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Gardasil: What’s All the Noise About?

Writing in The Nation, Karen Houppert provides the most comprehensive overview I’ve seen of the controversy surrounding making Gardasil mandatory for middle-school…

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Panel de la FDA recomienda vacuna contra el cáncer cervicouterino; Joven de Florida se opone a Gardasil como vía a la ciudadanía

Publicado por Christine / del orginial en inglés Sept 15, 2009: OBOS is committed to expanding our audience and in this spirit…

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FDA Panel Recommends Cervical Cancer Vaccine; Florida Teen Objects to Gardasil as Path to Citizenship

A second vaccine designed to protect against cervical cancer may soon be available in the United States. A Food and Drug Administration…

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Commentary on the Marketing of Gardasil

A commentary in the current issue of the journal JAMA [abstract only] addresses Merck’s marketing of its HPV vaccine, Gardasil, and describes…

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Gardasil and Fear-Mongering

Combine girls, vaccines, and sex, and you apparently get a recipe for sensationalism and poor reporting. CNN yesterday featured a piece, “Should…

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Heading to the Beach? Dry Off With Gardasil!

Ed Silverman at Pharmalot makes my day: What better way to advertise to other beachgoers that you’re free of a sexually transmitted…

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Double Dose: Gay Marriage Legal in CT; Ad Council Introduces First Campaign on Gay/Lesbian Issues; CCR Sues Over Required Ultrasound in Oklahoma; South Dakota Abortion Ban 2.0; One-Year Update on Gardasil

Gay Marriage Legal in California, Massachusetts and now Connecticut: The Connecticut Supreme Court on Friday struck down the state’s civil union law…

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