Amaze Videos: Consent & Mutuality

An animated sheet of notebook paper with the words "You have to get consent" written on it. Consent is in all capital letters.

The following videos from Amaze explore the incredibly important topic of consent. They are geared towards young people, aged nine to fifteen.

Consent And Communication

Consent is critical for all interactions that involve touching another person. You should always get verbal consent and agreement before touching anyone. This video also discusses what you should do if you are touched without consent. Remember, you are not to blame.


Consent Explained: What Is It?

Partners must consent to all aspects of a sexual encounter. It’s also okay if you change your mind at anytime during sex, and a lack of response does not mean that someone has said yes or consented.


Understanding Sexual Consent and The Law

This video discusses laws around consent, especially as it relates to statutory rape. It is important to know the laws in your state. It emphasizes that these laws are meant to protect young people from older people who might seek to take advantage of them. When considering sexual activity, one can talk to a trusted adult or speak with someone at a family health clinic that offers confidential services for minors. When speaking with a trusted adult, it is important to realize that some adults, such as guidance counselors and teachers, may be mandated reporters. A mandated reporter is not a confidential resource as they will have to report instances of child abuse, including statutory rape.


Condom Negotiation

It’s important to talk with a partner about using condoms and engaging in safer sex. You can do this by making a plan for condom use. It’s okay to say no to sex if your partner refuses to use a condom, as everyone’s right to protect their health should be respected.