What To Expect After You Get An IUD

A black background with a pink uterus model depicting an IUD placement. Robin Marty/Flickr CC-BY-2.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

This handout from the University of Washington gives guidance on aftercare for people who have just had an IUD placed. While the handout specifically mentions the Mirena (hormonal) IUD and the Paragard (copper) IUD, parts of it are applicable to other IUDs as well. The handout covers what to expect when you get home, how to relieve discomfort, effectiveness of the IUD, STI prevention, and warning signs for when you might need followup care.

Since each of us has a unique personal and medical history, it’s important to consult your own health care provider about your particular situation and any concerns you may have.

“Irregular bleeding and spotting is normal for the first few months after the IUD is placed. In some cases, women may experience irregular bleeding or spotting for up to six months after the IUD is placed. This bleeding can be annoying at first but usually will become lighter with the Mirena IUD quickly.”