Our Bodies Ourselves Turns for Help to Women It Has Helped

December 17, 2015 • Women's Media Center

The book would go on to sell more than four million copies. In 2012 the Library of Congress named Our Bodies, Ourselves one of 88 “Books That Shaped America.” To build on this foundation of the book, the authors created Our Bodies Ourselves (OBOS), a nonprofit organization that “develops and promotes evidence-based information on girls’ and women’s reproductive health and sexuality.” The OBOS website now has nearly half a million unique visitors per month, and remains the go-to source for women-centered, reliable health information.

Now, however, OBOS finds itself at a crossroads, in need of an infusion of funds to continue its work. For decades, OBOS could rely on foundation grants for support, but—with other social justice issues vying for the same dollars—major funding has decreased considerably. The group has launched a crowdfunding campaign, with a letter from Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem, illustrating the cross-generational reach of the book and the ongoing work of the NGO.

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