Mommy Wars and Motherhood Movements

September 11, 2006

If your tolerance for stories about the “mommy wars” has reached its limit, you might want to cross the border and give this Toronto Star story a read before calling it quits for good. Writer Andrea Gordon provides a good overview of the issues that are debated ad nauseum in the media — and the concerns and voices that are lost in the crossfire.

Readers should also take note of a terrific resource that rises above the media clutter: The Mothers Movement Online covers the social, cultural, economic and political issues that affect the well-being of mothers by publishing a smart mix of news analysis, commentaries, reviews and interviews.

Editor Judith Stadtman Tucker last month brilliantly deconstructed Michael Noer’s now-infamous Forbes article “Don’t Marry Career Women.” Features from the most recent summer issue include a review of Linda Hirschman’s book “Get to Work,” and a reflection on Adrienne Rich’s “Of Woman Born.”

Stay tuned for September’s issue on the need for a mother’s revolution — and advice on how to start one.

After all, it’s much more rewarding to make movements, not war.