Quick Hit: Texas's Restrictive Contraception Policies, and Women's Reproductive Health Care

By Rachel Walden — September 9, 2009

The Dallas Morning News has an article on young people’s access to contraception in that state, which explains that:

Texas, a leader in teen pregnancy and the state where more teens give birth to subsequent children than in any other, maintains one of the most restrictive policies in the nation for minors to obtain prescription birth control. Not even young parents in Texas can get birth control without their own parents’ permission at nearly a third of the family planning clinics on contract with the state health department.”

(emphasis added, hat tip to the National Partnership for Women and Families)

The Des Moines Register has a great recent commentary from Sally Pederson and Joy Corning, former lieutenant governors of Iowa in which they respond to Rush Limbaugh’s apparent statement that “reproductive health care is abortion.” They list numerous other types of needed care for women’s reproductive health, discuss health care reform, and observe that “this kind of outrageous and polarizing language gets the listeners’ attention, but undermines the health care of millions of women and the thousands of health centers that serve them.”

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