Keep Your Abortion Private & Secure

Text in image: How your phone documents your abortion experience and what to do about it! By: the Digital Defense Fund Risk: receipt for payment for your abortion and/or travel in your inbox Alternative: Make an email account just for this purpose, then delete it after Risk: period tracking app shares your data Alternative: Use a privacy-driven period tracker like Euki App Risk: search history saved in your phone's browser, and with your ISP (internet service provider) Alternatives: - Use a privacy-driven search engine, ex. DuckDuckGo - Install a paid VPN to hide websites you visit from your ISP - Browse with Tor or Firefox -Use a private browsing window, or delete your browser history Risk: payment history for your abortion in a banking or payments app Alternative: use cash or pre-paid gift cards where possible Risk: ad tracking and location tracking from apps, browser history, & social media activity Alternative: in your phone settings turn off location tracking and mobile ad ID Risk: sensitive text messages about your abortion experience are kept forever Alternative: use an encrypted chap app, ex. Signal or Wire, with disappearing messages turned on (important!) For detailed instructions for each of the above tips, visit:

Explains the security-related threats to abortion privacy, as well as tips for how to counter them. Includes an “Abortion Mobile Privacy Settings Quick Guide” you can use to protect yourself from surveillance.