Support OBOS: Know an Employer in Massachussetts Interested in Charitable Giving?

By Judy Norsigian — October 7, 2009

As an Our Bodies, Our Blog reader, you know that the specific interests of women and health are intricately connected to broader issues of social change. For just this reason, OBOS has been a proud, longtime member of Community Works, a cooperative fundraising effort involving more than 30 Massachussetts social justice organizations.

Community Works is currently offering a special incentive that I wanted to share with our Massachusetts friends. You might be able to directly support OBOS’s work without even making a donation yourself.

Community Works receives donations largely through the convenience of payroll deductions at 52 private, public and nonprofit employers in the greater Boston area, representing more than120,000 employees. Such payroll deduction contributions to Community Works help to support the work of member organizations such as OBOS.

Any member group that enlists a new workplace that will offer Community Works as one of its employee charitable giving options will receive half of the proceeds of the first year’s campaign. So if you help OBOS enlist a new employer, you will help raise valuable funds for OBOS in the coming year.

The set-up is simple: Visit the Community Works website to see where campaigns are already underway. Then contact your friends in workplaces that don’t already offer Community Works as a charitable option. If you know anyone who can help bring Community Works to their workplace, please email me: judy (at) bwhbc (dot) org

If we are successful in securing the workplace you suggest, OBOS co-founders (myself included) will send inscribed copies of any of OBOS’s books to the person or institution of your choice.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those of you who value what OBOS does to provide concrete support to both our organization and the other social change groups that are part of Community Works. Whether working to address environmental justice, sexual assault, youth and community violence or health care access, each Community Works member operates within a framework of equality, justice and peace.

Remember, it takes a village and more to sustain the work of public interest organizations like ours. Take a look at the current employer partner list and let us know who’s missing. Your help with this effort is much appreciated!

Judy Norsigian is executive director of Our Bodies Ourselves.

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