Organize Like a Sex Worker: Learning from Worker and Organizer Kate Adamo

A white sign with black text that says "Sex Work Is Work" Bojan Cvetanović / Creative Commons

An interview with Our Bodies Ourselves Today Content Expert Kate Adamo in which they talk about both sex work organizing and abortion rights/reproductive justice organizing. The interview also includes myth-busting information about sex work and how to better support sex workers.

“I think that this is such a central moment to recognize that eugenics is about controlling bodies, is about having superior bodies, and is about is a direct affront to who builds families and who builds communities and because the people who can build community and build family are also the people who can build power. And so this is entirely about continuing this, this very specific, white nationalist, patriarchal, Christian nationalist fight, about what bodies survive, and then how those bodies are resourced and then how those bodies meet together.”