"Walk for Choice" Events Happening This Weekend

By Rachel Walden — February 24, 2011

Walk for Choice events will be held in cities all across the United States this Saturday to show support for abortion rights in response to recent anti-choice legislation — especially HR 3, The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

The walks are expected to take place from 12-3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 26, and are currently planned for more than 50 U.S. cities, plus Melbourne, Toronto and still-to-be-determined cities in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. More information is available at walkforchoice.tumblr.com. There is also a Twitter profile and hashtag (#walk4choice) for the event.

Chicago area activist Raven Geary said in a statement that HR3 was the catalyst for Walk for Choice.

“While most Americans are demanding jobs, the GOP seems to have made overturning Roe v. Wade its top priority. The recent events in Congress surrounding H.R. 3  struck a nerve with activists here in Illinois,” Geary said. “We are now harnessing the power of social networking to organize demonstrations across the globe.”

Mohini Lal, who is also involved with  the event said, “The environment of political speech right now is dangerous for women. Women are adults and should be treated as nothing less, but the current actions of Congress threaten individual autonomy on more than a medical level.”

Officially, the event is not a “march” — which would require parade permits and such. Organizers have encouraged planners to select routes that people can walk around and drop in and out of at any time, rather than a walk with a set start and end point.

Routes are not being released until noon on Friday, so it is not yet possible to tell whether organizers in a given city have selected accessible routes. Organizers were instructed to select routes that included safe places for individuals to sit or stand, but accessibility for individuals using scooters/wheelchairs/other aids is not detailed. Many of the participating cities have set up Facebook pages and/or Twitter profiles, so it might be possible to contact local  organizers directly if you have questions about your city.

If you’re interested in organizing a Walk for Choice protest in your area, email walkforchoice AT gmail.com.

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