Managing Family Stress During the Holidays

A Black woman in a white top and an Asian woman in a red top and khaki bottoms sit on a fluffy white carpet. Behind them is a Christmas tree, and in from of them is a gift wrapped in red paper with a gold bow. Anna Tarazevich/Pexels

Family dynamics can be complicated and difficult, and they can contribute to holiday stress as well. Not only does this stress take a toll on our mental health, but it can impact our heart health too. Here are seven powerful tips to help you stay ahead of family-induced stress this holiday season.

Note: This article advises against taking counsel from “non-experts,” which we very much disagree with at Our Bodies Ourselves Today. However, we agree that people should bring healthy skepticism to any relationship advice, whether it’s offered by credentialed experts or strangers on the internet. Instead, it’s best to turn to trusted sources–people who have proven they have your best interests at heart and who have given you solid advice in the past. Still, you are ultimately your own best authority on your own life, based on your life experience.