My Story: Dealing with Contraception Side Effects

By Amy Agigian —

MT shares her experience with contraception. She discusses some of the side effects she experienced and how they made her feel.


OBOS Today: Would you say that the negative side effects were worse than the original problems that you went for to the doctor, like regarding your cramps and stuff?

MT: Um, yeah, so my cramps were definitely way better, my period was way lighter. The problems that I was originally complaining about, like those were solved. But I also ended up having so many more problems than I had before. Like, I was having so much more difficulty with, like, my mood and, like, my weight. I was struggling so much more with my weight. So, overall, I think it really wasn’t worth it. But, like, I—my period was so bad that I needed to, like, do something about it. So, that was like the first step in the whole process, and I know, like, sometimes the first time, like the first pill you choose doesn’t always work, so I knew that was like a possibility going into it. And I had discussed that with my doctor, and I was, like, totally willing to have to try different options or medications because I was so sick of my—how, like, awful my period was.