My Story: Building Great Support Systems for My Mental Health

By Saniya Ghanoui —

JV discusses important elements that are needed to make a good support system.


OBOS Today: Yeah. So, what do you think makes a good support system? 

JV: Trust. Definitely trust. And it honestly might come with time. And loyalty means a lot to me so if they’ve always been loyal to me the way I have been with them, whether it’s just point blank I can count on them like if I was a dire situation, whether I’m stuck somewhere and I need them to pick me up or I’m having a mental breakdown and I need to talk to someone. If I know they’re someone I can reach to and I know they wouldn’t judge, that’s definitely someone I– you’re like one of my strongest, like people in my support group, for sure. And I think the people that I consider to be like my tight support group, every single one of them, I know in a heartbeat like I could trust them. And there’s not a lot of people I can say that about so the one’s closest in there, there’s not a shadow of a doubt. I think it came with time ‘cause a lot of them I’ve been friends with since freshman year, or it’s family. So, it did take time but no, I’m very happy with the people I have.