U.S. Women and the Wage Gap

An Asian woman in a black shirt and black blazer sits at a table on a laptop and appears to be working from home Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

This fact sheet includes statistics and analysis about the gendered wage gap in the United States. These statistics demonstrate the tangible consequences of sexism and white supremacy and how our country systematically devalues women, especially women of color, and our labor. Numerous causes contribute to the wage gap, including discrimination and bias. However, there are federal policy solutions that could help address the gender wage gap.

On average, women employed in the United States lose a combined total of nearly $1.6 trillion every year due to the wage gap. These lost wages mean women and their families have less money to support themselves, save and invest for the future, and spend on goods and services. Women, their families, businesses and the economy suffer as a result.”