Body Makeover: Women's Bible Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

June 18, 2024

New York Post October 1, 2011

Today women don’t lack for information. If a woman wants to locate a labia majora, she doesn’t need to look much further than TMZ. The challenge for the team of writers and editors who put together the now 825-page book was to provide women with a way to wade through all the information out there to find what is accurate.

“We debated it a lot: ‘Is there still a need for a book? Are people getting it all online?’ ” says Kiki Zeldes, senior editor. “The thing we came back to is this is something you go back to over and over. It’s still the book people pick up because ‘Uh-oh, I have this weird itch,’ and in the course of reading about the itch, they come across all this other stuff and get exposed to much bigger things.”

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