My Story: Discovering I Had Stage Four Endometriosis

By Saniya Ghanoui —

CB continues the conversation on her endometriosis diagnosis with her doctor.


CB: Looking through and he was like, okay, well they should, I should be able to get them to go down in size. He gave me five different medicines that I had to take, and this is on top of me already having like severe asthma and me taking medicines for that and other health issues. 

So now I’m having taken a mocktail of medicines and a lot of people don’t know that like medicine that is used to treat depression if it’s given a really low dose, it can be used as pain medicine. So, I was given that type of medicine on top of other pain medicines to try to help and nothing was working. 

 It then got to a point where my menstrual started coming like every other 

week. So maybe 2-3 times out of the month for a week straight, I’m on my period then from there it was okay, it went from every other week to okay you’re on your period for three months straight then you’re on your period for five months straight. 

So, my doctor did a—they went into like laparoscopic exam went in and he came out, he told my family like oh it was successful, everything’s fine. And when I went to go meet with him, he told me that I had stage four endometriosis and that he didn’t want to say anything to my family because he knows how people start to like google.  

He didn’t want them to get all worked up and he didn’t want them to give me misleading or false information from something that they did found on the internet. 

And he was like, I think you should go to—If having a child is something that you want, and because I had been in so much pain. He had already said that he thought I had nerve damage, like pelvic nerve damage from the pain being so bad over the years, that you know, I think it’s best that maybe you look into a fertility clinic to try to figure something out. So, I did do that. 

I spent all the money for that. I end up getting pregnant after they said that I couldn’t get pregnant at all. So originally my aunt was supposed to be my surrogate, I end up getting pregnant and I had the worst pregnancy known to man.