Quick Hit: Amnesty International Unveils Maternal Death Clock

By Rachel Walden — September 20, 2010

From Amnesty International:

Beginning September 20 at 9 a.m. EST, the start of the Millennium Development Goals Summit, the Maternal Death Clock began to tick – keeping track of the total number of maternal deaths in the world.

September 20-22 world leaders are gathering in New York to chart a course forward on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – the framework that will guide the fight against global poverty through 2015.

The one goal aimed at decreasing maternal deaths has fallen far short of where it needs to be to meet the MDG target of cutting maternal deaths by 75% by the target date.

Hundreds of thousands of women and girls continue to die in pregnancy and childbirth each year. Most of them live in developing countries and low-income communities. In fact, one woman dies in childbirth every 90 seconds.

Join Amnesty International in making sure that human rights are at the heart of the MDGs!

If you go to the site, there’s a petition, more information, and code for embedding the death clock widget.

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