The Stonewall Generation: Q&A with Dr. Jane Fleishman

Three people marching in a protest. One person is holding a sign that says "Stonewall Generation: Disturbing the Peace Since 1969." “Stonewall generation” by quinn.anya/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0:

In this interview, Dr. Fleishman provides insight into the stories she collected in her book, The Stonewall Generation, which features LGBTQIA+ elders and elders of color talking about their lives and about aging authentically.

“I wanted to go beyond the ‘whitewashing’ of the Stonewall Rebellion. Did you know that the leaders at Stonewall were not all white gay men? That there were drag queens, butch dykes, and trans people of color at the forefront? Their stories are rarely told. While Stonewall is seen as the birth of the modern ‘gay rights’ movement, it wasn’t the first ‘gay’ rebellion.”