Schools Are Banning Sex Ed Lessons and It's Harming Our Children

A white mother who appears to be with her young teen daughter look at a diagram of the reproductive system as the mother holds condoms. They are sitting on a white bed with a yellow frame. The mother is in a light pink blouse and the daughter in a darker pink shirt. cottonbro/Pexels

Right wing leaders and pundits are blaming sex education for “grooming” and “sexualizing” children. In reality, inclusive and comprehensive sex education is an important tool in sexual abuse prevention. Health and sexuality educator, author, and Our Bodies Ourselves Today Content Expert, Ellen Friedrichs, shares what parents and other concerned community members should know.

“When young people get accurate information about sexuality from reliable sources like doctors, educators, or their parents, who all need to be willing to have honest and inclusive conversations, they are more likely to be critical in their consumption of media.”