling Comfortable With Therapy

By Saniya Ghanoui —

EN mentions how she felt when taking her medication. She also talks about her experience of going from in-person therapy to virtual therapy.


OBOS Today: Would you say that because you were so worried and everything and pushing yourself to like get to know these things you felt more comfortable taking them? Or were you still more rigid? 

EN: I definitely felt more comfortable taking it. I still didn’t really want to. And it came to the point sometimes where I would just think I’m okay, stop taking it, and then not tell anybody because I just didn’t want to deal with it. But again and again, I would see a cycle, where I would just end up in the same place. But now because I have been dealing with it for so long I kind of know my own triggers and um, how to prevent that from happening which is really nice.

Then moving to Boston, I guess I had to find a new therapist, which was really hard. And I didn’t really find anyone that I liked. But um, yeah. This program I was in um, was like, “Hey we have a Better Health subscription, here you go, use it as much you want.” And um, it’s really not the same. Having been through virtual therapy and then in-person therapy, being in that room with the therapist, in a calm environment because they will sometimes play a little white noise in the background or like have things for you to fidget with, because I personally fidget with a lot of things. Like, I have, um, stress balls that I use a lot. But the only kind of stress balls that work for me are the ones that are actually shaped like a star, like I have on my desk because I can put my fingers like this. But I have learned that even just being there and fidgeting with little things, that really helps me focus on what’s happening and it helps calm me down.