Take Part: Egg Donors Survey

August 19, 2008

Research and follow-up of egg donors has been pretty non-existent — until now. The Donor Sibling Registry, which connects and supports donor families, is conducting a survey of egg donors for the purpose of qualitative research on the long-term health effects on women.

DSR founder Wendy Kramer explains:

We at the Donor Sibling Registry are doing a study of former egg donors. Some of you may have registered on the Donor Sibling Registry and some of you have not yet, or do not intend on making yourself available for contact from families that may have used your eggs. Either way, our goal is to get a better understanding of how egg donation affects women as time goes on, as we know of no medical studies or formal research on this topic. Based on the replies, we hope to write an article for a scientific journal.

Your answers will be kept anonymous, as I will only share the collective data, and no one’s personal information. This information could be extremely valuable in pushing the medical community to further investigate how egg donation physically affects woman who donate. The questions should only take a few minutes to answer.

Go here to take the survey. Responses can be emailed directly to wendy.kramer@yahoo.com.

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