In Their Heads: The New York Times Hosts a Blog on Migraines

By Christine Cupaiuolo — February 15, 2008

As someone with a standing prescription for Maxalt, I have a particular interest in migraines. But even if you’ve never reached for an Excedrin, you’ll find the writing irresistible at The New York Times’ blog, Migraine: Perspectives on a Headache.

Whether it’s Oliver Sacks’ description of geometric hallucinations, Siri Hustvedt’s discussion of acceptance, or Paula Kamen’s summary of the rabbit hole she went down in search of a cure for her chronic daily headache (which is different than a migraine), the stories offer an engaging mix of memoir and analysis.

Future bloggers will include neurologist Klaus Podoll and, one of my favorite musicians, Jeff Tweedy, who went through rehab for a prescription to painkillers prescribed to help manage his migraines.

Plus: NPR’s Talk of the Nation on Tuesday hosted a discussion about migraines with Dr. Joel Saper, founder and director of the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute.

Guests include NYT bloggers Siri Hustvedt and Paula Kamen, who notes that she is about to celebrate her 18th anniversary with her headache — the story of which is wonderfully chronicled in “All In My Head.” Journalist Neal Conan wishes Kamen a speedy divorce.

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