Get to Planet Gargantua

By Christine Cupaiuolo — October 20, 2006

East Coast folks, take note: Big Moves is taking back the universe.

Check out this fab dance troupe and their fall extravaganza: “Gargantua: Fear Of A Fat Planet,” which is billed as nothing less than an out-of-this-world sci-fi dance odyssey.

One part dance musical, one part “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, with a blast of B-movie kitsch and some kick-ass liberation politics to boot, GARGANTUA is a campy extravaganza with more booty, more food fights, and more heart. Like other Big Moves shows, GARGANTUA showcases plus-sized performers doing dance, song, and spoken word that’ll knock your socks off. Unlike previous shows, GARGANTUA is a full-fledged musical, with an original script, fat chicks on rollerskates, and an outrageous military plot that could tear the galaxy apart.

As if you needed further incentive, the poet laureate of the Planet Gargantua is the one and only Jaclyn Friedman. I was a witness when Jaclyn brought down the house this summer at Chicago’s Green Mill during their famed poetry slam — you don’t want to miss her on stage.

“Gargantua” kicks off this weekend in Boston and then travels to Lowell and Northampton before ending up in New York. The show is rated PG-13, and all the important information concerning dates, locations and ticket info can be found here. When you buy tix, tell them Jaclyn sent you – and then tell Jaclyn I said, “Bring the show to Chi-town!”

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