Poet Rupi Kaur Discussing The Stigma Around Menstruation

Menstrual blood in a toilet

In 2015, poet Rupi Kaur’s photos of menstrual blood went viral. In this interview, Kaur talks about combating stigma and about some of the positives and negatives that come with increased visibility.

“On Monday, March 23, the poet Rupi Kaur posted a photograph on Instagram. The portrait is of a young woman — Kaur herself — taken from behind by her sister Prabh. She is lying on a bed. The colors are mostly white and gray, in the washed-out vein of a Scandinavian design blog, or a vintage Calvin Klein ad. Two jolts of color anchor the vignette: blood-like stains in telltale spots, at the crotch of Kaur’s sweatpants and a contact point on the bed’s fitted sheet.”