Now More Than Ever, It’s Time for Universal Menstrual Education

A woman who appears to be Middle Easter in a green shirt with a black hijab on her head. She is holding a tampon and looking into a camera. RODNAE Productions/Pexels

Our Menstruation through Menopause Content Expert Margaret Johnson co-authored this article that advocates for universal, comprehensive, in-depth menstrual education along with access to free menstrual products in schools. This kind of education can combat period poverty and stigma around menstruation while promoting gender equality.

“Without menstrual education and access to menstrual products, students’ attendance and performance are affected. Ninety-two percent of high school students report needing a new pad or tampon during school. Yet, period poverty, a lack of access to menstrual products due to economic circumstances, impacts students’ ability to safely address menstruation.”