Keep Your Abortion Private & Secure

Text in image: How your phone documents your abortion experience and what to do about it! By: the Digital Defense Fund Risk: receipt for payment for your abortion and/or travel in your inbox Alternative: Make an email account just for this purpose, then delete it after Risk: period tracking app shares your data Alternative: Use a privacy-driven period tracker like Euki App Risk: search history saved in your phone's browser, and with your ISP (internet service provider) Alternatives: - Use a privacy-driven search engine, ex. DuckDuckGo - Install a paid VPN to hide websites you visit from your ISP - Browse with Tor or Firefox -Use a private browsing window, or delete your browser history Risk: payment history for your abortion in a banking or payments app Alternative: use cash or pre-paid gift cards where possible Risk: ad tracking and location tracking from apps, browser history, & social media activity Alternative: in your phone settings turn off location tracking and mobile ad ID Risk: sensitive text messages about your abortion experience are kept forever Alternative: use an encrypted chap app, ex. Signal or Wire, with disappearing messages turned on (important!) For detailed instructions for each of the above tips, visit:

Explains the security-related threats to abortion privacy, as well as tips for how to counter them. Includes an “Abortion Mobile Privacy Settings Quick Guide” you can use to protect yourself from surveillance.

“This page is organized into different security-related threats. You can jump to the ones that most concern you. Along with each scenario is a list of digital security tips to neutralize the threat!”