Win a Free Copy of OBOS: Pregnancy and Birth!

By OBOS — August 14, 2008

Mrs. Spock, a blogger who writes about infertility, motherhood, health care, writing, and everything in between, has just posted a review of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth. Her review recognizes the challenges of writing a book on childbirth:

A healthy, happy mom and healthy, happy baby sounds like a plan on which women should easily reach consensus. However, birth choices, pain control in labor, and infant feeding are topics that can be as controversial nowadays as religion or politics.

The editors of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth have the difficult task of presenting an unbiased view of the facts in a field where emotions can run high and where proponents of the two dominant models of care can be as disparate in views as Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh. Like the original Our Bodies, Ourselves, its premise is that knowledge is power, and women empowered with the knowledge of the latest evidence-based practices will be able to make choices that lead to better outcomes for themselves and their children.

Mrs. Spock is also holding a book giveaway: she’s asking readers to leave a comment telling her their thoughts on pregnancy and birth, promising that one of the commenters will win a free copy of the book. Head over now to leave your comment!

3 responses to “Win a Free Copy of OBOS: Pregnancy and Birth!”

  1. Is it a random draw? I want this book even though I am too old for it to make a difference to me, because the topic interests me. I am amazed that we are still fighting the same battles (plus some new ones) for woman-friendly childbirth as we were 25 years ago when my children were born. The medical establishment’s resistence to women, in direct opposition to scientific evidence, is also amazing.

    Absolute male control over childbirth seems to be the medical establishment’s objective. The more they can separate women from having control of their own birth experience, the more control they have – and thus take the power to create life away from women and give it to the male.

    I have no proof of this however, I’m just thinking out loud!

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