Unsung Hero for Women with Endometriosis: Shelley Houchin

April 30, 2009

From 2009 – 2011, Our Bodies Ourselves honored the work of women’s health advocates worldwide by asking readers to nominate their favorite women’s health hero. View all nominees by year: 2009, 2010, 2011

Entrant: Colleen Carroll

Nominee: Shelley Houchin, Endometriosis Association Support Program Coordinator

Shelley is an unsung hero for many women who have endometriosis.  She is an angel, a blessing, and a friend.

Shelley is very compassionate, helpful, and genuinely cares about each and every woman who calls the Endometriosis Association (EA) and asks for help and support.

Shelley has been “the wind beneath my wings” for a long time and I do not know if I could manage my endometriosis and chronic pain without her.

I live in a small town in Northern Michigan and was looking for further treatment.  Shelley suggested a doctor in California.  Shelley also was able to arrange for my mother and I to travel to California at no cost to us.  There is a program through the EA that helps women receive free airfare if they can’t afford it.

There is not enough room and time to express my gratitude to Shelly.  She is simply amazing and I am honored to nominate her for this award.

Thank you very much!

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