Wanted: Physicians to Sign Letter Supporting Birth Centers

March 20, 2009

Know a consultant/collaborating physician for a freestanding birth center or midwife practice? Then ask that physician to sign this letter to Congress showing support for federal legislation that would restore Medicaid funding to birth centers.

The American Association of Birth Centers, which has been lobbying on this issue (read our previous posts), is seeking at least 100 physician signatures by March 31. They’re well on their way, but we’d like to help push them over.

Here’s how to sign on:

1. Email the letter to aabc AT birthcenters DOT org

2. Fax it to 215-234-8829

3. Call 866-54-BIRTH (24784) or 215-234-8068

4. Read and sign the letter online.

Please spread the news. Thanks!

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