Olympian Allyson Felix Is Racing to Improve Healthcare for Black Moms

A Black woman plays with a baby William Fortunato/Pexels

Black maternal health disparities can affect any pregnant Black person, regardless of their wealth or fame. Olympic medal winner and mother Allyson Felix talks about her experience with the birth of her daughter and pre-eclampsia.

As a Black mother, Felix said her role feels heavier in recent times. “It’s a really sobering responsibility, and I think a lot about my daughter and how I’ll have to give her the tools to navigate through this world, but it’s also this beautiful privilege that I get to do that and teach her,” Felix said. “So, a lot of these issues that I want to champion are motivated by her,” she said, “and I don’t want her generation to grow up and for these statistics to still be the same.” Felix is hopeful that more conversations about maternal care disparities are occurring in mainstream media, and that more research is dedicated to the subject.”