Amaze Videos: Mental Health

A teen Black woman holds her head down. She is wearing a blue top and jeans and appears to be walking outside somewhere. There is a dark cloud over her head.

The following videos from Amaze explore several important questions about our mental health. They are geared towards young people, aged nine to fifteen.

Puberty: Feeling Depressed, Happy and Other Emotions

Everyone experiences hormone changes as they go through puberty, and these changes can make you feel happy one moment and a little sad the next. If you are feeling tired, helpless, or have lingering feelings of unhappiness, you may have depression. It’s important to be gentle with yourself if you think you might be depressed.


Teen Angst: Is It Normal?

Going through puberty can be hard. It’s very common to experience mood swings, where you might feel moody, crabby or even suddenly want to cry and then feel fine or happy. These mood swings are often caused by hormones, and they are a totally normal part of puberty. Sometimes called “teen angst,” these feelings are part of your body adjusting to growing up. But, if things feel too overwhelming it can help to talk to a trusted adult.


Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can appear in different ways in different people. Feelings of sadness, irritability, hopelessness, worthlessness or having difficulty concentrating can happen to anyone, regardless of age. These feelings could be the result of depression or an anxiety disorder. If you do experience anything like this, it is important to talk with a trusted adult.


What is Social Anxiety?

New and stressful situations can bring about some uncomfortable feelings–maybe you’re extra worried before taking a test or nervous if you have to give a presentation. But if you’re so worried that you have difficulty focusing or getting through the day, you might have social anxiety.