Our Bodies Our Blog Update Part 2 - Send in Your Events

By Christine Cupaiuolo — August 26, 2008

We now have a nifty calendar on the blog that will feature Our Bodies Ourselves and women’s health-related events around the country, including conferences, workshops and fundraisers. We’d also like to include relevant book readings and film screenings, such as for a documentary like “The Business of Being Born.”

So, if you’re with an organization looking to promote an event, or you know of something taking place that Our Bodies Our Blog readers should know about, drop me a line. Thanks!

2 responses to “Our Bodies Our Blog Update Part 2 – Send in Your Events”

  1. Since this is a post about blog content, I just wanted to ask a few questions I would love to see answered in a future post. How do you two put the blog together? Do you make an editorial calendar or let the news dictate the posts? Do you email to make sure you don’t both cover the same topics? Besides your blog roll, what news sources are you reading every day? Just curious! This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read and I’m so interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect of it!

  2. Thanks so much for the question and kind words (and apologies for the delayed public response)!

    We don’t have an editorial calendar, but there are certain issues that we try to stay on top of — many of which are related to topics in the current Our Bodies Ourselves publications.

    But mostly we cover what’s in the news now, whether it’s new research on c-sections or new revelations about Sarah Palin’s positions on women’s health issues.

    Sometimes we do email each other just to say hey, I’m interested in pursuing this topic this week. Or our awesome boss, Kiki Zeldes, will send us articles or issues she’s read about that deserve coverage.

    Rachel is the super smart medical librarian, so I often leave the hefty research to her, while I assume the easier task of writing about politics and cultural issues. But there’s no line drawn, so you’re likely to find either of us writing on anything.

    In addition to the blogroll and tips from readers, we regularly check out the health sections (or subscribe to the RSS feeds) of major newspapers, magazines, NPR, etc. and subscribe to specialty sites like Newswise. Google alerts on key words are a terrific way to find the latest stories and also see what other bloggers are writing.

    If other writers would like to chime in with sources they use and their blogging how-to’s, feel free!

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