Meaningful Ways to Be a Gender Inclusive Birth Care Provider

A person with short hair holds a baby close to their chest. They are against a brown background. Janko Ferlič/Unsplash

This article outlines the four cornerstones of medical ethics–non-malfeasance, beneficence, justice, and autonomy. It explores how a birth care provider can use them when working with non-binary, trans, and queer families. It also outlines ways that birth care providers can make their practices more gender inclusive.

“When the question, ‘Why should professionals make it a point to be inclusive of enby, trans, and queer families besides just basic respect?’ comes up, I am struck by this answer: Because medical ethics says providers should be inclusive.”

Note: While the article mentions that it offers five ways to be a gender inclusive birth care provider, it actually offers eight ways but is numbered incorrectly.