Trans People May Have Higher Heart Attack Risk

The backs of two people's heads at a protest. One person is holding a sign that says "Black trans life is sacred" Nate Isaac/Unsplash

A survey by the CDC found that people who identified as transgender were much more likely than cis people to report having had heart attacks, even after taking into account risk factors such as age and blood pressure. This article highlights key findings and emphasizes the need for more studies of trans people’s heart health.

“Even after adjusting for cardiovascular risk factors such as age, high blood pressure, diabetes and lack of exercise, transgender men (who were born biologically female but now identify as male) had more than four times the rate of heart attack as cisgender women (who were born biologically female and identify as female) – 7.2 percent compared with 3.1 percent. Transgender men also had more than twice the rate of heart attack as cisgender men (who were born biologically male and identify as male).”