My Story: Coping With Heavy Periods as a Child

By Amy Agigian —

MT describes how she coped with the heavy and painful periods she experienced growing up before being able to take birth control. She remembers her mom trying different remedies to help her alleviate some of the pain.


OBOS Today: How did you cope like when you were young, having those heavy periods and not able to go on birth control?

MT: Yeah so, I, my only thing I could like do to cope was literally just, like, stay at home and put a heat pad on and just, like, curl up in a ball. It was honestly really bad. And I, uh, usually like the first two days of my period would be like that, so like for the first two days I would be, like, pretty uncomfortable, like, sometimes I would even go to school with those heat wraps that people get for like their muscle pains— I would literally put that like on my stomach, and wear like sweatpants over it because it hurt so bad, and I would take, like, just so much Advil. My mom even went to this, like, crazy, like, I don’t even know what kind of store, but like an herbal kind of store, and she, like, asked them, she was like, “My daughter has like these really heavy periods, like what can I get, like do you guys have any herbs or like teas and stuff,” and she got me like all this crazy stuff. Like we went to all these extreme lengths to, like, try and, like, get something to help, like, relieve the pain. But like nothing worked.

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