The Menopause Guide We've All Been Waiting For

By Christine Cupaiuolo — October 3, 2006

Despite all our medical and cultural advancements, menopause, possibly more than any other women’s health issue, is still surrounded by an aura of mystery and misunderstanding. It doesn’t have be — especially now that the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective has published Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause, their latest guide full of sound expert advice — both practical and political — and engaging stories from real women.

The book dispels the pervasive myths about women’s health over age 40 that still reside in our culture — and tackles “hot” topics from debates around female sexual “dysfunction” to the dangers and benefits of hormone treatment. It also offers practical tips to help cool down hot flashes, get a good night’s sleep, and cope with mood swings or changes in sexual desire if they arise.

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